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Continued Unrest Across the Globe

Apr 2, 2011|

Avi discusses with listeners the role of the US and Obama through the turmoil in Africa and the Middle East.

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Welcome back it's cardinals and into our number two of the program. It's -- last night so all you better joining conversation quickly. Future calls in 8774694322. This show wanna brings some other subjects in and I -- hope that some people and holding on through the break solution a couple of calls. And then we'll broaden the agenda. 8774694322. Ted you're next on the program good afternoon. Hello Ali. I am I used them that it is still the speaker. That is about -- okay I just wanted to -- couple comments regarding. The commonly. Used term. Answer the genetic global warming or sometimes now called climate change which I actually think I prefer to call the religion of gators. Let you block. -- isn't. It. That the -- That's really what it is that we've we've seen and -- enlightenment under way in the last few decades. Where people have abandoned. The science and technology in the built the modern world. And that have gone back to mysticism. And magic. We have all these various and sundry potion that will cure you everything. You know without any real proof of that they're effectiveness. And of course we also have these very think temptations and one of these big temptation is greed. Is better so we have people. Alternately sometimes -- deciding to go for plastic bags -- paper bag. That I expect that trees are just like it. Coroner renewable crop. That you know there's there's no problem by the degrading paper bag. And things like this and now we have people were forcing everyone to go to. Cloth bags which could clear excellent incubators for bacteria and things -- that pay. But yes he -- you that was one of the reasons there incubators is abusing them. Yes exactly you know. You put packages of meat into the -- package is plastic bag and what lessons. I think it's all a conspiracy of the pharmaceutical companies as they did you get shaken up by more medication. Well let -- could be but but there as far as their create immediate concern and others basically. Three. Reasons why people have these beliefs and they are they are basically. Theological they're not scientific. You know that that the congress person. And senators. And and various and sundry others who were spouting these things. Either have a financial. Stake in the game white the people or selling carbon credits that. And then carbon credit. Exchanges and carbon credit you days and things of that nature. Those people are there there's people who want to control everything of course they like the EPA. Easy to pot field to -- a year. Thing to be deregulated. And as such and demand that they're just wondered just totally ignorant of its fall into the trap they hope that the fellow travelers. And and I don't know which provide various the left if members of congress all of these. -- I think that's a launching an assist like thank you for the call because you have pointed out I think the second category is large port that's the dangerous work. They're doing it for political purposes. I got an email from Kenny. Who points out that. The the -- also look at one winters low precipitation. Predict attacked a catastrophe through drugs etc. Are dishonest not merely sloppy a mistake. She argues that had a winter been wetter than normal as it was this year they weighted equally claimed. -- that the excessive winter precipitation is proof. Of climate change in neither case. The solution is always to. Scale back production and capitalism. And to in effect and up with more power concentrated. In the hands of -- people like Al Gore and I think that's the case. You know we had a very moist winter here -- heard anybody say that all want it shows that that did we get the reconsider the model. No it just all looked more of the same north fishing and you wonder where that the science because. If it's wet it's global warming. If it's dry it's global warming. If pitched to warm that's global warming or climate change your reached your goal which claim to look everything is climate change it's not science it's religion. Right it's God's will that it'll be this whether it's this the same kind of thing and it's always the same excuse and what's the solution. Will have to regulate they become the regulators we become the regulated at. We're the end result being that it costs us more and we have less to show for it. And we can't use whole -- only got to do your we have the president running around all the time. Talk about green vehicles. Most power. 