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Rap Rap Rappin At The White House

May 10, 2011|

Howie's guest host Michele McPhee performed her own version of the rapper "Common's" fighting the man rap and spoke with callers about their take on the White House inviting an anti law enforcement rapper to be a poet laureat.

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This week. International line -- was that week. This is the week where police officers from all over the country flood Washington DC. This is a week then on Sunday we -- that very sad day. -- -- X or at least reveal the names that have been etched into line was memorial of cops killed in the line of duty in this country on Sunday. This week it's cops from all over the country in DC you know is gonna be invited to the White House. Morrow outstanding. Common now becoming a -- likes to. -- apparently not for the first time either. Did you let it treat. It -- the White House tree I mean disgracing and you know connection comes. -- Common whose real name is whiny Rasheed in junior you know he met -- Church church. Critics aren't kidding. Are now he met -- -- urged them. That church in particular the church that was run by our dear friend the reverend Jeremiah Wright not. All. Out would be the church that is -- -- and that -- her cool as a home home. In actual credit folks -- didn't count how many death threats are in this palm. The home and let's give people who count how many death threats have been leveled against police officers. Often your free copy. -- a mob story of that. Because what you get threats leveled against police officers. And common has been invited to the White House tomorrow by Michelle Obama for a poetry night during national alarm placement week. Don't boy I wanna saw black one and want com or what's -- -- dual if you got one guy. Passing assault but that your role on sound with spaces on the middle of the revolution. No looking back because they're back this was done -- the -- god got more and warrants aren't. Tell the law about losing ways that time I'll walk like a war reopened their mom won't run. All industries they shot Abydos likens Islam insistent that -- another brother hung. Again we won't see the sun with his family -- they want us to hold justice but you had a mean. -- saying they did Nicole Lee and Michael Jackson aren't. Make it a main attraction turn around and attacked a black gym in the rough. You rugged enough usually spotted not obligate the government shuts. Tim -- chat chat or how can pop gun. I've got the black straps and make that cops run. -- -- -- -- I'm watching no. Don't date boys got a lot of and you know not people on the block got a lot of pocketing them. And when we -- together we'd be rocket them to sleep notes app for that because it's based could be done state -- what I do so that you dream come. From project to -- -- scene of being being in Hong. With that happened and body messing with Saddam. Burn a bush custom PC no personal what time killing noble all the -- no weapons of destruction. How can we follow -- when this -- -- one. The government miss the G-Unit and they might -- young black people. Black people and not heard and every one I'll hold up a piece -- -- not carry a gun. -- -- 877 politics nine point 322. I counted four possibly five death threats leveled against police officers and that home called -- -- of the law. And one threat to assassinate the former president United States and is that about right. But it is just people are calling in to guess I want you all the guests. 87746943220. And I has been invited to the White House when -- 2003. Laura Bush had to have a night to celebrate Emily Dickenson. Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman. In elect. Shut her down threatened to protest they wanted to write poetry about -- I -- war. Laura Bush said literature is not political literature is apolitical. Winner is my. -- Black -- you are on how our show with Michelle McPhee hello Barbara. -- -- -- -- and I think -- sport. I think you could be right can you just are. No not at all. I mean I can't believe it but it doesn't surprise me. And -- peanut that they drop of racial app at that against Italians in the when you we -- the line that says I got the black strapped to make the cops Ron and any -- -- and. I know they've actually cheered and it'll happen to people ready I can -- Gonna be at the White House given the scenes on a Larry in Charlotte memorial week. I think people should step protests and more about you know what goes on at the White House after solitaire pay at the -- and you know plenty of money and they don't need to be consulted -- us. I completely so Barbara looks like it where we connect at the end of the show well we'll figure out who has won a copy of a monster resigned. But this is unbelievable is -- It is -- It's like it's -- breaking up. Yeah