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Is Easter to blame for Unemployment Rates?

Apr 28, 2011|

First-time filings for unemployment claims jumped last week, coming in above the key 400,000 level for the third straight week, according to a government report Thursday. The number of initial claims rose to to 429,000 in the week ended Apr. 23, up 25,000 from the week before. It was the highest level in three months, and surprised economists, who were expecting initial claims to drop to 390,000 in the latest report. They are blaming the Easter holiday for the numbers. "This is a major disappointment because it's another move in the wrong direction," said Tim Quinlan, economic analyst at Wells Fargo. Are you surprised about the latest figures?

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And and and now now they're blaming the the increase in the -- rates in the in the rates of or the filings for unemployment. On the Easter who didn't ever say. I was gonna get a job but dammit it's -- Yeah yeah the the they they stopped pirate about the plant because it's Easter. I mean how do you excuse this -- they make for this guy. 1877469432218774694322. Of you wanna talk about this and you -- if you noticed that the economy takes a dip around Easter every year this was an amazing. Amazing story of that that appeared at CNN. Kipp believe CNN this said this that they admitted this wal mart's core shoppers are running out of money much faster than a year ago due to rising gasoline prices in the retail giant is worried. CEO Mike Duke said Wednesday. We're seeing -- prince our core consumers under a lot of pressure dukes added an event in New York a wonderful was the fund raiser for Barack. There's no doubt that rising fuel prices are having an impact. Wal-Mart shoppers many of whom live paycheck to paycheck typically shop in bulk at the beginning of the month when their paychecks command. Lately their quote running out of money on quote at a faster clip he said. Purchases are really dropping off by the end of the month even more than last year dukes said the this end of the month purchases cycle is growing to be a concern. Duke said he's not seeing any signs of a recovery. Yet. Oh man 18774694322. House that opened change thing working out for you how's the how's the economy going. Again what the price of gasoline as it's it's about to cross over at my gas station to four dollars. Four box. And no word nothing nothing is ever mentioned they got -- always TV stations. All that reporters are most of them don't separate when he but they have reporters in London. What it what they do they go to London they're running up the expense account they don't have any reporters that the gas stations or the super markets but the got a reporter in London. And what it what what's -- idea. They hold -- they they hold up at a a copy of the front page of a London newspaper. What what are they hostages and their proven they're still alive I mean what what it's that they have the go to London to hold up the front page which some call the Internet now. I can see the front page of the British newspapers every morning. We can't we can't be talking about you know inflation we can't be talking about the -- of -- -- when we can be talking about rising unemployment because it it might hurt. The messiah Barack Obama the man who cannot be distract that. Get off his back so we can go -- to all Brock. Billiard -- with Howie -- go ahead bill. They Alley I don't know is that cause -- -- Gas corporate mode both does inflationary pressures but you get it. But the notion that it ought to -- I think it would be -- when are you hope never executives say. The -- but I don't worry about the inflationary. Will we -- we expect -- hope. Avoid what he talked about abuse right it but I hope that -- this guy probably that pathetic one point 8% top GDP. That -- should receive I was just what about it. But CNBC. -- -- Elway and Maria Bartiromo -- what all of the bit. Talked about tried to push -- stick out like. That's their job you don't think it's the sports writers in Boston are are there to -- the pomp bombs for the sports teams. The CNBC anchors they are the wave upon palms for Barack Obama it's the same bag. Well if they they are particular lessons for bought craft of the pages that's a player that played by the way that playbook and CI ABC -- it is cheerleading all the time. -- -- talked about that knows how. We went to go back it would double double double dip recession that these people act like there was so so that this group was a hopeful that as you're sick leave issue. Of what we shouldn't -- you kidding me. We shoot it and you know these you know you know but don't worry about the gasoline prices shirts four bucks a gallon than -- it's probably have it to five bucks a gallon and it's more than doubled since the messiah became president. But don't worry because it's. Chances are it's gonna go down after after -- at some point they don't I don't. What it's going down it's just gonna go down. -- Ali about the quote out of it used against people will strike dividend would get. This guy if I can tell what that I want what I like the people although it's arguably be curable quality music we get along with the ice just because of that. Did you see this the super speak of Saudi Arabia. President Obama said the administration