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Obama Says We Share Credit For Killing bin Laden but Doesn't Thank Pres. Bush

May 21, 2011|

Avi Nelson discusses with callers Pres. Obama's speech at Langley, Jeremiah Wright and the US/Israeli Relationship

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This is Don Nelson welcome to the second program. Shall we say expand to other topics that they get from seven anyone text message on his Google -- -- call -- with the same smack talk. The last caller by now the program she kept calling and saying phone lines are open to you as well. 8774694322. Is a phone number interesting discussion in the last hour about the motivated by. The claim that judgment day is upon us in just a couple of hours but in case it isn't. There -- a couple of the things we might talk about. I wanna start with in this are likely get to the Middle East. And of course we we can't do without the sex scandals. And maybe we can talk also about the Republican primary because that feel this filling -- we announced just today as usual while ago -- It did these things but I wanna. -- Where to Barack Obama the distinguished president who went to Langley. To talk to the members of the CIA. And this is another victory lap for him more shall we use his metaphor spiking the football action doesn't wanna spike the football. But since then one has been killed we have field full -- football he keeps. He keeps doing that and -- a little while minded but if you gonna do it just do it. And don't tell people you're not gonna do it. But there was something that struck me there are two things that struck me about the addressed to the CIA folks. He congratulated them of course on all the work they did in order to. Effectuate the mission get the data -- that the shields could go in and kill bin Laden. There were two things however. That were left unsaid. One of them. Has to do with his predecessor. And keep coming back to this because toward the end of his speech. He made the observation. That. Credit has to be shared with a lot of people. Well let's hear here is the president in his own words. Reminded us that when we Americans set our mind to something -- we are focused on where we're working together. We're not worried about who's getting the credit when we stay true to our values even if it takes years. There's nothing we cannot -- Now what was special about that we we we don't care about who gets the credit implying that we should share the credit. Not once did he mentioned that some of this work was done. When his predecessor was in the Oval Office he couldn't bring himself even now -- how many victory -- she's taken. And he still couldn't bring himself. To share the credit. To expand to put congratulatory message to recognize that this was a victory for America and he inherited. A lot of the effort that had gone before. And I think it's rather narrow. And almost mean spirited. Because he must be aware that in two years she's been in office the former president has been nothing but gracious. In terms of keeping silent never responding to criticism. Never coming up with a disagreement policy you know when you're not an office it's easy to do it because. But no longer stops there George Bush has stayed out of it. And you'd think at this moment where we're sharing. The success of the mission. The president could have somehow she was speaking. To the people that blindly and gradually in the CIA. He's attorney general. Continues that investigation. Into possibly prosecuting. The agents who were involved with interrogation of the terrorist. It remains an open question I suppose if you depending on which side you're on as to whether these. Special interrogation techniques were vital in getting the information. That led ultimately to the bin Laden -- I'm convinced that some of that information. Did indeed come from these that from the water boarding or that the sleep deprivation. People on the other side say well there hasn't been proven that I should may. Here on the one hand he congratulates the CIA for getting the information and on the other hand he's attorney general. Has vowed to press on with the criminal probes. Even though these people -- that is to say the agents had. God and legal authorization. From the attorneys in the in the Justice Department at the time. And then gone on to get the information into work as they saw fit to advance the interests of the nation. -- here's the president coming in congratulating but allowing these people to continue to be persecuted -- not prosecuted. And I'll tell you something it is no fun to be under the investigation. By a federal agency. Cost money there's a shadow over your reputation and what do you think it's saying to the people who are agents now about future involvement. Well hasn't that they going to be. To do things that may be years later. Through the clarity of some kind of hindsight. Will be claimed to be illegal and they'll be in jeopardy. This is not Obama's finest moment nothing is -- and speaking of -- finest moments. We