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Jen Brien - Donald Trump, Obama, Race and 2012

Mar 19, 2011|

In the first hour of the Jennifer Brien show, Jen says she would vote for Donald Trump for president and takes a plethora of calls on the topic. However, the discussion quickly turns into a debate on race. Don't miss the amazing call from Dave at about 35:30!

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And opinion is that terrible thing to waste so we're gonna dog that I hate machine not gonna talk to date and its inhabitants it is so we'll tell everybody goes to -- you know murder you'll eat troll that's right friends and didn't drop -- she rings off the -- -- time. -- Saturday. When Japan discretion when you have from nuclear problems like some would maybe the world so far has never seen. For him to be playing golf. Simultaneously. What's happening you're talking about they have the they have just to be playing golf I think he's very inappropriate meantime Virginia marine. I don't have Obama had won -- relaxing day this even at all. With -- why they -- -- you have good you know the banks that held the hey guess bonnet coveted his -- cried every day you have good good good. Actress told the field goal of the weekend -- herb garden. Your opinion counts so use it. If the president is reelected you wanna serve a second term as secretary of state now would you like to surf the secretary's. No we do like to be vice president of united now. -- people president of. Now on Boston -- stations KM 62 W mark Leo we are. They defining moments the harness her dad you are okay. Oh man. The -- Hillary Clinton doing anything now. Miceli -- this this and that it's still in the united President Clinton now Fleming -- this deadline Wednesday -- I'm a bunch of random ridiculous questions finishes -- -- -- with the knows that. Have you had sex recently no. May be inappropriate and un PC con man I would've done it. Almost seven WRKO. It's Saturday afternoon folks can't agree with you until two today actually mean becoming independent sex life. I I -- its latest sign today you know this is up oldie but -- for those of you that are my age Charlie sexton one hit wonder from neon. Too late eighty's this is a great song in the film some kind of wonderful. Yet any lonely at the top my gas. Very cool songs -- having him as skinny ugly guy. Disappeared it I would sell lots to talk about today and done. You know one of the things that that I do wanna get too and I RBI don't know. You know at this point and I hate to say this you know everybody is -- Really I think feels this way one situation Libya has just off -- by the way allied jets are being heard you know flying over the country. The president is is Daley -- way he's going to Rio nobody knows what's going on meanwhile Gadhafi is rolling out all the diplomats do you know -- all. People at the US and what is the US policy on Libya what is happening no seems to know about what was telling him and that opening series of of of little cuts that -- -- put together a -- -- you always do wonderful job and I thank you very much I love what you do. You know one of the things -- fortress like Donald Trump did you know he's around he's gonna spend 600 million dollars of his own money on on a presidential candidacy. And I've got to tell you I'm containers right straight up. I honestly believe in my heart of hearts right now Donald Trump is the only one who could beat Obama. Donald Trump his high profile he's a celebrity. I think you know he knows enough about business I think to run the country I mean we could say it right. In all Jana I can't believe us today in that all might not Donald -- look look we have a -- is not. I mean. How many people are saying he doesn't have he says he's a community organizer you never run any thing you know look at Sarah Palin she's done that. Hey he can't get any worse then our current president. Who like Wanda Sykes also set announcing. It's been a series of events one after the other. But see that's why he's the president this is why we cinema so why would anyone wanna run for the presidency how would want to be president. Yeah I'm honestly a loss that would that. That that whoop -- that the president gets in that's the nineteen inches stick with -- shattered glass CO -- fire right I'd I'd. Can enact the thing and it won't even leave a mock who care so you get hang around and have state dinners and a family Christmas -- Italian. I would never wanna be president is way too. The world is way too complicated but he got -- -- wanna you know you ask for you got it Obama. But I honestly in my heart of hearts I say this because the that the country is you know with the president elect. They love celebrity -- win on the merits of anything that he did he know what any vote president wasn't there have to time. Junior senator community organizer hang out with people that want to blow up the country you know William -- I SATA reverend Wright's church for -- in twenty years. I mean how he he subscribed to this angry black theology if this guy can be president anybody can I'm sorry. There was no basis no real basis for other than he was young. He's black. White guilt overwhelmed the country we all had bush fatigue everyone hated George Bush in the war is what ever