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Obama Says Back To 1967 For Israel

May 20, 2011|

Showing no progress toward peace, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat alongside President Barack Obama on Friday and declared that Israel would not withdraw to 1967 borders to help make way for an adjacent Palestinian state. Obama had called on Israel to be willing to do just that a day earlier. Howie asked the callers if they agreed with Obama's plan.

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Do you agree with President Obama stand that Israel needs to return to its 1967. Borders no I don't. 95%. And not impressed with this yes okay will the will talk about this for -- 1877469432218774694322. You know why should Israel go back to indefensible borders on -- I'm -- just. Say that indefensible this the right word I mean you look at the map from 1967. The I think there was only a seven mile border between. Israel and and -- Mediterranean. At the -- Pitched at the shortest point in. At the what on the West Bank. Why would why would Israel wanna give up this land you know it's not it's not like the the Palestinians of -- have had a good record of either making their own living worry or having it democratic institutions. Take hold in the in the the going and the of the Bible. You know why would Israel give up this land and I'm so happy that the Benjamin Netanyahu came in today in just -- basically spank Barack Obama. Didn't give him a eight bit of copper. And I don't understand I don't get it I mean what does he what does he not know he he knows he gets these. Briefings every day about what's going on. We keep talking about this Arab spring I mean what does this Arab spring that he's talking about here and we're talking here about a yet you know when. Tunisia -- or how that's gonna turn out but again we do know that -- the is these. Italian navy is on full alert because. Huge percentage of the Tunisian population thinks that the Arab spring is gonna be worse -- the Arab winter ones in the trying to get over it'll. To go on welfare -- whatever. So they try to stop. And so now you have and now I have by Egypt Egypt is if is. They beat favored in the election is the Muslim Brotherhood because they're better organized than anybody else so they've already erased the the map of Israel from all of the -- law all of the Egyptian airline flights so what it what does that tell you about where we're we're the new Egypt's stance when it comes to Israel. You have. Syria which were like crack and that we're not cracking down on too much because they're friends. They're friends with our alleged for our pseudo friends you know of Barack Obama doesn't really wanna see anything bad about -- ran. So why he won't say anything bad about serious so serious killed over a thousand people. Which is. Not much compared to what the basher Al slots father killed. Back in the 1980s. When he was cracking down on dissension. But you have a minority government in in Syria that is the Al lights were trying to keep power or the the majority sex there. They just killing killing people by the by hundreds if not by the thousands. And again we say nothing about that nothing at all. 18774694322. JJ and Chelsea says it's been my observation that anyone who starts with Israel giving back acquired lands from its 1967. War. Where they were attacked as a boy mimics anti semite. President Obama threatening black Panthers vs white voters skip gates -- Cambridge cops vowing to Saudi king. Mexican illegal aliens air resources is -- Israel. Was he has he not sided with people of color. Right down the line. I I don't even think they're people of color but he just he he wants anyone who's whose anti democratic that's what he's -- force people were anti democratic. 1877469432218774694322. David your next -- powered car go ahead David. Our report card the Golan Heights and if you own that territory. -- all of that region militarily. Strategic. High top. And keep it up there at site I mean -- Right -- why -- the Israelis want to give it up. It's my important the second thing is. -- -- org American tour are brought up I 90%. Yes. It. I don't know I don't get it I don't get it I talk to my neighbors down in Florida and I asked him why are you voting for -- Barack Obama. And they can't tell me accepted these Democrat. In Europe they -- with the world there -- that there is a book. He admitted some -- Tennessee all the -- -- or is that we do on the team's. I don't know I I think he's Jewish and I did you grow up in you know when the World War II Europe so I mean you would think that he would be pro Israel. But I -- I don't think I don't get the feeling that he is pro Israel. No that would get much influenced you would think that you would have -- say it but. Just not. I don't think so thanks for the call 1877469433. Force 1877. We're 23. Or thing or -- where three to 104694322. Excuse me. 617 Israel was eight miles wide before the current borders. Were established stick to what you know boy IE taking race gratuitous swipes at brown and talking out. A bureau -- last. -- at seven miles so was eight miles what's the difference. 