do -- to talk a little bit about the Middle East and by the way as is the case with this program putting some things on the table. You can talk about any of the subjects that that we bring up that there is being a watershed moment in the Middle East. Obama has depending on -- man whom you believe. As either just merely emphasize something that was passed policy -- I think more appropriately by the virtual the way he brought it up. Has now changed the rules of the game. For the Middle East he's now said that Israel has to go back to the 1967. Borders. That is to say the borders before that war these are really the borders of 1949. And with so for loans were some shifts and swaps in territory he put it. To account for population well let that territorial. Boundary line. Would make Israel at the narrowest point only nine miles wide and think about that the -- Let's let's from the distance from Boston to rule 128. And in the wars that have gone before the Arab armies of trying to divide the country can split didn't happen it's just about right in the middle. It's you divided country in half and of course the country in this line of trees in a lot of trouble these are not defensible boundaries. And for Obama to propose -- and also to hand. That to Jerusalem. May not be solely the capital of Israel and that the so called right of return that the Palestinians. Who. And left the area should be able to come in which would destroy Israel as a Jewish state. All of these things represent changes from US policy what they also represent changes. Is Obama as a senate senator as a presidential candidate. He said very different things when he was running for office. Now it's obvious that when you talk about chemistry there's anti chemistry if you will between Obama and Netanyahu the prime minister of Israel. The two men don't get along he concedes it's more than just politics. But still the proposal here is going to lead to a bad situation for Israel at a time when. There was enough -- going on in the other Arab nations has to cast doubt as to how long there will be peace in the Middle East Egypt for example which has treaty with Israel. You can be sure that in short of that screening be green now launched by whatever government. Takes center stage in Egypt. Now as far as I'm concerned there's -- history to Barack Obama in this regard keep in mind that Obama. Spent 22 years in Jeremiah Wright's church. Now I know he says and to those who want to be diluted and they can believe but never heard any of these incendiary remarks. You don't spend 42 years in the church and have this man as a mentor and having -- here. And educate your children without having a pretty good idea about what he stands for so in change we need some. Refresher. Here are some of the things that Jeremiah Wright has said. That just applying with regard to the Middle East. Here's a quote. In the 21 century white America got to wake up call after 9/11 01 white America. And the worst during world came to realize that people of color had not gone away. Faded -- to -- the woodwork or just disappeared. As the great white west. Kept on its merry way of ignoring black concerns. Polish interpretation 9/11 is a white black issue. Another quote. -- -- childish country was founded and how this country is still run. We in the US believe in white supremacy and black inferiority. And believe it more than we believe in god. Here's another quote. The Israelis -- illegally occupied Palestinian territories for over forty years now. Divestment has now hit the table again. As a strategy to wake the business community and wake up Americans concerning the injustice. And the racism. Under which the Palestinians have lived because of zionism. On quote and these are quotes directly from Jeremiah Wright and this is not only Obama's pastor for most of his adult like what he's meant to. Twenty plus years -- bomb or 145. When he became president says you do the arithmetic. For most of his adult life vicious the church that Jeremiah weighs in -- -- that Obama was in from the church of Jeremiah Wright. These have to be taken as reflective of the views. That Obama holds even though he publicly. Would try to put a mask on them. And one more art which happened since he was president. This is Jeremiah Wright then Jews aren't going to let me talking and so then Jewish -- going to let him talk to me. I told my baby daughter that you've talked to me in five years when he's a lame duck. Or an eight years when he's out of office and quote. Now notice the very violent anti semitism. Notice also. That Jeremiah Wright thinks that when Obama no longer. Needs the political -- he'll be back what is Jeremiah Wright saying he's saying. I know how Obama really feels. He may have to make certain concessions and behave assured way when he's in the limelight there. Once that limelight he's gone he'll come back to where he is more rings really all. Well I haven't I agree with right on that point I think that's where Obama really is. You don't spend twenty plus years 22 years in a