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Divide With Israel

May 20, 2011|

The new U.S. push for Middle East peace had opened one of the deepest divides in years in relations between the United States and close ally Israel. "Peace based on illusions will crash eventually on the rocks of Middle East reality," an unsmiling Netanyahu told Obama in the Oval Office. Howie thought that Israel should not give in and checked with the listeners on their opinions.

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The Barack do the right -- yesterday when throwing throwing Israel under the bus saying that they had to return to the pre 1967. Borders when they basically had no defense against the Arabs the the the they spent. Enormous amounts of blood treasure and expanding their borders so that they could so that they can have defensible lines. In in two to protect themselves against the error reports that -- sworn to destroy them and now Barack wants him to give it all up. -- they promise of a a smile as she. As as were set of Willy Loman he's city. Barack Obama is the Willie -- As well -- US foreign policy he's trying to sell everybody with a smile on a shoeshine I don't I don't buy it. -- -- with a Benjamin Netanyahu just you know that you gotta you gotta stay strong in their outnumbered a hundred to one not a maybe not a hundred to one but. 5061. You know and why would they why would they give up one end to that they've conquered. To war 222 people who have already shown themselves to be not of not a good well. 1877469432218774694322. And I would say this even -- the world wasn't coming to an end tomorrow. According to the rapture according to the rapture theorists. 6 PM tomorrow the world begins to come to men. And I'm I'm here to take carrier -- for 135 dollars because I I know I'm on Saint John your next what powered car go ahead John. It does not mean that I'm scared. You're scared. To capture but did not know there's family have -- about this that this going to be. Probably one of the most dangerous thing teleprompter has ever told Barack Obama this thing. Let you know our our US Ari are you really surprised though that he would say something like this. -- not at all in fact that got my own theory about this. I think that this is Obama -- branch back to the Muslim world after having to take down some of them. That's possible. And yet to come up with something. Philip where it trying to get back at it. I don't I don't I don't dispute that that's definitely possible I I don't. But you know the thing is always. Isn't it weird that the that the the Jewish voting -- in the United States is apparently gonna stick with this guy even -- always even -- he's throwing their own country under the bus. -- their homeland under the bus. I I don't understand it. It didn't make absolutely no sense he could not possibly. Up this. I don't think he's broken -- you know I mean I think you're right and he told us tells them what to say. -- -- Yeah well you know it is that what do you know you'll never -- That they that the AT scores but. If ever come out I don't care that they marked as he's completely lacking in elements and. Right. Right you you don't if if a dog is if it argues snarling -- you wouldn't and I showing his T and has you cornered. You you don't put your hand out to the the law. That a natural basic you don't even had he you know I I don't expect the got to understand history everything's been handed to right. But you would think just by common sense he would know that Israel is marketable is not gonna roll over for people wanna kill the wanna destroy it. Thanks for the culture but another job on your next without when cargo ahead John. A late night -- of the show thanks arm -- into the voting -- with -- Yes. -- Jewish in name only just like Olympia -- Out of there and it'll all of the letter or spirit of law -- -- interest -- it money on me. You pretty tough on the Jews -- No I'm not help but -- my first quite and I in New York City our first department. We got it through rabbi. Who would he find it being anybody could ever meet. Cut. Its content is then that means it is money well being. Sounds like a lot of -- Christians I know including myself. Although -- -- tempted fate you know being. It up a good capitalist he was not the money in 98. -- among -- -- Well. I think there's that they've been imbued with this liberalism going back to the days of the EZ you know the the workers of the world unite movement back in the early nineteen hundreds they still have this this reflexive. Quarter unquote liberal mentality and that that -- think it -- to a very well here that there gets there up against totalitarian. In Israel and the totalitarian spoke here about you know whether or not they they yeah I gave money to the civil rights movement or anything like that they just wanna kill the Jews. Or your apps right in her own right rabbi Mark Martin thinking. Guys you know what are the other. Deal strictly. A few. There it just it's all about the money. OK okay enough about all about the money thanks for the call John. Fill -- your next with how we cargo ahead fill up. -- -- -- this statement by Obama he could -- the same thing again qualities that there are