1877469432218774694322. 978 he can't take care of our own borders and he's gonna tell Israel what they should do. Art you're next with our cargo ahead art. Eric publication help first saying. The Israelis took the land illegally they are the ones state started the war president judging guaranteed the Arabs. That the Israelis would not attack them and they attacked up. And they are really our travels. Really as opposed -- not supposed to. Show was once -- -- the hard. Are you and over there who were friends. Nobody read our friends over there -- -- -- the one thing -- United Nations -- other -- -- suggested in 1967. Mr. Beatty are occupied zone and it's not. Well. I don't that the Israelis. Are more friends than the than anybody else over there and they evidently at least have a democracy and -- you don't guess what. The all these Arab countries that that are sol pro Palestinian -- public of the pick and community these Palestinians you know. I mean this whole. This whole. This the ash -- took place after world war two and yet in Europe all the -- Become the communities all the various ethnic groups who were uprooted where they were polls are Germans or Russians after World War II. They've all been. They've all been assimilated for 5060 years why won't be why won't the the Arab countries taken and of these Palestinians of this award so wonderful. There's only two places where Palestinians to be citizens one is the one is Israel the others the United States of America. 1877469432. To pack your next with now we are going at that. Yeah our pitcher -- -- Canada at the end into like -- -- and have I'm swap or credit and then after bailout the criticize because -- taken refuge you are a I -- it it's unbelievable. The other thing with this to it's it's embarrassing I mean it really is this the CR leader has such a wheat grass but think. And what he's done our allies to I mean it's not just -- -- Israel I mean we need -- we need to be hooked up with Israel that we need dep present thereby. You know the other thing is what Britain to -- to -- -- -- of the -- -- expressed regret have to repair these relationships he's their midst. And how do you think of Barack Obama knows anything about history about anything else that's -- in college community doesn't. I get the feeling he is see he's eight total. Mindless person he doesn't he doesn't he watch TV that's all you did. I wonder feet it has term papers online and bought our with a six people here. Thanks for the call -- 1877469432. To us -- from yesterday Hemsley and deceit. The sea of any grasp of history the sea of any grasp about -- of what the mideast has been like for the last sixty years. This is this is absurd what he's saying. And I was glad that. Benjamin Netanyahu shot him down today at the White House. Lectured and basically Steve your next with Howard cargo had stayed. Yeah I got Eric. Yeah you wanna know why. Jewish Democrat vote democratic -- yes I think I know why am you know I've spent a lot of them in state. And basically. June. Sort of viewed themselves as a minority. So we kind of bomb. -- is sympathetic to other minority. So you know what we've seen what they. I don't know just bring -- black people or Hispanic or. What say the situation that happened with the mosque in New York what do you think there's an injustice happening. And sort of sympathize with them because -- industry. Morning. In New York that was on the -- they wanted to build on 9/11 where where a Muslim terrorists to kill 3000 non Muslims. You know I I don't think we have to go after the whole history when. Let -- -- that's where that that's the mosque you're talking about. It was all it was on what it was on the side of one of the greatest atrocities committed by Muslims against non Muslims and in the history. Okay so are we in the old -- now I'm just charter plane why. Jews in the states and Canada. Sympathize. With certain group that they feel have been repressed all right. They tend to vote for you know the the Democrats should stick up for them now as far as this. They they're voting against people who. Who oppose their own interests. I know but less -- as far as you know I went to a Jewish boy how they appear in. In in Montreal. Gay and because of my age I was born in sixty Q okay a lot of my teachers. How cute on her -- they were all about the violence. And the one thing they all -- there. -- can never ordered. Do. To discriminate. Against other people because we know better than anybody else. I would feel so we can have picked up for those people so. So okay that it's okay to file fire missiles into Israel. From now -- Not OK but we we understand it's more complex I mean. There it's more complex well. I mean how you look -- if you know -- unite -- -- bed when Israel was created. There's they were exporters and those are the 67 borders right now what's happening with the Israelis. They become so arrogant because of United States support but they don't feel they have the make any concessions. And that are good for them along. If Sarah did what do you think it's a defensible border to have it an