attacks or 77 -- as a sounds like became the police are still acted stupidly. Yeah right because that would attack that. Mean not happy you know grateful instead of you know say in things about the police and religious trying to protect his property. Yeah I'm with you by -- are around so with you on Jim Crowley trust me different from Cambridge PD. It really gets my goat about this last week. Barack Obama had the gall to shake the hands of police officers. That represented the 23 -- in the 37 Port Authority operatives never mind the 3.3 five fighters. Who made the choice delayed on the lives. Many had to think Larry -- -- -- party at the white house on us talked about how Michelle Obama needs a few too many tamales don't get between the -- Molly. He joked that night. Now -- police. Memorial week -- supposed to be recognizing the sacrifices. Made by dead cops on Sunday. This is the same -- that -- his campaign. His staffers purported Johns and Portland Oregon police memorial. So aren't please -- a week when his -- all of the DC Michelle Obama. Invites a rapper who wrote home about killing police officers to the white house on odd time. I am pretty should be serving Crist well. What do you think Tony you have any better homes. What -- is the pros for the White House hi Tony Ryan how it our show with Michelle McPhee. Hi Tony. We have Tony. That's pretty TJ how lucky day. Asia. How -- OR radio you know. I love it I did Texas avenue wind TJ said. Patio Obama's. Champions of fighting device sadness. -- -- Did you -- that word poetry. Well according to Michelle Obama. That his poetry if she's invited common to the White House tomorrow night to celebrate. Poetry. Well to me it sounds like rap whip out but boom boom in the background. And my opinion is perhaps then from the word crap. So you know -- I see at the silent -- Yes right exactly. And how appropriately named is that -- comment. Spezza and that's I think it's insulting TJ there's so many beautiful -- I mean patent problem I into the Atlantic it. Fantastic how about we invite. Even who -- precious. That sapphire and a problem with celebrating. Diverse poets I do however have a problem celebrating. Rappers slash AKA -- according to Michelle Obama who wanna kill police officers and make. TJ for arguably five death threats against cops in one column called let it's of the law. Yes you know from what I've heard that bird's brain state. My. -- art and poetry is still a much better in the second grade in the -- out. We I'm much beyond that TJ I mean this is this is that it is very pathetic thank you for the call little could. -- -- -- with something and how we are giant oak. -- -- -- How I am a definite pros for about a. The Oceanic -- I typically not died trying to focus I'm not -- approach for Obama but it's real difficult. I definitely agree with these five promises to commit violence on. Not only in our police officers but. -- Everton in the White -- that time weather out there you know they're getting after bush at the time. They really -- -- burned the president. That then president George W. Bush alive kill cops -- times. Exactly. And nobody seems to me -- -- President Obama made up all Scott says. I'll be able racing these people I mean Erica horrible up by Ludacris during the the campaign for Obama orchard in my opinion just as bad. And god. And I got nearly twelve Hillary. Clinton the B word -- you said John McCain to be -- Exactly and -- it's ridiculous if you've got -- great people like best to get the votes from the people -- listen to this crap music. That not me just speak volumes about a what you care about it doesn't seem like it's a country -- about just getting reelected. -- -- this into nylon was and it's inappropriate China and a week it was those are recognized. -- probably don't realize it makes you sick but you know what -- how do you feel about time these home. Obama is a plan. Doing what any idea he works miracles he walks on water. Obama is I it's not as a fox. Please forget him when -- in the ballot box. Well I like apple better than -- bombed you know I later. I think Chris writes in November 2000 Andy you're attention. Escalates. Winning the highest office traveling 57 states. You gotta love it you know belongs I think a little bit better don't you Mike you are on Alec our show with Michelle McPhee. I'm sure our NATO -- you. -- but first thing they'll like it -- correct there. Sick okay six and good. -- -- Anyway they're I don't like we do the White House in general he turned everything out by -- inside out everything knows what he's. For respecting he has no respect for not at all. Poetry I did the White House have a problem. When you're calling guy who'll -- yeah. There's a poet. Our online this -- -- Walt Whitman meanwhile Laura Bush had to cancel an event that Emily Dickinson Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman and so