church. Because you find these remarks. By the preacher a part. Most of us wouldn't spend 22 minutes in that church let alone 22 years. And of course there are other quotes are having given the mall by any means. The reason I'm mentioning things is because he gives context. Background foundation. Two Obama's position. He's antipathy to Israel. Isn't just a matter of political calculation. It's a matter of a deep seeded field. Based on the anti semitism the anti zionism by the -- zionism means. These zionists is somebody who believes that there should be a State of Israel as a Jewish homeland. That's what it means they can agree agree or disagree with that that's that's a translation of the world with the award. And that's why Obama. Has the feeling and that's I think one of the reasons why he has such antipathy to Netanyahu personally. Because as the man walks into the room. He embodies. What Obama despises. The number. Few meetings ago when Obama just walked out and left left the killing all there and Obama went up to have dinner. Which is just insulting when you have a head of state in in your office. Where things are gonna -- premier. Unclear. But certainly. The alliance between Israel and the United States is and shall we say very shaky grounds. And it will be up to the people to rule bombing here as we would like to -- we in the United States would like to maintain. The alliance in this strategic area of the world. Can't count on many nations there and shortly with the turmoil going on not a good idea to -- and every one. Look what happened with Pakistan. I mean we -- we started talking tough with Pakistan. Would they do they just accepted fifty jets from China. -- and walk away from a allies even and and Pakistan is hardly in the same category with Israel through steadfastness of the alliance. But you know other. Powers and people that will be happy. To capitalize. On the United States setting up a -- Okay so let's talk a little bit about this they'll get to the juicy stuff for the sex scandals. 8774694322. As the phone number -- next up good afternoon. You know -- -- pleasure. I really -- -- this latest. -- why are Obama rarely -- equity -- at -- It be nice if you at least conferred with all. You know another world leader. Where in determining the future of that country. Which apparently did not. Why not only I don't I don't think he did and I don't think he cares to. And you know. I have my own personal opinion of Obama however. I'd probably be beat for a couple of seconds or that of the Brady. You know from state solution by -- either way -- wants to dry. The Israelis into the Mediterranean at the bottom line it will art. And all so. -- went by those boundaries that suggestion. It would. Split Jerusalem into two portion yet. And -- in reality I I do not see -- -- the Israelis cancel click to that city. And they should continue to. And I. Richard that was Obama's position when he was running for office he he said it several times they've been replaying those tapes over the last couple of days. The US he was straight out I'm gonna and there are a lot of us myself included. Who actually found it difficult to reconcile what Obama was saying as he was a candidate. And the church in which Obama. Was was it involved war. Just twenty years so I was suspicious as to whether we can believe the man but he was saying again and now. He's not saying something very different. Point well taken rich thank you for -- by the way I'll give you the solution to the Middle East I give you the answer right now. And pen in hand you can take it -- the answer is there is no solution in the Middle East. And we ought to stop pretending that there's going to be. You cannot reconcile its annual number of presidents have tried in each one thinks it's going to be his place in history. Obama comes with I think more about passion. On the wrong side is this year than predecessors who were just trying to do it for. Quality actual -- to the pragmatic approach. Which can't solve this problem you have to people's. Who don't agree with each other they come from different religious backgrounds in each one thinks that god has ordained them to have this territory. Now therefore you're -- you have a dispute which is fundamentally religious in nature and not political in nature. And therefore will not accommodate political. Solution. The sooner we face that fact and decide which cyber going to beyond the the better world -- better -- going to be in addressing. The issue as the real world determined to. This idea that somehow if you come up with some kind of scheme marshland REO war. Or or architecture that you resolve the problem in the Middle East that's just depiction. And by the way the the tragedy here is if it goes further. There's an asymmetry in all of this Israel is making tangible concessions. Israel is being asked to give up land real territory. And issue no territory has consequences people park on that they bring tanks on it and builds here building a field. In return is really supposed to accept words on a piece of paper. Guarantees of peace. That is to say proclamations. Verbalize them written down saying oh yes we will we will now live in peace. Well if the people just giving the words were -- the territory is gone words as we know and Obama's shining example. Words as we know can be easily rescinded contradicted. And all of a sudden the position isn't what it was and then what do you say. What you said. Yeah well. Tanks speak louder than words. They say the pen is mightier than the sword and that works only when the pin is writing the truth. Not -- is a fabrication. Or disingenuous. 