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5-18 Outrage of Day-Arnold and the maid

May 18, 2011|

The mother of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child was named Tuesday as 50-year-old housekeeper Mildred Baena. After a joint investigation by RadarOnline and Star magazine, the entertainment news website also quoted an unnamed source as saying the child was a son. Schwarzenegger, who last week announced his separation from Maria Shriver after 25 years of marriage, admitted Monday to fathering the child with a longtime employee around 10 years ago. However, he did not name her, prompting a frenzied media effort to track down the woman. Is it outrageous that she continued to work with the family after the affair?

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It's like. -- -- Region of the day shot. Day apple. Yeah. Sox BS -- bowl. You can read the complete and on a settlement that he's the only news of the decade. Hey. Fair -- about -- name. I don't want -- I was hooking up with -- may. For at least a decade. That's pretty outrageous. He eyed journalist. A beautiful one in -- and I feel about the Kennedys and now he's gonna do that need. I think about maybe you press that go to looks but -- -- pitcher of the made I have OK not interest. But not not a good look on. And our guys you know honestly she looks like she looks like 92. To try to doesn't change it looks a little bit like on these it to me. Yet the rattle and the a little bit like on these are doing. She's older. She doesn't exactly like she's not I gonna be the twenty year old nanny that -- like Tiger Woods' wife know and now it was. -- made. Who's not all that attractive and -- I would cats I would guess that pitcher Chris she's older than Maria Shriver. Yes that's what swaddled. Outrageous but let's -- -- that's your little -- About Arnold Schwarzenegger is eighty momma. Time housekeeper -- on the web along with the heels of her hair. But -- in here with a very -- on or name your handle. You can story began to unravel the media. And looked into the -- married to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. -- a lot of people were aware of the former governors -- ways -- almost no one knew he had fathered a child almost a decade ago while we now know the mother of that child Mildred Patricia Dana. Made it couples California home that name's patty -- -- in what's been described as generous payment for the child from a bank account that what -- controlled. The affair with a child on the money -- undetected for years until Arnold revealed it to -- re. We know we've got when Maria found out earlier this year you went. Inconsolable and our data dated are -- news and very very angry. But is not pull the trigger on divorce yet Arnold has an emotional toll on her and don't conflict -- Pencil -- In Maine UCL. They are. Can -- it to become afflicted about. -- -- did not know your mom but even the kid took to Twitter yesterday and that sometimes I just wish I could be born at different family. I don't blame the poor kid can flip did. Outrage of the day does not gonna be conflicted about Maria. Can he keep her and walking. Just speechless for a second thinking about what -- possibly. I mean honestly someone lies to me I walked does nothing to be inflicted a -- -- How previous back Colleen how unique inflicted when your husband just got -- -- up the -- And an ugly mean it. Now I can hit a ball. -- Yeah it's been a priest -- bishop elect and I. I'm not gonna content Ali it is is it -- -- am looking at the picture of everything happening it although all these other god. Holy mother or daughter is exactly what I said are -- you know embarrassing that is because up. Murray is the mother of his children she wasn't she was a successful journalist before she married that clown and now he didn't sleep with them need to. Adding I can beat you in Munich. -- -- -- It's not 22 year old -- me -- -- it's not like the need. Yeah based epic -- market but in the safe bet going with. Only portly woman. Rather than they if it was gonna haven't it was probably okay and you know OPEC. But when -- this ugly. It. And and she stayed working man she got knocked out so that you're watching the window she's pregnant what the Donald's baby -- -- Creek and her husband -- noticed that he had the white child looks a lot like I look at that. Think calling him around like Tom hi. It's not pretty no way. It is absolutely crazy in the kid does look a lot like the terminator. Are -- out in other earning it and hostilities to baby is what Maria should be -- am. She's conflicted -- what would you be inflicted at all. He. You'd find Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Chelsea creek wrapped around. Amman and elected -- give me a break and I and that's the -- Colleen honestly bug leave. -- The idea that it was like twelve has all the Noe notice you like Schwarzenegger including her husband right. Not going home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah as a fits very funny Khalid thank