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Mom says school had "no right to suspend" her daughter over threats made to teacher

May 19, 2011|

School suspends student for wishing "Osama bin Laden killed my math teacher" comment on Facebook. Mom is outraged.

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Good morning and welcome back it is Jen and John Jennifer Brea and in for the vacationing judge -- for the next few days we're gonna hope that Todd gets better wed there. That -- -- experiencing and this is -- -- -- by the way in the midst of this bad weather they have played a couple of baseball games Sox beat Detroit last -- -- nothing to -- a great game five -- they wanted to in the -- and Carl Crawford scored on a double by -- -- a -- -- And tonight what a pitching dual led him while all it's going to be what's effort tonight. But what a Detroit's best pitches is going against Josh Beckett celebrates -- -- so army hopefully they can continue to squeeze baseball that we're gonna squeezing your calls as we continue to do the jabs. Let's go right to Mike Mike's been wait forbid hit by your they would -- job. Good morning Asia and talked -- -- -- like your chickens are either of these people aboard that that was so much is very good durable. -- -- People it will cut the for clothing normal. Their children put forth in the table that where we gave him out data available in the world -- And people that have not so much and read the rebels street Arabs are terrorists like channel the private workout. The -- put forth in the table approach where every. All right and regulated at all ideologues some not a while I agree with a lot of what's -- -- but wait a minute and then with teachers say we have the parent teacher conference. And 90% of the parents don't show -- That's not the type a -- talking about is that might. -- -- See now wait just -- -- he might might freaks me out Tom Paris because people sick discus you don't have kids who can't be critical of of a people's behavior. And and so that if you not a politician you can't talk politics appear not. Financial expert you can't talk about the economy might that makes no sense. Right. -- It is amazing by the way on that -- at New Hampshire story that web jetBlue plane about FaceBook posting about but rather I wish they killed my math teacher instead of -- Listen to this one this one of the story. On your list now too embarrassed. To return to school in pacer math teacher as a result. Bob -- to school district. To pay for law. Home snarling. Now -- they have -- bring. On believable world goes continues to be insane thank god for this little outpost of sanity here at WRKO let's go to Patrick page editor here on the agenda job. Good morning guys wanna you know it really happy that they had to track from the truth you'll on the proposed that the -- post about about each. There's too much of this. But no Rosie wrote all right if you even so much say an angry words -- put him. Out captured from society which has. I used to be high school teacher and I look -- or if someone doesn't -- -- -- not -- workshop. If a student doesn't do. They're not doing your job. They -- Acre indoor guidance counselor office the guidance counselor solution that doesn't look stupid thing go right everybody thought out. The -- nutritional walked the end there should have been an apology and that should have been the end I look anybody seriously believe. On middle school well the court to order out. Have to column -- would you wanna take that risk. I'm not I want I want beat the top aren't well educated are very clearly. Openly disturb people but no we do. It would take like the kid you put the invitation to the -- first girlfriend. On the school. That. That's apples and oranges -- that -- -- -- and sell it to the province saying I wish Osama bin Laden had killed somebody is different tomorrow. You get a ball thank. Don't want it ever told you -- hey great I wish you worked -- I I should -- you. -- I want you aren't sure you know you do get a lot. I'm not so easily find. Well I'm fit and nurses are ready -- -- all of society where you don't post anything and. I -- all right I. I think allowed to point inmate Patrick about this obsession we have with zero tolerance. Is is is it is a point that's well take -- you know you got -- in the fact of the matter is that column buying is such an isolated instance and Sacha. Collection of screw balls on this the notion that the ordinary exchange anger. Frustration. The rats from time to time that have always been made. That sometimes from a teacher a veteran a punch your lights out. And -- you don't go around don't -- all the time we don't know what her behaviors like we don't know what she thinks she might keep a diary but let's not ignore -- at this point it's zero tolerance. -- this notion -- I don't have a without. To check it out in a conversation. With -- adult with a -- on the map each. Listen suspended big deal and it. Outfit and send it off because she's been out Astros are. Who are basically just -- is spelled out process and are not as they kicked out of school -- but -- Would say something -- -- -- the -- and say why did you send -- an automatic punishment but now. Outscored. Its open has been a place where they themselves. Well a lot of tactics she got punished for stupid behavior that sit -- -- -- -- -- -- I. Behavior. -- Can't. Why wouldn't she brought it to a guidance counselor -- why did you right -- and she and Obama because they. Apologized. Well -- ought. To know what our. -- right I want it a year ago. So that your -- GI -- I got. Like a -- and six in that that would put the -- And he's been so that dual -- are idiots you bet it'd been -- -- -- And our own society we want it setup where he's elite and I -- if you if you had any would make an automatic it do any thing. -- -- -- -- -- Take and it's and I. -- -- -- Is not I this a good call this a good call because I think Patrick -- to -- that week we in the pendulum swings back we have a column by. The pendulum goes so by the other way. And no one can say anything has -- without the school going -- -- at a time. Why -- the way we don't see that's the thing I understand is about this is not so far the the way the kid wants the math teacher dead they -- I don't like your behavior your suspended -- Patrick is haven't coronary. You'd always what -- -- -- not obvious scenario golf I want what young boy going through. You know pretty all. Over