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What's Up On Wall Street - Suzanne O'Halloran, Bloomberg TV

May 17, 2011|

Suzanne O'Halloran from Bloomberg tells us What's Up on Wall Street. We also find out that the Medfield native, turned NYC resident, still runs on Dunkin'!

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen welcome to lunch money I'm gonna sound like a broken record here that the stock market is down once again. Stocks at least on the NASDAQ and the S&P have gone below their fifty day moving average. And I guess -- glimmer of good news would be that the fact that oil is going down in price so we're gonna run down to New York City talk to Suzanne oh how learn from Bloomberg TV. Suzanne say it ain't so wire stocks go down so much today. Sudanese -- behind me a couple of things here is perfect storm monster today. We did get some negative. News from Hewlett-Packard cut their sales forecast in nineteen. A lot of demand for PCs more looks at nine tablets and this started leaking out last night is an internal email. -- a little bit clandestine. Reduce this -- exactly that's exactly what happened. Bloomberg News my colleagues and Alaska's obtained a memo from -- new CEO the appetite there right tennis tennis. And basically told -- in place to prepare for a very tough quarter. Minimize marine counts and things like that. And then of course -- That they are cutting their sales forecast by -- so. On that's not -- is -- said that Mark -- the previous CEOs -- in the books just benefit Wall Street and the identity intimidated that. Right. And Packard is accompanied turmoil and they have -- cents markers left abruptly. And test they are in trouble before he left that they were losing money here if there they were. Kathmandu and while for what almost two years. -- it's the weakness in the PC market and if -- -- -- back in August they had that -- -- for her three part competing company with down. That they actually ultimately won but a lot of analysts and investors overpaid in. The -- beating -- -- -- when you're without a C I'll still look like mean you know there was an annual internal controls with the people doing -- company. And the port. -- well bubble we're seeing now is accompanied you know really needs to get a strategy contract in and saved the day at Leo apotheker was appointed and has found. Two to 3% -- He's a former SE PA yeah ethnic and most it was an excited about race and you may not like mark murdered like receipt. He left for human editors analysts terms and he's now over at oracle and -- adherence. Let me ask you do you believe Leo. When he says it heard was really just. Cook in the books to look good for wall Streeter do you think -- is doing a bad job. I don't think you can you can accuse someone must have come. So I think that is actually irresponsible to even insinuate that. On and just from him reporting here I'm sorry but it. Listen I mean you know also I look at those kind of comments and I say you know I used. You took this job instead of complaining now currently -- announced -- did you do your job and make improvements at the company are and I am hopefully they'll do that clearly the stack is an 8% today worst performer. In the Dow Industrials and the S&P and that's actually a big reason why. The Dow Industrials are off 134 points -- if you don't old Hewlett-Packard you know lose them. It's a it's a debate and it's major component of the head out. I mean not everything -- down today because it's not just here at Packard. An innate music and it got things started as mentioned last night the house at Wal-Mart earnings today and money earnings. Actually OK it investors are focused on is. US sales actually declined 1%. And he'll -- Steve says that their core customers are still extracts and we talked about Obama before either honor. And the US economy and what he sane as consumers are having trouble. -- basic things you'd entrants and that's that's troubling about the dollar stores to. An -- dollar store actually those those. Companies and tax increase. Late dollar tree and officers dollar -- up 7% dollar and those stores. Actually considered even deeper it is scanners -- then there'll rednecks that Wal-Mart also part of the story there is there actually in French scene there attracting customers. Wal-Mart is discounter. Not -- -- out at consumers are going to some of these deep discount is also there at these stores like it's hot area for private equity. As has lottery ten. Names so. In the dollar channel -- public about tears and KKR. Is from the public means -- there's a lot of interest Sunnis. Family Dollar Nelson Peltz is another eight private equity guy he's interest in -- company. So that's another aspect of why these stores are seen bikinis aren't let me ask you about a rumor I heard on Wall Street you can neither acknowledge your denied as the day there's a rumor going on that alt com. Might be replacing Intel. As Apple's suppliers that's going to be huge news for -- -- that could be devastating for Intel that's right and in times and other weeks. On Chinese that's -- means and a second speculating that package perhaps the happening scene and we actually Intel's. I was actually they had there an easy earnings came in and animals is expected to lose their forecast but there's a lot of speculation that they're not. That there relationship with apple restrained and apple is giving them out of business to some of these other players perhaps Qualcomm. That -- is confirmed. Or and answer if you're from the company is harmful means -- out of our listeners