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Should George W. Bush have accepted President Obama's invitation to go to Ground Zero with him?

May 4, 2011|

Former U.S. president George W. Bush declined an invitation by President Barack Obama to visit New York’s Ground Zero on Thursday to mark the death of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, the New York Times reported. Bush would not be in attendance, the New York Times late Tuesday quoted the former president’s spokesman, David Sherzer, as saying. After leaving office, Bush had chosen to stay largely out of the spotlight, Sherzer said. Should Bush accepted Obama's invitation or is he doing the right thing staying away?

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And yesterday some of you may have heard me give some advice to our president. Barack Obama. I'd better reporter for a very long time my career started as an intern over at the Boston Globe. I was the first one that went to a state school that they would allow into the building they did look at me like not. With the whiskey tango girl from -- become -- But I managed to stay in that building for roughly five years until I got my first job at the New York Daily News we're became the first female police bureau chief. And I was there on that terrible morning when 2996. Americans when murdered. By Osama bin Laden and it's cowardly Jihad as low life well it's. So. I have some advice for the president the United States because I've been applauding him all week long from growing us at a -- Unbelievable. We're actually looking at him and he's behaving like an American in a presidential fashion. And I was three outs and I said the best thing that president Barack Obama could do to come legally. Destroy the Republican Party which believe me I'm not advocating for. But I am pointing that out after a long long career of covering politics and crime. The best thing he could do was show up at ground zero and released that three sets of photographs. That exist. Osama bin Laden. And I also suggested that he invite George W. Bush. And you all know how much I remember the day. That George W. Bush climbed up. On to a pile of their now standing within a few feet of him on this day I could not believe. Because the Secret Service in this of people watching this at home on television didn't realize this -- Services like known on promised -- president cannot do what it. They're not getting up on that pile sir sir now on how they will literally trying to physically hold him back from climbing up onto the he was wearing jeans and work -- I can remember Cleo. And he pulled up and retired firefighter an old guy. He grabbed the whole point out of somebody's hit it it was so spontaneous that within a teleprompter in -- In its and I truly mean -- the Secret Service didn't want him to do. And he does file and he made a promise to the American people. Can deal was surrounded by cops and firefighters and I am workers and volunteers. Especially my people the people that I -- the people that I've covered the such a long time. And even need this promised and everyone there. Believe ten it was today it was at a moment it was a defining moment for George W. Bush is not -- people criticize him in some of that criticism is fair. This was truly. A man who care about. The fact that he was surrounded. By the debt. That he was surrounded by the wounded in this psychologically traumatized he did care what this little speech. Okay. Well this suggestion that I had for the president. Based on that speech. Eric George W. Bush delivered at ground zero where the arms slung around you literally had his arm on the shoulder of a retired in my firefighter. -- -- have to invite bush you have to invite Rudy Giuliani he should be flanked by those two men because without George W Bush's policies. This capture and still would not be possible it was in the nation that was gathered they get how that allowed this to tick bites. So we have -- just a few minutes ago. That the pony US president. Kidding he received an invitation from president Barack Obama to visit New York's ground zero on Thursday. To mark the death of this al-Qaeda leader which are gonna column benign. Bush is not going to be in attendance according to the New York Times. The former president's spokesman. Said that he has decided to stay out of the spotlight. So Obama is going to ago he did the right thing an extended an invitation to George W. Bush George W. Bush. Satin. I think -- pass. You have a reaction to that 6172666868. At 617. 2666868. I'm surprised. That George W. Bush doesn't wanna go down in acknowledged. This momentous occasion this defining moment in American history. This is what he has been fighting for from the gecko -- it certainly would be a nice tribute. To the thousands. Of laid down their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan since that terrible morning. When Osama bin Laden struck apps so do you think it's a good call our bad call. That president. George W. Bush obviously a former president has declined that invitation. Extended by Barack Obama to stand at his side at ground zero. 6172666868. Now I can tell you that George W. Bush was up in the lines are having little blobs on the speaks during his speeches. Can -- imagine. What what happened at George W. Bush and his White House came out with and burgeoning