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Should American Idol Have More Fat Girl from Front Row?

Apr 14, 2011|

Ashley Kauffman and five of her girlfriends were excited when they recieved tickets to a taping of their favorite show. But the excitement turned into embarrassment when they arrived at the show when American Idol employees suggested that the 19-year-old was too heavy to sit in the front row of the hit Fox show. Was it wrong for Idol producers to move this woman from the front row for being too fat?

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Story about these his girl. For an American IOC's moaning and groaning about how she's fat -- and we've -- is a lot honestly in my living in under a rock and I do not see this anymore because. It seems to me that in America today it's it's now okay -- used to beat. -- -- -- Jane Fonda was kicking around her leg warmer singular whatever she was doing and Jamie Lee Curtis was in that tragic movie with John Travolta -- -- my god. In the eighties and she had on that what was it called. You know economy if anybody knows call it was a terrible movie about this guy reporter. Who worked for the Rolling Stone magazine and he was not covering Jamie Lee Curtis who was aerobic instructor and she starved herself for life like like seven months to get that role and it was it was ridiculous. And up anyway it was the eighties to be really it while thin. That was in right stint was then you put regular reeboks you walk to work in a skirt since it was everywhere and if you that you're wrong forget it. It never invoked the do's and don't don't and then the they'd take closeup that that that close camera shot of some woman's butt in spandex don't there was a big don't underneath. Well. It's funny eleven it's okay to be. Fact even Powell even oddly enough Michelle Obama saying don't you -- let's server and when you know you can't eat that you can't -- isn't everybody's -- sugar and sought in some way though. It's it's it's it's acceptable. To be happy. To be fat look at me with the he got the biggest loser -- you've got the shows on TV that talk about. You know what is it my biggest wedding used to be my fairway that's this show with people at track -- it it's okay your big. Yeah to be of a shame about it but it just people you want Mike and Molly a show about two huge people that are in law of and I mean it it's actually funny available watch it so I think society went from looking down much like smokers smoking is to be okay now it's not so much. That was not in years ago now it's okay to be fat but health wise you are wrong. Anywhere in -- it's true. But anyway I bring up because this girl on American Idol. Said that they they asked to move because she was fat and I think it might now more than ever you can be alone -- its okay. And -- listen and I say it that way because some people have medical problems some people have issues with their thyroid this is true you and you know it and I know it. Thank you correct me if I'm wrong here the majority of Americans and I will say this until the day I -- the majority of Americans are fat because they eat too much where pigs. You know what. You go it go -- Dunkin' Donuts go to like any fast food place you to super -- everything everything's huge it's funny if he -- Yeah there's eating contest. Hamburgers that he 120 pounds of beef you can get for eighty bucks or whatever you know what some restaurant in New York. I mean guys love you -- -- -- -- they drink it bears in the hang out their friends their watch football they got it got. And it's. No. I'm ashamed to be overweight anymore but what is free too much. And you know and I know we don't fool around enough and we'd like to eat. Other countries in the world right. -- other countries that don't have the types of foods all of -- -- about did not I love this I love when people start talking about this. The -- is enough food in that chemicals and this send Cincinnati yes. I get -- listen I if you could see the bag of candy that I have frank. Here. And you know what I'm probably underweight everybody tells me to put on weight. Because I don't eat enough and -- constantly on the go out constantly on the go out if I sat down an -- three meals a day away I wanted to meet. I would be Carnie Wilson -- I I didn't -- us. So I don't wanna hear it now if you disagree I'd love to talking about that actually you know what. Let flip this around to talk about the TSA after the let's talk about this first actually I got on this topic so let's say here. This girl American Idol said that she was asked to move from receipt because she was too fat. Her friends are saying you know what that's not true they can hear about it that's grossed just trying to make a -- -- -- whatever. I mean. Think about this it is possible I mean it it it's a show watched by millions I'm just say what the president ice it is somebody that's. They they stage events all the time -- the president is speaking to a certain group of people and this this event is going nationwide. They know exactly who stands or sits in back of him to get that shot. Right they always want the perfect mix of people they want a few white kid and want him on mud slung they want a few black people Adelaide. I want like everybody can just got a look like the melting pot but. I mean if he goes to an all black community odds are you gonna see all black people in back of him when he speaks to would you expect to see. But yeah everybody behind him that happens to be all Asian or all white now they stage -- don't think that they don't you know damn well they do. So if they wanted to stage something -- American Idol for a camera shot and they thought this girl was -- aesthetically pleasing. This that's so wrong I'm I'm I'm just asking the question really. It does so weren't they -- right to duet the Sam the back of the ticket just liken it when you go to a stadium or something you're subject to our rules and regulations that out NN NN NN and up. They don't have to make her feel badly you know when she when they come up to -- and say whatever it is and she claims they said. It's not as though they said you know Europe can't load you have to sit in the back -- -- But I according to her they said I don't believe it anyway but if they don't ask her because she was in camera shot is not so that. -- Asking the question because you see the problem is we as Americans we think things but we don't say that. You -- -- certain things and you wanna say it but you don't so I'm asking the question to get you to say it. 6172666868. 