the place they you know I did stupid things when I was -- -- what I'm right. We all know I don't know how my guts and I suspended I got all of yet we're gonna get into the. Well why wouldn't spend this particular but I just outsource -- more like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well aren't you -- your so you know it's like the spotlight most small. -- -- You're you know if it chipset is to another student on FaceBook Patrick I know I guess what we would be talking about now -- right let's go to -- -- Sammy but wait for a while welcome your on the it would -- top. Hey come in the saying the school had no right -- look at the FaceBook page from my understanding is that. The private all the affiliate French she gave permission to do you can see. So I guess but what do aren't smart there are some. But put it in your -- deal on the electric Dockery. She should've I retiree. And different lot of stock diary -- been told school but the school got the right the public go open diary the baker. The bad analogy FaceBook is a public he can't now I don't know right. Had -- that the private G -- the -- are betting that they promote green issue that private school after our. It's show show that -- -- -- -- did you get which has all but they had no right to do about. It that make bad. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah about glad you called I like this I really do I like this point. Because if you do set it on private in this is only meant to be circulated to what -- handful of people that are indicated in nobody else is not a public posting right. Oh I'm so mad at that met -- I could kill him wish -- navy the navy seal team six that killed him that's those are the utterances about. And -- a lot of a lot of an upset fourteen year old. You sign up they tell you right there you know I mean there are limitations and if for some reason I mean not that the school has a right now let's say FaceBook. I mean didn't like her post and I mean there are rules and regulations when you go on FaceBook -- and maybe somebody said someone writes a statement. Can you can send it to the FaceBook people and say. That there's a problem are they -- someone is concerning you I think. We don't yet know but but but but the -- that the gentlemen may. Every table but you -- a diary it was a diary the old fashioned ways -- you know people kept a diary of the is this a different type of frustration. How is it different the school would not be allowed to look at that diary I mean I do what the girl could surrender it to them if you want to. But how was this brought to the school's attention if she did not make the utterance you know like in the classroom -- gonna -- that SOB because I just want the math that's a different thing. How did they told this to teach this school back -- -- -- and don't market we don't know we don't know we don't know but we know was not post and code to the caller. We know that it was not post -- you know weigh in huge originally but does that the a school could indeed have access to a that was provided them. -- by somebody else who apparently was on the private circular. -- -- the right. -- Got into my home essentially. And to my daughter that was my. The problem why in mother. Agree with her daughter post said the school had no right to her daughter for -- thing. That was not done school grant according to -- all it is a -- to be. Well I have to disagree with the -- for a lot of reasons and analogy and having done some splendid research during the break. Informs me that coming out of Washington. A re interpretations of the Civil Rights Act and other things particularly with three got to certain groups in school bullying. We now principles -- going to be held liable. Liable. Law. Words uttered an actions behavior engaged in off. School. Property -- somehow or other this supposed to be monitoring. These things how was school principal I mean how this passes of who's interpretation this is is beyond me. A school principal. Let's say the Iraq twenty kids and classroom. And only one grade earth and it's a middle school so that's that is basically as you could get a middle school 67 days a fifth sixth seventh eighth. So eighty kids in my in the example let's not like -- but how does the school principal possibly moment. What any one of eighty kids might be seeing at any particular time about each other by the way. You know the at the -- quarterback -- the two girls who would you know fighting over his affections while the cute cheerleader in the two guys are fighting over her affections that kind of stuff. Somebody's mad at the math teacher somebody's mad at the science -- somebody's met with somebody else about something else. That I mean this is at this this is an absurdity if in fact that's what's driving. Well this behavior. What's happening also is -- that FaceBook is quote thrilled to aid the government in this new directive and according to the owner. Faced public with his -- -- guys in a young kid he's so we're adding a unique feature developed with safety experts that lets people also report content to someone. Court system like a parent or teacher who may be able to address the issue more directly so and they made the statement back on March 11 or are they hope that the features will help not only remove the offensive contents. Help people get to the root. Of the problem with the child. Almighty god this world -- -- as wilders go down right in front of outlaw -- rise yet what we're gonna take some calls yeah let's go to mark Kmart good morning and welcome. Hello I agree with the earlier followers at a school that overreacted. I mean not just. Which you just stated scares me more than what the girl. What I'd like to say is that in the 1960s when I was in that great. We used to sit around. The recess Derek sitting in I have proposed that the best -- for a moment. Well allred Gloria -- Six freeze. Proxy way -- it don't do that now -- just gets. We're gonna get that means I don't want I want a -- call back in court you don't do that again is going to be glory glory hallelujah the PG if he would rule out. I doubted that I backed us out now I didn't I want the call to come back let's go to -- -- -- he's been wait for -- -- behind -- what's going on. Egg that morning you don't don't bring up -- Like go up in Africa I gotta tell album they that Paris the spending that kind of hit it because it would put down that comes out of that place. And -- possible. A lot of -- not -- the -- person. Egypt's call it than anybody and it comes not a -- excuse -- -- like if that stuff from the school became bolted to the apple. If they can't even if we advocate of school I think it's outrageous I mean they get beat el norte are all the way. And -- you know what I really think that if you look at kids today. They have there's so on disciplined they looked disheveled they're not respectful not all kids but so many kids they don't have a healthy attitude towards -- work. When it comes to moneyed kids feel they're entitled it all comes from the family and all these problems -- I think you know parents you know just wanting to be their kids and -- -- -- -- another parent. -- have -- haven't identified himself as it is coming from an African country I have this sense that. You know Africa Asia a -- almost every other continent that none of whom enjoy them at him real comforts. That we have. Have a better appreciation and understanding of values in the behaviors. That are required for society to thrive and prosper. Did getting the tea while we slide down this into this so -- of -- nonsense. The country's a look up -- looking at what. Made America and other places and done specialists and that's what we want racquets that we don't cross subsidize. And aren't -- -- that's exactly right that's what make this country great and I think a lot of people got too comfortable. What -- -- that a sport that -- you know what is changing the -- I could be that the future of both the country a lot of not responsible. And and it comes out at this point boom this from the hall. I gotta get I get a night's text messages thank you for the call are -- writes text messages from somebody probably close in my generation they say uttered something similar -- no FaceBook back then. They were called in and they said that we want to write a three page essay. A three page -- All why what you did -- said about the math teacher. Was -- so it was -- there's an articulation of -- this is round two he as a consequence the bad behavior. And three. -- the right -- said. Never considered -- and it again because it forced me to think in there was a discipline that was supposedly -- -- a three page essay when you're in high school middle school already -- Is you know that's a pretty serious task that's a serious responsibility. Let's go to my Alley hey -- good morning welcome. Morning. It does anyone remember that the images that which George Bush did and describe the fact that. Yeah that was that was just that was absolutely I don't -- that. I'm absolutely disgraceful and it happens and it happens brought to a well yeah I know I can't remember the name of the person. He wasn't we you know one of the legendary reporters but he was not an insignificant player. But just you know one of these commentators is politics really predictable again as seltzer that just yet they -- yet they hated George Bush and no matter what bush did he -- just said the pledge of allegiance and I would have marked a law. For that so it gets it gets a little bit crazy that's would call Alan let's go to -- hey bill good morning welcome you run the it would -- -- Voting she taught me not acting like well I'll pull on liberal today. Bill artisan got I don't know where people could cut the review is the view whether impression of me what the what what people think my politics we're off. It's it's head -- you to people who get a little monologue that is slightly conservative. But whatever that -- answer the call go ahead tell me what went. They believe -- freshman place school and you see something I wrote online or even in class and the context little upbeat. I say something you expect I am really glad reactors melting down. Now. Argue. I. Which. I don't -- They're aware that most right all right just like trouble -- latter estimate. Hot hot hot hot that -- may not may be permitted of the Baltimore as bill but you -- a lot of this stuff is very very subjective what was the what was the. What was the issue here was the goal what was in any kid write something -- that I mean we see kids that definitely has issues and we see kids get sent home and they write. You know draw stick figures of I don't know they're for somebody being to decapitated. Or. Animals with mill -- I mean it's it is that crazy org does the school have a responsibility. To do something -- to sort of check out what's wrong with this Q why is he why indeed nick creating pictures like this are saying. Six things like that because if we do not think Tom and something happens then what. The red flags there are -- started. A look at how well we are all specialist in 20/20 hindsight we an unbelievable how how good we are at that. You know you look jackets all that principle should have been able to detect this and everything like what her lack what you read online the other during the break don't quiz this is astounding it's on the other principal -- -- just got a nice promotion and you got a decent paycheck and everyone's gonna scream at you about your pension. And healthcare but -- are responsible for monitoring the off line art school premises behavior and speech. Obvious students that is impossible. Parents can't do that. -- and in a competent complete way hot in Europe ADR held now. Legally. Liable damages. Job punishment whatever the heck I don't know what the punishments are gonna be but legal liability means just that. Legal liability you did not take steps to stop that student that is -- Tom Finneran when he was uttering these silly words a -- You pop off aren't let's say someone is friends with a teacher is friends with the student. And happens to sees something that the student has written or something that at what point does the response of I'm just curious you know because a lot of -- all FaceBook is great for teachers and students to -- interact and they can put up assignment so they can do this they do that. Well well at what point does it crossed the line or does it ever I mean if teachers if you're an adult and you see something. Written like that weather was school officials or family members. Wouldn't you say something Tom what did I just I mean you know this -- some people are saying -- it's not a big deal and and we were we -- yesterday. It certainly is a semblance of the parents and I hope for a spot you know are responsible parent and the other let's see if we can squeeze in Mike. Hey Mike -- the only Gentile. There's no Mike their guests that.