so here come -- Ryan -- you know I love you Rush Limbaugh played last week. No presence -- part the seas seized -- -- to seize the day at the ocean is well run. -- Yeah wa okay the oceans are rising in Japan's -- and we are doing exactly golfing. As not as hot Nelson would say and he says its -- simply and it's just so wonderful the optics. Aren't packed. What is the president doing I mean why is he do we say this week after week. I don't know guys I don't know but back to back to Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the only one that can be Obama because he's young he's hip he knows how to talk he's slick. He sees crazy he silly and I really think that you know people would love it look like -- Look what how obsessed the country is a Charlie Sheen tank look at how obsessed that -- what we have turn our attention for the terrible tragedy in Japan and the massacre is just the the and the absolute massacre of the civilians that's going on Libya. To this bully who body slammed the antagonist. I mean the that the kid that was being bullied by the antagonists -- the portable why I you know fat rowly poli kids picked on prodded poked. You know has been going do this for years couldn't take anymore he snapped in what is the country but it what's the world been doing gold allaying. Globally a -- kid body slams bully. I mean it's Internet sensation. That's our attention SEC so that's why -- say a Donald Trump could win. But I wanna talk about the billing so I'm just curious when I with some of you call and I know there are some regulars but. You know with the grasses and who has -- got to Canaan think right now I think bill calls up miss Jennifer. I'm interested to know are you guys feel about Donald Trump you know look if we if used to believe that Sarah Palin could be president. Donald Trump I'm dead serious about this why is so. So what so he's got a TV show so what he was bankrupt at one point he's put his life back together -- turn himself around economically we need some way to build up this country economically -- of what a bad way you guys. You know that. Donald -- And toy twelve trial I'm I'm so it's whose home is gonna run against Barack Obama right now Newt Gingrich. He's not the answer Michelle black men. Are you kidding. She -- the answer Sarah Palin -- even if he wanted to be the answer she's not the answer anymore. I am dead serious who is gonna go up against a money machine. Us young sexy. Black guy that stats got you know still the country and they did the grip of white guilt the youth vote oh. All. Not a what was Jeff saying that that they did -- Dude dude man that a cool Obama. These kids are gonna know what the hell's going on this screaming his name. Is the answer in the Republican Party some crabby old white guy. Newt Gingrich ain't the answer and he's not gonna win over independents and then the Democrats like myself I want that -- to be president. Sorry. We need fresh young faces and unfortunately the Republican Party just does not campaign well. They just don't have met in the vault they don't have closer on the bench for the Republican Party Pawlenty. -- -- -- Someone mentioned his name to me last -- are you kidding is not a easy he's an independent -- Anyway Donald Trump for president why -- that's so outlandish. Folks. I. Why. 6172666868. 8774694322. And do you have your iodine pills yet okay his and I think I got mine. As people tell me I'm crazy. I'm crazy. You have here you would tell us every week Danny got you dean -- you what you got you this yeah begun yet no that's true. He got everything now you get iodine pills you are freaks show -- and the freaks home. Yeah I you know what course -- was taken I mean I don't come knocking on my dog buddy. Don't come knocking out when my thyroid tell they don't even come -- in on my screen. The FBI -- -- -- why is -- so outlandish why am I getting picked on just all everybody. The emails and I'm getting the calls that I've gotten yacht crazy head are yeah -- laughs -- -- yard -- And 6172. Online by the way you try to get those suckers online can't get up. Got mine. Drugstore.Com and you think this is funny it's no laughing matter. BL Wall Street Journal that a huge story on this the other day well how do you think I got the web sites -- think I know how -- Where to go for these -- 130 milligrams for ten days that's that you need in case of serious radioactive particles in the air -- way to protect yourself. I got mine. Now who would vote for trump to. Who would vote for Donald Trump I can bring it 6172666868. 