the kill. That was seller brilliance that they've spent the last four days backpedaling. We are going to. We get there Jay Carney the white house press guide. Who has suspicious -- given a lot of good stories to time magazine his old job we'll get into that a little bit later. But the White House is -- to correct. Some pretty cool. Deep -- mistakes that we made about the way this takedown took plates. They have added on saying no he didn't power behind his wife his wife did not die she is in fact very much alive. And helped the CIA. Identify. Bin Laden as the man that they had with a double tapped it ahead. So that's a pretty eighty secret. All BL was not armed as we had originally thought to get into those mistakes that right now I do think it's a mistake. But George W. Bush did decline that invitation from Barack Obama. Not because he needs to necessarily make nice for the Obama who has done nothing but malign him since he took office. I think his presence at ground zero would be as. Sex I mean -- you heard that speech. That I appreciate so much hear her response from the cops in the firefighters in the nine workers who stood there. It was all the reporters could deal knocked it cheered as -- is standing there being objective but -- -- -- it's. Secretly what pumping manifests. Clutching their -- It was a good day and I think that George W. Bush has every right to return to that scene and say we'd give it. We did it he -- golf he's making a mistake to decline the invitation and not because president Barack Obama was. Gentlemanly and not do extended but because the right thing to do for George W. Bush is to see this through to. The very end to go back to that piling trust me ten years -- the American government hasn't even made sure that we have an appropriate memorial. The Russians gave us an appropriate memorial and and I'll tell you all about it's called the Tia got more you can look at up as a matter -- thrown up on my FaceBook page. Which you can access damage on the B dot com that's Michelle with one now and -- PHE. Dot com. Click on FaceBook page and I'll throw up the memorial that the Russians gave us. We have nothing like it from the United States government. But do you think you're I you what they did George Bush make a mistake. When he said no to traveling to ground zero Stephanie. You are next with masonic BI and WRKO hello Stephanie. I don't believe it eat it but they I -- -- even though we're on united and our. And I ain't gonna at every chip. And pat at. Pat and I think George Bush it's not -- I -- -- any that it ever get credit. They can occur is not out there that it. Well any B eight spark. Eight are. Apparently yet that I write about so much acted with Katie -- take every opportunity. She app -- at an idiot and how much tolerate. Stephanie here is where it's not about Obama will. Not on. Our. While -- alleviate the guy is unbelievable and I didn't you. -- he delivered a speech about -- being dead. And how many times you weren't on I decided that the intelligence now all about. I ate out Dave Hunt made that declaration. And I can't I mean I. -- Are. You got a lot. You've been here doing push ups during this commercial breaks them about -- Our current -- could make this declaration he has according idea of the military parents he could say I looked at the evidence. I looked at the intelligence and I determined that's. Let's let the navy -- our let our. We got every opportunity. -- but it had not given that bush administration and I don't. -- I am I completely -- deputy but I still think George Bush ago not Obama. But because they promise. -- George expand on. But he got that need to be out lab -- and art I actually like like Obama. While I don't George Bush goes on meet the need to go with Obama. I don't didn't -- are not gonna be on and that day they add and I don't think Bob Barr is in here and hit it. -- -- Are well it's a good conversation step -- that -- had yet thanks for the call now. -- -- -- -- -- Like a direct call an -- got ordered the staff and yet they which is right turning Brit stuff. Dispatcher what we'll continue -- To increase. Where are at -- At some legitimacy of Obama's presidency. Good point but now I do think it's somebody who is there on that and I talked about many times there was a very important moment we all depressed we hadn't slept in. Days literally days -- had slapped. I immediately it was such a horrible. Horrible. State of mind it was frightening people in an attempt gas -- it with an awful time to be in New Yorker. Barack ground zero in this -- need to feel good for the first time since the towers -- I might tear him to revisit that in -- and say to all the men and women who volunteered. Who looked at the dead who worked at the more I mean the the assignments at the cops in the fight by it is AdAware and some cops who worked at them more. I I may -- years. North tower went down. -- well I work at it child when NetApp and -- don't you are George Bush like I know that I. If George Bush said I'm gonna be at ground zero on Friday and I'll be in New York City on Friday I would say. I would run to ground zero to hear him give that same sort of speech I told you we would do it and we did it. And you know people opening is the cops in the fight I would love to see him because they remembered as clearly -- idea. Yeah. Unlike unlike Obama pushed