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Trash Mouth Trump

Apr 29, 2011|

Real estate developer Donald Trump unleashed a tirade of profanity in a speech at a boisterous Las Vegas casino as he assured a crowd of adoring supporters Thursday night that he is seriously weighing a presidential run and will make a decision soon. Howie thought this was a crude and unecessary thing to do and would not help Trump's electability.

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Okay I wanna talk about this Donald Trump. Speech in Vegas. Billionaire businessman and possible Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called US political leadership stupid. It used the F word several times and marks in Las Vegas yesterday. Trump this associate Reuters trump used the F -- several times during the speech and made at least one bawdy joke about male testicles. He also said that he would put tariffs on Chinese imports. Quote listen bleep bleep -- would probably perk we're going to attack June 25%. He said. -- It's you know how how this fifth out of 54% of people think that's cool addition. Yes we're here. Okay. Combined. It about maybe that was cool back in the seventies to throw the F bomb around. But it's I mean it's kinda old -- At now isn't it I mean you're just don't know your -- Certain number of people for for no particular reason. Reduces desist this is serious. Candidate for president of the United States just casually throw around the F bomber the -- bomber or anything like that. I try -- you know why -- If -- -- record my speech last night might -- comments I spoke for I don't know probably 45 minutes. And now or any and operating use the F I don't use it and I know it's gonna offend older people in the audience maybe offend. Younger people don't what why make enemies I mean what's the what's the point. What you said listen listen. You know. We're gonna attack -- 25%. What's the what's the big I mean how how -- is he -- somehow while more honest by using the F bomb I don't get it. What do you -- 1877469432218774694322. He uses that -- of course I use it it's it's in my book hit man you know the you know sometimes like quote people say and it's sometimes I and a very occasionally. -- doctor ordered a book but. Behind. -- it's. It's open -- -- have a problem when they started up -- people in Quincy a few years back for -- around the F bomb on the on the red lights. Track you know on the at that red line stations. You know. People just use it to ward to offend other people what's the what is it doesn't add anything doesn't I -- I'm -- right -- that's on my mother wanna say in this stop what I I believe it now. 18774694322. -- going -- my kids use the key words you know they they they do. 18774694322. Bob your next with how we cargo ahead Bob. Hey Ali I don't think 65 dollar develop my -- or may -- -- The other day. Sixty -- thank you. Barack Obama. Academic your impact about the yellow light boat up the supply and demand and we got -- that'll let out. And now you know. Unemployment rate to get to go up and let people you historic -- -- an acute or let yet to come -- correct though what. -- keep the unemployment. I lived through several recessions and I've always waited for the the rush hour traffic to decrease with the during the recessions and it never it's. And it -- it accurately theater -- -- come -- witness. When he come up to let it sure they'll be in May -- book. I'm going to be an I'm going to be I think two weeks from tomorrow going to be enough ports in the Portsmouth area at the Barnes & Noble and Albion albeit the two nonesuch books enough Portland. It is important up Portland South Portland a better effort. Two weeks of the two weeks from -- tomorrow so I'll be be around New Hampshire and -- the Albion Nash with a week after the next weekend. I was the import that so far to watch any of the wedding that's going. Now why did I I've I listened to a little bit of -- on the radio that's all I heard holy ghost instead of holy spirit. Used did you want to. -- I dwell -- it department of why aren't for Atlantic shortly Barney Frank and media in the audience they're. They -- they already out there that. I get fame and it'll just. Thanks Bob 18774694322. Other people missed out mistook him for a Queen Elizabeth. So -- says isn't isn't that -- younger sister La La. 18774694322860. I try not to war I try not to think of trump -- that hair. 18774694322. Let's see. Read your next with how we cargo ahead read. Well the show thanks I have to disagree. And I go back a bit. But a hockey I remembered that night in Europe what it was a Lake Placid and and the American economy now but now. Oh and or -- course and and herb brooks they would say I am -- the coach -- they -- It was a Russian player in the stick and it cut to Everett that you shot that state Greta. Oh yeah what and everybody got act and act like economy. Get pushed everybody I'll make a standup and say. The American it. But if pockets cheap business arena -- and oil -- It -- the yelled at about Obama or not on down every leader. No I I agree but for about -- down to leaders but I'm just saying it. I mean do do do and