active. Russia. He can give this southeast -- the southwest back to Mexico. He in the South Korea -- the mountain buried in almost a -- return. Right exactly. Thank you 1877469432218774694322. Are the Arabs are the Palestinians of Israel. In any better position. Under. Israeli rule than they would be under any kind of Arab Palestinian rule of course they are. Why why do you think they they have an illegal alien problem in Israel just like we have an illegal alien problem here in the United States. Arabs are trying to sneak in to Israel to work. Because there's no work. Over. Yen the territories because nobody works there are all on welfare they've been on welfare for three gently but -- well prologue that the Americans have been on welfare. The the the Palestinian war on poverty has been going -- longer than the American war on poverty. 18774694322. Joe your next without cargo ahead -- It. Sure. Take your book as well -- it that. Wish it get it. -- this -- struck out all structure. Eight in all it really is now. Out at oh crap I mean. What happens. You know win or eat it means era. Israelis -- Right -- the -- what happened idiot yet I airport. Opt. People yeah I -- The guy who led the raid was a BB Netanyahu's brother who who was killed he was I think the only Israeli casualty in the -- And I don't I don't understand it that's right and I don't understand and -- Just market and it and it is real. How -- -- when I went to military school -- -- -- -- -- -- Jump school earlier. On got a lot to add. And -- we need Israel just -- worst. Set where is all it's. But he wanted the same thing because he's not a friend to Israel he he's not. You know he he's not pro democracy in any sense of the word he's not pro western. He's in he's definitely not gonna be pro Israeli. Amber's age or. Thanks for the call Joe 1877469432218774694322. See. Just we're gonna back here. The smile on issues shined the moon bats are going to be hollering racist the Julia and that's modest smiled -- -- -- that comes from Arthur Miller. That's up for -- death of a salesman the Kiet they can make that charge spec Michael your next what Howard cargo have Michael. Yes Alyeska give me a little bit nervous. Especially since I'll be swimming against the old -- I think that that the opinions being expressed are starting release -- I think it's all black all white. If you say something bad against Israel it's a bad system thing that gets this really good. And they'll look at any nuance that'll get any. Any of the yes factors Barack Obama stated at the beginning of the speech that he is unshakable he committed. Is that the sense and Israel and that. There -- -- words are cheap but -- -- that he break it to anyone on the say basically that he wasn't committed to the offensive Israel. I don't think -- quit and that you can't defend that that. That stretch if you go back to the 1967. Borders it was an impossible thing to do before 1967. And that. He wants -- he wants the Jewish state to go back to that it's not it's not able. I don't think you really have the military credentials to say. And I I. Will probably drag Netanyahu to -- of the military credentials the well and that's what he said that's what he sent. We do expect West Point even though it's contradictory. I think that the level of disrespect to this president. It's astonishing. That they used to elected president of the United States of America and the things that -- of people saying. About him you can take it but the things that I hear people saying about him. Our actual actually disgusting. This is out country this is our president he's you'll president. I you don't know what I I -- I've heard much less terrible things said about him that I heard said about George Bush. Welch George Bush in my opinion earned it but I never. Okay so George Bush got a comment but Barack Obama one of the beautiful people beauties of affirmative action -- I guess we can't say anything bad about him. Urged not to expand and it still at this colored stability at all. He is elected. And -- And they said something that no American president has ever said since 1967. Democrat or Republican he said that the Israelis had to go back to the borders of 1967. Which as you said I don't have the military credentials to say but Benjamin Netanyahu does have the milk -- -- this is not -- defensible border -- you wanted to go back to that. Joy I don't want him to do -- I think that's -- -- solution to a 75 year old prop. The George Bush said the same thing it is really understood by everybody that. That kind. An agreement has been out to be made between these two people. Some day. First about it first of all the Palestinians have got to start acting like adults. -- thank you 18774694322. We come -- as he set a bad word. That's a bad word of the democratic and Republican administrations terrier next with power cargo ahead Terry. Like -- at RadioShack -- I. I know during the 2004 it hey I got in them that Obama was not in Israel Joe Lieberman that the man out at about. It was not a right of Israel. Why it it was indeed get that -- They got it they just put it aside you know that Terry. People people -- paying attention got the memo. While we're -- We aren't -- But this I retired