8774694322. Mark you're next on the program good afternoon. All you. Save me a spot if you do by the way it is not. Won't be with you. Are calling. -- Not only. All pretty. Well. I hear you nomination. Along. The church. Here. Are all governor. All -- -- -- if your old old church. -- -- -- -- But what. Practical. It is art art. Art is it. It's -- Error. Are you probably saw. Interviews. Are. Modeled Obama. -- All effort also. -- Yeah but they're not there -- the U -- point -- that you know additional very. And not as obnoxious. And another is intense in their hatred as Jeremiah Wright and that's the church. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well yeah and that that does -- -- nothing to market I don't know how much we -- by bringing everybody into it. You know right now the drama is being acted out by the two prime in a way that's to prime minister in the prime minister and president the two leaders of the two countries. And don't yell obamas to stand on this on this is no matter of the church but your point that your point is. Why thank you for call. 8774694322. Is a phone number email address a Nelson wrko.com. Text message code 68680. Back with more of the program on the other side don't break I'm -- Nelson and you're listening to AMC TV WRKO. Welcome back this is Don Nelson. And we are looked out the window sun is shining on zinni shaking. But look we've got to and a half so the strange judgment just on television again. Well let's to some other things here before and on going to add to the topics. That there were talking about. Com Wednesday. It is the fiftieth anniversary to the day of the speech in the John Kennedy made as president about going to the moon. Number they were going to moon before the end of the decade as he put it. Dedicated some of us and he turned out to be correct although he was not alive to see the day. And it's ironic I think because here we are talking by the end of the space program. And I think. There's a danger there there are still security issues I mean do we really want to turn over any adventures in space to the Russians and the Chinese. Therefore not they are doing things very soon will fall behind in terms of the technology. I find myself uncomfortable with the prospect of having to rely on the good gracious. The of the Chinese and the Russians I'm not sure they have our best interest at heart. An email. From mark. We talked earlier about evolution. And he writes I appreciate your honesty and humility when you say you just don't know. It's refreshing actually well sometimes. Sometimes it's good to be humble. There is no conflict really about the dinosaurs being around before man was created them I'm still reading from the email Gordon the -- men which created after the animals. Milan -- the six day deals are created during the fifth day and earlier part of the six day. Now when the term gay issues that logically much refer to much longer periods of time in not a literal 24 hour period. Has nothing to say that the extinction of the dinosaurs didn't come well before men were created we'll look. If you're -- use that. Then all of a sudden day can mean. No disagreement with Shia alliance -- that says that the earth is -- half billion years old. I mean if a day can mean anything. And it just means time while then bouquet and and then of course now you are in sync with -- evolution because. At the the theory goes that they were a lot of animals and plants on the planet before many a ball. So we're back to the or interpreting the Bible so that if pitch with a whatever I want to me. I must say I never liked the idea of going too hard here challenging concept of god. In the video a lot of people who are kept the line by the fact that. Be careful because afterwards you may get yours and if not on this -- that I am an extra -- there was a book written by a rabbi actually. Who the title was when bad things happen to good people. It became a best seller because a lot of people grapple with that you could probably write a larger book when good things happen to bad people right. But no one is explainable they'll get theirs afterwards. Which according to the reverend Campbell is going to be quite soon. Okay also in the category of an uplifting story. A US man who was paralyzed from the chest down this is a true story and on an island has been looking around here. US man power lunch from the chest down after being hit by a call. Is now able to stand -- electrical stimulation