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Gov. Paul LePage of Maine Makes Waves!

Mar 23, 2011|

Defending his decision to take down a mural at the Department of Labor building and change the name of conference rooms considered too pro-labor, a spokeswoman for Maine Gov. Paul LePage released a faxed complaint comparing the art to North Korean propaganda. Gov. LePage joined us to discuss the offending mural and take calls.

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Story in the papers of the -- today. Page the governor. -- page orders removal of -- your world sparking outcry. I don't even need to read the story. And I didn't read the story governor but I'm with you all excited to read was outline. -- yeah it's amazing. We have a little to do what it meant. Well now are are are you trying to deliver a message to your 92 year union follows with this decision to army move the 36 foot mural. Not at all if basically it I -- trying to send a message to. Do every one in the state that the state of Maine look at employee he. And employer. Equally. -- -- -- -- Andy the mule and the masses that -- one sided and I don't want America. -- -- just read a few paragraphs of this story for people who haven't been following it today governor Paul page has ordered the removal of a 36 foot mural depending depicting means labor history from the department from the lobby of the Department of Labor. Worker. Advocates. Described the move as mean spirited. Amid the administration's high tension standoff with the unions. According to a page spokesman Dan the merit the administration felt the mural in conference -- monikers searches for pro labor I -- Cesar Chavez. I don't believe thirty grapes grown in Maine are there are at least but not enough large amounts are there governor. Now we have cranberries and -- -- But I don't believe they organize a -- cranberry and blueberry pickers were organized by the united farmworkers. Let's see it showed a one sided decorum in not in keeping with the department pro business goals that message from state agencies' needs to be balanced said the merit. Adding the mural of sparked complaints from some business owners who complained was hostile to business. It depicts several moments including the 1937. -- mill strike in Auburn in -- Rosie the riveter at bath iron works in the paper mill workers strike of 1986. NG day. I'm I'm with you meet your you know this is like Scott Walker you in Wisconsin you're elected governor. You know -- for the first time in how many years a Republican legislature was voted and in the state of Maine last November. And you you guys are calling the shots as the president of the United States likes to say elections have consequences right. That is correct. Still it's. And I went down to represent all of the people of Maine despite the fact spreading any novel form. Yeah now it's so it will Lee is the mural going to be destroyed -- is it. I don't know -- we're trying to find me. Someone that was that will be on display -- the long law. All okay sorts Huckabee is just not like someone's gonna come in there -- -- with a paint gun. On an -- Not at all oh look around -- museum that might be dictated the play in -- labor movement. Yeah 18774694322. -- you wanna speak -- page about anything he's the governor of Maine. In recent weeks labor groups have been gathering at the state house to protest what pages budget which proposes cuts in retirement benefits for unionized state workers and teachers. In addition the pages said the state is going -- right to work legislation after which labor groups say is designed to destroy unions through bleeding of finances. Oh come on. That's ridiculous I'm with you -- this side I think most of the people in the state of Maine are to go play. This that this the state of Maine well it's you I don't wanna speak for you but you know. You quit you -- to explain to people look at the kind of condition the the state of Maine is an economically because of this. This big government Democrat. Welfare state -- ism it's a run amok over the last twenty or thirty years. 35 via Blackberry right here. The the legislature. In Maine has been democratically controlled by democratic. Legislated that that and many governors. The support for the Democrats come from the big union is thankfully those union. And there's been a power struggle and they've gotten everything they've ever at war. The problem if they demand up thirteen billion dollars in debt. We have one point three million people and we have a budget shortfall and an additional one point three billion dollar. So there's some tough decisions to be made and I campaign on the basis that I want to gonna bring mandate not gonna -- -- surgical care. Do not until. 