8774694322. I would love to see a trump Palin ticket who you run it that's everything. Aren't -- the phone number. You can also send -- text on Texan drive those 68680 on your wireless phone I was hit a tree yesterday. Texting and driving bad news and it's against the law. I sent me an email Jennifer bring in at rocket mail dot com all right let's begin with Jeff hey Jeff welcome -- on WRK outgoing answer. Thank you thank you what's ridiculous is not gonna chop or what particular is it that we as a people keep voting him. The lawyers -- factors. Don't know anything about anything except what they studied in what was in school I don't want have a lawyer Robert and I watched. Who -- the button Barack Obama and instead understand money. Does -- -- is always says well what Jeff. He ruling and so he filed for bankruptcy he lost all kinds in my yet and he built himself back. That -- will quijano whitbeck that we need someone who built out of that he can't. He's a businessman yeah spectre of previous -- like eight bit this one are doing that would treat it like it's a social -- for the world and we're not we're business but -- based on. Thank you know what he knows Jeff thanks for the call -- he's with all these people in Japan and China and overseas she knows what the chess game goes. He knows who the players are -- no -- of the -- -- Nagle and and get around to make deals and don't that's -- we need somebody that is strong. We need somebody that is strong economically right now we cannot have another. Token appointment of a presidency like Barack Obama and I'm sorry 'cause otherwise you know it and I know it we've talked about in the dog but that's not PC. Obama won because he's black if he was a white guy whose name was Joe Smith. There's no way in hell with his credentials particularly sitting in a reverend is right charge. Yeah that's a -- hey detect and act coming -- -- There is no way in hell that man would have been elected president Ken welcome -- see you are on WRK -- go ahead. Again. God I can't figure out question about who would open Donald Trump people like you wet but I diet -- -- belt -- -- why. Can't believe. I mean it's -- -- hysteria. Given how long it would take our maps of radioactive. Air ticket although it does East Coast of the United States until -- -- just I'm just -- -- but that's not appropriate I want for white people are going down because no nothing in Japan is going to fact. I know but I live near Otis air force base and I you know and I am just saying that if you win it within a certain rate -- Other New Hampshire right what is at the pilgrim my -- all the people there all call and they -- legislators for their they want their -- -- Because you -- it's probably this it's called the media hysteria if people -- it this is not an atomic bomb. It was dropped are educated by the way when they dropped the atomic bomb you know I'm not exactly and -- not. I'm I would just read it I refer people to how many people the United States died from Obama because got more radioactive particles. Any -- then anything that would never come from a meltdown at that. At a clip that I can get right. You know actually can the reason why -- went out and do what I -- -- intend this when I heard that the the energy minister and Europe's energy minister used the forties when he said that the situation at these reactors as close to. And the word best describes it apocalyptic I'm I get my -- -- so that's. Our our Q and yeah you just bet you it might very question. Who would Tippett said that some European. And it Gmail let's start yeah I mean that's not much hate it all you -- you talking about ultra prudent businessman that almost up back up from. Come not from the outbreak of of going out of business yeah. And you're talking about a European -- yeah did I di what credibility but you're listening to a European. Energy -- When I'm agreeing on what not to -- when president he know it may be no he's tell us a -- TV now just by the way in Japan SA well actually add the amount of radiation that's being that's been in the air could actually kill people. -- I -- I agree would you want that I. I don't think we've gotten it straight skinny from the get go about my whole point is yes -- even if -- or other catastrophic meltdown which looks like it's gonna be averted but even for the meltdown. It will not affect -- it's immediate it's scary blowing up the story. -- it has no affect on people in the United States that's my. Can you know what I want you know that being the good citizen than I am and because I'm -- so I'll share my -- with the -- called are. You I don't I hear you backs Obama. Eight it's -- prepared that's right 508. Let me see 603 says for president or great BP Herman Cain. A huge -- please Willingham represented lieutenant Alan west he's African American he's awesome yeah I've seen him he's very very very impressive hands down all right. Donald Trump for president why why not why not -- is president. Let's talk let's go to Judy Judy you don't think Obama's sexy what did. Hi hi yes he's not sexy black slot no oh my god it's -- that little twit well. I guess he's just. Yeah Andy Selig the shirt off so. A decade in our -- The duty I agree I'm just saying that would cost magazine had a running down the beach it was like Chariots of Fire. And he had sagging little packs and they were trying to tell us on it he's all all that and a bag O chips so now -- I had to do it handed. Director he's awfully skinny but that's -- so I do you want out without mr. Donald Trump for president why is that -- horrible or insane to believe. Well. I think he could probably do a whole hell of a lot better excuse my French and has some of the other presidents let's -- lately. However I'm afraid. That he might split that vote and will end up with Obama again. That would be nice worry. Well below our neighbor who wants with the most seriously I mean. -- is the candidate is not. It is not Newt Gingrich it's not Palin it's certainly is not -- meant Bachmann is just I'm sorry like