is pushing Saudi Arabia and other countries to boost their oil production. Well we're not boasting ourselves we're we're shutting down. Oil production in this country but where we're demanding that our so called allies increase their oil production I do what must they be thinking. Like cello just that this -- of the EPA together point seven billion barrels of oil -- but. Alaska and they're -- they have the call local pressure of another country to pull out of pocket. -- you know how we had no useful supposed to do what five years ago with the people last week not environmentalists. I'm sorry I hate to break -- To be called quote quote green energy fix will root problem of how I I if you look green greed greed greed -- yet which -- until we learn that I don't. -- -- that it doesn't it doesn't work at least four assists and. Now thanks for the call -- 1877469432218774694322. Robert your next with how we cargo ahead Robert. You might call. And certainly other than -- does the governor of Texas record to two weeks ago. About to a President Obama to load them -- a clear picture of the national word used to be a little fire -- right. And citizens -- Blake. It's a Republican state when it what does he care. So although -- is this the reasoning that you reward your friends of uninsured enemies. Well -- sort of Obama making these -- would just pick apart is that what they're going. Well -- -- collecting money from big business so they didn't -- give them contracts there's not in the civil want to go. -- as is senator George Washington -- -- of Tammany hall said more than a century ago there's honest graft and there's dishonest Grafton political fund raising is known as honest graft. What what gets me though is that the he has the audacity to say doesn't need these distractions and to be one thing if he was like you you don't. At least it convening the the fiction. Of a and economic summit conference or something like that. But he has the audacity to say he can't take the distractions in many flies off to go on Oprah and what -- kidding hole the hell is he kidding anymore he's not get the people in Pennsylvania they beat poll numbers in Pennsylvania which has been a swing state -- been democratic in recent years. It's now 4350. To one favorable rating 52% unfavorable rating in Connecticut and they elected an extremely conservative senator in the hole in the in the elections last all. They elected a Republican governor for the first time in how many years -- call. -- it you know he's he -- the the the emperor has no clothes and it's is it's becoming increasingly. Obvious to everyone concerned thanks for the call Robert Eric you're next with how we cargo ahead -- So we're Christians all the unemployment went up because the spirit of America a speech. I -- this does not the -- -- from the White House. Art in your player to go there themselves or get the start was even it would happen -- -- well what we do it now. You know unemployment data in -- there are 200000 people. I mean their diet unbelievable he's got off fingers got more index finger on it here than anybody I've ever met in my like credit note and well there's -- between -- particular point the finger everybody else but not -- -- So what the impact that there's going to be some Exxon mobile but show up you know all the big is. Oil companies and gas company people -- these are great it's like the love of life because their proper spiritual guru. Well John public is paying a bit and yeah I mean it's it's just ridiculous they've got sweet cute did a good week to. So there honestly truthfully about them at all although. -- ever see it in my back pocket because all they wanna do -- take more money from either helped recover what their party spent and then drop from Social Security every other program that we are going on that -- -- simple. They could they can pick everybody's pocket in the US in the market have enough money to fix Social Security in medic here I'll rest of these programs just there's just not that there's -- -- lap which are right he does. I love that -- yesterday to again. Again I have more important work to do it's not it's not my administration he did say we a couple of times but finally he just can't resist and he says. I have important. Things to do like like -- What web -- when you get back from a busy corporate having the fund raiser what are you gonna do play. Round of golf number 74 and a heavily up pick up basketball game at the White House where at what the what is what are these important. That things Richard -- east east which portable easiest guys I've ever seen. At least the president of the United States she doesn't righty just blames everybody else that's all he does. Thanks for the caller 18774694322. Cart your next with how we are. It first time caller on Pamela you and I just several simple question is probably above -- is that I always thought it was very. The -- Everyone -- in there it was it was -- high school. And then -- then it became Barack because that sounded more exotic when he began running for prophecy is made it. Head on his original -- Noise I think his original birth certificate is Barack but he was you you always say it -- in high school everybody up here or prep school everybody called him Barry. Well it's a crime what they're doing. -- and anybody that is the that is really. Well. Well -- that Easter is over though the economy's going to be looking a lot better card well you -- At one point 8% growth that. In this month. And that's. It's a gaudy numbers and as the sports writers say that I can say he's got a gaudy economic record thanks article. 