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Chump Line Wednesday April 27, 2011 - EBT Card Cash In

Apr 27, 2011|

Among our favorite messages on today's chump line was an apology for not going to Howie's book signing because the gut had to go run up a liquor bill on his EBT card.

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It the law in Natick is provided -- the most -- netbook that. These aren't. It's you read through all its articles that look like and act like you're -- -- Before I decided to write books. I've I've planned to write me via coast -- one of those posters they put underneath the do underneath your room. Your plate you know on -- -- restaurants there was going to be Ted Kennedy's guide to Cape Cod with a nice map on it was gonna have all the places where you have. Washed ashore and has to be rescued by the Coast Guard all the bars he had been. Banned from all the private social clubs that he had. Original forces off the front steps of the auction that will be good because every year you're gonna have a new one because every year. The -- bear seeing incidents for Ted Kennedy Ted Ted Kennedy's. Coast road map of Cape Cod. 1999. And make sure you get Ted Kennedy's map of Cape Cod 2000 there'd be a new there'd be a new disaster. Maybe new story about us you know an appalling event that happened somewhere else other than get caught. And one -- and a lot brassiere wash. Restaurant in Washington with the can be waitress sandwich with Chris thought but. I never got around to doing my my idea coasters like Ted Kennedy Cape -- map coasters so. -- decided to become an author instead. When you leave the game and don't forget his backpack. Don't want to. It's amazing how gullible people are they believe anything virgin board says that's what that the deal with this face canard -- I own a house on the case from the my middle name is warrants. Now but I left a Fanny pack -- the channel 2.5 studios yesterday when I appeared. Promoting my new book. Mean you didn't know I did not see any I don't have a feeling we're doing it. I don't have a Fanny pack I don't have the estrogen. It again this is one of those negatives of like did release a document up proving that I didn't have any of that stuff I'd be glad to release it but really says it's impossible to prove a negative. You know how we have seen your birth certificate. The -- is holding up well. And come here to remain export out. It's signed by your general Ulysses S Simpson grant. Now -- -- its just to go down go down to Portland city -- -- be my guest check it out. -- -- That way. To -- one. The that was to fit neatly on -- don't know -- as a. Is that where -- -- to William boxing got harp funds. What was it stimulus. Money. It means. We'll see. You want. Me me. Group and the -- -- I don't you well. I have shared my clams all day long whether they came from. Land -- war Jake -- are not serve our cooks. I have shared my clams with money. Mike compatriots here now at W sixty K and that Portsmouth music -- How we checked out paper certificates. We've got to -- -- me. How would -- with Henry. Again how many times must I say that I did not come here to be made sport up. Was actually adopted my my real birth name was how -- Lawrence the Macy. 87 and a look at that birth certificate. -- -- -- -- It's on by ukulele. Let's of the smoking gun says of those kind of look like ukulele. President Obama and you know long form birth certificate no problem. -- except for what what that cigarette. Sixty minutes is on the case. Thank god that Mercury issue put to rest. Don't get them equally these big issues god forbid that they can focus on the real problem. And this. More than. Enough time and attention to -- that is to be divided up among various issues -- of their Vermont I think we can talk about the the inflation rate stagflation. The Huey to -- financial. Disaster unfolding this sub prime mortgage mess thank you Barney Frank. The gas prices. The food prices. There's there's the three wars in the that the Barack has as United States currently involved and and yes let's let's not forget Guantanamo is still open. Why that -- there where are the demonstrators. Where are the moon bats like -- that's a -- recurring question. Why are there no demonstrations they drove all the way down the K -- did not see a single candlelight vigil -- don't tell me just because it was daylight that's the only reason I didn't see it. There aren't any more candlelight vigils for against the war. And against the war machine. -- REIT and make your book signing and I got a good bounce it might be a bridge filled up -- I -- -- because supported new regulations. Act. It hardly seems spirit of man welfare recipients from my using period piece of Tony cards to buy beer here on the night of the seventh. Bruins game does it. We'll talk about that when few minutes. Advocates. And state. College and -- Medical practice and it is I'm -- in the crime and it wasn't I didn't advocated. Yeah. Budget you forgot to be selective. Service. Next. Hand the Social Security. Mystery about the number that was issued in the state of Connecticut where he never lived. Next there's this much more than many that many more pressing issues facing our country. Well you know thinking oh you know watching my kids take the SEC's here Prius the I'd like to concentrate netbooks what what what what social security and selective service aside for moment focus on the SATs. These German counterfeited. British fight on his -- and the war. It's certificate Nat. Whitworth who got of this thing by the way is -- one case we wanna ask that Jay Carney who who produce this browser that we have former that he evident a and in the -- lock box somewhere under his bed. Or Barack. I was pro life people -- perhaps because -- birth certificate and every hill or. He's and I -- it is pro choice that back is that is why don't feel bad. Once you get that. Now agony is adversity pickets saying if you supported this debut wouldn't have Barack Obama. You see those billboards haven't you know I have a party mr. Now. -- I get I -- the with the one billboard I remember seeing India's the the all -- that the pictures of the kids that are killed with the guns. I wonder. How many of the kids were actually members of gangs. That -- your last -- line message thank you for calling Kelly Connor you've jumped. Okay that's it for the Joe Blanton that your point is the recorded voicemail message service of how we are sure you can call and leave a message of any hour of the day and night including weekends. The jump when number -- like to leave such a message is 6177793469617779. 3469. Today's jump what is brought you buy Lumber Liquidators Lumber Liquidators has an incredible selection and the best prices on hardwood flooring anywhere. From 99 cents a square foot. Call 1800 hard -- today for all your home and contractor needs or log on to Lumber Liquidators dot com. How sorry I can't make your book signing and I got to get down -- might be a -- buildup that I. -- -- before the new regulation expect. You shout.