last. Despite the impressive as that was the -- years. America -- I and I don't think he'd he'd want to step but it all up Obama's great. Despite the fact that he urged wearing no clothes -- -- would want to take anything away. -- Cingular the presidency news and one has been shot. And I can't blame him. Optional perhaps it is time. Take -- the American people. We told you we get him and we get. While I hope that he he does it's doing now because believe me I wanna hear from him and I and I want to. You know symbolically shake its hand because he followed through on that promise with his policies at gitmo yeah. And he was maligned -- he was attacked for it he was made on -- I mean it the the Vick out against the president and the United States George W. Bush at the time wasn't it adding it was off the charts and say. The -- -- talked about this man and let's face it now and in the words of the reverend Jeremiah Wright Barack Obama's close friends the chickens have come home to -- Gitmo is gonna get the intelligence that we needed to find Osama bin Laden. And this was in etc. before I know cops I know investigations I know detective work. And this was good old fashioned shoe leather detective work they got in any other carrier. They spent years trying to figure out who the carrier was this is police work and they did that well yeah. The first ship came in you know three -- in the first order at gitmo came in three. So what you're right there's Israel gumshoe detective work and I'll ask the CIA finally -- group or serve until. How does that out I think I. I think W show our sport -- -- years -- need the army -- shooting down -- He went out in the middle of the night. -- comfort. That the wives and don't listen these troops to repeal. If you ask for approached and all of this were me. You know -- had very good point out thank you for the call and I completely forgotten about that George W. Bush in the dead of night. After a leak that's who -- -- -- actions ties to al-Qaeda emails to an outside -- tied cleric. We're completely annoyed by the Obama administration as a matter of fact or recommendations. That this guy should be removed from duty because I'm because of his. He increasingly radicalized nation. What happened there are free to jump on because he was a Muslim and the only to Muslims in the army why. And you know the and result he stormed onto the Fort Hood army base shot dead American soldiers who are on on its. And gratefully I love the fact there was a female Koppel actually shot and that was fantastic. A female cop shot him in of course he's facing murder charges while George W. Bush -- on a sole. Went to comfort the families. Of the day. Who were shot dead by Emily -- and it's a class act. But do you agree with this call Barack Obama extended an invitation to George W. Bush to show up at ground zero tomorrow. He has respectfully declined should bush go to ground zero. Yes should -- go to the Obama. That's up TO. Yacht called six -- 72666868. This is WR KL and I -- national McPhee. -- -- -- Welcome back Boston this is Michelle McPhee we are AM 688 -- out. Other Chris you've played that sound -- everyday this week as -- here and I I every single time hasn't it. I get a little choked up because it just reminds me of that time. And how horrifying it was to be in new York at ground zero still looking -- friends. You know they -- finding battered helmets. And banged up badges but they weren't finding any bodies it was just a terrible terrible time and George Bush climbed onto that -- All over the objections. And his security detail they've really tried to hold them back he's wearing jeans and work boots he grabs Hubble line out of the cops hand. Put this time around are tied five fighter and deliver that message well that's why I think he should. Except. Not the invitation. Of president Barack Obama to show up at ground zero tomorrow he should show up on his own. If he doesn't want it flank. Obama. In just to remind people. That he made a promise and that promise has now been kept due to the policies he implemented with gitmo. What do you think Steve you are next with Michelle McPhee on W market -- Audio. Oh well at the bottom of first qualifier by the food -- special about this topic for all the you know what I got a group W on this one because it's not so much that ordered you know there's a feud between admiral -- Margaret wonder who want to relevant. What won't happen though if you don't go there or get additional bomb off. Is that the trust will focus on that. And they'll take away from the track that we -- aerobatics it it is evil scourge in the world -- albeit well. You know mission was accomplished now there's been impressed will be all but there's that bush showed up. And that's not what this -- -- -- Obama. Bob bush. -- -- Our country and I would bet they all built a -- show up -- -- -- were quietly in Salt Lake every class fact. But -- did I didn't agree with but I -- our demand has integrity and act like. -- as a firefighter I think I understand exactly when you're coming from because you know you and I have been an all too many fire houses in New York City and Xena said death toll. In the memorials to the pollen in you know my thought is -- the latter won eighteen. At a morning team was in Berkeley Heights Brooklyn they were one of the first rigs at the scene. And everyone