R&D people lot of people like her she's not the answer so now -- We don't have anybody know which we get up to that that -- we've got to figure this out. I well I know I mean I would doubt that trapped. Because of it is didn't background and again I think that somebody that we should deal is seen not going on. Especially when we have socialists trying to. Go everywhere else but. I don't know how that would turn out I mean I think he would do a really good job. I don't know thinking get there. -- -- you know he's got enough let's put it this way the Judy thanks to the cause he's got enough money. And money talks you know that if you got enough money you can convince people that if you got money to spend. You could inundate the airwaves with visuals and adds an attack ads and this and that and he can drop fliers and he can have parties the guy has money. And that's key to any. Person at winning the presidency. They also have to know what the heck they're doing when they campaign Hillary Clinton had a a ton of money but she -- it. She's gone on for anything by the way arts Sussex 1726668688774694322. Why is -- so outlandish Donald Trump for president he wants to dump 600 million dollars of his own cash. In the the it if you what it's all it's yelled. All all what what is the president saying. -- got some skin in the game or ES. And and out how much support is until he's got a lot of money is spent he wants to be president that's what it sounds like what do you guys think Tom -- on WRKO. I can't I don't agree with you I think Donald Trump is probably did. The one they can truly be Obama who is Obama I believe it's a total idiot in this room in this country. And even worse than -- the last two presidents Biopharma effect he's the equal to our economy worsens now I'm. -- Now Romney Nazi Romney to me I don't this about Mitt Romney I'd just. I can't put my I'd I just I don't I I'm not. I can't put my finger on that Ronnie rubs me the wrong way I just don't know what it is it's easy to fake looking plastic looking as a stature his demeanor I don't know what it is but I I not a fan Romney. While Giuliani I know I liked Giuliani I just don't know if the country would embrace. You know they see they would attack his moral you know his -- he did in his his private life so I -- Ron you have to pick somebody from a different geography didn't section of the countries unless you know what else out there that that he can only gray yeah absolutely. I am an American female as vice president Tibetan this isn't this right would rank and that the VP what him. I -- to say Condi -- yet now she Condi Rice I would love to see her vice president now wouldn't that be something what would the African American community do. That's a woman the first female African American. Does so and so do you wanna put a guy back -- novice he Marty reached historic places by putting an African American an office. Hey how about this now an African American female first in the and the country as vice president. All my god talk about now we'll talk about a dilemma what with the community deal. Then Mike welcome -- except when WRKO. Yeah you are not to do which is the best man would be Obama can tear them apart. Why in a debate but he -- yeah and he's. All right I'm down I'm. Well I feel -- it's just so you know I mean it's still waiting your precedes a society and without even getting out there he's cranky old guy. Come on look look I think he really knows. The government. -- right you're absolutely right I agree with you might -- it's just say you know it's just the way he. He appears to a generation of young people the way he appears to people that are on offense he's old guard in. Okay. -- you -- about it call him the man -- well you know tens of bamboo. They should -- problem we have it's been demanding. Another. When you call it does save money from medical. It's now -- -- got some great idea. Now but again he. Now -- okay and you know too well Obama I pie. My outlook. All right Mike -- he's up cranky old white guy that's -- -- proceed but you're right he would rip them to shreds in the debate that would be awesome. Seriously I would love to see that let's go to Brian Brian what I'm a crazy or are right yeah. So many topics so little I just not crazy old order what you gotta understand the liberal liberal government -- -- It's in the region that they take it is that they take it because you're afraid of everything. There are afraid to believe there's a problem with. With Muslims they're afraid to believe that the problem would people coming across the border. Is the best way for them poor boy if fear is if it doesn't exist. That's you know that's what -- this fire as you hoarding food yet you attack a wake just don't tell people about. Could they are gonna come knocking on -- you call them zombies must -- -- problem right would win. -- Robert Reich was absolutely wetlands and even your ticket and Trump's got back out at the last second why Turkey because the Chinese are scared to death they him. Think he knows. They'll hit it they would not let him become president that will never happen big -- down by noticed. I I -- around that area in -- yet touched the fish and they can't he would -- into -- there because there that the radium from the from the munitions. My