1877469432218. Now. You know why blame for this this this -- downturn. Blamed the Easter Bunny. You know what the hell was he stated that they the everybody was too busy you know eating. Keeps. And you know dyeing eggs. Using those terrible red dye number 21 all the rest problem. The Easter Bunny has has brought our economy to this sorry sorry paths. 18774694322. I'm Bob -- this up I just I just read it before one on the are one of the Drudge I just wanted to check out the unemployment reportedly they actually blamed the the the increase in the initial jobless filings on Easter 1877. For what's next holiday coming up some more war nobody. Patriots day is over. When that's just Massachusetts and Maine anyway. I guess it's gonna I guess that's going to be the Memorial Day downturn. 18774694322. People were too busy laying in stocks of but charcoal and you know way getting -- and -- -- their law and says it is too was. To to grow the economy so that'll be the Adobe -- next excuse I guess. 18774694322. Tammy your next with Howie Carr go ahead time. I always ask me -- Easter Bunny and Obama look pretty -- RD day. But the as I got -- -- -- What -- Harvey you know what the big rabbit -- -- -- maybe that's -- economic advisor is hardly. I have a feeling portrait and that then -- now what the I economy out western masses on good is paid my -- elation a little bit early skeptic he bought back Saddam. Yeah well it at all don't like aspect -- don't know a and without -- they're redundant about Obama what I couldn't stand about this. Birth certificate saying he says I don't have. This silly as well you know what for two years I didn't have tiger -- -- -- we're not sure on the damn thing. And the other thing is like yours set to drive the white on how to edit -- This silliness and pick -- blaming it on all. I don't even Anke here's what that at the time majority of the time it makes sense and. Nobody's ever called them on anything to them so we he would mix he doesn't expect to be ever ever be have anybody say. This guy's full -- you know. -- -- where I'm way I'd never seen ritual one president -- light in terms of how angry he is that everybody because he does. I'll be playing is she art it's great. Daniel manager had a good column in the Wall Street Journal last week about his it is his petulant it's. -- mean it really he and it's real I think it's really hurting him in the polling manager was on to something. You don't you see somebody on TV every night you you don't want somebody who's who's in your face all the time and lecturing Leo you know. Have been in the coming up with these cockamamie excuses like he's a distracted and carnival barker is and you know the Easter Bunny did it all this stuff -- it's just. It's just -- work on her you know -- -- Thanks thanks for the call them 18774694322. Chris give me the Easter Bunny on the phone. Is go he's got a lot to answer for here in this of that new jobless report -- work -- it. 18774694322. John your next with how we cargo ahead John. He says why -- -- -- -- web. And you gave me an idea. Everybody's gonna get imposed its import that -- change US and -- you have all of every job I -- aren't. That you don't what that would be good -- If you see have you seen the Obama 2012. Bumper stickers on the back of cars. I -- I thought I absolutely generated ones from last time around. I think he's right I've seen two or three it's awesome in Florida last we can achieve a couple so it's like -- back to Massachusetts. Well I can guarantee you -- we're on conservatives as the that'll put thereby Boone -- -- You can do it and this is gonna want to studio in my life. But it rarely out despite living. Now it is and you know it the biggest -- them the media the mainstream media just won't give -- it's like the -- said earlier they're. They're still they're still waving the pomp -- and give me and I'll give me a big give me -- you know -- it's -- -- -- these cable channels. I was on channel seven the other day that talked part of kept a concrete that -- -- of -- bridge -- not jumps there. And the guys that are you shocked about that and I took what was shortly that you guys do a story on capitol I'm. That didn't make it on the exit. It did not that's too bad thanks for the call -- 1877. So it'll bullet here for the very exciting will -- -- -- -- -- 18774694322. -- Howie -- I tell you might find that he's for money -- -- -- a piece of my mind. -- One of the economy yet again this year. We reach of this this pair. From the this is from the Associated Press it's it's by the way it's what it's about more people applied for unemployment benefits and it's illustrated. With a giant. -- a photograph of a giant sign that says we are hiring. Really apparently the story says were not hiring and they've got a picture of we are higher that says where hiring. Several economists attributed the increased difficulties in seasonally adjusting. The data around the Easter holidays. Since the timing of Easter changes each year but that among around the holiday week can be volatile. In other words. Don't even try to pin us down