of his spinal cord. This fellow rob Summers from Oregon. So it's standing -- -- -- was the most amazing feeling he was a baseball player in the 2006. Was part of the team which won the college World Series. And they he's a good baseball player. But that summer he was injured and hit and run accident in spinal cord was damaged. And now through these techniques that the doctors should done. -- surgically implanted sixteen electrodes into -- spine he's been training daily. Trying to stand walk and move his -- -- electrical pulses were sent to the spinal cord it. -- won't go through the whole article but it is really inspiring an impression of what's also interesting is he can move east closed. And ankles and they they're not able to explain that. Now. Electrical stimulation works and one person. If four more people being lined up -- two ways to go before. It will be broad technique but the idea that. You could actually be could be on our way to helping people were paralyzed. Is remarkable. Okay I know should be able calling -- now get but I do wanna put one thing and no one on the table. That is we're living we're all such skills black finally figured out -- Strauss-Kahn. Did that. He believed camping that the world was gonna end of the world's -- then you -- take on the chamber may right. Muzzle under the good time Mary was in the United States swipe forward all the way over in France. That's just. Number one heck of -- defense all of the world doesn't end. Anyway there's that's scandal. And everybody is somebody has had one columnist wrote is reacting with -- enjoyed. What -- the media is gleeful reporting of Arnold Schwarzenegger is infidelity. I frankly I'm tired of hearing about it though it's for Schwarzenegger and his wife -- Strauss-Kahn. I look at a nosedive from out of before I know he's ahead of the IMF. The important guy in 3000 dollar a night than I don't get it something's missing here. Here's a guy you can spend 3000 dollars and nine in the hotel and you're the head of the IMF. He you can call an escort service and you could call concierge. -- not the first time they've had to fill out request. Why would he attack the chamber made it just. It should just doesn't sound right to doesn't make sense to me now maybe that's what happened on people Arnold was logical. But in France by the way they were very different view when they think this guy was set up. He was set up because he was going to be the most significant challenger to -- Posey who's running Socialist Party assuming. It's something wonderful about the head of the IMF. Being socialists. Be that has had made they think that this whole thing is that he's being funny. And we shall see we haven't heard whether -- I guess the defense will be apart from that judgment day that it was consensual. OK here are your thoughts and takes on these stories. Of our world. As we know and it's you know. I Q when you think about when you hear all these things going on in if you're the supreme being you might very well say yeah. Let's pull applaud -- as a weren't we'll try and move when another group. -- the chimpanzee -- the hand -- there was a board there was science fiction story that the and -- Talking about little lines genuine next on the program after. -- As the world shirt -- yeah. What -- ended today. I'm glad that Benjamin Netanyahu took the stand that he took with the president because Atlanta doesn't. The biblically belong to the Jewish people and they -- are only invited. They want -- them -- like why everybody trying to pressure them an ailing and it's like is the only. -- people -- -- adamantly. It is changing we should say that to give context in -- you're saying if you add all the Arab countries not in that area. It's about equivalent to the United States east of the Mississippi. -- Three Israel is about the size of Massachusetts. -- -- God gonna take care of when he comes. He's gonna take. Out they'll put out all they have weapons that everything else and and he will give Italy at bat of the Jewish people -- What belongs to inspire the other situations that don't on the web get to know that personal business the site of the truth. It splattered all over the TV and they want to -- Talbot you know -- what's happening. My ticket should go on court TV it was a topic -- Don't you want and all the details of the -- I think I. You know we're right it is to get there must be -- appetite for -- because its story after story dominates the airwaves. To me let them fight about them -- South you know it's bad enough that children can't figure -- the best. Well it's good point that's right -- that we wonder white kids grew up in a little bit messed up right. Right and they're right I mean he does it does love Obama and Obama -- even tell me I mean. -- as I know I shot -- nine men and Pastor Wright. And this -- this president has been grunt and moan about what to madrassas school and that was content and and the president. You haven't listened to the program Jane you've covered a lot of territory ensure our. You can -- that you