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Chump Line Tuesday April 19, 2011 - Man With An Umbrella

Apr 19, 2011|

Among the messages left for today's guest host Col. David Hunt was a reference to a banner headline in the Boston Herald about a man arrested at the mall with an umbrella which was mistaken for a gun.

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-- -- you know a lot of bodies and for the birth certificate this thing -- before he -- here. -- No it now if if if Dewey would look at the -- do about them but no this is just a good Intel guy. Who makes Obama who can't prove it and I've got great assets from doing -- two -- bucks riding on finding mighty maybe he's here now it's on. He knows. I've heard I've got an IV and other phone calls yeah Dewey who would love to find him looked approve this can't do it. So -- -- from Montreal Bob Hope that anyone who had a triple bypass. That's because in Canada they all guys leaving or god bless America. Or excuse me I paid for mind. There's -- health care and is just now. This is up you know private health care insurance and the only window that deductible this one. You are nobody docked onto any -- don't operation. -- I got over a quarter of a million dollar bumper going on here. Who make between colonel Lawrence how. That's it. They're kind of you know what is well how. Not. Very fair point to thank you very much upon bringing up all bad. How he drops as a little bit of an issue. -- out attack and he gets it for -- They really -- the Mass. General plot black paid his face and -- that big building and give mart give and give the bypass for free no question. I thought I much I'd be surprised if -- didn't out it's a fake a heart attack or have wanted to get him. Wow well -- -- here. Listen I'm really glad to areas that I -- -- -- a great -- what we were gonna get back to business. About -- situation in my apartment in Manhattan alone. Pilot that was the only. Nice. -- -- apartment -- -- grants presidential suites. And has the you know the four seasons and other in Mandarin Hotel do his laundry list on Long Island thank you. Thank you for that in an -- bring in addition of bill. All I don't -- -- thought was completely pull Obama callers who have always so we'll -- tools wacko. Today it didn't -- Obama called for I was kind of showed little blue outfit again. I bring out the best in people the night c'mon this is all about me. -- understood to point out. A little bit and nobody clarity here led a -- light. On a dark subject that the trump and is bringing. That -- welcome back but it. Once. It is. May be get together and put them. Is it that it. Maybe it's. I have now. Didn't pick -- bypass Sydney. Had a bypass his zipper club. -- -- Yeah -- know that those similarity thank you very much. It's what might gates was the Tuesday it was great and intelligent I was working they just off. I'd get a -- -- -- reported suspicious activity of the bedroom and I got the call every small crop stress and what an umbrella McAfee will bet. Okay that's that is that's fair game but the pictures I've seen. Show that this this umbrella actually look like it. There's a machine gun umbrella. Dominate the amounts of Garrett. And it was just pulled breaky PD -- -- mass state police. Right you know like when people -- shop. You know they were to shop hi Ian Stewart can. I am not. Crazy story no question. I asked how old defending Olympic -- -- the list and basically -- -- everyone -- -- experience joining. Okay I hope so anyway it's that it it and -- it might take the tail and hopefully hate. -- -- -- -- Okay that where it chase what is worth the boot from. How relatives -- are wanna I don't wanna it's tremendous talents speak talent the the. -- -- dean is -- asking me that I'm excuse me pardon me -- heart condition and we've been corrected. One of these Kelly. Thank you. When it's August tremendous food it's a doozy. They line up around the new the new balance billing -- this is just mallet today Fiat what happens once -- actually -- your -- dug into the change. My own. You have to watch salt. Remembers -- it takes 68000 milligrams a day. -- -- guy you gotta go 2000 the bullet meant major issue did everything -- as well assault every package is full self. Anyways nobody cures that just had to change it to -- and and you're right it smelled good. I can have they've got something green sprouts and I can have. Literal. Its own cars and protocol let's go there in that car. I can -- with the local there's been ordered yesterday -- always -- They're desperate and. I made -- once again which poured out you can't get. It's treated. Which is self -- -- because brings -- on I -- by itself. But still the point is. My operations. For them cosmetic. One of his hip to all forty. Whatever is next whatever fort whatever out of violent weather reports they weren't just scrape. Luck color. End. If it's free how we gonna do. Kernel space itself that you spoke that ballot is actually a little. Bit different -- This has gotten to get the ball is -- curveball. -- among the bullet in the back of and it looks like a flat mallet on top that I know what did you mullet -- I think that what it wasn't what do people think it's a good. -- but what is -- -- -- besides look what is that thing on the opposite. But he's worth a lot of money is getting phenomenal press got 2000. You -- it's important Obama the year going to go and -- -- people aren't you wanted to want to -- -- it and you -- -- like I just wouldn't -- about from a gain of violent. -- -- in both McCain Palin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This kind of plywood of Rambo or Monta -- and -- everything that's your there's no more to this never again -- talk about my vote. To the producer this year. -- -- Let -- all information as the man with the gun at the Burlington mall. Couple surveillance video and with god it's probably good law we think is -- 1950. How much or get the point that one isn't that it wasn't that it was a broad look like a weapon got a good job innovative fun of it. But since nine elevenths now. Oh and by the way what was -- shooting. Today in -- actual mobile -- school -- school shooting three kids were killed. I think we're crazy time crazy time. That -- your last jump line message thank you for calling out retired U jumped. Today's jump line was brought to you by the Lumber Liquidators Lumber Liquidators as an incredible selection and the best prices not wood flooring anywhere. From 99 -- to scripts for call 1800 hardwood today for all your home -- contractor needs or log on Lumber Liquidators dot com. It on my peoples of Tuesday it would arraignment will attend a woodworking that they want the law. -- have been investigating a report of suspicious activity in the intro but had to crawl every mall -- -- and -- an umbrella but I think we'll bet. -- --