on this for the BS but it is because the -- the the the Easter holiday changes every year. So it's meaningless. Is it let. Because. Some some years Easter can be as early as march and some years can be as late as may right. But that's the excuse of the week. And so it out what it might they -- despite a way to tax a Mother's Day downturn in jobs creation that's the next that you he's right that's the next one. The increase in unemployment filings was -- blamed on Mother's Day. 18774694322. Don't forget about Flag Day in June all of the annual Flag Day. Jobs. Turned down turn. 1877469432. To add your next with how we -- ahead bad. They are whoever made sergeant about a year ago we were down -- beside the little card. Reform next door neighbor mind. Implement. And but I wanna mention names but he worked for mr. meet mister -- And he was an ankle bracelet on I told about it these subtle little greeting card -- -- sort of get -- -- in parts of north. He -- -- -- a pick me up but I couldn't Iraq. Whatever about the birth certificate. Even if he wasn't there you know politically -- what legitimate you know gonna find about. This is what ticks me off this -- right around on Oprah is quite toward thousand -- skirts on the view. And down -- But not maybe the problem got that I might be a racist you've got 20250. People dead in -- homes wiped out completely he should be. Eat it I remember abortion decision knucklehead he did this wrong did that wrong but I've -- -- about eleven thing. He would to a fire possibly look no reporters no cameras no not the shot pool with the guys. You know spent some time with -- -- number he's got to the best hospitals no cameras with them. But but how obvious this is why people don't by the press what you can meet these people are dying down yet they left that they lost everything look at including me feel -- -- And -- knuckle heads on Oprah. So that that's given an optional he doesn't give -- -- and that's my opinion. That's a good point -- you know you know what else is getting any publicity is this or not much not the publicity it deserves is you don't -- nine more Americans killed in Afghanistan I mean if George Bush. I mean that it would be all -- that would be -- pieces on the evening news say. Obviously. You you know our Afghan allies are -- and reliable even though apparently this had to do this say this had to do with his partly the -- personal finances and was depressed it's -- -- but they've been using it as a as an example of the failure of American policy in Afghanistan. Now it's just now it's just. Let's go back let's go back to another report from London. But they give you one last quick point one left report you don't -- -- do with slipped around here most allies. You know the drug -- -- brought the province Quebec and 67 he's seen the snot nosed brat staying on of course is that we just so dim spot they couldn't stand it. I still see that picture him but they have gone and the and the and the -- this -- up and got that Barack cops and that's how we see people. Thanks for the call it. 1877469432218774694322. If by some strange quirk you still think that. Harvard students -- cut above. I would suggest that you live and Harvard Square for one dollar spent a lot of time orbits were used to live and on Prescott's streaked. And not that nothing like having two was CDs is he is -- put the snot nosed brats every day. To to know just how they're just they're just privileged few books that's all they -- -- -- OK but. They just have this year about them in. That the closely at the close she artists see you wore at -- them. But less respect you have for Mike it's like -- say that from. From personal experience. 18774694322. Steve your next without point cargo ahead Steve. And our agency the the Bureau of Labor Statistics people like -- the calendar looking for additional. -- -- hey the arbor day patch -- all for whoever. I attitude through banks warned you or your act like this. -- -- -- do I I looked all what you a couple of months ago I'm remembering last year when they blamed bad news unemployment and on and it -- And -- talk about it -- And I guarantee if you -- -- -- you'll see that and then the second thing -- the big issue is is the all the old relic. I remember reading an article in the Wall Street Joe in the last year the year before that -- during the -- you know well. During bush era when bush was still an opposite the and the -- that sort. And -- -- basically saying in spite of all the you know energy around you know to come up with alternative energy sources. Below 88 people have to realize that ordeal as a primary energy source for the next important it see it -- -- agree. Worse yet. Stevie that's the -- still the bad news the good news is we've got plenty oil -- -- No we weren't letting these. Absolute. -- dictate whether we know it's just it's really frightening. Yeah you notice too that he always talks he says this year we've last year we had more oil production than ever before in the US. Apparently what happened was that there was a -- -- -- and it spiked in the Gulf of Mexico -- it does he ever mention how oil production in the US is going this year. Of course it doesn't because it's it's way down because he's he shut down all the drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Could be completely thrilled -- apple and we had double