you so much but when he got out. You -- Jack you are next with Michelle McPhee on WR KOI Jeff. The show. That that report. From news. They just got. That somebody makes that part where he is up even pay out large amounts of money for the kids probably an account that he. Controls. Are. Now if they're gonna do you John Edwards campaign account -- -- -- shooter drop is he's been using campaign funds to pay out these large sums. And Jack that's exactly that look I don't care if you have a love child I don't care if you if you -- you know banging their old -- in the pantry -- out of my business but if you stop stealing from people to paper. That's where John Edwards got into trouble. The only the only way Maria's not gonna find out -- about the money pay out -- it's from an account that only he knows about all the key controls just nothing to do it. And so that have to -- campaign money. I and that's exactly right Jeff because you know you've heard me say a million times that you follow the money. Politics is somebody to squeals -- some young -- up -- -- what was gonna squeal dislike John Edwards. -- John Edwards just expelled -- you mean everybody in his office ratted him out to yet. You're right about Najaf the -- eat dog world. I'm telling -- he -- like to but the Bruins right now and I certainly am and I like it does nothing and I more than -- bloody bloody. Hockey -- But politics is as a -- boy that has nothing on the Donny brooks on the ice right -- body next with Michelle McPhee hello Bob. Let them but let's be real anybody got married -- any should be expected to be cheated on. And the Kennedys were the entity that I'll be all. -- memory wasn't the cheater Maria is the Kennedy and she was disgraced. By her husband who was thought that the made and then in May have the audacity to continue to work in the same household for another ten to twelve years. What there. I know I know she cheated on but that's but that's what happened -- Kennedy woman would you -- though. You know and in the whole thing Bob is that you know that statement and I know with -- whatever his name is plenty and you made it but she's conflicted. I don't understand women who conflicting. -- -- -- humiliated. June disgraced you lied to you betrayed you stole your money because money that should be don't -- kids. Paying for this bastard child. In -- -- conflict. Does it conflicted about Bob. Are you certainly cause it. Well you don't I had it's the truth but I do a fact it is true. A lot of the a lot of bad the child children and all over the world. I'm not disparaging the poor kid I'm I'm simply pointing out that you know. Why would she wanna stay with somebody who just treated her in such an horrifying fashion. He -- -- should change -- relievers Bobby got to leave anyway by I don't know that he's going to -- -- -- -- name. If -- that backcourt which eating. It's terrible Bob then is. Thank you for the Kyle -- Becky I next what Michelle McPhee on hand 680 WRKO. I'm Michelle earlier today and gone back well Soviet program too well now we're disappointed. Out first -- you taught us about it two decades. Journalist. I wouldn't want -- first attendance journalism used to make sure expects. Okay no okay if you have a if you have an example of where I was factually inaccurate well. I'm wondering well give it seeks to apple because you all social -- Now there's places where they're happening next unreachable oracle -- -- its trauma in the -- By a woman called early instead. Did they read the place. It what you said to her it was we don't know what working on it can't get any registered at yet. You know sex drummer I can tell you this -- as the fact that taxpayers paid to rehab that they'll. So all right oh my money out there's no question about it no. Questions. Easily and doesn't leave it shall. You think the cycle -- sits there and -- all year. Not like I jell OK all got a second deck and I made it very clear that -- -- -- has great events they have good theater they have good art exhibit I I secure what I ran and I'm glad it's in the city -- -- And do people paid rent. I am not certainly -- okay well you should know that because that are no that is not mean to the conversation back here as shallow. And daughter I don't know where it is not your -- -- commerce inhibits -- if it's rented. It's no longer public property. Turn of the rent. We are about the First Amendment deck in the I don't -- I don't think it was not that showed on and this is not some all -- CE oh no less so you know have a fund raiser down the right now. It becomes private property and once you -- Now. You've got it already are -- as you are okay with the president and state if you pull out now. Finished let me finish now yeah congress shall make no law respecting. Or abridging the freedom of the press. Okay now the track they don't have -- the press that may yet because it's private property just like you don't recollect -- -- -- all. But they can't watch. Right yeah yeah -- -- that I don't get it still writes. Okay. Right to