gate in and in what's happening right now in -- you can't. This is it I think it's already released. Up more radiation then both of the bombs that we drop -- -- gonna get worse so you're actually on top of would have been but don't tell people important step. So now I know most trying too late now I mean you know yeah I know now it's too late but hey I I don't -- -- -- anymore. Heartburn. It's on 766686. Each. 877469432. To the cat is out of the proverbial -- and what can I say. So it says Sierra 617 -- issue Ron you've got the break all the brain a look at the very important military background I could never run. What do you think I'm not politics I smoked too much dope in my younger days no it's true you know it George Clooney said I don't follow the grateful that I'm not proud of it. But yeah I used to party I have skeletal bones let's put that way I'm -- our pitches on me you know doing the Miley Cyrus somewhere. But hey you know that's my past so we move forward but not not interested in politics -- that's my brother and my father. All right folks will continue to take your calls about Donald Trump. Let's say it's from Tony twelve why is -- he want to spend 600 million dollars of his own money. Off for his campaign he's serious and are running your thoughts on the subject to a lot of return to take your calls everyone hang in there you're listening to Jennifer brand right -- Boston's talks stationed. I don't smoke anymore I don't I don't stroke and six say if my bosses listening oh my god this is WRKO. To walk you guys were losing your hair I just did something though a lot of you have been thinking damn sexy. WR stereo. You -- a great place. For the men. As the greatest president. History of the United States we'll. Maybe now. I -- -- and. The latest from the -- off and they didn't even know who. Okay -- okay you know yeah. So very far WRKO. That's the question on the table. We are not to be Saddam trump -- if he's you know hands then he's gone he's gonna do it and by the way someone sent me emails sent. I can't believe you just admitted to smoking. Illegal things on it. But didn't president now who was at Obama did he admitted to smoking and snorting cocaine or was that the other way it was another president. And admit it it's a youthful. Transgression that goes on you know I think the last three of the admitted to doing -- both of them -- I'm human none of them. Presence -- thing is I joined the military and turn my life around. That's that's that's the key. That sticky part let's go back to the phones you guys obviously wanna talk about this -- welcome thanks for hanging in -- -- -- WRKO go ahead. Okay so I wanted to ask you these. Alan -- we let him. I Alan west I do I don't know enough I got to be honest I did -- I don't know a whole lot about Alan west to be able to talk really and intellectually about them but what I've seen when I've seen him doing interviews and various shows. I liken -- well spoken and I think I like some of his ideas. Have you seen and -- haven't seen any of his videos I can't urge you I urge you whip Eric get online get uncle -- And Google it ain't this guy is unbelievable. Oh no service is very important to me by doing very aren't the military's sir is really important to me. You do it happened in Hamlet the it would seek it out over eat and how he shot. Gunfire by it was a much -- -- -- -- -- I don't know what he -- but China -- -- -- it. He -- what is wrong he put the gun down put the -- up near exit you know it was wrong but he beat his guide like -- he'd walk on fire. To get then you do -- -- the basilica of Skype unbelievable and I urge you to look at it and. I certainly will Diane I've I promise you that now -- at the Y why just a curiosity why do you think the Republican Party hasn't embraced someone like Al west wind. According you know he's got great idea as his background is is is very impressive. And he happens to be African American -- which is yet obviously important to this country right now why do you think they have an elevated him to maybe a top slot. It's going to happen feared that there watching this guy he ran in the South Florida you may get it if it Jewish Ron Klein is in a bevy Jewish population as any to zone and yeah. Wanna get them -- 10%. Big I can't cut it every day I noted don't want it but the all -- -- coming up wrapped them read it read it we know what. The good old boys network you know how well you've seen bridge mumbling no -- -- You know not like that this guy like he couldn't -- -- Obama can out this guy is great I am I let you know like pop up. By -- what about -- contribution he -- the Democrat party. -- gonna have a trump west ticket. Come on back is -- not gonna take second second why. What we do that you've got to listen to this -- he didn't enlighten all. All he is really. I I well I promised Diana and I check him out for you when I what I get back later today thank you it yeah no problem I actually I've got to do an overnight tonight and when I'm. I'm doing my thing I'm gonna check this out. 6172666868. 8774694322. Donald Trump for president you guys and send text by the way 686 say a new wireless. 