I get my solid my mother do mature people throw around the F bomb -- mixed company. What does maturity -- to do at all. Thanks for the call read 1877469432. To ignore your next with how we are going to ignore -- -- -- I check grammar book I call Lucia. Yeah Hollywood being. We can almost -- Sherlock ought to do. Blew out and it got this. Call back nor a year you'll break it up 18774694322. Barbara you're next with how we -- ahead Barbara. How writers -- Being vice president remember what he said -- when he was thought that I need to help -- if your health care bill. I'll -- -- this is a big bleeping deal. And that's of the big the FBV and didn't the FAA east that the F word and I didn't backlight on the new twenty port seventh and I think it out. Well was played a lot and by the way he did that copy didn't expect that to be picked up by microphones as well -- these adult and I -- you are without says that. And they get in Ahmedabad and drug. Have a bind for the comments Obama on the personally wonder one CA CAD. Well I'm of the belief that whenever there's a microphone in the -- -- don't use the I've been upset that a few times over the years when I do. I'm not a good idea but you know look at it drunk people -- biggest and the obvious -- it anybody -- and Obama said that the question are. Are hanging on to your son. Clayton -- That Obama had a lot of really that's saying they. It's he had. This but I need to get -- does -- does that does that excuse dropped from from being. And. But I can't play pocket -- ultra -- Barack Obama. The ninth time that as you know pay -- -- -- moment. I will to Barbara but I mean this is how. How does this help his campaign to throw around the F. I don't think it's right. I don't think at. This I think we should start writing a little more presidential he has an and that. Yeah it I think he'd been in the trying to promote the bike and then not like he hit it well. I'm great I'm not happy. I know it's a way it's a way we all speak I mean we all we all have gutter mouth at this point but I mean when your when your public Q you -- you watch what you you watch fueled the way you speak I thanked. I think I think he does I think he I think he didn't I liken using that word because you don't disturb people rub. And people are very very angry and beyond the way he's talking and I think I would like -- art. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. If you come to brooks Brookline books Mets tonight you will not hear the F bomb not out of me anyway. Same thing goes from Barnes & Noble tomorrow when in Burlington and the job Milwaukee tomorrow night in Newbury port. Dan your next with Howie -- go ahead Dan. Hey how we. -- you guys you know I want it broke my mother as well as an English teacher. You know would say I use of profanity is. Or vocabulary and -- an adult. Ideally. You -- and work. Yeah I guess yeah. And had no idea I think is really. And red we happen here hopefully. Serious people. Start to be bigger part of the debate. Yeah I you don't like amber I once I had the opportunity I just got invited down to when I was in Florida I get a what tomorrow I go for dinner. He wasn't thrown around the F bomb in his own place now. Not but I spent a lot of time with a but he I you I -- walking around that he introduced himself on electronic crap 'cause I'm a paying customer but you know what. What it wouldn't be gained by a a you know I mean it's. It's it's false bravado to throw around the F bought my ticket at this point again there's nothing that. Additional river first time I heard the public what I think tickets I think it's the first time I heard there was radio. The sort of it when I was a freshman at UNC and this black panther was -- a -- it come up from Winston-Salem. And he was sits up and about you know I don't know what he would vote the white the white on keys or something or other. And some but some lone person in the at this student groups goes. Move. And he goes. -- Boo on you but well you know we permit same word Donald Trump used editor Ed but that was forty years ago debt. Now I mean it was. It had some sort of shock value at that point. Now now you can that he could turn on MTV video here at 22 minute two seconds into what turn and an odd right. -- it is already. Generous -- they use some of these reality shows -- walks around -- prompt our spelled the united classy classy. You know early eighties got this persona that it. You know he -- class. Those things and has and that this is pretty. Deep class -- Yeah I played great thanks -- 18774694322. On our car. Seventh forcing tonight for a breakthrough to. Somebody wants us how we know upside to the F bomb. 774100%. Wharton the F bomb rise above and show some class would want our kids say that. 603 you can talk that way in Vegas but not the other 57 states. Seven they want what I tell my kids never use those words because you will slip and use the -- bad time I think that's good advice. Let's see here 18774694322. Bible Belt will not vote for Donald bleeping trump. I don't really there are people that are offended and not just elderly people you have that are offended by by the F law. You