silly. That's respectful about it is that BJ -- Eight hours ignite it embarrassing to all these cops are -- is -- to ignore the fact that there is somebody at the White House calling on them all the die. Actress favorite Chris you read it I began to remind everyone. About how much common wants to people especially people who are the law. I use UA's -- time. With that happened and why they mess and with Saddam burn -- bush cause for peace T know pushed nope but Hahn. Killing over oil increased no weapons of destruction how can we follow leader when this a rough one. The government's a G-Unit and they might Bok young black people a hold of a peace sign that I carry a gun. PG doll. Each job -- the end of the palm peace now. Chris is doing a fantastic job you know Michelle Obama should -- did you if we had that's -- baby got back. I mean you have itself away in Asia Arthur -- next with Michelle McPhee and Alec are shall I out there. Up Kevin I'm sorry getting up next on -- -- of credit again and. -- -- -- But just -- -- you know -- I have this straight -- of vile rapper who's also expected to Rachel's relationship by the way. Yeah eyes are racist and and riled up by a man yes. That probably that are so eager to lock in and out front blow like Christmas trees and recite all the way out. Well what happens without -- of the White House he escorted out the -- well by the -- Kevin when. Netanyahu went to the White House. There aren't we love people like 4008. He got the call eight I agricultural -- from. -- president Barack. Kevin how it's just -- -- and I couldn't pass a security background check. To become a true here in Massachusetts but he's gonna get -- access to the White House light -- Christmas trees. And then have an audience with Michelle Obama -- gets to talk about shooting cops did. On the streets of Chicago which by the way as I pointed out at the highest body count belittled dead little kids in the whole country. The exit -- up that she gonna let him. I know I want to Virginia in a volatile duke haven't. This that this that the Vatican I'm glad you're doing a topic because I think this is one with everything going on the world. -- 7% of Americans have no -- to spend -- -- You know what I have no clue until -- Andy semi the story this morning -- no clue -- you don't IP tent and all things that are going on line apple has been in fire service. I pay attention -- the story and now it's gone viral achieve are your first. We don't know -- Into the -- and operational their optional. You can say that again again. -- but you know what Howie Carr is now trying to trump sandy I mean it's very difficult to do Cassini is gorgeous drop dead gorgeous. But I think how is trying to get it back with. All of is you know up. Keeps -- you know I mean -- Just the idea being competition Italian beauty contests fiercely I mean doesn't it to make your heart computer pat howling with the I think I should Di's hair brunette that he has coming -- as blind. I think he should he should absolutely go Burnett until he's gonna be the nets Scott Brown cosmos spread -- be how we thought. Let's go to our our our there what do you think you RI. Width Michelle McPhee on how it our show out there. I don't want as they out at the current color and all -- or spent I don't appeal a commonly connect. That's speech at all what do you honestly think mr. not -- -- -- -- you honestly think the white house on netcams view. What it was saying about cop killing and why do you cannot let -- police. What you just a report this outlet and they all bet pat but why are these. At this guy has the excellent -- sentiments about harmful and should outrage you. The fact you don't answer well it. Might not my hand like I eat they are key generator does you're right. Aren't that mr. I'd definitely do what we need to pay some also you console car again and -- -- Barack Obama black people. -- -- About nobody. Want to drop the racial and that -- I enact it said Joe I disagree. But got caught our. Rap music located you -- a problem and that -- Obama -- most are broke -- the constant all white chips. Best that you not. Posed in key words and you know the Grammy Award winnings on last year Iowa the following the -- -- -- on like lollipop like. -- given them and it -- at all. Not a bit I. Stand. Comrades -- -- -- brother isn't blue it's this isn't little -- you right now get ready to mark the key set I didn't cut you re right yeah. How -- my time you -- -- I think it's appropriate to talk at all even out to pop. It. Perhaps several yeah absolutely right shall all on -- -- that majority you're almost. I can't write this so great where -- I swear to god. All arms accurate these all week that target so that because they play certain it was certain people. And I. It's not divisive to have a public who dropped did she -- for Italians and by the way up from a dynamic and it. The fact that