978 says let's see the lives and the progressives would label condi as they can't say that well there's your answer. Keep calling it an old white guy and those of us. And -- Republican -- change channels okay he is an old white guy. An old -- he is he is he old yes is he white yes he's an elderly Caucasian. All right then -- assailant. And I'm sorry he happens to be perceived as cranky old school and an America's moving forward and even though he's a wonderful. Guy you might think or super intellectual and knowledgeable on all things in the contract with America and he's what we need he's not the answer sorry. Russ welcomed by many does but he did -- doing 978 breast welcoming -- WR KR. First of all anybody but Osama Obama. Yeah hey that's good that's just got a job calls for all the -- the -- on the -- you know in the past glamour -- and he has -- week. The voters have made a 180 degree turn. In the next presidential election. In it -- I'm more likely that after or a bad choice what the pig in the poke. That they'll take a chance again -- another taken the -- now. Donald Trump to there's no question that. He's a master builder panties are capable leader and so forth and so on. But he'll also be Philip Knight is as there's a dictator and and and so -- the guy who I want. However I love how by the left for sure -- that the Democrats will organize them -- known as godless person and that. You know wolf fire everybody and -- Well I -- rhymes is gonna get that label and I'll label we know -- yep. Now as far as Newt Gingrich is concerned. Just no question that is key. Is is that is a proven leader but he did an excellent job does as speaker of the house. So he is he is experienced than he is a proven leader. Now I -- he would be my frustrates. Out of the field of candidates that are out -- great now -- didn't. But there's no question that night I could also -- what Donald Trump are. Our media the cast the characters. -- Russ why would he be a first choice. Because he had a great impression. They think about what -- independence and -- -- If you listen to normal K. He has an excellent command of -- of reality. And these an extremely learned that person and that affect our play up. If you took Kim and Pat Buchanan and I I would put them up against anybody that the liberals have. And they would get beaten in the debate what those two guys. -- -- but here's again but here's the problem it's perception this guy is not perceived wealth from the independent community as well as abandoned Democrats like myself. And that's that's gonna be a problem with conservatives wrapped their arms around Newt Gingrich no doubt about it rust but you've got also I mean I see I don't think. The problem is this is this a problem I have. A lot of a lot of Republicans didn't like McCain in the last election because he's a moderate Republican and every once as we need to go back to the conservative roots we need to go back to what are truly mean to be Republican. And I really don't think. That the country is going to go that direction in the next election they still want a moderate per say they want someone with conservative ideas but. Who might be willing to bet not a hardcore replied I could be wrong but I don't think hardcore conservative is gonna take the White House in 2012. Yeah well I I I ticket you know and I know can be -- somewhat flexible and socialist -- there -- social issues. But -- economically and as far as it being a leader in this country. Shown the world a leadership. There's no question that. He would be a -- as far as that's concerned. Named Russ thanks for the call I appreciate it. It's rhetoric welcome make your Adobe RKO. Yeah it worked for -- Broad beer bottle I am in a minute after just aren't a shootout in the last. In regard to help fight that would hurt McDonnell on my immediate when he came right out who's not. Bad are Clinton's. And it's the truth. That I just like they are panache he had met some very politically correct. Well that's exactly right that's exactly why I would vote for him. Yeah I know this. After that those -- I think actually it's. For it you can't change. No -- I'm not gonna credit. Loud you know I'm Rosie O'Donnell violate the get curious right to know what has happened -- Rosie O'Donnell. I believe she's gonna pop up by Oprah Winfrey network somewhere I think she's gonna get her own show again. -- grateful she's a dreadful dreadful woman. 6172666868877469432. -- is a text message 68680. There are good men I'll let you need somebody that's really did beat Barack Obama is right you need somebody that's gonna not get obamacare. That's right and who is gonna do it I don't think Newt Gingrich can -- Obama out I don't think Michelle Bachmann can knock Obama out I don't think Palin. On her own for president could knock Obama out I think she should run again as vice president with someone I would remind our trump. Pailin ticket I wouldn't mind a trump Condi Rice sick at. Is -- -- joke drug for pres Alan welcome NW RKO. Hey good afternoon good afternoon sir I am 100%. What Donald Trump. Everyone talks about you want Chris Christie to one run we want crisply -- to run Donald Trump is Chris Christie. And Donald Trump what say -- hazardous. Now one other thing you know you said -- like a woman as a vice president yeah why not. How well governor brewer from Arizona. Don't you think she'd just love the opportunity. You know -- -- an unplanned I forgot all about her I -- she would I I really -- I think she will always. I think she'd be chomping at the bit yes Donald absolutely I'm there will be -- That's latitude in Amman and that's a great ticket Allen very guide good call. 617 so 26668688774694322. That's on hot ticket oh yes. My instinct tells me that one could definitely win. All my guy can you imagine all my -- the left would freak out not pay its ticket of hate -- Brower. 