8774694322. If this girl was asked by the American Idol producers to move because she was not aesthetically pleasing and a camera shot is that's so bad. And don't you agree with me don't you agree. All these people that moan and groan about being in fact. And then it's and -- you -- on this and because I dad then -- there Brad got that there's somebody -- so that we eat too much. Americans are fat and where pigs because we eat too much. We eat we like to eat and you know what is nothing wrong with that but don't cry discrimination and don't you know these people who wasn't. Oh my god I was traveling with somebody here's a story I was traveling with somebody I was at Disney World. And one that this I worked in radio station -- at some time ago one of the guys that I was worth. It was over 300 pounds he was -- -- -- a short guy and he was huge and he eight. All the minute you woke up to the minute he went to bed to kid was he the guy was eating. We went to one of the what was -- I don't know. What we've -- this wasn't a ride that it was sort of like -- you have to ride horses -- go to -- in due to staying at one of the Disney things well. He was too -- he could get on the course. And he hit it -- he went ballistic he he cry he scream that the people. -- -- and I thought restaurant full out. You'll that you're the arts can you get on apple horse future. And they told them hey you know that you don't hurt the horse maybe you know it's kind of an all the more security get -- we -- we don't have any horses -- And I thought that's your problem brother that's -- problem see actions have consequences. Actions have consequences. Am -- wrong here I mean I honestly. If the girl wants CE a lot and -- and beyond you're being at home and when she's out at American Idol if in fact they asked her to move. I mean that actions have consequences. It's -- -- it's why we so -- custody in fact everything is about personal responsibility and that's a fact and that it's not at all. Hey welcome your WRKO. There's just got a couple of Quebec -- old the old top -- -- mattress. Accord Iraq about it if Obama hates this country. -- Have -- yet if he doesn't. Ales and listen this -- track. -- -- it was an anti colonial from Kenya. He came -- -- this country in the early in the fifties is studying in what university. Well back in the socialist radical win against government. Like barely used it -- ended up in prison was tortured imprisoned in normal Obama spoke and it is being as far as pop up. It's all about anti colonialism Obama hate white American people in white British beach people look up audio and -- -- died in these d'souza. Well the book. For if we get our information. I compliment this file all the way up to Obama Obama as a tribal anti colonial. Look it up it's unbelievable. -- Great thanks I appreciate that they have pops in my conversation about fat people wide open. 61726668688774694322. I could say something. I know it's like to be affected because I was a fat little porky I was daddy's little fatty. Because I I I ate all the time I stole kids' snacks at school I -- the top up the -- and my father brought them home I'd sneak food at the house. If you're fat you eat too much why should America feel -- feel I'm just saying why and if you think that I'm being hideously wrong -- I'd love to talk to you about it. I'm sorry who was -- Bob Bob welcome your WRK out. I -- -- about it yet very. I reported before -- exchange under what I call. Or I gotta fight tortilla a couple of extra combat or robot -- And I go local customs. And got to cut and it will. And they -- me a side effect to cut through it will create that they were -- -- at what we don't if they're very common Irish surname. And that they were betting me. And I could well. I -- the year -- program pulled aside if well if they are very common it's an Irish surname so we're checking out all right there. While you crackpot right into contact because I'm Irish. Detonate as well. They can accurately what Irish to -- -- And I -- and I -- would -- straight Michael Obama. Any appropriate -- war. And my company just obliterate their Irish to -- -- -- bumped into actionable looked a lot of luck to our -- told the guys that the guy urged India. The right he's been through it without them the proper order of Britain demands from. And I -- you could actually go for their prepare Irish never Irish surname. It city dual bombing while speculation a reality it would make it work out what I love. And I got all. And here are little bought -- and agriculture particularly -- but it's very involved and and -- -- or complaint and it happened which if it. Bob ask this because since. There's no cost about fat people we'll talk about the TSA and make some fat people had you don't have gotten screened and then outside the fat evil when we talk when -- -- -- a Mary. Why the things that bothers me about everybody moaning and groaning about the TSA is I'd rather be safe than sorry now that the thing about these parents moaning and groaning about the six era that got the pat down. They say is struggling to explain. Why their daughter was screened if you taking your child on an airplane. Why you expect that child to be screened like -- I don't. I'm -- but I thought -- keep you want the bad. Yeah have a basic -- -- somebody said well premiere my little pretty and they're making it sound like the wicked -- from her about. They