18774694322. Mike your next with how we card governor Paula page of Maine. Glad Mike. Like governor. You want -- -- -- you might what you do thank you. All here and old. It there thank you so much appreciated. Governor if you need that if you need a name of the main native who used to belong to a union and you -- you'd you'd look at -- candidates you can make you can name one of those rooms after me. Well and I'm well to do my duty. If you. Let's take Caesar that Cesar Chavez -- -- very -- but you're I don't think -- be answered today I just I just -- out as a suggestion. Today you're next with Howie Carr and governor Paula page go -- Edward I. I -- afternoon governor Mario good good afternoon. I -- hopefully quick question for you are a few years Fidel might have been laid off from war and we couldn't get it. I looked at this and that we are being told that his company. Closing at the next week we -- -- how that I don't Waterloo. What do you think the chances that we go to C Ajax people that actually what -- living -- it will be how. -- I wouldn't advise you to do. If you call the governor pop -- And that at that to walk or is that the more likely get more detailed look -- down with U2 and a constituent hours. And we'll see what we can do to help you call up somebody took. -- -- I will tell you that the logged in Maine are -- and changing and they're gonna be changing -- -- going to be helping those that are that we're gonna keep people from falling. Through this they keep them. Right now it's been more of ball. -- entitlement we need to protect those people that really need help. -- abominable. So you still do the constituent hours on Saturday every yeah how many what are the hours. Eight to twelve and how to people how how people get appointment. They call. 207287. To read I. Read -- And they get an appointment to see you directly. That's correct that that -- that show show. If you look at them and they can also call 207. 287. People all right we want and that the main number to the out. Okay good luck and I. Thank -- by. 71 area code says museum is a good place for labor propaganda history. The only -- what I feel sorry for his Rosie the river. It is what your aides said -- that some of these rooms could be named after mountains counties are -- opened -- about how about for not about some can afford that Maine is famous for like a battered that -- the batter dipped fried clam. -- -- -- A lot are. Very. Yeah perhaps carry the land that big battle right now wanna. On that tree and certain maybe we can each give them. -- that's what compromise is all about each of the competing desserts oh that's right the -- -- right. I won't be viable reply that's. -- we've got a lot to do it here. About the boxy room. Sally you're next with how we card and the governor Paula page go ahead Sally. -- governor. I campaigned for you and I -- we support everything you're doing. But I don't have a question about. Your position on this teacher non union teacher. I have a question about your position on. Wanting to adopt the national common course standards. It and what I think might be unintended consequences. When. The designers of the national test well ultimately control. Our state curriculum. Not while I'm here. Because what. What I look at the way want to look at that -- that you want plumbing course and it buying. I look at -- of a minimum standard I do not expect that children. -- be educated that the federal they have that I'm look at -- -- it. Number one of the country. In education all I want are rated at the end of above the federal level. Sylvia but at just real quickly I kind of conditions. But if you do and adopt the national court standards. And the designers of the tests. They'll ultimately control -- curriculum because. What they say that it was limited to map and intern at this point but at some point. You know I thought the idea that it becomes science and health facilities. And -- stated signs to ask questions. Quickly -- quickly okay. Then we're going to be forced to think about global warming in order -- in Serbia that asked the the test to decide but this federal standards. Well. I my understanding. And the only thing that I don't look at it. Is English and and that the only thing that were. -- look at that and frankly. Since I made the comment that that we we made it optimal had been looking into it well. We won't be. Doing what we believe it is best for the data may have I'm not -- gonna tell you that we're gonna have dropped. Thanks thanks for the call Sally Mike your next week Howie Carr and governor Paula page of the state remain go ahead Mike. So while we cover up later speak with you. Governor your -- considers a -- that -- proper term. In governor walker. Wisconsin. Party deputy was trying to do some changes in -- -- Now the legal the dredges Italian kids though it. One the judge one judge who's who who's a son works for the SCI you were dead. Yeah they'll look at -- recall the air legislation that would have Arlen orca. I appropriate government -- to. To withstand the absolute. All out war against fuel in in Europe opinions as as well as as well as the acting was caught and inappropriate. Don't let people commit to the state house in -- and it is chaired a propagate it was scores and are you good skin. For that we got it we -- Mike Duke. We're not going allowing the -- we're gonna allow -- command and B. Voice their opinion. I speak their mind but it it it. Trying to pick -- down we're gonna take some action. They treat you well as you know they trashed the capital and Madison -- about a half -- million -- -- damaged the unions. I do not expect. That our unions fear but even contemplating. While -- -- -- we have 88 lucky relationship. Where much closer together than people are there. Thanks for the call Mike Joe your next with how we card governor Paul page remain go ahead Joe. I guys acreage governor at the pleasure to speak -- the -- -- another great support it. It's -- had spent the past couple days until you let -- -- he would never read this. I'm absolutely. Devastated by either at slot position I don't in that this was depleted but as the records -- -- It is such a pit people mind that we have an entire administration dedicated to look. Small stretch of highway I think it's right -- the last