just happened and what can I don't copy epic battle with multi hit the papadore and I Jewish name I'd like that you lay out we -- -- what the Jewish people because they need in that need it. That's right now and they need it more than anybody else. Baggage all thanks for liked by the way name is just on the AB sorry if you wanted something else. 8774694322. Is the phone number. I accidentally -- to give back to the Middle East. It's remarkable that it does seem to be room for this state -- into arguments who talk about. The that people feel obligated to be part of a group even if that group is persecuted. And you have to we'll marvel at the psychology. Of man. That. There is this need to stay with your group you're tried. Even if it's because you were born into it even if that means all sorts of persecution. And difficult. But that's the way it seems to be on the planet. -- good looking young and applies to all of us look at how we root for the Red Sox and the Bruins right. This up because they really made up of higher moral standing folks then. The teams from New Yorker -- bag we get passionate about where to get tense about it right. -- watching these games in the playoffs and it's with its attention won't actually get tension in hospitals in the calls. From patients who -- the nursing station -- should go -- people like Spitzer caught up -- it. Same thing with religion and that's -- the religious wars -- come from. And that's why that's the explanation for why you can have land that's half the size of felon the United States and you can't tolerate somebody of a different -- being. In something the size of New Jersey are masters. One brief note let me. -- the history here is significant Israel came into existence by United Nations vote in 1947. It was -- by the world community. That after what is called holocaust with a capital H the destruction of most of European Jewry by. The Nazis in World War II that there -- to be homeland for the Jews who were the only times during the Cold War here that on a major issue. The United States in the Soviet Union both voted yes. Different reasons the Soviets thought that there would have an opening to the -- socialist land there. United States had different objective but that's where it came into existence in 1947 by vote. And the gate that was -- was in May of 1948. As that happened when -- independents stay home and and the State of Israel became a state. There -- five Arab armies that invade Egypt Iraq Syria Jordan and Lebanon. All windows of the surrounding countries and there were contingency there was backing from Saudi Arabia and yeah. They all invaded Israel was expected the Israelis were going to be destroyed. They were destroyed and at the armistice in 1949. The State of Israel came into existence and it stayed that word for eighteen years. When it once again there was an attack this time from Egypt and Jordan and Syria. In 1967. And the surprise was in six days those armies were -- defeated Israel expanded its territory. Inherited a whole bunch. People who. Were Arabs who were living under Arab authority before that war and that has led to the status problems of the current day. I should point out also that in the 1940 -- Jordan -- expand its territory and take over the West Bank Israel took it back. Also one last point on this when. Obama should just go back to the 1967. Border version it was unclear whether he includes the Golan Heights which is a high point total. That Syria had controls and Israelis took it from them in 1967. Syria could use that land. As a launch pad to rain rockets down on the Israeli territory bowl. So that and it's not clear whether Obama were including that territories to give back as well that are real. Thumbnail sketch of what happened to in terms get -- to this point. 8774694322. Is a phone number John you're next on the program good afternoon. I yeah. Great listening let's -- I envy you or you or bill -- -- And those are -- noxious call. I have to click. Really hot here at but it really. -- we keep the -- your entertainment and here we're losing you for them. -- -- the moment when I click back on. I expected it. But anyway. Part of it and think about you are topic today and I'm kind of not borrow in this world. And nature boy to make sure. Respecting. All the religious right in I think they orwellian ended. Give -- elections. And the greatest lesson for me. It was a it'd mean -- needed thank you in the news Ayers. And that step what I lodged I was Mimi meet. Apple might light Batman might -- and now. And then I discovered. Very interesting story which is the law. That. My interest in view. All anybody LOK. If I want our friendship. I need to give 80% of -- -- -- you. What you'd make your -- a little lesson today. Can I help you that's a problem for you and 40% from me. They. The and and nicest and. That's a very nice formula that that's more than a lot of us can can talk about. Well it's public calls you I don't -- Thanks for -- so glad I and I. John thank you for calling -- -- -- for the formula. As I say