this guy can drop -- that. Call that murder police officers get an invite to the White House whether -- can recite this moment but I. I don't they show I totally like -- don't they get spoke should be -- -- it would -- black people at the same. A quarter in the first place I always -- all cops but one myself but we just. That that I don't. Yes it everywhere and chart that make it. Took a black do you predict when you know a policy mistake it's ridiculous that our. That's what I'm saying. And arthritis quite interest we -- -- -- -- the comment. Yeah this is that this is the Grammy weddings done this is this is hip pocket this contemporary music right now. The holy arrogant like be like allowing costs the whole song like feel like -- -- -- he wants a hug so what he wants -- -- lick me like a lollipop licking like ally plot. Women are there only want -- idiots to beat them down and then. You know the lascivious overtones of let me like a lollipop that degree -- last year -- that right. -- -- Okay I understand op Ed I'd say it happened that's you know that's -- -- frankly I don't want -- all -- the bat. A common stock are having it be that it's. Read the lion aren't exactly and it nation are -- that's the point they should be at the White House either of redneck picnic. So on dropped recently that and Kolb I'm pleased -- -- it's fascinated with they had they have in mind this is not about race this ballots right in this is about my money. And once again my money is being squandered to throw out when I'm sure -- serving very expensive champagne. To people who have no business getting through security gate to get into the White House in the first place the Secret Service -- have to I. I told that they are -- aren't they cute bit and that's where it went keep our ears that's basically it expects should go to another bank NA as. Obama attitude or a certain end up reports people what -- -- made a mistake but George Bush and -- nickel back. I don't really Bosnia there. Raise the. That's good Steve Steve -- Michelle McPhee. In a Howie Carr and how our show I Steve. -- Michelle you know trying to put a are trying to find the positive Bangalore and -- work with -- for a minute. I don't you think that if you can get beyond that the cop killing. -- think that this just a person who has asserted his Second Amendment Rights. This is and we use it during the lighter -- -- legal loophole. In racing's Second Amendment Rights. Well we expect that. The argument Steve and where the pictures of Osama bin Laden with a double tap to the Durbin. Not by about one. Now Steve -- and that's the remote app on my FaceBook page which you can I'll accept that Michelle -- dot com. I'm all that said Michelle I bought the Steve Grossman. Who lives up to his last name and I agree with you on this one because yeah it does just. -- and I mean. Couldn't defend any idea that this guy was at the White House is trying to defend rap music and the idea that content has been invited to the White House repeatedly. And Christmas remind everyone how common met the Obama's in the first place. This is how they all became pounds in Chicago. This is where they. All started to. I don't think it was it an island that is we have it longer and America what I had impressed -- how they on the actress. -- -- answer right Ron Amadon man at the reverend Jeremiah is church. And a -- -- next and I like our show. I'm Michelle and I thought if I have not really great job you know that it probably they had it location Tom and gotten some time. Yeah you're right why plus and -- had it. You know -- comic book movie star now and I'm not a big hip hop band -- out. I think at best it's repackaged just go at worst it's the thirty year search for the perfect novelty record. And now. A common I think you know I know enough about what's going music these days to think that hip hop and few common. Sort of pathetic. You know. A tempest in a teapot. And you know not someone who is as swaggering as some other artists might be. You know so in some -- people onto the White House because he's just another kitty cat but. Chicago Obama. Well that's all right it's like if they don't travel in packs over there and in no we have Deval Patrick from Chicago we have Ron Emmanuel. We have all these people who have done I think great harm today constituents that they -- that they -- I'm the youngest son -- band you know. Most notable fathers then noted musician I did not know. We had a far out they had -- some raw art history. And the -- others pat Patrick Rick -- of that vote. I did not know at Bryant that's really into it Darren -- -- I am -- look at sunny email on that nick PW RK dot com that's that's very interesting did you see the Deval Patrick's. Father what I really nightmare I did not know that either this pretty interesting. I'm gonna -- Deval Patrick Tom Kelly gala. On Friday night that medal of honor