apparently got and I enjoyed it and no big deal not a big deal. You enjoyed it Bob guys. -- -- you enjoyed it damn it and Spybot. Yours if you enjoyed it you'd get more. -- -- -- Seriously guys want if you an airplane sea ice -- -- you want to do it around at my under -- -- it. -- I don't have to do that but if that's what I mean what a big deal with the TSA every seat. Likes to complain about something. It's. Well you flew. -- -- -- -- -- It. Ontario. Trick -- Michelle Obama. Put it but the bad cat -- were you about this show each graduate high school no no all -- you know -- you target weight. -- -- -- Well that absolutely serious if you if you make it make it easy if you within twenty proud to -- target way you know go to. You're -- collapse you know I'd be right. Irritate ticket ten meals which you don't -- to the lunchroom you can't get too tall. -- -- don't ask you this do you think why so many people -- fact expect to have people expect America to have pity on them. Yeah I mean look some people emotionally eat it it's a psychological problems some people. Have a thyroid problem but most fat people are pigs. -- I'm not I'm not I didn't even combined affected pure -- If -- -- too much -- up my street to try to set it the best if you're not going to exercise don't eat. It was -- it was this it was. -- calories in calories out that there. It definitely see where he grew up what we're. Everything in moderation. What's wrong with that I'd bet that applies to 98% of the people who drove away. People don't know about moderation name on it doesn't matter thanks for the call it doesn't matter if it's up board of its -- if it's smoking if it's sex people don't like about moderation anymore. People just don't know. Outside it will who has expressed. -- go ahead yes -- WRK out. I connect note I'm inspired American Idol. They choose chose to move the heavy that's fine. That they expect the American public to look at even I -- every week he looks like a cross between a cockroach you know well it's another rodent. Leslie had a lot I'm seeing this I don't watch it that -- is it that the war -- I heard it during -- the country music awards that he tried to stick his tongue down and that was it. What's it faces throughout. Carrie Underwood is did you CNET. I don't watch that must keep it. I just I mean I and then another thing I mean I I I totally feel the same way I am a lot less than I I. I'm worth the wait I just want flatly I don't. A fire there's never really ended. They're -- that that's let's cut through the medical collapse. What a popular -- that it getting mad that they're not people coming in this country get free medical and we did that but then that the -- after the gay people. Now Leslie you're right I mean it's big playing listen. They blame everybody out except for the problem. And it is bad it is because eat wrote that I I think while -- background I'd have -- And -- not -- crap. It can be done. Yeah I can't be done Leslie good luck -- honestly I'd I'd. I wish you well are right. I don't know that was a really frenetic segment so we're gonna try to refocus and -- do Betty we'll stick with fat NTS able we'll try to focus -- one of them. TSA pat downs that everybody is still complaining about that these these are the parents of the six year old assaying. -- -- I mean what I'd say having not listen or watch the news and also this -- American Idol was asked to move apparently according to -- now we don't know this is true. Because of her size don't producers have a right to do that if they don't think that you know she's a great visual and a camera shot or is that just that so disgusting and wrong. Yes let me know 6172666868. 8774694322. Jennifer -- informants on the 680 WRKO. It's putting to a deli -- out Jennifer -- and information on the V. PO summit SA -- VI now it's -- feet but every once said the southern guessing again that I now I know I'm film isn't far. You know again that this crowd American I don't yell -- the way it was portrayed last night on the news was. -- she was a victim. She was a victim she was a victim how dare the people in American Idol treated this way how dare this happened to -- that's discrimination that and I thought to myself. Adamant that. Wait a minute you know she's not a victim she's if -- she wasn't a big girl. I say to myself I think she was a big or she was relatively healthy. Rushing to help -- eyes I mean I think big like big big not oh she looked like that it also I I don't believe her story. Even so you know and the -- -- -- being portrayed in the presence you know she's the victim she's a victim only because she made Triton she's not a big -- That's saying the girl people who are that are not victims and for some reason. We're supposed to feel sorry for fat people response to have great empathy for fat people or. How do we do I'm just -- to people feel that way about alcoholics when you see a raging drunk on the street are homeless person. Do you I mean where's you know war what do you think -- you know when you keep walking and it's like you know -- -- right in trading places I. Where we see the family's crying and hugging as they struggled not to reach for that ringing. Or eight you know I don't know what it is. But I mean you can watch intervention to see the same thing but for some reason fat people are fact -- in this country. Is. I don't know it's it's it's it's a sickness it's and it would be absolutely. It absolutely can be but for the most part it's not one of those. Yeah moments where you play though the hearts and violins and then people sit around and start weeping were slobs we are a nation of pigs we drink too much we eat too much we smoked too much we have way too much sex. We love violence in rock and roll that's what we we are westerners. That's who that's cool ER. So I'm just saying I'm really tired of of people in this country saying I'm a victim because I'm fat unless somebody is is forcefully jamming that food down your throat. Not a victim.