I'm not sure that I can do a try to. 5050. Point -- -- maybe I'm I'm good recipient of that. 8774694322. -- the phone number. Up from 617 Arnold should get jail time just for bringing Gloria Allred out from under her rock and rock and my TV screen again. You're actually thanked the network I would agree with that. We're back on the other side of a break and all the Nelson mrs. -- situated on the Arcadia. There are rumors that must be action. No rain Rodin and praying for you -- -- you seem to be lost. Well in about an hour -- -- you'll find me at the bottom Norah meanwhile Laura studio floating upside appreciate the prayer. Take all oil -- get Lucy you're next on the program and good afternoon. Hi thank you taking my call. I don't know I don't explain this. In a way it's understandable but I got the idea floating around in my mind. President Obama is old hat you expect. You to believe that everyone is going to. Agreement -- and -- friend no matter what should be great. -- So -- they all -- What he's doing right now with Israel just a little bit everywhere would agreement with him when he on the Barack Obama Barack kinda the -- Egypt and everyone would it -- -- -- would agree with -- and in fact not Barack but the most train -- -- of people. I'll accept the you know you can't expect that to many people are gonna agree with you when the buses running over them. Even through his grandmother under the bus during the campaign remember talked about that she was racist. And so you know he's he's good days he's got. The bus is getting a lot of work out with a with a Obama I'm not sure about pressure and -- some people these things are going to be his friend and he's just going to be held convince them because he's a great community organizer. But there are others. -- with friends like that you need enemies. I think people are waking up but what the media wake up this went back. It in -- am I cannot believe talent that debate I mean it can't I don't know why. Yeah well you know let's -- a solution thank you for the call of this. There's a long history -- that I can remember back in the Reagan campaign it was the same -- I think we just have to understand this may be a center right country but it's not a Centre right media. The main media outlets that we talk about. There are gonna be on the left no matter what and they give Obama won big bash on arm of the challenging stuff and applaud him whenever they can. Mike you're next on the program good afternoon. This afternoon -- find them provocative show us. Are the other one of those 6000 air guys that believe Jesus actually -- from the bed and I filed our commonality between us. You're seeing an evolutionary stage -- evolved mutated from finch. You know people didn't live with the dinosaurs but in reality from your philosophy. Neanderthal man homeless street people and should point five million years so these so called monkey -- did little fit well with the -- Well Mike if if we're gonna talk about the theory of evolution. Two -- that million is being -- generation. Airy feel of that solution -- Our look at it that. That's -- longer than I think most people would say we've been on the planet -- atomic in the unions with the dinosaurs. Became extinct 65 being -- RPM 63000. Years to build -- Neanderthal man supposedly. Wasn't flourishing civilization the only thing the show format is access them. Old school. Well I don't that I would really pointing out that according to the theory of evolution of dinosaurs. And the people didn't live together. That it has clearly back -- that you'll peering into ultimately of 30s63000. I don't know -- or such or are 65 million years ago from the dinosaurs became extinct. 2.5 oh my favorite thing really. You think you're you're you're treated from a fresh. We'll -- on time. But I look at the fish I can -- lot of resemblance. -- yeah and me to -- -- Friday. Our show. Thank you thanks Mike. -- -- -- charging image with a little to do more on this -- get angry emails etc. when I talk about the evolution over time for one more out. You're doing next to last on the program granted -- you've got about 45 seconds I give it to you. This is L. Only and is lol cool. War. You've solved it now. And you did it in new data in the west from the time allotted that's right. Okay that's gonna do it brush -- my -- -- -- for for doing the program -- punctual you participated. It's interesting when we get into. -- these kinds of philosophical subject and I explosion that was one benefit then. From what I considered the fruitcake predicting the end of the world we got into arranged in English Patient. And I promise you we will address the question of evolution along we've been on the planet. Yet again in the future but didn't get into the discussion about the Republicans in the field it's the law because linking an actual. Reserve that for. Another time well. Well we've got about an hour let's look out the window things look pretty calm children doesn't and missing in action days it does. It's been fun I'm Yeltsin and his name's XE WRK.