recipient that he dumped unceremoniously but he still shot but the -- Down by Charlie Baker at the Hynes convention center on Friday night. Can you are next. On. And so I don't. Shall point here. I think well there I was for the most divisive president we haven't had. It's your country. Except Britain and make our country I think. More racial racially divided. Debate and appears in market appears social. If you that we have has not helped here -- the sad fact that. Young -- African Americans in the music on themselves -- -- streak with a legal guidance. And Leo goes as such as myself who hunt for in I can't have illegal guns are registered. They want to. I just register weapons and now they want to collect tax weapons probably illegal guns are on the streets every gate. Cardinal political approach children or consolidate various social drug -- could have been last week. Why is it that black people I never portrayed as being racist they can call. I hit series like people all cookies. Crackers why things. In the N word is the only racial slur. In there in -- an English language I don't understand what I'm very confused. Well can I don't even wanna go there because it's just not part of the conversation that people have an everyday life. That's the reality. But it's okay to drop these racial epic that's in a home. That you know -- -- -- to show you really think they're gonna read up home at the White House it doesn't matter if they read this -- -- letter to the lot. At the White House it's the idea that the man but who do all the home is gonna stride right past -- replacement. To the White House. What are you talking about here and we are paying for it. That and other -- I am Michelle McPhee a highly car what do you think you -- any other poetic prose that might be more appropriate the poetry united. White House tomorrow night. This is the Howie -- show. Welcome back physically stomach speak about Alec on -- -- -- shows and he is descriptive stocking capital stock. -- pending. -- this is why don't we have pinky -- because if you with stockings you can get disparity of Paris and change one. Eagles are disaster nobody was -- -- -- that Chris is beyond that army and you. Any runner stockings and you guys agree. I'm in which -- -- I think you have to switch stockings of the way ago an economic campus there. You by the two pairs now is this there and I told you now -- -- not -- -- housing has a -- and public. Can't. Help but think it'll just so. And I can't -- I tell you doll that this is the most asinine move that Michelle Obama has made it on time. And -- Nine moves our First Lady. It's national law enforcement memorial week. We're going to recognize the cops who have been killed in line duty on Sunday in Washington DC Eric apps all of the capital. And what does so do you. Condit as a rapper I know he's an actor. I don't he was great in movie that -- -- content CD with Bruce Willis he played in New York City cop and you kidding -- Now what. No now -- it was in common. But we do another common. Wrote a song called -- -- a lot. In which there are exactly five threats to kill police officers in one call to burned George W. Bush alive. And that's you White House and hard time tomorrow night what do you think Alley you're on Alec are Charlotte -- -- I. I probably take it. To. Me. -- -- I really want in the to learn when you don't have a lot. At the white. -- the FB yes but people that if that -- are these people are very. While. They -- that we feel that I think what -- walk it's. -- retirement this and you know because that. Wondering how they would feel that the people that I feel bad hair without and. Yeah it's never gonna happen in Iraq and Iran you boss -- but I -- I'm sure there are gonna be disgusted they're gonna have to hold in colleges like you know the Boston Police have to all the time. To protect some of the low lights -- them into the city you'd like Bachmann did energize. Yet they still have to protect these people but I appreciate the sentiment -- thank the matter of fact Leo has another home this is from Milan was an officer. White people believed Obama I don't remember as long as everyone votes and out next November have a at this hour from techsters 978. My name is Barry Michelle I didn't marry she is setting her reading cocktail that allows all -- despite my pleading he's in the people's house. C news. Hook for hits you -- next. I'm -- our show with -- feel oakcrest. -- are gone into. They outlawed that road and those bombs very diplomatic -- Now critics as you asked why do you wrote -- -- whole -- is slow them and I economic is that the agent John McPhee dock on the Shalit now. And he PG dot com. A case the biggest mystery on her disclosure -- of our collective sense what does that mean you shields in six dip in Latin. All vacation but are not -- hear it but -- name on the ballot and the make it's -- cheered