eagle don't think it'll. You know they'll be equally a picture at least ten years now well it's about ten years since we first orbit and I hate -- think the price would be that -- It will produce at all. I don't. I know we haven't built a refinery since 1976. I admit -- it -- so you paint and of people in this state bulk from them on -- I know I know it is it is frightening that the vote form I mean they're you know they. Well I was gonna say they knocked -- a lot of them in the legislature but that doesn't make up for re electing Barney Frank and Jim McGovern and John Tierney in the rest of these people I mean they're just that they're just hopeless. Moon bats in the what and why if they ever done. These people have even had a real job -- No but they they they they -- the east -- body has said he has more experience at the dreaded private sector than Ed Markey does. Thanks for the call state 1877469432. To build your next with how we are glad bell. -- They are what show and it -- it irritated bow out. But that your caller there at that spot on a volatile ever to you know what. -- -- -- -- -- If you think that Obama is really running the show. You know there's this whole -- all of that is around us tonight. That is right lockstep with makes all the books app there's -- -- -- app. But there's people around them help. Yeah but you don't need you don't use that it's like Harry Truman set right the box pops here he's got he has to take responsibility for for everything that happens that's. I am sorry that's not above his pay grade to coin a phrase you know he's like -- it like this say it is but it's not. Well here's what happened and business at -- -- down and -- -- -- guys. It apart my trucks. The luckily I got a job a benefit of our elected seniors. I -- -- our dislike most well. I'd go to work every day. I ought to be ordered for like it there -- the talent in the raiders do it well that it ever on me and and I know what I was able to edit job but it's a -- of an -- then. It's terrible there's the US is not why I and of -- and fought for and in November. I'm gonna go out much like those apps apps arbor but you. And -- -- want if the first all. Let's say stop Obama. Well in I have edged up a layup but -- -- I cannot Hospira -- -- before. -- -- He does that he does have a clue bill thanks for the call 18774694322. Of course it's -- it is an off year election it's only the municipal elections around here it's only the municipal elections. Will be taking place 18774694322. Robbed your -- with. -- -- -- -- News yes that is the Easter Bunny. -- exhibit up and I'm the museum exhibit. I don't -- his -- it product for the sport it's yeah I don't think this is good news is this good goes and I'm gonna -- So all the all the posters of all the school kids of famous places in Maine and yeah. And this section of famous people this and we want upon fellow and -- but our example than in what it is that post or are we are. I'm up there with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow my fellow Michael Portland there is that who my fellow Portland or who like me moved to Cambridge. -- so I took a picture -- Leo yeah. -- that's great thank you -- -- picture view it. Wow man that's nice well let's that's me in the future. When the wind -- -- -- it's comedy and it's -- and it's good doctor Destefano thank you very much it'll soon be there and I'll have more I'll have. Well one of his much shares -- -- the -- at a pretty good -- by the shores of get you go me oh that's that's what that Longfellow wrote that I guess I can't write that. Was the eighteenth of April it's I care rate that either right. Thanks for the call up face for the good those 18774694322. How we car famous maniac. I don't need the tax tell me it's it's really Maynor I know I know what it means and a lot of moon bats would say I am a maniac. 18774694322. On our car. 1877469432. To stop the presses Fox News is reporting that in London police are out in force. The head of the royal wedding. Who won't know. Patrick you're next with how we cargo ahead Patrick. I could -- alloy dot I was sitting -- out. Memorial Day by the administration about beta. They can play it on all -- that -- Somebody said they're planning to watch a short the short the stock market Bob -- held by. -- Now it's it's just that it's a base we start saving these every time does it every time there's any kind of holiday that they don't they don't observe the B key that they don't like these holidays like Easter and Christmas they're. -- two Euro centric. Christian etc. etc. but boy when it comes to was fixing the blame for some open. There in any port in the storm. Chris you're next with how -- cart go ahead chorus. -- to click on permanent ones the first orders. Above -- it just seems like he doesn't care about people but this isn't the first disaster that they can I get involved shall operate in. That the situation. Now another situation now eight I think. Our stock stock are actually -- big joke. But -- always -- -- really open up the ball and challenge and set a specific date that he would tackle at ya like I think it actually be bad exes. Now yet but it. Yeah. I -- yeah what are his positions. You know important issues like Medicare he's down on Paul Ryan who -- You know congressman from Wisconsin with the best he can't. We'll talk more about that somehow we.