know it's it's. What's why -- a way to ward two to use a word that's it that's offensive to one. And crew it is crew. 18774694322. Darren your necks every would you consider a once in awhile you but again I don't I don't nobody every it's ever it's it's ever appropriate to say it in a in a mixed -- -- it. So like an old. Well you know -- sound like but that's web field Darren your next with how we cargo ahead Darren. I -- all the time long that -- Yet occur if you don't need to be doing had been on -- -- -- at my mind that one when they're drunk while biggest bank and the president. But -- activate created you acquire a lot I am a retired sailors so struck me. I can make a double look. Eric but I'm not place it on your you don't look at an economist what you pick up -- -- -- to -- Exactly. Exactly you -- you know what the other thing is you don't see it when this cameras around the it's gonna back to bite yet. This page you're going to I would say thing in my out like a quote or pocket like social on YouTube channel them ultimately. Say right in my area in the in real quick and not. Junior high tech in his seventies the many moons ago urgent secret delaying or remember the name genocide. Elder -- profanity as a crutch for the weak mind court demonstrated -- well what are you know whatever. We think about that general it. Yeah he's right he was right thanks for the call their 1877469432218774694322. How we if you like the plain speaking to a page in Maine went on trumped by the people are sick of polish politicians. You know he says he says kiss mighty rear I mean that's at that that's a lol that's that's a couple of steps below while the F -- 18774694322. I must say I admit I I thought I was amused when he said -- kiss my -- You know but -- but again I I would I would I don't say the I've said that a couple times you know just when I got really. I can't remember seeing a more a couple of times invests in these -- Warner mindset. 18774694322. Billiard next with how we cargo ahead -- Yeah Ali yes I think we auto. Put a push on -- for -- in. Eight in the vice president. That. Little pages never use the F Bob and public as any. All don't know -- -- -- -- fiery spirit what I'm talking about right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Right. I made truck was playing up to his audience you know you like the throw it it's you know. But he's not like he's not like the host of the morning zoo show and you know there have been a saint Patrick -- drawn. It's sub Irish bar supplement this -- was to be president. Coveted dispute apparatus. And yes you can use it once for emphasis bill amused that three or four times that they -- Yeah. I think he used a few times. Well I'd I'd like to see him go ahead it will Obama though right he'd wipe -- out. Yeah. Well death. I don't -- -- -- sometimes you know you play it cool and a that's way to go on TV you know ye EQ -- He QB too -- -- is like Marshal Cohen said you know TV is a cool medium you know you have to you have to play at. Kind of laid back and I'm not sure that the I know it wouldn't say it in the debate and like you probably to you match insane and and added this a Republican debate in a couple of weeks I don't know if he's gonna be there or not. Because I guess he's not going to be -- has built -- be the sweeps going on in so a Celebrity Apprentice will be will still be on the year. But if if if this summer rolls around he's a candidate in the east he uses the F Guam IQ I'd like I can't imagine it won't happen. Thanks for the call bill -- all your next with how we are going Agile. -- already are a couple of extra ball and and our decision to the term is what little -- -- wait longer. The much of a line at 9 in the morning I don't think -- world albeit it didn't look at. That's -- but I we're gonna have breakfast the -- kids place in it Scarborough before I do my book signings that nonesuch books in the South Portland and that effort go ahead. Hope -- -- -- Among different something Europe if we -- the 25% tariff or not Chinese goods. Wolf we all be better than reported I'm not the -- -- Yes it all and also was that the Chinese own idea on a lot of our run debt. Don't they Joe -- there's a pretty easy way for the Chinese to -- responded kind isn't there that you just -- the debt and and wreck wrecked the dollar not that it's not on the verge of being wrecked anyway by ourselves right. You know we just got -- and stuff -- what -- brought out of business. Right right. Yes. Thanks thanks to all see it Karen's. 187746943221877469432. -- Trumpet has got to talking about a for the last thirty minutes yet but is this yeah I don't would would be time we talk about trump. You know. Just about every day one way or another maybe not for all -- but we we talk about all the time he's been the front runner. For goodness sake Pepsi most basic goodness sake. Ability of the the Fox News poll came out today -- -- tied for third that was down orbit from Rasmussen poll yesterday which -- first place. Had a -- and a remarkably. Build your next with how -- cargo ahead bill. -- -- Bet it's gonna be -- these awoke did he probably have a report said that though