it. Well where are you George. I yeah. I'll just say I wish I hope -- I hope the Jewish people get the memo this time you know I think I think still. Despite everything fewer of them have gotten the memo that just about any other ethnic group in the country. -- -- -- -- We that you last year at the -- restaurant and my husband with the state rep for New Hampshire yeah. -- Good to talk to Terry thanks for the call 1877469432. To -- your next with our cargo ahead -- I don't captain. Eight beauty to put the word out to your craft supplies you detonate a trip to Germany and go to some of the -- or even. Well that's what would be your poll out but it. Been a couple of camps. And I can say unequivocally -- which you walked in no place. Did you think about what happened to be used in Europe -- in the war. That perfectly illustrates the motivation Israel. Did had all -- Middle East. Why -- some -- here is how stupid. Can Barack Obama. To tell them they -- the fact that. Mark -- dark -- -- events of last night he's historically illiterate I mean you could felony pity indeed that liberal arts discipline you want and he's illiterate he doesn't know he doesn't know diddly squat about anything. That's that's very true Colleen called him and I illiterate I think is giving him credit there are too much credit because I. -- they -- Israel so a right. Most people are so -- the hack it -- -- consider only what it to leave their country with the agriculture programs with the programs. -- -- industry on and on and on. And -- it will just around the did just that. It dislike. It it it's the depths of humanity. What what those orders are doing in all I wanna do is they wanna be victims out. They they want the world out if he'd throw money at them so disliked you like. What was the club that died it's like the local. Yeah -- yet now the -- forget his it's. I don't human error the error right. -- -- -- It's just give up its -- huge -- take the American dollar and. The -- dollar and a bunch other dollars yeah. -- in gulf gulf oil -- dollars now. The thing is how we take religion out of the -- I don't feel Whitaker Christian what you're Jewish. You know it -- figure out how to edit it might just give people -- -- want to meet the world and -- of -- -- it bought it. -- It's real clear that -- what motivates those people they got all. You know how the Middle East is lucky in Egypt Syria know what you Israel wiped off the -- I think we'll solely probably -- I think it's I think it's great for these it's been great for these all car keys to to have Israel around because he gives some some 21 let their let their own. The downtrodden populations concentrate on the blame them. Four for their problems rather than the oligarchy some cells that are their own people right. What are they if they ever did wipe out Israel who the hell would they blame there were. There they're mean now lifestyles on. Nobody that have won the blame. How far is Israel a lot of -- to put every time if given a concession. It's been thrown right back in the states. Right and I know I don't hold -- thanks for the call picked. 18774694322. -- car. 1877469432218774694322. That's the toll free number of how our show. 617 does Obama knows history and sixty he was more -- he was given a spot Harvard that he was given president of the law review that he was given a senate seat that he was anointed savior president. That he was mixed bequeathed -- Nobel Prize that he got his birth certificate. -- he's a real tough life. Gail in Texas. Quote Obama Israel has the right to defend itself by itself what the heck does that mean. 187746943225. Away -- Obama has violated a first principle of American foreign policy which is the stand firm by our friends. 18774694322. Patrice is Patrice has. Important me to stop the rapture. There will be amusing to see how much your doing that the -- the moon bats. Okay dispose exposed to start with an earthquake right in New Zealand. I don't she. You. By the power and vested in me by those at all god dollar mighty. I say. Stop. Earthquake in New Zealand. I do not want. A rapture to -- aka. Charles and -- radial. -- and -- -- that you wanted to join me in fin and off this CEO or capture a war right. Out all mile away to -- holy land. How will be going to the Mount of Olives and I'm gonna have made a big job letters from. My devout fans. And wish you know when Jesus returns. After the rapture he has first stop is going to be on. The Mount of Olives. -- plans to -- That. Job my big pickle job. Of -- for -- fans and listeners and supporters. So that Jesus. Will see you all demands first whether you let them play. Whether you're looking for a they a bankruptcy petition to go to. Front of the docket or whatever else you look him for you gonna happen with me but we can't -- -- haven't any of this ratchet tomorrow. You're gonna have me go to Jerusalem to put that in the book league jar. On the -- of violence. So. Let's put our hands on the radio folks. I have just. The earthquake. Praise Jesus hey man at eight -- I think that'll do what Patrice. -- don't do I have a feeling now the rapture is not going to occur but save the world. 