as well as your president next year. You. Now. Why on earth that common that people vote who added at a home where did that better grasp of the language Chris Chris weary from. Crist himself the -- I'm in front of you don't want it saw black and you wanna do want com -- what's -- -- dual if you got one guy. Passing assault but that your role on sound with spaces on the middle of the revolution got. Yeah how about the line as is usual on mine in nine power get the government. -- I got the black strapped to make it got Ryan I mean that's a bad Christiane lived up home was much better. Should I the other aren't you actually battery get a little bit by eating addiction all of it in November 2008 -- -- -- -- and our -- travel a bit 78. Riot and let's all vote and a walk on water but -- -- also floats. -- GM and get them on the spot eating gastric forty marketing Bulent pot. TV people get a single on that leg when they need to speak when the -- -- we -- -- it was free to go back. To be rearranged you get the hell out all week in -- would hope for change. Cindy Crist himself the upcoming. I'm sorry but I need to hear museum their summer so so far common. Think for instance out of Iraq thank you so much of that great ball Steve you are on -- our show with Michelle McGann did. And shell say that we got most that you -- out of -- doubt that you don't step. -- start counting down. I'm -- -- talented economy. Yeah actually -- With GAAP are -- I'm actually not a picture can't call it lot of big travel water Brett you know on the white guy Vietnam. But I -- speculation they -- water just like in Louisville racism or long Obama you know when. -- some facts because we need to deal with back there in the fact did. Is that Michelle during national armed with the memorial week. Has invited a guide to the White House -- -- and I. Poetry and when his palms talk about killing cops one home that I have a letter to the -- Talks on cops five times I direct threats plus a call for civilians to burn bush at stake. Steve is talking about it this is all one color not blue. In the -- we'll comes believe me from every ethnic background on. This mobile -- This when Hillary got called bombshell. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know you -- respect which seemed like I would change erratically like I don't know -- -- our media but it seems to me -- constantly feel the need to like. The friend and we truck Gupta the police and I just like what question like questionable. Corporate special request. -- Have you been locked up yet. It's like IQ is learning of her -- -- complain about the pulp. In -- And -- with Michelle McPhee. No orange -- -- spoken replied mr. blank I would apologize for you look like they wish it. I can and can't wait to mr. frank thank you congressman. I'm so -- do you Michelle. I think that you are trying to show. Basically when you're out there who would likely meet somewhere. I went into do you every day you were auditioning you have to say who these. Writing -- site but those FaceBook photos -- blessed -- -- -- -- It Bill -- next. Hopefully can be held up home. Oh my god I don't know large large current first armored shell -- -- I'm not surprised. It's it's just one thing -- burnout -- with what were. He used witnessed that these two people is that aren't doing themselves any any type of pay rent and I -- that got into the art expo ought to be suspect. It. Slap in the face all -- was in by the way folks know what to say that's a veiled racism. The Arab people wearing the uniform from every background that exist in the United States of America as a gimme a break the only we're talking about -- blue. What would happen and they I would around in my home town. Threatening -- it's very hard and kill you arm on the but it. Under the -- that -- locked up the -- are rap video that mommy and daddy and it would make any stupid videos in the parents garage. Now but the cost is very. And it's. The battle that is bandits. Totally disgusted in you know it that I am really worried about my kids -- output to going to be like Nevada and out of it -- -- -- It. Is history it's not me why isn't just slap in the face because. And when it during his campaign put it on at least -- staffers did. On that police are more important dark and Eddie without incomes my friend Cambridge police Sargent Jim Crowley it's it. And said that his department it's stupidly. I mean there's been nonstop assault on marvelous from the Obama administration and the slap in the face that they can invite. -- That talked about killing cops to the White House so they have to beat pat Frist. I warrant -- like I wonder of commons in a pullout is always kind. Maybe he's got the black strapped to make cops -- on Christmas one little snippet how cops run and it again. Let's go to we're gonna break I'm sorry folks are about that did his Michelle McPhee on -- our show.