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Patty or Maria?

May 18, 2011|

Three years before she gave birth to his child, Arnold Schwarzenegger was bumpin' and grindin' with his maid Mildred Patty Baena at a private party in the actor's home ... and TMZ has the photo. Howie wanted to know who the listeners thought was more attractive: Who do you think is prettier: Patty or Maria.

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-- to talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger his girlfriend here and what you think of Arnold -- mean the more we find out about this thing via the -- she walks. And it seems like people still wanna talk about it and a again I congratulate the the Lister who realized that. TMC dot com was going to be The National Enquirer to the punch I guess they did. And and I but I don't know who if our if a radar online. And Star Magazine beat TMG of a punch but everybody seems to have the picture now this woman. The mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger is illegitimate child has been named as his former housekeeper Mildred Patricia -- -- The fifty year old woman known as patty worked for the former governor of California and his wife Maria Shriver. Who left him when she discovered the existence of child earlier this month for over twenty years before retiring in January. Her identity was revealed by a joint investigation by Star Magazine and radar online dot com. By -- 12100 dollar week. Job included cooking cleaning and doing laundry for the couple and their four kids well there were few other shores involved apparently. Catherine 21 Christina nineteen Patrick seventy and Christopher thirteen at your mansion in Brentwood Los Angeles. Toro. Although it is understood she and her son who was more over ten years ago did not live on the the premises. Schwarzenegger was married to Shriver for 25 years is said to have contributed financially to the boy's up bringing before eventually confessing his affair -- white factory completed his second term as governor. Apparently -- she found out about it he called Barack bush was having dinner in Chicago. With Oprah. Physicist -- -- last week filming all it's very sad all the beautiful people there. Two bit Oprah farewell and she she gets this call in the middle of dinner she's with I guess one of her daughters and corporate some may be one of some other beautiful person. And she took the call for fifteen minutes and the -- excused herself from the dinner table and did not return. So while Arnold Arnold -- tour and in opportune moment not that there -- such thing as an opportune moment in such cases I'm sure. 1877469432218774694322. I just can't find it though. Puzzling that Schwarzenegger wouldn't wouldn't have run away from from. -- Heard her way. Boy and Richmond it's you know -- apparently chased around the house when Maria wasn't there and again I understand you know. Boys will be boys and all that but I mean. Of all all the women he could had you know and all the women -- you know from what the stories are now coming out that he did -- the idea -- we have an idea. A satellite governor's office in in Santa Monica which was little more than a -- pad for. Mean why would he go after this woman she is I don't know what -- -- maybe you know maybe maybe 1015 years ago she was a beautiful looking woman but. Now -- hikes you know I mean they. The recurring question comes -- how much does she charged on house. 18774694322. Mark your next with cowboy cargo ahead mark. Ali did. Just epic out. It -- it all out. Yeah I did I I just got to let that one slide I wanna go that I was gonna touch that one but if you wanna dimension and again that's five yacht. She gets six million bucks a shot her mouth that's what the lawyer said. And I just always what is -- last forest sacirbey very questionable. That's our our -- out what are. Yeah it does sound rather dangerous doesn't have but I don't -- I think you'll be more dangerous for the person did what we're what you and I are both thinking that. But she might have -- under the circumstances. They have they have a picture of Bob Schwarzenegger is -- from their. To go -- it even worse that. It's even worse. Oh my goodness it but yeah they aren't aren't they don't. He's huge he's gotten -- just. -- -- I'm gonna make a prediction right now you know you don't need to wait for a for a box office mode GO. Arnold's next picture is -- law. Boy -- already know it really bad. Thanks for the call mark -- 1877469432218774694322. Ralph you're next with how what cardinal ahead Ralph. Right. Well. It got a nice bank but I think Maria. Should have some pressure. Atlantic though. Whether jealousy and a boat outing this relaxed let it blow what Hillary. Hillary as secretary of state. Should let go -- well. What are they gonna -- With a chilling Maria maybe help -- more pride than Hillary go. -- wish -- get a torrential president. Massachusetts. President. No I think the -- the globe Sunday is preparing a story on how she's being urged to run against Scott Brown in the 2012 election Hampshire. Should be elective model. Or wants or wants -- anyway. And I the early blitzer. Arnold doesn't want us this is too embarrassing for Arnold you know. -- -- -- -- You haven't seen the pictures Ralph. -- -- and say use. -- call me back tonight after you've seen it there's an -- The judges are real good Clark -- may miss congeniality in high school. Thanks for the call 1877469432. To -- seamstress of the year in the four H club. Jim your next with Howard cargo ahead -- Did. -- although bottled up about two months ago yet the new red Bentley out there it'd -- dispute. It. So much money in in you know that would exceed clean anymore outdoors so what it would. -- I I again I think -- there according to the stories yesterday you know whenever Maria would be out should be -- around the house thrown herself -- Course that's his story you know -- -- knows what her story as. Thanks for the call Jim 18774694322. Japs your -- with allowing cargo that -- They're out English well you know I haven't seen the pictures are being created -- -- -- I would remind -- -- She's gonna -- territory you know assure reminds me of that old preacher guy for the movie poltergeist. I'm not so sure I'd be -- evaporate well. Which got a nice body you know she wasn't always that she's you know she'd say she has to -- in the look like a mother but. You know supposedly he said he told what he -- Eunice Shriver for the first time you said your daughter has a nice ass. -- -- I -- I like that to what are what are abort they were pigs for a laugh about that but that's the way honestly yes. Thanks for the call 18774694322. -- dog your next with Howie -- go ahead on. If they're done. John go ahead John. Alabama little there -- It was like in the -- -- to his steroid use. I've -- or not that's the