twenty years. There's just a bit with the just cause it's in the principal -- he took such a great regrets to students is to do that that's saying it was so small deceit. The original promise was going to be returned and then -- -- different story could you elaborate -- -- it bit. What I have done is is that governor. All the Maine turnpike authority has fallen flat on their face. I'm giving them their very short window what time did make proposal that will pick it otherwise there will be absorbed. Now in the short term I absolutely agree with you in the longer term. If you take a look at the state needing an east west highway and needing a major bridge work it may be that the only alternative we have it is true toll. -- -- And -- I don't like that kinda talked of. I understand but what about you've got to remember. I've inherited this thing where there are two main. There are many southern Maine where well -- northern Maine with far. Now I know I understand that. But yeah you know what was so you're you're gonna give -- fire the turnpike you're gonna get rid of the tolls -- -- Europe when he did do that -- I -- Already happened to remove a couple that I think are inappropriate. -- -- -- Yeah I don't believe that the people who live north but got. Have to pay it told should have to pay a total -- important. Thanks for the call Joe Jason your next with Howie Carr and govern a -- page go ahead. -- we don't accept the -- They -- look dated like this secret it's similar sort of say yeah -- Eli everybody in my family voted for you out we Becky -- -- recession -- -- -- you -- get a ride to work. And step in charge was say they'll keep that apple would do a great job thank you. You don't miss that mural jet Jason. Like social. Thanks for the call keep your next with powered car and governor Paula page of -- go ahead keep. At age honored deeply you -- you get itchy nose and -- Massachusetts visiting mountaineers on down there. And it is signed while being. Opened for business. And I get a great big smile on my statement of this -- -- careful -- I guess that a network but it's so much. Thanks -- Daniel you're next with how we card governor Paula page go ahead Daniel. Governor look dated an honour to speak -- you. It I got streak permanent players might -- Missouri senator teacher and we support you 100% of what -- -- to keep but you're -- our little dot -- the -- that Spybot. And they. I think it's a beautiful autograph -- battle Reagan that you immediately. Might be the appropriate name of one of those reserves. I would -- agree with that but we have read. -- Three portraits of Ronald Reagan. Who. Do. B port. I think he's I think what do the world should be named after Hannibal Hamlin -- I agree that. He was that he was a vice president under a blanket if he -- -- -- -- remain for the second term he would have become the president obviously would have been a better president -- Andrew Johnson was a complete disaster. So that's yeah -- -- ever gets you know bought most people I think even in -- don't know who Hannibal Hamlin was. Which he really. That's not one of -- better decisions about my hero. Made in his lifetime he needed to repeat without them well we've -- Eduardo -- a pickle a big mistake. -- and it turned I was a big mistake for the United States of America Kazaa is. A B Johnson was he's he's right up there with one of the worst presidents ever. Jeremy your next with Howie Carr and by governor Paula page go ahead Jeremy. It just ordered about your -- real bit rehabilitation cuts I understand about the drug court. And how we keep given these second and third time loses more chances but I also saw that you. What I like. Op programs that help children -- single mothers. The state dep per capita. We have more opiate addiction and also the other statement nation if I'm correct. I'm just ordered to stop that white decision but I wanna keep over forward our prisons with. More drug addicts. But let let me tell you that there at the reason there -- no not. You know program. What it did and that the federal government help out. That we don't have the flexibility to do what they would Medicaid Medicare we have. To pay our bills and -- support network all the money's going it well Medicaid and Medicare. It's not a matter of cutting any program at the madam running out of money. Gary thank you Jeremy one less thing what about James G Blaine does he get a rumor not. Hey let. The ideal. -- I don't Florida her body. A lot of people look to the -- out. And change people -- adapted it and -- -- -- -- with abusing him because it and a handwritten note from Abraham Lincoln. And that might be as much bigger and I think they ought to make deals with. What -- that -- the -- Bobby given him -- -- though you know he did another Blaine house all that but you know we did he did say you know was -- wasn't him that said -- Roman is human rebellion it was one of his supporters so he's nodding at the Catholic. We can't we can't hold that against them. Your I was thinking about that I was gonna blame him but that I remembered it was some some minister from new York and said. You know we can't have rob Roman is human rebellion inevitably got the blame for it and he -- get elected president to write to people for -- should have been president than in the nineteenth century and double -- -- lost on. There real fortunate turns of history. Governor -- page thanks for being -- weather as we appreciated and -- keep but keep up the good work oh OK Bob but. 1877469432. To a point guard.