eight mile border. If what if you go back to the 67 borders -- -- these -- these people did not like. Israelis I mean that's that's pretty clear isn't it I mean an end the the governments that did like Israel at least costing Mubarak's government which did not -- it exactly. You don't exist in the state of war against Israel it's now been overthrown by people who won't move the map of Israel from from all the official Egyptian maps is that is that apparently just sure enough for only gesture. Howie what happened is when Obama says. The 67 borders have to be the basis for. For in the future states okay what he did was flush Netanyahu out. Because now Netanyahu said. Not only do we not wanna go back that those orders but we don't wanna give you the right to return in other words we don't wanna continue that eastern. So now there's only one choice it's either Israel gets. -- -- Poland went to the polish people get to go back to Russia by. With the Germans get to go back the poll. What went to the Mexican get go back to cal. They -- come back and look at look at what they've done they've wrecked the whole state. Agree what what I'm saying is you know -- the the Palestinians are asking for rights that. That were granted. To -- every other group in it was displaced by World War II many many years ago I mean the rest of the the rest of the world took in. There ethnic Brothers and -- why I want the why won't Jordan why won't Syria why won't -- Saudi Arabia. -- etc. etc. why won't they take in the Palestinians there's three million Palestinians they want take a man I'm sorry I have no one I have no sympathy for the Palestinians. 18 thanks for the call just that your next with power and cargo had Johnston. They haven't -- today -- -- It. I saw my I think the biggest problem that Obama as it is I think when it comes before relations he wants everybody to a light camp. First and respected that and I think that's is. This is single biggest flaw and you have something you're not going to get -- group of people the Palestinian there any of those supporters -- the United States. Oh. And the other thing is there that got a comment that'll that'll blow up back. That Israel are but -- frankly another way that. That relations between Canada Japan and argued it would the United States you don't often times wonder. Are they really are. That's just that's just pop world politics for your right -- did not realize that it crawled under misunderstanding of all the. Hot compliment Israel -- -- the the the Palestinians have absolutely nothing. I mean -- so I just seeing a better. Urban America untreated done anything improper in in the past 1000 years you could you could don't want -- Good example because it. Israel productive and the Palestinians are not edit them. Barely I'm not saying that Israel than any I've never heard. The Israeli say that they want to drive the Arabs and the Persian gulf. I've heard quite a few air as they wanna drive Israel into the Mediterranean state I think that's a good reason to not impact any. Andy -- territory to the people. Thanks for the call Justin Greg you're next with Howie -- go ahead Greg. -- What are Obama Ers -- from Montreal. Every aspect -- -- on a five minute that are. Yet that they have to. -- He basically expressed the feeling that you know that Jews are all guilt ridden and that they they won Iowa they I don't know I don't know what he said basically I think it was the so the but the fact is if they don't if they don't stand up to protect themselves it's gonna happen to home again. Obama basically they allowed the Arab street and has. There are people after the break it up -- bet bet it would it would they've been yeah -- that -- -- I. Bet you are safe bet -- real -- about orbit but. I guess technically yet they thought RB. On every side of them have been destroyed weary and they -- we got joy and they went our area or. -- What white background and -- lot of it was. -- I -- -- -- I -- -- they thought I -- you know I don't know what. While I agree with that they would give it back when they -- orbit orbit taking it public pat and I do Jerry -- Forty if we were doing anything over there wouldn't we be better served by trying to -- overthrow the government of Syria. You know should I mean Syria is serious a minority government much more minority government to the Israelis the Israelis at least of the majority in Israel. And you know let's overthrow the C you know let's try to help the people who wanna overthrow the Syrian government and that'll that will take care. Of I ran that'll hurt I ran big time. I I just don't get it I ever leave you know -- -- military -- they think about it. About Obama but like they -- the they and a statement where it's big it's like it their all and brilliant or stupid you can't be all. At this point. I think he's incredibly stupid. -- but also -- president that double war era at Riviera eight. -- Yeah I do remember I do remember that -- wanna -- that's why -- releases college scorcher is his Ellis a teaser SP it. -- SATs because he's so brilliant. Thanks for the call Greg Jayne your next with Howard cargo ahead