8774694322. As the phone number Georgian actually afternoon. I. I wanna give an example of how -- more efficient technology. Good see depressed by a that are then happened trade in the. And that would be that would -- like there's electrical coal coal fired electrical plant -- have a cartel efficiencies. You know practical. A what a 35 for at you know that are very packet and any energy coal actually come out of the -- on the other hand. And there's this. And cold cold that's the -- electric power. They'll have an experimental that it is now. Palm -- and years but there are like demonstration plant. And I had to be five maybe even 60% efficiency. Is that higher temperature. Are in the earns its current -- -- -- -- -- like like the nineteenth century old ethnic to acknowledging. George where you going with this. Well I think you're right your right about the technology but. Yeah so here's word yet so let's say let's say. You're an investor and -- -- gonna you're gonna put together one of these plants which uses half as much coal. Is he is in. The airport to generate the same electricity. And therefore it's gonna put half as much yet and yet. That that should be something to celebrate. At what happens is. The -- the am carbon tax credits. Are owned by the old polluting more polluting -- company. And they are not gonna allow you're you're too efficient plant to be built because it'll put there at them out of their. And make it's and then -- they own apartment tax credit. Or you know what I mean and stay on the carbon tax credit they're not gonna values those credits which is that any. It'll allow you to be profit. Okay George that you point out though there's a broader point here and that is whenever the government gets in. And tries to pin to manipulate the situation. What they're doing his fair share advertising in the market. And one of the things that is always true when the government comes in and regulations they are regulating with a preservation. Of the status quo. And that's why they won't. They won't enhanced new ideas or innovation because they models that they use to come up with the government policy. Is the model of what exists now. And -- very narrow minded in terms of being able to see the future. And that's the big danger with regulation with control with sabotage of the marketplace. Yup I ask you about resource is you get government statistics courting how many resources we have and how long it will last. Apart from their being overly conservative about it. Ask yourself the question -- uranium resource. And crush aberration here this. Was uranium ore resource. 150 years ago. Now. As a matter of -- go back before that even oil wasn't a resource in the original. The original objective reviews you -- was in new -- advocate kerosene for lamps. The other replying possibilities. Of award didn't occur to people yet to when you have the government running and you stifled innovation which is what. Which is what Joe was talking about. Okay the media broaden things a little bit here and and we'll go back to the telephone lines and that all the issues are on the table. In the I wanted to mention because I was just horrified by by the -- In Afghanistan you may have seen this is certainly got a lot of attention in the news. Stirred up by three angry mullis. Is is in some northern town in Afghanistan it's marginally pronouncement. These these more -- were urging that the congregants. To avenge the burning of Koran and a Florida church. Thousands of protesters on Friday overran the compound. Of the United Nations. Killing at least twelve people. Seven UN workers four guards from Nepal. And three Europeans former -- Sweden and -- I guess one of the it dead people as a woman. War is remarkable as this was because all of the burning of the current rumor they did that pastor Terry Jones who is going to. Burn Koran. -- Anniversary. Of 9/11. And he eventually back off that because. The it was prevailed upon by -- to say this would endanger American lives. Well apparently hit a trial for the Koran found guilty and burned it anyway the issue on mark. Surely. We burn a Koran and because of that. These these barbarians. Go out they couldn't find any American issue was they were yelling death to America. Death to Obama. Couldn't find any Americans. Surely assailed the next thing they can -- which was the United Nations even though there were no Americans in in the group and they killed the people notice. But killed the people. Because they were offended but somebody. 101000 miles away or whatever it is one person out of a out of country 300 million people. Committed an offense to their religion I'll grant the offense. -- burns the Bible be offensive to Christians Jews burn Koran it's offensive to them the Muslims understandable. That justification for killing people. I mean there are -- mentality here and this is in Afghanistan this is the country were trying to. To set straight so that we don't have terrorism. There's a mentality here that I don't think we understand -- means is even worse. Then the crusades at least crusade had an objective you know they just kill people random well there was some and that it. And what may be it is similar to this this primitive. This primitive expression of religion. In a way that sabotage is any possible. Intent with regard to humanitarian. Thrust toward religion should be. That they can actually just kill people that they were unconfirmed reports that some of the people were beheaded shutter and all they world or not that it matters. You know they they killed them and I don't know there the the report here's says to put that one person with the death toll at ten foreigners. Eight killed by Doug gunshots into beheaded. But what does it say about the mentality. I mean how ugly vicious. Avenging over a burning. The document. Now. In -- riot over that I just got trouble comprehending it. Mean she pictures of the demonstrations in the screaming and yelling it. And now religious fanaticism. Taken to an extreme. Anybody has any ideas of how to explain that. By no means it's called we're eager to hear. Or if somebody can give a justification. And this is why people are concerned are really no one here biology. Here anti Islam anti Muslim then we can throw in the platitudes in the disclaimer I understand. That it's not everybody who's a member of Islam but there are several thousand people there who are members of Islam. Who are religious fundamentalist and they perpetrated this horrible crime. So what what's going on here we don't see it with other religions. Well I'd like some explanation here -- two wine. It's manifesting itself with this particular religion in grant that a small. Portion of the populist but it's still manifesting itself. 