on the truck died it was crushed to you know -- the members found that the rig under a pile of rubble and everyone aboard. Average had Paris you know Steve that there are all buried in the same great. And tying guy a black guy. I I know all of their names and it's kind of black guy -- Irish guy and a Spanish guy all buried in the same grave often -- when he team. Well I don't appropriate here is it'll be. -- -- -- finals for the family all have a feud that we all have our issue is back and forth here and that but the the point that the report for you gotta get the combat. In in civilian situation and whether the the bonding thing there and so they're all the same very. What surprised me I three and 43 on my -- most of their chicks artwork -- fan but I. Whether they're from New York they're from Boston -- from elsewhere or -- -- -- where all that we all feel and the fact of the matter is the focus needs to be on. And there is no closure don't treat yourself on that the level will be. We're -- closure how to be closure and and that's why I I. I always smiled to myself in in a very grateful way when I see any by track in Massachusetts. That have never forget 9/11 or just simply the number is 343 units you know you know. You go and Belichick go but that's why not -- approach will just turn up for the not. -- radio I -- Stated proudly say. Saatchi Saatchi and next with Madonna BMW our allies that. Oprah show Arab. Pressed about I'd like to thank you for your services. At a news reporter -- -- We lost acts that's knowledge and Abby Elliot Matt Harris and expressed. The -- are there but the different story today I don't that's didn't get that today and screaming nearly actually and I think the same anyhow. Let's go to Mary and Mary and -- next I think it just became so all the while. What I actually think of the nice to meet at a high actress. He was confused he was who is totally confused. Mary and yet next with Michelle McPhee on WR -- Ohio Mary and now. I'm great I don't I do feel good today still it's I'm still in the glow up knowing that deadline had a double tap to the Durban. And I hate it stops commitment that attacked Atlantans sound a little. -- are about as but I have to tell you eight so let did you exports declined -- Eat eat just went out. -- personal dignity. And the press just Mary -- Lester right every chance they admit where that man. Really eat diets and then -- last thing quiet meet meet changes -- each don't like about now he didn't -- so. I'd love to see him come out -- at all. Source -- down at Schick at anti and I was surprised a predator as at -- at camp. I'm twenty and I had acute problems some you know he's -- and it dignity and -- opt in I wouldn't be in the same spot. It. We ran -- -- is so we're very clear because it's exactly. In the memory of your brother as so many about a happy so it if you don't mind if you wanna share just a little bit about your -- of people don't forget who he was in and how he died at the hands of those that this murderous coward. -- my brother worked to catch -- Gerald. 42 years -- -- men. That her. It is being Easter don't want -- back. Vote smart oh right right at all on the end saying well our -- well you respect. It has -- it just you know -- it slipping eight and just think back to march stops. It's a mistake it -- -- a street just get caught it it began the delicate. Editing. I am like Texas they can collect -- -- now. -- -- That we get on the ten year anniversary of 9911. Asthma alive -- eyewitness at the world and -- that's. And then back it went get a day out dust out of I'm like I'm my front box. I just haven't been able to about. Mary -- your brother's name coming up on the put up no this memorial pitch to him and I put it. -- -- -- And EU KE UER -- well IAA. And I'll. -- find that common a common put attributed brother up on my FaceBook page which. I think I -- I had eight. And you have you have that you have a lot of skin in this in this by in this argument if you feel like bush opponents on on 9/11 I respect that a great deal. Ari thank south have a great day. -- -- Marion thank you for sharing those memories and Charlie there's so many stories like that. You know I somebody and the upper floors of Cantor Fitzgerald what you would accompany -- would absolutely devastated rocked. What deaths because of where are hated high starlet go right ahead. I don't know literally tie it up but George Bush is a president. This idea. It's if you put dollar bottle it and that would be revenue very wrong. It would seem -- a lot of so that's where you know president Barack Obama or after the Fort Hood shooting with Malik assign. He not give a shout out to his children and that it out at. No George Bush quietly parents secretly and we -- want to know this quietly and secretly met with the families of those dead soldiers. That's right -- it right prevalent Obama would not gonna have. This guy and less is no look curry advises. -- that was why it is that the -- and it was for political reasons. Well and tell you make good point but at the same time I just think that there were a lot of people and heard Steve the -- by calling a few minutes ago. But there are a lot of people who would like to see George W. Bush again. And congratulate him because he made that promise to all of us he made it without a teleprompter he made it without permission from