Jane. Entirely client. Ali you're right about everything is in. It's crazy because the land belongs to god number one who has given it to his people and Israel. And his. And you know that his name will be but they. And see Palestinian they're all Perez but I'm not mean everybody go to the amount them. And and this is just crazy as a secular humanist Jewish people -- Coming I can't. But would become against the wrong people I mean. Look at. Mexico Bank of America belongs to them. But what's happening -- borders. And at this time partly used to not being -- protect our country and do it every little bit -- relationship between Israel and America. Any in Britain judgment accordingly -- -- about. -- god and he would deal with people won't. And nations that we're trying to a remote -- people for the abortive end I said. And I -- Benjamin Netanyahu. Is currently emea and and I don't think you want to speak about capable it is just people are so hungry for peace they but in the and that during the trip to. It's about pieces like Neville Chamberlain was hungry for peace in 98. And yeah I have. I hope that my handed documents from here Hitler you know -- this is -- this is peace in our time there was no part time. What you don't talk in their -- -- that says well they say peace peace then comes sudden destruction why because the come on what not and Andy terroristic. Will not. Keep they away because they can't keep there -- delegate keep that -- -- unhappy is because -- -- -- You know. Intervention. Ice for the Carl James want out at 774694322. Mile where cars. One 87746943221774694322. That's the toll free number of hours to our show up on stone says ancient Rome created Palestine quote unquote. To punish the Jews were revolting against corporal Roman rule after the battle the crush the Jews the Romans renamed the cut the territory Palestine. This was about a 1358. The -- Palestine kings armies are cities is the mere name of an area. Jordan is the nation of the Palestinians. 18774694322. Jordan is ruled by a better one king. Abdullah. Who was at -- graduate like myself. Ten years. -- had him behind me. And he's a better one. And the better ones are outnumbered by the Palestinians. As some role -- by the way yes he does he invited -- class over to Jordan for reunion or recently. Obvious on the thirtieth anniversary of their reunion. Two years ago. And he you know. The the better ones have enough time enough trouble keeping the Palestinians. In in control me these these are people live there like they don't like welfare recipients I mean they haven't had to do what he's doing for 34 generations. So we have this. This entitlement. Mentality and the they just have -- No ethics no war no morals and no way that no government poll. Nothing they they just that they just there there were there welfare recipients what can I say you know what welfare recipients like. 18774694322. Mark your next without point cargo ahead mark. How he cannot be right HEU -- all of which airport -- Brit sure. The Sox are becoming arm. Open exit out over there. Art art art I I think this whole conversation can almost be summed up due to a drop but he questioned you know. Iraq a rare Afghanistan. Pakistan and Israel. -- quote -- we don't -- he ought. I mean anything. -- general Irene. -- I I think I think. President Obama is acting stupidly acquired recorded songs for -- and should get on an el Al airlines and why don't -- Bought one over to Jordan. Well our motto wherever we watched over there and jump up and down when he touched it touched those dollar and drop out now. And two while. She how -- I don't know about how we -- except one years old and you're much more Robert historian and -- Here I mean I'm I'm like a talk radio historic -- Pick up from might turn out to people after -- -- might work out your old folks are you know white eat eat eat. Did GP Israelis. You know. They're wonderful but you know what. He took on the cheek and active in the Iraq War which you don't want you don't wanna make them out it all goes all the actual radar and at least. Maybe you should watch that will be four X one over the air and starts acting stupid yeah. Or doesn't marquis doesn't hear about the Israelis there West. Coast and westerners they're Democrats. They. If he doesn't ease in favor of the the the so called oppressed people of the world you know all of whom again and again how. What how many of the Palestinians actually go to work for a live and make a living every day. You know -- -- -- them when they cut him off from there there were there welfare. They'll begin to starve to death you know what is -- just sit back and they start bombing Israel again a bit. -- yeah you're option Israelis over our country. Now I don't you don't. No thanks thanks for the court did you know what you know what here's the thing the if you were if you're Palestinian. Or Arab and you have -- Israel he invoked. You can vote you think any Jews can vote and any Arab countries. You talk about this thing you know he he he was talking in his speech yesterday about. They were chanting in and in Cairo. Muslims and Christians together. -- what's been going on since day he. They won and they they got rid of Bosnian Mubarak the pro western Viktor. They've been burning down Coptic Christian churches. I'm sure there that shows 101000 heard. 