first I've heard of that. I I think. I have an employer. -- up function properly. All come -- you're just make in this stuff up. I and I think that would reassert that there's it was a big thing -- argued those steroids and what it was body. But anyway if you stop using steroids don't the FX were reversed themselves over the years. I don't know but. A little well barely maybe. It's because lady bird in -- America. -- -- -- -- I don't know about that I he barely went for a lot of other stuff if you believe those stories from the first election in 2003187746. It's -- it's always sort out the on movie sets c'mon give me -- but I am trying to be the best I will be the best governor California are. Ever had the Joe your next with how -- cargo ahead Joe. About Ali even in Maine. Even in Maine Maria's not go look -- -- fairly -- set about the other Butler. Didn't look it up there. Again let let me have you seen this I the people or putting Marie de Maria -- Have not seen the pictures of -- it's all I can say have you seen -- Specter. I haven't put me come out they can't be that much worse. They really can't beat -- much mortally I mean look at the grill on the lady I mean. I think people are already -- -- -- might have a great body but even in Maine are pretty sure they ticket that Kurt appeared. I don't think so Joe I don't think so thanks for the call. 1877469432. To Bruce your next -- powered -- go ahead Bruce. They know adversity or calls -- wonder what destroyed Dominic -- can't argue she's on the subject is exposed you run for French president. Com is the sport to get the president's job and -- the Americans. Thank you 18774694322187. That's a quarter of the month -- from Ron Paul this of the kind of people we got run in the IMF. They wanna take over the currency of the world this guy and his and his cohorts. 1877469432218774694322. What do deal through. Any any Air France flight in the world he could just walk on to it and they have to admit that have to give mark a seat on first class. That matter first class forceful enough to throw somebody off the flight so that this guy this per could get on the on the plane. One the great seduce or call 1877469432. To brag your -- with PowerPoint cargo ahead Greg. Arab oil ass off. Regarding Arnold why -- why he's been at the first place but at least -- on a it was some what was it just functioning -- they own because we're coming up all the practice site to come clean and bought. I think I think probably they must they had the there must have gone to a said they must add some so Osama. Evidence that that this thing had gone on for a long time. -- are Tiger Woods should already it tabloids. This couldn't fight it off the money. Yeah exactly yeah yeah he didn't he wasn't isn't quite as big -- is Tiger Woods because he had -- you know wrecked the Porsche or anything like that but. Amid other other than that it was rapture was pretty close to that. -- you met and all -- gave Maria Angela is poised three I got to talk to you. I know I mean the other thing too was he calling her dinnertime I mean there must that I mean that's another sign of desperation -- that you cause she's -- She's going to was at 22 Chicago. Took this gigabyte Oprah and all this -- all the other beautiful people when he hit to right in the middle of dinner. Right in the middle. Absolutely -- so something special we'll find out more about I think. All I'm sure we will break I'm sure we will thanks for the call 18774694322. Frankie are next with a point cargo. -- I understand that that Schwarzenegger don't want to resume his movie career up. Yeah it's I don't know trying to bring new movie. What's that -- -- and Europe. I know you're gonna say that frank thanks for the call Steve your -- with -- cargo ahead Steve. I don't. Why -- I get excited it. There is very -- -- there are now at CNET tech sure she caught committee I couldn't get all I hate. We don't know. I I'm I'm only actual -- -- you know well. I I had not true. He does look like she -- about wage you there at terminator. And to check it Gordon and it and you go oh I'm sorry I -- and normal rehab acute I don't know added. -- -- -- -- Thank you. Error Schwarzenegger. Steve another Steve your next with -- cargo ahead Steve. I -- I'm very long time to thank you. Eight are real quick. Both the president that the IMF and all at all and actually even Tiger Woods but tiger is getting -- else they're both there all three of them -- sex addicts. It all at a problem they all have addiction then addiction that one comment printed. They want to -- -- they wanted to Australia -- Tiger Woods does start to get some help for -- I I I don't know where he is or anything. That helped install out. But cycle which it finally recognized it he urged it to Gulfport. With the president the IMF then -- Arnold I don't know but they'll want to comment in with all three these men that they are ex addict and addicts. Left unchecked. Do eventually hit bottom it. -- -- -- all men Steve aren't all men and bottom sex addicts. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah a true what -- it do we all at a leading towards happy or an -- about sex a lot yes we do okay. But some of -- Verlander more responsible and we -- you know we honor our lives and we eat. Are those steely stares up but we beat them in check. Yeah I I just thought I don't know play I don't know if I wanna call -- a disease though when Arnold Schwarzenegger enemy -- and. And it. Their addiction addiction is a diseases at. It's smart of the -- air act the at all I mean it really -- air right. I don't remember windows. Or if you was in the Austrian army here he wore Austrian policeman and his father was an Austrian policeman. He wouldn't have this addiction problem what it because he he he he -- he has this problem because it was a movie star. Right well I with excel and also -- that's true immunity if he would stay -- it state of the. Tiger Woods if you worry. Is that working at Wal-Mart he wouldn't be it would have this problem. Eight if Dominic was a billionaire he wouldn't have this problem. But hey hey now we're trying to get into what the -- addiction are -- and that is some sort of badly hurt that that that that that. You try to compensate were hurt with and it. It should not -- It you're calling out for help that you don't. I I'm just let's tell -- I I think the all three of these guys did it because they they knew they could get away with that and they couldn't get away with -- and and they got away with -- for very long time all three of them didn't. I'm on a term -- will go along that okay well. The old one insist that well it's human capital and Arnold and the IMF guy but tiger you know he went out and help I don't know what he's doing -- or -- Sure wrecked his golf game though you're right about that I got a hold right there 1877469432. To a -- car.