a security detail. And it was heartfelt and it was real and you could feel at the mammoth so sincere. Why there are a lot of cops and firefighters and nine workers in the people more on the pile day after day of the day reporters to. Who still felt that even now we're objective at the time like -- And we felt that he would he'd he'd touch stats because we needed it we needed to feel good and it's our friends and someone was able to do that this country make us feel good. As bad idea collect. -- at your local what Obama does not make you feel good. Well I mean I -- I'm telling you George Bush might not have been the greatest president was that they had. But he. Wait swap much much but it doesn't. Well this guy probably doesn't I was wary of people around the world -- that's only what he. I really don't -- bad not bitter. I don't about the gotten out the guys this week is -- great week to be an American but I was a little I did wince when he heard a speech he was like. I me me me me me me me. It to -- don't let don't let you all my soul. That's the law. Well that's it thank you very much for the call. -- you've heard the news George W. Bush was invited to visit ground zero what the president tomorrow. He has declined he will be -- however on the ten year anniversary of that terrible day. What do you think I think weeks ago it's as a -- You shouldn't go okay well mr. Obama -- domestic -- man has gone to ground zero for only one reason. For formal opportunities. First portfolio re election. Whether it's on the block that GI Joe the lot of Osama ultra won his grandmother under the bus to -- the basic crap okay. And believe me if the American people get sucked in other crime and again for not a boy years. The American people deserve what they kept from the continent. A bit rot let me let me count that I'm not disagreement or whatever you want. By bad -- Republican Party giants did to make sure that that doesn't happen. What does the Republican Party a little input output they put out that's gonna take him on an end with each passing day the guys getting stronger and we have nothing. From the Republican Party to counter what's happening. I've put myself first of all it's early in that game. Okay -- It's not early when you're -- like -- happening really us. We've got installed on my lifetime. Is slightly election would be it was in the six months -- before an election. To wherever it's free for giving at a time it reaches the point of ridiculous. It thank you rats -- losing it again back in action -- -- next with Michelle McPhee -- and 6080 WR KL. That although I'm on the -- the -- I AM 680 WRKO. 6172666868. Do you wanna see George W. Bush at Obama's shoulder at ground zero tomorrow. Yes and no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right Chris. It was the very agreed weep for president Barack Obama to have me. Keep him accolades it's all back -- -- Guys out that he's not -- the photos because of Muslim sensitivities. Identified the sweat and his brow. So they could have a Catholic burial -- Because the only thing they found -- captain Brian Hickey was his helmet I just told about latter won eighteen everyone on the reg guide -- buried in the same grave. I've talked about police officer and wires Smith. Who was photographed by my newspaper the daily news. Leading someone I did the building bloodied and dazed went back in -- came out again. So we get X -- transparency. For those families. In order to kowtow to the Muslims are you serious president Barack Obama -- that lasted. Let's firewall lasted I -- thing to say about the president didn't it. There was there was there was scared and I mean three old days of me sane while he did a great job while. Barack Obama but let's -- Jenny said. The Muslim should be grateful the moderate Muslims who will living by their real time should be grateful that guy -- day. -- anyone else wants us dead any house. What every particulates decision made by the White House collection of fools. And had a Leon Panetta to CIA director told us that he was gonna release the photos. And then as donkey Obama tells us that he's not gonna release the photos -- it could inflame Muslims. Unbelievable. -- You know what I'm gonna take it all back George W. Bush shouldn't -- any idea edit -- -- are ground zero hello -- around Michelle McPhee. -- -- -- and let -- the last caller Mary air and it. It -- really it is bringing it back again and bring back those big in my heart this code out there in their -- If I knew this would happen and there's just stuck where she was failing grade probably for a couple of if there -- some. Quote or something like that but now. Especially acute or drop in -- that is -- -- that you know -- door and artwork narrow and I wanna move on but. Did they pick their macro workers who are in the economic dismay there's like all the way up until walk over -- or before the app that they and a keep this going now I -- a bit Obama did -- all to get back. And then again -- the integrity of course. Well I am so glad they deny them it's not just learning that's new new pictures. You can tell that that her death. Just because of somebody else's benefit. Obama -- in the same thing with that that support Obama. Criticizing. -- boast or when he was in office for you only doing it for personal gain merely doing -- -- oil -- yadda yadda yadda. And now what is