978 says Donald great idea how I'm -- -- to stand. I'm pro life and well we'll have to know our way of what is platform as you know hasn't really started campaigning IDs is time and all the money. Let's if -- runs for president for 97 may we can't let money by the presidency why it always does. Part of the beauty of me my money is that I'm very rich so. If I need 600 million I can put up 600 million myself that's a huge advantage. Guess. You'll love she loves his candor. All I love the guy. -- he is exactly what this country needs you know. We don't need sodas and a promise to be a Donald Trump we did some freedom is a Donald Trump -- story -- when things are good things are bad. And stop blowing smoke and pretending everything is this sir everything is that. -- Obama -- is it's so disappointing. Everything he said he wants he's not. I don't understand how the people that voted for him can feel any differently at this point if you didn't vote for Obama I would love to know. How you feel -- at this point in his kick it in in his presidency. Let's go to Dave Dave welcome NW RKO. Yes side. Sitting up it driving in lapping I think -- also the called -- draw law are on drugs double trumpeted bigoted joke cobalt now. The Republicans may have a chance in 2016. But you know what you -- say what you need dog what you want about the president yeah and you know. Everyone it got -- last all the way to disguise. Second term again so he could put appeal he got up Huckabee because of the truck. Try yet about what you know it can't -- it and I can't talk about until you try out all of Obama in bat this guy. This -- web page second terror. And it happened nothing that you guys can do about it -- you -- to talk about it you know about that tried god can talk about the great white hope well you know try cutting. Don't. -- -- -- is so you have forgotten that I would write it did you African American how great that's yeah yes you Ozzie does a great debt. Great white hope it does -- -- mean. And what. I. Can check out American and I get a -- He had any thing about that Greg or did anybody -- if I -- settled O'Donnell is he African American communities great black hole how many calls to my boss do you think you have to -- Lester it you republic can enjoy unity I'm not a Republican. It's getting I'm Obama I'm not well okay -- and it goes -- and I Obama got a call for. Did so I can't you took questions from me because I'm really I seriously -- dead serious appearance not tell me something. Why why do you support the president outside of his skin color and what is he done that you're proud of as president. Actually you know let. That they assaulting two. Individuals who -- -- for. The president by saying that well you the first ever become -- this particular did you vote for George Bush or Reagan because because they were the white. Did you vote for them because. That little white dot. Only my eyes are rotting at the time all. I did -- what I. -- -- -- -- Like I read I -- Okay I your two questions and then you have an answer them so maybe you're thinking about what you wanna say because you can't quite come up with the answer that this is what this is what people who support Obama do these screaming screaming screen when you act specifically what are you don't they don't -- -- Should I get detailed file and day. Talk -- and make it. Dave I'm giving you so much time you've been on the air for three minutes now and have asked so what I've asked you a question -- when you have an incident. Would you like to answer the question what the question put the question is. What has the president done that -- proud of in this country and -- why do you continue to support him outside of his skin color. Well throw the ball again I think that resulting track of all I support the president because that Matt. -- they -- have to clean up you know I I. He okay. Well. I -- health care. All get it do you know and the white -- it you know you actually shape that there have been a better supporting the president because it -- tell -- International trade -- -- this isn't. Your not gonna judge because you're white and it. No I got my I don't know. -- -- -- -- I don't I don't understand it make a comment that says bad individual loan book pro Obama. Beyond have got about. I can't say did you -- did you pick up. You but I -- I can't expect. The name's Dave would you talk again what does he scream because this is what liberals still I mean not a whole no. Right wing talk show do all really erratic at point -- Yeah I don't know men and -- -- I think Steve. C -- do we just -- I'm sorry if she's done I have this state. Well I doubt Dave -- dropped I dropped by accident you that's what I'm sorry but what -- -- -- -- DUI has to question. The one thing every man most every single Democrat. They can't answer -- question question exactly why did you vote