write my -- to apply apply and wanted to shout and -- that go to visit there now when things like act he got a lot of those things but he's not toward at this time because he's not on -- out. It helped that grant them that. Look at it. But your argument that your argument is that in any city that Barack Obama travels to want -- time by the way because we are picking up the expenses and -- headed to lie you know -- money out of the oh yes we are you know if it. I have it now there are those who want Michelle. It tilts at -- of apple has won back. There reimbursed by the campaign can't give me a break we and our amber in Jose mine just it really are not you are you embarrass the AF. Shown -- you blow up several people today because they did an abstract. Are expecting is that every campaign trip that he goes there are obliged to reimburse the government the use all that well. It does not equate the use of -- just -- it does not in what about our time -- Our time the president is is gallon depending -- the country well only and 9% it. Read Michelle that's been a HL argument you know it is doubtful about ultimate double -- take -- -- to run the show. Out in the senate to take time helped -- I completely agree. Well that's what's been happening this century okay. One other thing Michelle Obama are narrow -- note he's got a couple other things to think. -- ugly little thing Ronald Reagan in -- John Adams at that during The Boston Massacre. Where he represented the English soldiers. Accidentally block and repeated by -- gambler but I'm just tell you're getting and secondly. Something about the request refugee Scott wrote yes which religion is -- -- Not my book now when you throw race around in khakis I don't know I don't actually extra. He is a difference expression -- but they give very much for trying to set me straight. A victim on the can you I next what Michelle McKeon and succeed W active ally Janet. -- go again. And people continued to defend -- what the president United States controlling the press which is the First Amendment it's the first right that we are given in the bill of rights. I mean I just can not understand how people think that this is okay. And Third World countries with dictators. It's great to give it the history. When Barney Frank works for several light. Yes -- -- I tell everybody was an umbrella holder for Kevin White but that is true. 08. The Boston -- Boston redevelopment authority -- those -- are -- -- B eleven buildings are gonna be arts. All the for the nonprofit. One dollar and 99 you least expect we -- by the city of Austin. Boston redevelopment authority. -- other -- on the building is owned by the city of Boston which means it's owned by neat because IP city of Boston Real Estate taxes. Right they have -- -- you at least. It was done in the -- six by -- or white I'm a good deal. Well see then -- I want temples as my argument now Landis it would Vick is trying to say lucky rented an Audi can invite whoever he wants but that is not true with the press and that's what. EU journalism professor Fred bills told Harold. Newspapers don't have to be unbiased to get access he can't just -- in only the newspapers you want and and now we have Glenn Reynolds was the University of Tennessee law professor he has been following white house press relations. And he said it's all about control at some point this is gonna blow back on the Obama administration. Most presidents behave in a more refined fashion that this comes from a lawyer experience has shown that acting presidential is good politics. Into the -- advantage in kick. Reported so -- not good politics and this is not just about the Harold last month a San Francisco chronicle and other liberal leaning paper. -- C San Francisco chronicle editor reported that the White House threatened to bar. Bart it's reporters from pool duty after a chronicle reporter shot video of protesters. Mocking Obama at a fund raiser. So this is gonna happen all over the country have we don't fight back against Dejan. We're going to allow people to trample on our first amendment -- by people I mean the president the United States. 08 people right Frank's going to be -- or he could take their. Reporter -- Now that's a good idea considering that Barney Frank knows full well that the building is owned by the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I am Michelle -- we are a M 680 WRKO. Christian I pulled the two -- later and tell everybody we're gonna be for book signing tonight. -- -- -- Dockside restaurant in Wakefield 530 -- seven tonight main street and Wakefield. I'll be signing all four copies of my book. My new book -- professors -- Which I was taking meetings about in Hollywood. You know you leaders and an elitist in Atlanta the ID. That a bit bigger bigger elitists and like in Obama world right now on I don't get an invitation to the fundraising he'll think I'm rich now that I was taking meetings in Hollywood. And dining at the IDI out. That's stroke I -- crowded theater thing of finish out of Asia.