8774694322. Is the phone number. -- your next on the program good afternoon. I -- wonder if you would. -- are we going back to the climate change thing -- I would whole. -- know that at this fewer Rondell mr. Obama. I look what I you know the global change in global warming people like to think that the notice went it was caused by man. And I'd like to present you with statistical proof if you like but the fact that what they've caught the which -- to know what caught -- intense noticed -- It's. Okay if you take the last seventy year. And you look at that these seven winters. Are so are you look at benign winters that Arafat the most no yeah. Seven of those -- -- -- years left several years. Where followed by volcano where wherein few that followed the books and the volcano. Making 44 and 47 -- Mount Vesuvius. 81 it was announced Saint Helena. 9293. And 95 or Malkin that you -- and then this year -- all in Iceland volcano. Not to do -- man it is only to do with volcano. I -- But you know there were lots of places in the United States that had a low amount of snow total this year we have. I don't know I applaud those statistics for this. Green -- goes Boston so goes the global joke I don't now. If you're right -- east socialist and not just Boston Washington New York also had snowy winters well look. Jill I you know there may be some correlation. I haven't heard that theory. Expressed quite so directly a cause and effect that one year later. We we get the -- it is true. That. Large volcanic eruptions. -- enough. Particles in the air that it does affect the climate in fact as -- call it a crack at Joanna who won't get the year right -- Latter part of the nineteenth century you know 1880 -- take I think. That put so much I was all mumble that put so much into the atmosphere that there was no summer that. Which is sort of along the lines that your talking about but it's certainly would be very. -- in the interest in correlation but I also would think showed that by this time somebody would have noticed it and well I've said something about it. Well our you know if you don't Google this statistic of most no one off Google when their ballpark where volcanoes. Those -- the note that they statistical proof I've got a masters with a lot of metrics that I got an MBA from Harvard. And I'll tell you heard it from these first and that it what caused it and I believe that seven have. Seven of nine years of the spots over seven years -- evaluated from a statistical standpoint. Very very strong to. Yeah what happened the other two. I couldn't find adequate knowledge. -- that's not the only other thing also out of. Well you certainly impeccable credentials gel works on me some information and I find it interesting the other thing well and also ask is are -- years. Where you say that following volcanoes. Both those were they should know years but in other years when there were volcanoes and we did nationally years. I like incentive -- where we're gonna evaluated. On victory came in line them -- OK the email is -- Nelson a wrko.com. The premier and for others. And I'll tell you jolly if you if there's no literature published you ought to put the paper you become famous and will be known as Joe's law. -- -- -- What is it. Does -- even better. Okay thanks thanks for grown. 8774694322. CEO he says you heard it first -- for -- first. We make news Sunday it'll be foolish because you were listening when. We can tell whether you're nationally -- and are not. Okay so I've mentioned before that somebody had emailed in and or text message in. But Donald Trump running for president and I must say that I get frequent emails from nor ringing who. -- is always talking to me or or writing me about. The Obama birth. Controversy. The reason those are connected is Donald Trump is now currently running for president. May very well do it. And he is one of the things he brought up. In public measure is the Obama birth certificate question. And I said for some time. That I don't think it's winning issue for people on the other side effect early Iran. So this was the real losing issue because when the Democrats controlled the congress which they -- -- represented until. This past January. Think about if you invalidate the last election. You're invalidate not only Obama but Biden too because they ran on a ticket. And -- on Hopkins who's next in line for the presidency. The speaker of the house so is Nancy Pelosi wasn't clear to me that was a trade up even from Obama. Obama pretty good protection with -- Nancy Pelosi third in