Obama doing it is true that I not. Not understanding local big picture of this is people need that. Being looked at their killer it means to see how -- say I -- there -- things -- that we can't handle it when news. Why you know iMac I really hope this happens and for every cop -- -- by the listening right now let's get a message to our friends in New York City that. -- 78 wind is said the -- to ground zero tomorrow when Obama shows up. We should drowned him what chance we want the pictures we want the pictures. This is that total outrage -- it's a very dumb move on behalf of the White House very down. Just clinic I was doing well his popularity was escalating in the polls he pulls this ridiculous move where you want to get any kowtow to. They hurt feelings of the Muslims over the hurt feelings of the nine elevenths families like Maryann. Who very graciously just described her brother for -- and by the way -- I am going to put up on my FaceBook page you can access that -- Michelle -- Dot com click on the FaceBook -- Michelle -- dot com in you can find out about me aryan brother. And Marion is right George W. Bush in going to India this guy now concede just can't tell it he cannot trump. The needs of the Muslim community over the wants of American citizens he just can't do it drives -- crazy. It definitely added I don't. And I didn't even know what they're visiting the family -- this other guy is worried about it birds that in him in and ignoring the media you know. We did you know leader on the day in the league assignment bananas which by the way was the fault of his administration for ignoring all the warning signs that this in this army colonel. Was in fact you know. Corresponding -- -- an al-Qaeda cleric. And making these sort of broad statements of publicly -- like the infidels should die. They ignored acted in what I heard it's feeling that he was a Muslim. And look at the end result George W. Bush is meeting with the families and Barack Obama came -- give a shout out to doctor Joe Madison man. Well I'm glad I'm glad that I I I just hope that bush goes there he -- there are resolving you know even if he goes there a week from now a month from now. I think that that's probably what you're not doing me. I think that investors believe he is he's more a more. No he knows what the Obama administration is doing they're doing it for the wrong reasons and I don't think you must be a part of that. Completely agree -- you know why I really wanted bush to go to ground zero I don't want to go with president Barack Obama anymore it's all about. How can he do this thank you that tiny. -- -- -- I -- Connie on next at seven feet. I'm Michelle Ohio fantastic it's good to try to you I love partner now. I absolutely. Concurrent with most of the people have caught your show today. I believed that -- the reason that mr. Obama would have. In the sense that invitation out to President Bush is because he knows that he would bring in hordes of people. And definitely wants and they are. Well you certainly would bring -- George W. Bush believe me. -- the way I felt the bottom on that day. I -- I hold on to that because I saw a real sincerity and George W. Bush. And you're the guy who was viciously attacked. I relenting only and you talk about bullying and today if Phoebe prince's mom you know the poor little girl from South Hadley you -- side. Her mom is in a court on of about bullying coming. Look at George W. Bush the president Manny can certainly handle it but he has merciless the things there was an about -- I was at it was the it really wants and not the fact that I I think that President Bush really should go on his own at some point. And stand that would bring out the people that were very supportive of him. Today he popped up with apple on I would never forget that they of foreign assignment. I mean honestly Connie I get a little teared up every time I why is it because I remember all too clearly. Especially remembering this Secret Service like not out Mr. President you like BA. Well he -- duck President Bush as a an honorable honorable Meehan. And I I believe that Tatis made the right decision and a you know I was so surprised when you're encouraging him to -- I couldn't believe that. I take it all back hi -- -- all back well app idea that shall I jacket my good graces. As Jane my perception has now changed considering that Obama has once again and said oh we don't want to hurt the Muslims really us. Well that that just drives me crazy and I'm surprised me crazy and I'll tell you want. And Mary and talk about her brother and -- -- way up high art and yet never as a tribute to him now you can -- -- -- a comic is quiet. Sure. You have to and then you look like a wonderful man and Marianne thank you for Sharon those memories. But this is what really matters guess what -- more ball Marion feeling that I do about some nameless faceless Muslim in the middle of the Middle East. Give me. I don't know maybe I'm just freebie. I am a stomach feet. 6172666868. We did a very brief Willie watch because the I cannot stay out of the knows he cannot stay out of the news. Willie watch an update from the proud father of lions coming up quickly. And then -- -- win on a very sad news that Barack Obama has decided not to hurt the name's. All of are making sure that we are all satisfied. With seeing in the double tap to the --