we have people. There are -- -- almost what to think of what you read that you in the -- ball is if on the X out of what Dick wrote a book. He shouldn't have been -- are put on such a bad -- you shouldn't -- be have a this way to. Now you should you should. I agree with Krauthammer right they can you know that -- what. What you needed what the Republicans need is some guy who's just going to be you know called cool and collected right. Right and it you know if you try it all of that why people wanna get off course that -- no way I could kill us. We achieved export the victim of the serious -- shouldn't be saying GAAP book I think is why -- Ali by The Who negotiated. That might feel that chick is Bob -- Tim Geithner. Coaching gig at the Chinese laws I mean they must look at what look at -- say this is the best America. I'll have better but the last time it was in China or may be the only time he was in China I believe there were snickering -- when he was making a speech. Well I don't want to go what are what have these to a big lead to the pop strategies go all the -- But the real where they ask it that -- -- -- series we did just that kept score up against what they. Wolf they are -- in these people serious effort. And that Huckabee ticket. Treat this apart -- and peace so it's not a lot better over till it's gonna drag out of it that's what are getting any play at all is that he got the call or elsewhere -- -- -- But you know some somebody's throwing the F bomb around you take them seriously. Mean you know -- -- Christmas party at somebody's throw the F bomb around you say -- loaded you know urged I don't trump doesn't drank. But it just goes to see where is the self control or -- the vocabularies and I thought he was I thought it was an ivy leaguer. It was that Obama. Well how we want people as well and mixed -- and -- usually there avalanche it on the head most of it. Thanks for the call bill 18774694322. George you're next with how we are glad George. -- -- -- -- every bit architecture are a smart guy and doesn't say anything at what he knows what he's recording the reason why. You know that -- -- -- an F bomb it get from the publicity get on the headline get to cheers from his base. It also gives it the reason to drop out of the election because of these problems pop. You know you don't really wanna be president he just want to be out there on the issues bank and Obama like likable at the and I and a -- can't. And and bring -- the issues like the the fraud and that's it out is is it now. I don't I I think I think he's you know I think you'd like some publicity obviously I think he also wants to get high ratings for a for his TV show. Right you don't want to be president -- want to get you want to make certain issues they want to knock Obama. And the apple -- device is sort of debate that excludes look at the Colombian president and he knows it that's why don't they -- intentional. Most likable guy last week in Florida and those are pretty well I think I mentioned this earlier in the week he said he makes two million bucks a week on a Celebrity Apprentice. Even if you got tons of money. You don't you get paid two million bucks for a couple hours worked pretty good that's pretty good wages isn't it. That's about what -- regular books already get it. I wish George I wish. Thanks for the call 18774694322. -- how we are. 18774694322. -- you're next with our cargo ahead Kevin. They -- -- -- ever appear anymore and I I believe I know what's up professional would drop the sting left and right like project mother but. You know it it's the right person drops the F bomb on the right person for the right reason its goal. And you'll get away with it and now. I agree but I don't I don't think you could keep using it over and over again that it kinda loses its affect the president and it just becomes. A crotch. Cheney Dick Cheney used BitTorrent lately on the floor this and it brought. He used it once well right. -- it's a smile on New York that once we news wrote that the news hit that ball back to what against like that arms basically Europe. It just prematurely it wasn't the best value for. That's. That's right it's like -- when you quite you don't you don't claps in court when your at your arraignment -- wait until the judges about the senate Hutu was some prison time. Thanks for the call Kevin 18774694322. Henry your next with PowerPoint cargo ahead Henry. -- OK different why didn't use the F -- us. -- -- -- No it's it's not but you know again though he you know there there is some to -- he's he's a fool. Right I mean he didn't know he was he was on. It was in front of a microphone only only guy who's only -- like Biden would be stupid enough to do what B Donald Trump used at deliberately. Repeatedly. Okay so my other point about trump is sister not his profession is a professional negotiator. All these things about 25% tariff on Chinese goods and taken the Iraqi oil and other those are negotiating started. Right right but I just I don't I don't mind that I just. I don't know I just got to cringe when I heard him when I heard big bleeped out repeatedly thanks for the call Henry on how we are.