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At Long Last Sarah Palin

May 26, 2011|

GOP star Sarah Palin will reportedly visit New Hampshire during her upcoming East Coast tour, ramping up speculation she may still mount a run for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Howie was thrilled at the idea of Sarah running and asked who else felt the sameway.

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Sarah Pailin the news comes today that she has a 88 feature length film from director Stephen KPM and about her governorship of Alaska the world debut wanna Iowa next month -- there will be released. Nationwide. This from the Atlantic the film seeks to recast Pailin and a more favorable and its existence of secret until now. Strongly suggest that Palin is planning to run for president. Conroy. Who wish -- who was shown a rough cut of the film says it attempts to explain and justify the biggest stain on Palin's record the fact that she abruptly quit her governorship two years ago. The movie focuses on Palin's triumphs on fiscal and energy matters while ignoring hot button topics like abortion. Indeed although she was always identified as a staunch social conservative -- often work more closely with Democrats the Republicans in Juneau the State Capitol. And largely avoided -- illogical fights during her first two years in office. So that's one story. Here's the other story. GOP star Sarah Palin will reportedly visited New Hampshire during your upcoming East Coast for ramping up speculation that she may still mount a run for the 2012 Republican nomination. -- will launch a -- store that start Sunday in Washington DC it'll make its way to New Hampshire marking her first trip to the granite State's answer tickets. Fail 2008 presidential run Politico dot com reported. For triple also includes stops the liberty bell in Philadelphia as well as -- civil war battlefields. Palin has yet to reveal her political plans but the -- the first side she should she could still be mulling a run for president. A posting on her Sarah pac website read. Starting this weekend Sarah will embark on an one nation -- historical sites the were cute the formation survival and growth of the United States of America. The -- will originate in Washington DC and proceed north up the East Coast more information to follow. So my question for US would you like to see Sarah Palin in the in the race. Which was certainly got a little. Little does as to its seems rather dreary right now that there's not there's not much going on. And -- -- -- Herman -- people 10 you know the -- like Herman king he seems fine to me but I don't I'm maturities he's really serious. You know he's never run for anything before he's a talk show host and a former run for opera. Pizza -- But does so what would you like would you like to see -- in the race 1877469432218774694322. You know she's. She she she she's got a lot of book charisma I mean she's got and look at look at who I mean is there any excitement out there. In the Republican field I mean there really isn't as there. Mitt Romney. Temple and they. Michelle Bachmann. C'mon they've all every they've all got problems you know. Mean Tim Pawlenty is that cap and trade. Newt Gingrich has got his personal life and make in the ad with with -- with Nancy Pelosi. And -- also ripping and the Paul Ryan last weekend. Mitt Romney I don't have to tell you what his problem is it's -- it's no longer being a Mormon it's it's signing off on Romney care. So I'd like this I'd like to see your jump into a fight. 1877469432218774694322. -- -- to see Sarah Palin in the race to lead story on Drudge right now. Brad you're next with our cargo ahead Fred. Powered it is that the Democrat walked on wall or. How are open can I put open about -- and -- afford it and that was. Did you guys because remember Ray Lane is blocked with eight million. Now what it should Franklin Raines have been mentioned him 81 hour. They made them pay back sixty million punishment was to block what. With twenty million if you break. -- where is by standing. You get walked away with twenty million box that's Franklin Raines he's he's black that's what they said the bush people were racist for going after. He he has the books were cooked during his term in office. So that he can get the the big the big bonus that he wasn't really do. 1877469432. To jog your next without -- ahead John. -- -- wanted how -- did touch on that any two with with Barney Frank and I do that true. Okay he had not to get a guy is -- Franklin rains that he realized that they -- a face some money back I wasn't aware that. But you remember Jamie Gorelick. Remember from the FB IC IA should put up the Walsh who think that they can -- good. -- well she took 28 million dollar. You know she is so public I've made it sound like you're really doing a good job for the middle class. Yeah it would dumping ground they also dump a lot Republican -- as well. But Jamie Gorelick 28 million dollars a lot of we -- she had any bad. Most I think most of which Democrats. Yeah. Well you're absolutely right so you shut up like you know let -- it would do a good job juggling -- lend money to people that are gonna pay it back -- you know are really doing. Doing the right -- this. And I always said is that we're just buying the mortgages that the banks that sold to people who couldn't pay it back. Sort other words they're they're using our money to stick with these mortgages that an ever going to be paid back I mean it's it's it's totally out wrong. They give themselves bonuses aren't -- CEO of the. These projection that it was almost that may. Right we -- -- we bought up 500 billion dollars worth of mortgages yet 450 billion -- never gonna be -- but you're still gonna take this huge huge bonus. Now my question to you how he's gonna I don't comes back to Scott Brown okay. Now he voted for their financial regulation reform bill right okay. The so called squad could bite let me see up mr. countrywide mortgage got Chris Dodd. Is it it anybody trying to cool okay yeah no problem with that now this guy to run at a waste from the Paul Ryan Medicare plan. I mean did that surprise you would that would surprise me. Now he's trying to get reelected I mean I. -- try to get reelected Ali. But it's frustrating an accent that. All he'd eat you know -- -- shot that we did have to rush to do anything with the financial regulation reform bill you know what would happen it would -- Mae and Freddie Mac. Anything that Barney Frank is involved. Involves asked. Everything everything he's ever been involved -- has been a disaster. And you know that's that's the way I would've voted. We're just that I see these two names on the top this league god from countrywide and and a frank from hot bottom and I think I'm of the vote now. Thanks for the call John will be back talking about Sarah Palin once or pale at 18774694322. I'm now are. Okay. Yeah. 1877469432218774694322. So Sarah Palin's gonna release in the movie in Iowa. The two hour movie about her career and she's also going to begin a bus trip up the East Coast on Sunday. And like. Indications are she's certainly trying to war convince people that she's running for president I think -- Probably or more serious than Donald Trump war split you know you never taught me that you know she's got a reality TV -- just like yeah when is coming back on the year. Right now a Gallup poll. Data today. She's in second place Mitt Romney 17%. He's number 117%. Sarah Palin 15% Ron Paul 10% Newt Gingrich 9% Herman Cain. 8% temple at the 6%. Michelle Bachmann 5% than the rest of them -- early don't really scratch. So she's in second place not even running and they end up being sort of operate our screen the last few months. 18774694322. 413 says maybe -- would stand a better chance without McCain in the the rhino holding her back everybody thinks McCain lost because of -- -- was thought it was the other way around. 18774694322603. Like deceit -- and run she's hot and hopefully shall take shots at Obama. Seven -- -- Palin running will steal a ton of coverage away from Berry. 18774694322. Tom your next with Howard cargo -- Tom. -- Bob go ahead Bob. There are always I thank -- -- our -- -- -- all the way to the White House. She's gonna fill a void that existed in the GOP hopeful. And I think all of the GOP hopefuls. She has almost like completed on the air. The most testicular fortitude vote. All she's got she's got the most unfavorable ratings to Bob. Shall overcome that she's she's very adept at doing. I feel very confident about her which you would do a good job. Would you go see your shoes on a bus tour through the area. Are trying to find out more details sort didn't look into that. -- will let you know will probably have more details tomorrow where the bus -- going to be stopping thanks for the call. 18774694322. Steven your next without point guard go ahead Steven. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You've got noise I guess the big question did you got to avoid but who's got bill purple. Hey now stop that cut that off. 1877469432. To warrant your next -- point cargo have warrants. We I would say that's I wanna -- tail and run because of the way you phrased the question as a requirement she asked to run. This election 2014. It is going to be nontraditional that there really be an American Idol I mean. -- 2012. Apartment 2012 -- we like American Idol the way Obama is positioning it as the popularity. Sort of idea that campaign. Mehmet Ali conducted himself -- change. And it was the only one that got our -- And literally. Star power -- neutralize their for the firepower. Are Republicans we know Obama as our power so well we do it. Probably not a guy. Now we're right -- -- he's also got the problem with health care you know. I mean he's he's gonna hire plot I heard people talking today about it that there's they're all of this all kinds of video of him in 2006 talking about what a great plan this was you know. And it and it goes on the 2007 and when we started running for president in 2008 when his campaign imploded. He's talking about what a great system Romney here is that Massachusetts does anybody really think it's a great system. No and I wanna mention that this negativism. Everyone talks about what Palin. Remember courage -- past the line and those photos that ran with the misstatements like she doesn't know Africa -- continent and and yet we know now as Canada and Mexico. Most people won't be able to get away -- those slide that. She's smarter than that now and maybe the electorate -- -- now without that -- and whatever they're calling it Ireland which is the -- People might start to look at. Well I'm not sure of the electorate is -- -- and up that he any in the last four years but you're right to mainstream media certainly has less power than they used to it it's powered diminishes by the month. Thanks for the call warrants Steve your next with how we -- go ahead stave. LL like affecting your head OPEC has root question by doling it out despite my out of -- -- But. But hey what what you like about urban cable select -- -- out -- presidency wearing sunglasses. You can. Do that not all and have said that before you are here I mean I. Other conservative com. RL like -- -- The she -- not okay I mean I have no faith in her ability. As opposed to the president of the United States. What you think and out of course but I -- there's