line. -- And I don't understand almost people who are in between which is what that the political battles all about. Most people -- not influenced by this show I didn't think it was a winning issue I must say though there was -- like trump running interference. It is uninteresting and and is gone to the point now where it's not so much a matter of whether or not he was born Cuban people ask the question why didn't -- the controversy to rest. Well I just released the birth -- tip. And there are any good answers to that. You know a person who's foolish and silly and now Ocalan is coming up -- Another run and you can be sure that his union up pressure you're gonna start asking him so he's gonna have to. Start putting -- on the report but let's not look that's not Donald -- main reason. For running. And I must say that as I listen to him. Well at some doubts about whether Donald Trump and make a great candidate. Here's a guy when asked about what the problem with the economy is sent losing jobs to China will we do about it. He put 25%. Surcharge on Chinese if you use a word -- -- -- like that. Well starting a trade war with China doesn't sound like a really good economic policy. We export a -- the China. Some we will my wanna do so look back in 1931 I think it was some of the Smoot Hawley tariff act. There were some economists who argue that that would cause the depression more show than anything else that was done. If you put tariffs on one country -- what are they gonna do that gonna retaliate. And they're gonna put tarps and on our exports to that. The nice to have a trade war. With China of all countries. This is what he recommends his policy economic policy to solve the jobs problem in the United States I don't think so. He seems to be more interested in portraying himself with the top guys like little opening on. Then somebody who's thoughtful about it coming up with policies that are on the war. Which another when he talked about with Pakistan he decided that Osama bin Laden is really in Pakistan. And Osama bin Laden he says the six -- six CE source -- very tell he also said that Osama bin Laden is. He's on dialysis well. This comes from a rumor that. Someone who's that hole and then in May have a kidney ailment I don't know that he's on dialysis. I would think. It may be very hard in the in the Black Hills of Pakistan and Afghanistan were -- To get to a dialysis unit a couple of days a week it doesn't sound like that that fits real well with the lifestyle. But -- has today Donald Trump solutions to say to Pakistan. We give you a lot of money in in foreign it's. Over three billion dollars for a -- We're gonna withhold unless you give us bushel on the line. Well you know tonight's posture to take the trouble is that these you know Pakistan is unstable they also have a bunch of nuclear weapons. The country is barely out of the hands of the terrorists that is say. The army is maintaining some control we hear about. Suicide bombings and assassinations all the time. Can't help but think that that kind of global threat over getting one individual. Might push the country over the brink and you wonder -- the whole disintegration. Again not thoughtful approach at things more like Timmy described him as a political bull in the China shop or a boy in a political challenge. I think it was an apt description. So if you're asking me whether I think he's going to be good candidate for president and insurers no one last point here. Somebody sent me an email. Roger Stone which is political advisor. And it was a column. Saying we're -- was saying that trump should not take money. Of public money and -- just spend his own very wealthy man estimated fortunate two point six billion says he's willing to spend 600 million in the presidency. I haven't talked to run -- on in many years -- some time ago. We happen to be on an airplane. -- together and we were talking politics and I remember he came up with that theory and that I think this was before. He had trump in mind. On the very wealthy man who could run for president with the original money not raise money say to people look underneath your contributions. Are a little money. I'm gonna fondness myself a watcher hoping your support your vote. But you know that the you know to give money fought back kind of an on the statement to the American people might have some currency unintended. And here we have Donald Trump rushed -- to -- in the same thing he will be a formidable candidate anybody you can spend 600 million original money. Is going to be a formidable candidate. And people who are interest in politics and will try to write at all because. He gives money to Democrats and so therefore you won't qualify as a Republican. Most of the population. He's not savvy politically most are not involved politically. And -- force somebody who makes a big splash in the media and has a name going for him to begin with can be a formidable opponent. I don't think he gets the nomination but he shortly rattles around you know the big gorilla in the room. But guerrillas rarely and and being nominated. And becoming president. Fortunately. Okay your thoughts -- welcome 8774694322. Even numbered issues on the table and you're welcome to join any of them. And go back to the lines -- promised right after these messages. Among the Nelson she's AMC -- WRK.