find this out if they wanna play the stock on this. Caddie researches just reading Gordon Bloomberg wire it's number I mean it's funny. Plenum. Well. Answer our writing about so Los analyst for example Ethier capitalism -- -- and then rain about the potentially happening and they're in constant communication with the companies themselves what's welcomed to actually it 179 cents and kerosene now. We look at the big sectors and yes in PE we have materials leading the decline but. Materials industrials -- off over 1%. Illness accident rising to eat these consumer staples which very traditional and so. And I think very adamant in its economic today yet housing stuff for a pleasant. No surprise there but housing starts and permits are an indicator of future we use it's not good news I look at it and I disagree I say that -- that housing starts -- bad is good news because that means we -- through the -- -- -- -- I reading that wrong on now that's one lead in the -- but when you look away. When you look at a sign of future -- -- Economists like deceit perhaps a little bit more demand in saint garments. That's when and other files paperwork to -- -- going to but you're right a lot of folks that are very detailed market. Don't wanna see a lot of between continue because he's got some -- and I think that does make. It -- it's the end of the month and there's an old Wall Street's gains it's ain't no way woman into the summer months and that can perhaps -- Something that's underway now and even you have some weeks -- to -- I guess the question -- -- is the finish up with misses him but if you sell your stocks that -- mean clearly there's a lot of people -- as -- Dow's -- 130 points. And it he would -- ten year treasury 3%. I think Anthony's days -- to beat. Them. It's Monday. We have I don't panic. Now and it hit the highs of the years. A couple weeks I believe and -- speaking to create IPOs are coming back just today linked and -- Company it boosted its offering 29%. As more of these deals come to -- -- you can't link in what would you like Andy's. Actually use it is pal happy this year now. Listeners ticketing and teach people say and what happens is kind if you own. Response to these he. I feel like -- and -- out. Only people communicate important a lot of folks -- for this is actually -- on the parents equals -- in terms of organizing your contacts you can email people. -- can find at each unit -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're sales are lean and -- is like net. In the SEC filings with these IP -- insiders are going to be selling -- Founder -- eyes on these seminaries and and -- -- used to hold stay in for what two years after that that's a sign that it's tiny hill out of the other in matters such as Goldman Sachs. And chairs at the offering which is an unusual. That time and money. Mean investors that the companies but he like to see and the founders -- -- It's a commitment. Commitment -- mean his stake is -- -- I think. If the deal prices high and the -- 49 dollars at prices at 45 dollars this year which is underwriters are hoping is an area. He concerns if five million on the side piano and his it is you know companies can be very writes is this if you had to choose between linked in and Dunkin' Donuts. Duncan a wildcat I admire your mainframe at -- -- looking back into their their shopping -- IPO to you and -- Tim Duncan doughnuts and saying can he think of them as an ailing and East Coast. And it their all over the world. Some 181000 stores -- put it on the money when he opened even more stores internationally that the internationally right that's it and became a Starbucks. And cop he's popular -- not to -- he went -- and monitoring instruments a concert coming out those new anti Starbucks regular -- girl like you know when -- first -- -- many years the Starbucks is there wasn't. Really in the last five years more Dunkin' -- have -- an -- affiliated with the -- -- But I -- do you prefer it and -- but I -- gonna start. But it like it's cheese and you -- and he said he has. Keeping your Boston yes exactly keep and I at at and in other and a hot -- company did house came from private equity as well. -- as you I think believed I'd leave them for quite some time -- been there and expand kidneys and if you look at some other copy teens. Green mountains and 1 AM and ages -- and they just in to deal with them and actually Duncan an ever listened to mr. exceeded. There's one cup serbians. -- has yet I'm in his films supermarkets across. You'll account uses like. -- is a billion dollar is -- Los expensive copies and or restore it and that's right that's part of the commodity and to you but. Servants had a relationship with Kraft for many years in craft distributed Starbucks and supermarkets and then. Starbucks went to court one and we -- and -- successful senate now. -- practiced his -- looking for. And to Orleans company at their minister ramping up their own but they're going Mimi -- On that more available to consumers it's awfully hot area and this company as soon as it closer we can talk more about actually. The fundamentals of continents in terms of money there I mean normally analysts that the company. Officer and now as Larry we utterances and everybody. And -- And we're gonna be joined by Caroline Diller's she's from the Massachusetts. Senior action council. And she takes exception with Scott Brown's position on Medicare so that's our next topic you want to pay to stay tuned to this because she's coming after Scott Brown pretty hard. That's up next right here on AM 680 WRKO.