for Barack Obama outside this Alan McCoy yeah anybody carrying my choice. Please call it and just answer that simple when you. That's all you have to do. I I didn't Steve I couldn't I couldn't agree with you more I gave Dave about four minutes plus. I I had an all democratic and -- own rhetoric Fiat and the thing -- you know the African American community was polled nationwide and some of the questions were and this is why I was trying to tell day when he looting -- -- screening. On is that. The -- the first question as. Did you vote for the Barack Obama because his skin color overwhelmingly the in this particular poll yes and they're not ashamed of it because they wanna make history as -- and also whites were -- young white people colleges were pulled to and they said the same thing. Then the next question was what policy do you support. And nine times out of ten that question was not answered because of respondents didn't know what dissect. They didn't know how to respond to that question because there was no issue that they supported. I mean so. My whole thing is you know and why did I get the job that some light. On the double what. That's Saturn not push sticky how many people before I was the last one in I think. I was the last one who auditioned for this job. There was a whole bunch of women before I mean it's some guy sat and I don't know what ethnicity they Laura but there was a hole pulled weary of people and I was the last one and and I they let me stay around. Map I don't biggest doesn't -- caller. I could be enough. I don't know. Plan before you there was another white woman on them before that there was. Some man on is that -- -- that medical show yeah -- -- -- there was a while there's a couple other guys that sad ensue before after that show that again there there -- various -- -- -- -- -- and then and saved to your question there was also African American guy like I said. Who was on the station. Leo and now he's in jail I'm just so he and you know you gold that information if you'd like -- I don't know I'm talking about let's go to Don -- welcome NW RK I'm gonna. Here you know so this. Our country. Medicare exclude. Certain browns and that's what does Obama want September 1 thing you could do is kill his country with a -- from many Kia. Well yes. Then how about somebody like Dave do you think dish and -- political idea ideal Josie and that's why -- I worry about this country -- is gonna vote for Obama again without answering any questions about. Yeah and I didn't lose. And I think the guy that has been under. -- moment. I'm old I'm -- I separate job called and then the reasoning we had to go got to take a break I would really along with Dave so we -- welcome back guys Don -- Donald and onside whoever is on hold hang on we'll get we'll get 2000 few minutes stick around much more coming up. On a loss of sensation 680 WRKO please join Richard Rubino and Sam Wang who. AM okay. W Ontario. So this season though they are now -- welcome. Your son Maximilian I can't go ahead and. I don't care I'm I'm good how are you guard you also people voted voted fall bomb like is shared -- Christian -- Obviously they don't know all the background all game in what the people that surround him in during the administration has in this government. Most of -- radical leftists. Muslim radicals in Communist radicals every one of his administration. If it does have Communist ties Muslim radical ties in. Left wing radical ties in this country. Well this debit some of the people that Obama hangs out with having to be Muslim and -- shady former. Homegrown terrorists. Not some I didn't solicit names and if we want Obama a radical was tied to other organizations around -- tied to George Soros. Try to destroy America back to jurisdiction issues and -- No -- I know there's a lot of unsavory characters hang ten hang out with the president we talked about one last week Van Jones you know I'm MS is 11. -- let's go to Iowa who is as Donald. This is Donald docket will welcome your WRK out. Donald I had yeah. Now. No event on national. I'm from may not formally bought the land of and this junk so no Oprah -- Hampshire is a very intelligent -- and eternal nature around probably not blue -- red. And he also has in the bush administration. And he has the credentials governor. But what got yeah. -- And the other guys really got and it got no -- Which means I use generic -- then took office. No running I don't know what they have run out not many very intelligent. Hey I I have listen I gotta go to squeeze in Clarence to for the top of the a break I clarity about thirty seconds. Yes first of all I am a black man. And I feel I would have no role for Obama I thought that there were strong of people poor black who -- have definitely helped that also. South Australia met this man thought that he was going to definitely tackle the economy. The food goes to main states. -- -- -- And I can you after the break cannot puts not calls can we can keep you during the break I wanna tell you no longer are all right I'm gonna put you on hold. UN and that's thank you I want talking Clarence the -- -- Begin clear the air but a few things are right. Clarence coming up. Radio with -- Rihanna on WRKO stick around our two of my shell on Boston's talk station. To -- WRKO.