50000 Coptic Christians they're trying to get over to this country to escape you know it's 10% of the population. Is totally oppressed. By by these Muslims and you know that's that's sure Arab spring for their burning down Christian churches. 1877469432. To stow your next without regard gore had -- Yeah if I don't. I want it to just addressed the it's it's I might add on a couple of cold back there may have been -- in the first goal outburst of wall. He it's really -- it yeah. On anybody were expelled the surrounding. Arab countries in -- 67. It's like Barack and protect and so for the future. They -- an extra weight which didn't most of it is nice evening inevitable they're just there. Offers so that first. Check it all on the Palestinian most of them are are. Utilizing the infrastructure. Including gas and electric water sewer. -- all of that will put in place by the Israeli. Only that Palestinians are all well there are. So earlier medical literature a medical I'm reiterating net. Medical insurance. RD it's universal health care out there you know and the Palestinians like you say they get to vote. If anybody's being a -- It's not the Israeli led by our -- based genetic president that we have Spain Obama. Well are you Jewish though. Why did the white that the Jews vote democratic every every year. I believe it's all about money. Are people like our sorrows were around during the Nazi regime in in Germany and door and the other. Not these guys don't want or making money. But they didn't he deny that but but let's just say what but. I don't know why the words -- Soros types -- you're not -- Right to power door the government side in it for the money and it turned against their own people. That -- the wind would -- the U. Have very few redeeming. Characteristics as -- as westerners are concerned and who just -- water water oral people they don't have any money though the the only money they have is coming from. Is it is coming for mob. Outside the region. They -- calls stay at 1877469432218774694322. -- never understood why why do the why did the Jewish voters support Democrats when they want to war. Went when they wanna treat Israel like a second class. Country. 18774694322. Mike you're next with -- cargo ahead Mike. Yeah Ali so most of those guys that got wasn't good history yet. They would sheriffs in south -- Or children. In women admitted that -- they -- Jews themselves so we know anybody dollop of I don't know why we of the world. The patrol boat was going over the literally. Doesn't in all of Israel that they had just follow the advice saying that the simple fact -- some 67. You know. I was 67 boundaries he should be what told Israel. That where there's a lot of trouble well -- we'll be right who was gonna continue our vehicles against any you know. That terrible rocket attack at various rocket attacks in weapons of Iraq and the continuing and as and Israel's. I don't think it is real well being that's a thank you that was an actual. Other guys who look at all the. Rahm Emmanuel it was so many diplomats -- so I don't think -- -- -- this chipset out except you know. It. Thanks to the call Mike Matt you're next with -- cargo ahead Matt. A gap got fabulous magic dot but it looked at people respect about it if Iraq -- -- they -- very popular BP about -- -- security. We get below brought the game -- -- -- directed back out on the -- repeat period ActiveX right. Detective they -- back. If BP would -- B -- Eric black belt or activate it would pay. Like this date -- -- anything like cowboy detectives are out of date back to Mexico. -- he yelled. At me and the. We'll. Probably say that's a good idea. It. I don't know PSE's. Eat eat -- he doesn't have the best interests of the US and party doesn't have any interest of the US -- I don't like. They all Matt George are next with Howard cargo ahead George. Yeah I had to start a couple of our -- -- had a right in it Obama can't during like he always is figuring it just where Osama. It there was a lot of problems you know really got great about it and at least basic here's. To go out and -- -- but the one important thing it worked our -- the prince's. In this country and we get a -- -- -- in the Middle East and has been in -- in -- I don't work. A dynamite this area that he's gonna get is really it ousted a because that's an apple on it can't because the way. He's coming -- insisted that the Arctic issue for the you don't interfere you -- -- things as we were people. It is in there it is really it's out in hand. Because of what -- dangerous game. Thanks for the call George 18774694322. What -- mark laments at last night that he's historically illiterate. He's -- literate in many many different ways but he definitely is historically illiterate -- and he I don't think he. Understands what he's what he's going I just think he's right -- reading what's written form on the teleprompter. 1877469432. To somehow point car.