18774694322. How we do you think that you Woolsey Whitey Bulger in the hot regions of hates eighties when the world ends on 521. You see. What people should understand is the only ones that are going to be going are the ones -- You know the rest of us will still be around here for another five months. You know haven't have a lot of fun. I play if it you know if if my prayer did not did not save us from the rapture. If if the if if if the born again start disappearing at a at around 6 o'clock tomorrow night. I tell you what I'm -- I'm going down there to console war to the 7-Eleven that tacky in Mumbai and some Pall malls. -- and -- and again folks. -- kill me in five months. 18774694322. Billiard next with -- -- -- go ahead bill. Daily bank development so on the rapture. It might my pleasure bill you consider me a love offering at you know the usual that the usual address. Editor what -- what I think what what the most network of people we've ever had you know president I think that. There he is very happy to everybody's talking about Israeli situation. Other than rather than the the chaos and autonomy and a and they hopelessness and that sort of thing. Yeah I I agree I needed. Does anybody you know I I -- I still listen do was CNBC you know when I'm driving around in the morning back and forth. And it's. He thought they haven't changed the name of the network to Kool aid drinkers in DC you know I mean they keep talking about how great the economy is I don't see it the Hussein yet. I'm not gonna sit apparently. Yeah. I know I don't I don't get anatomy you know its operation change the subject anything anything except talking about the economy that's what he wants to do. -- Thanks for the call bill one -- -- only works temporarily you know eventually. Eventually everything has to go back to the the most important topic at hand. And that's the economy. 18774694322. I heard today there with a leading -- of the radio news was leading. Jurisprudence is third down to loose parents. You know again let it they let it run up. Tool box and they didn't say -- And now it's going down -- three cents in the last week and it's happy days are here again. 18774694322. I think those people -- ruptured the way the that the way the talk about the grass prices going down. Dot your next with our cargo it still cost sixty bucks to fill up. Dot your next with Howard cargo ahead dot. Well. I -- not. -- about. And I taught at -- in 1980. Which is -- probably at a time and their country. -- I travel anywhere. Well at what it all out bothered me I had I. -- hot summer that are based in Saudi Arabia. There aren't allowed to walk out you couldn't drive apart and you weren't here. -- -- And he. Thank that well about it is what a bike rack up credit that Steelers. -- out for Ellen ear. And she and I eat a big -- it it -- her about -- out. I thank you or that. She thinks he told me why are you talked to her again. About any thing like not. And you watched. And the questions -- -- you think I am I -- that's white light on. Why I don't support Obama. And she again and out refused to talk to me like her looking not -- our liberal. Right exactly. Exactly -- Somebody. Somebody said that today on the -- at the exact same thing they said that these people that you know while worship Obama they're not Jews there're there're -- -- Liberal Democrats. That's their religion. Which it might have some great that that's not do -- It -- that -- not that they -- and it will be a Christian but the problem without. I am I -- I -- -- Christians -- we have biting her -- -- -- -- YE RJ. -- IE I think there were. More compelling arguments. To have been that. Thanks for the call but when your next with Howie -- go ahead when. I -- your -- I don't use Elofsson. Active in art and scope. And respond to Alley cat that -- Note -- reading a little bit more questioning. And Barack Obama and or equities doing right now and I questioned you it. You -- at this that the contract and saying that. Eat at the American people have been sort of frowned upon questioning. Decisions being eight in the presidential campaign today with. I don't feel like I I'm not sure what it hit -- were almost it's almost like I'm twenty years old and I hear about. You know -- how I feel about certain things -- did that being eight and I don't know why and it that your -- Because -- because you're going to be attacked by the politically correct forces that are out there and it won't but we can't. We can't let it let Israel go down it's it's a western democracy. It's a it it's it's a state that believes enough freedom of speech and freedom of religion and and in all the same same. Qualities that made the United States what it is and it's -- it's -- -- and it's a it's a free enterprise state and it's it's a successful state and we can't write it off I mean it's it's it's -- You know this -- say this is the great experiment the the the Arab nation should be emulating Israel -- -- trying to destroy it and you know some of them did and does so vote. Some of the regimes that didn't didn't hate Israel would now been overthrown. And Barack Obama thinks is the Arab -- he doesn't think think that there's a problem here. I don't I don't blame you for being worried about the way things are going win it's it's it's not a good time on our car.