always going to porn we move -- toward him. For two for eight era in day out. So already she's already been torn limb from -- there's the you don't all were limbs of broad backs. Is it's fifty achieved so diminished in the minds of so many conservatives. And I don't. Ohio -- -- during -- all the conservatives like you know what Russian guys that. You know they're just afraid of are now -- her if she has shown bad judgment. And she is sure -- not speak very well which I know is not a huge payroll by. He didn't we bow down electorate that we have you know -- achieved so they're. You know not exactly articulating a position very well -- that's going to be trouble and I think against the old voice. She she's a wife that it would that we need -- against the government and elsewhere whether L action that's a murder to -- Well we think so. You are other yearly holder voice against their. -- -- little chemical to on this subject like three but I mentioned the boys still. Now why did I know I I know lot of guys have problems with female voices but I I just that doesn't bother me I don't get it. Don't have a problem seeing double and probably order. Thanks for thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Bill your next with how we cargo ahead bill. You have bill. Bill's gone it's another Steve your next -- powered -- go ahead Steve. Every. I like AIG Arabs are particularly. Working on bringing in a gas pipeline. Jump to Canada from the Arctic Circle bringing some. Domestic. Natural gas energy into our economy I think that it would they make things work a lot better here but. In addition to that -- like to say I don't care who's running against the president. I'm voting for somebody -- Vito meet to why most people listen of the show -- say what you and I do. Question is that we you know you -- that you -- like just on the talk show audience -- election. Well I would. -- don't like to see it shake down to whatever it's gonna -- but I don't think. Is any hurry a big push to find somebody today tomorrow. When they have the convention and a select somebody I'm sure they're gonna select somebody. Who's going to be are better at being president than the present a personal -- Right well and then it'll be decided blog before the conventional probably be decided early next winner sometime thanks for the call Steve failure -- with how we cargo ahead dale. They get our act hire her -- Sarah speaker appeared -- what that they edit that the -- in Bangalore and not. She's she's just incredible. I think you are a lot. I don't bolted the governor pick her because -- typical what's happening -- -- big distraction apparently Alaska they -- this year at moon that's suing -- stage she epic. So the camp out next order in trying to pure defense that -- aren't -- got me give me a break she. She had like a rock of our share compared to. Everybody element the other night. Just keep an estimated that over you know -- idea. Conservatives took over just lying in wait outward what does it all out what it comes time or be a primary. We're gonna vote for -- Elena we're gonna put her in the air but she's got -- she's gonna make. Our current president look like an idiot. Because I -- I -- aren't a lot of time in -- -- To step ought to be at the national speed. And you know I just point it is it still I'm. She's she's God's Decourt Welch is not gone but the is an amazing -- -- -- left last weekend and she got less eight yen airtime then reverend Harold camping with his ridiculous prediction about the rapture. That's just how much of a non factor she'd become thanks for the call. Joe your next without -- ahead GO. Good afternoon how each frequently. It has -- I think you'd wait to see how serious Paul Ryan's gonna if you going to be -- -- -- -- I think he's going to -- -- that mean if you look at Ron Paul grabbing 10%. Not to take it away from him like a lot at 10% on all you kidney you know. But that 10% for Ron Paul mean they're gonna stay with him I mean that your that your we not race you know. Obviously not basis -- one man Ali. -- -- the last election. I I don't think but I don't think you know well Paul Ryan takes away any of those boats and those are people living going to be with Ron Paul under any circumstances these are people. These people some of the -- of them was Ron Paul since he ran in 1988 is the libertarian yet. But even even if you take it if you take Mitt Romney. At seventeen. He's already declared their candidacy. 70% -- not -- strong national. -- -- Know ultimately it. It's definitely pushing. Portion people pushing -- -- like a riot saying -- -- window it's gonna close ally particularly thank. Yeah. So Cheney Cheney was given Cheney loves the guy -- -- some good advice today red he says that don't run don't run don't even think about I don't I don't think this this -- the year for Paul Ryan. He's run for the senate I mean -- he was. He you know there's an open senate seat near Kohl the Democrat has been for a long time is retiring in. And once the stay in the house. Thanks for the call GO 1877469432. To a car. Jim your next what how what cargo ahead Jim quickly. I think I think they can get thin but I think you'd need -- illegal -- like -- back in about. I like your head on the bumper music there to think if you get -- win but she'll get that Obama has a lot of that political square mission. -- -- -- I like that thank you thank you Jim 18774694322. You never know what's gonna happen you know. Mean who -- thought Barack Obama would be like that you know I mean again. Is she any more of a an airhead that he is -- nobody can seriously make that argument. Did she have less experience than he did not want to seriously make that argument either allowing our.