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Has Japan made you think twice About Nuclear Power?

Mar 15, 2011|

Japan has told the U.N. nuclear watchdog radioactivity was being released "directly" into the atmosphere from the site of an earthquake-stricken reactor and that it had put out a fire at a spent fuel storage pond there. Howie asked do you support nuclear energy?

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Do you support nuclear power in the -- Yes I do. 92%. Say yes I I don't. You know I don't know wore what which boasted to hear mrs. this is unfortunate. But this is a this one of those once in every 300 years earthquakes in Japan and you know when knocked down a lot of up buildings if an earthquake like this occurred in the United States and I don't think we you're going to come up with any better. Solutions warmer for power. Right in the foreseeable future you know and this is not -- that this this is not. The end of the world I mean I know they're gonna you you know what does it tell you look at look at the people who wore who who were running around like chicken little. Now about this. John Forbes live shot care. Okay the the usual suspects it's sadly enough for Massachusetts. He now wants to. Took hold on all love all all new world. Construction permits for for nuclear power. Fast Eddie Markey another boom. From Massachusetts congressman who were who were well liked to. Pushed through cap and trade to push the the developed world and to a permanent. Recession you know B visas the the French I don't know why the French -- sorrow our concern with this but. You know they too were over usually they they have that -- bit more inclined to use. Nuclear power than we have but now they have or maybe the Germans excuse me it's the -- to show without. The Germans have shut down. Seven. Nuclear power ports and this is this is just silly I mean again they. There hasn't been veteran noble this is a better this these are better engineered plants that -- noble. This is an even Three Mile Island it's it's bad but it's. We need the energy where we gonna get the energy we're not gonna get the energy from wind -- OK can we all agree on -- And I know. I know that the Barack Obama says we get the energy promote Windmills but these did you did you hear his latest thing. That he's been going on about. He's been talking about the. Large -- -- from odd about that Saunders. It's -- at Friday's news conference. President Obama tried to connect with the common man coping with rising gasoline prices. Instead the president left little doubt that he is clueless about cars as he has clueless about so much else. You may want to buy a fuel efficient car quote Obama but you may not be able to afford it and so you're stuck with that old -- getting eight to ten miles a gallon. Eight to ten miles per gallon which -- or would that be I wondered Arnold Palmer your father's father's Oldsmobile. A late model Lamborghini. It takes a luxury brand of ball sized machine and or few decades to approached those dismal mileage numbers -- eleven year old Pontiac minivan for example. Get seventeen miles in the city 24 miles on the highway. You have to go back to the Carter administration -- years earlier. To find Obama's I -- gas guzzling for and we car and even that vehicle would have to would have been of AM I liked rockets UV or luxury model. In yet keep this guy is behind the wheel. Of Washington's energy policy. Can you blame me for believing team Obama was pushing the pedal to the metal in a rush for higher gas prices so you know. This guy he's the same guy who told you that that we could solve the whole energy problem if everybody would just go go to they're up pumps. That there -- air pumps at the local gas stations and that make sure their tires worked over proper level. And soul. It's so they would they want they want they don't want any drilling they they don't want nuclear power. That what what do they did do they want to they want. Did did they wanna stalled ride bicycles is that it. I don't think he wants to write a bicycle I know I don't want are on a bicycle do you wanna write a bicycle. You all right a donkey. 1877469432218774694322. But this well -- happens in in these -- about 24/7 you know -- the clock news gathering you know everything -- there was just would be a new way angle. And the new -- goal now is of is apparently going to be you know -- nuclear power safe so we're gonna after -- while ago for just like. Just like we went through with by the oil spill the BP oil spill. Last year this year it's gonna be the the the earthquake in Japan remember of its its it's is it's a disaster that occurs every 300 years. 18774694322. -- -- take my chances with nuclear power. Bob your next what powered car go ahead Bob. They -- personal all the typical the more -- of the media going on and on about Chernobyl. That is totally irrelevant. You cannot build Chernobyl type -- in the free world because it has no exterior containment vessel. That same containment vessel that kept pretty well wild for becoming a major disaster. Separately it was not based spontaneous accident. It was deliberately done what happened typical boy -- all the Soviet Union. It would way behind schedule so that -- completed construction that we're not allowed any time to test all the backup and safety. Pro parts of the -- they had to go right online. So they're deliberately trust from the plant receive quality safety backup system worked. And they had a problem. That they wanted to shut down a plant fix the problem -- a local body -- and I don't. That they had to keep that they are lying -- -- patrol boat wasn't even a spontaneous Saxon historically. The IAEA -- long terms say the files are more people have died from fear of Chernobyl. There have died there of any radiation. Well I just -- of a bumper sticker from the early eighties so Bob you -- were calling. I don't know when you go. People died and had kept people -- Ted Kennedy's car than Three Mile Island. Yeah while three mile mile of people did died Chernobyl. But what he's saying is that did that Three Mile Island Wednesday what was that it was a tiny fraction of the radiation leak at Chernobyl -- and noble -- Chernobyl was run by the idea basically 83 world dictatorship that no longer access. We're not about why it went we just like that when it goes there's a problem and as the Napa deputies. It's not true that nobody I mean people are very badly injured there's still like twenty miles and you can't only in around Chernobyl. We're talking about Three Mile Island -- and he just said Chernobyl where nobody that very few people were killed a noble and that's not true old. All true noble -- you know that dog be like having it in in sub saharan Africa or somewhere you know I mean -- this is if you put them if you put the nuclear power plants in areas where people know what they're doing. You're you're not gonna have this you are gonna have this problem and it's not going to be it's it's not gonna end up being that great of a problem I don't think. Pat your next with Howie -- go ahead pat. I currently. And I -- and you get a chronic back I. Know -- Massachusetts. I have been and -- -- -- Well. Therefore. Our fuel efficient vehicle I don't need to -- -- -- It shouldn't they share it. -- -- -- Then me -- are you pregnant. -- I know I've seen those I've seen all those spaces. Well let me. -- Look at you know I'm driving in the -- you're. Moving. I don't blame -- I don't blame your bit pat thanks for thanks for the call. By 18774694322. So now the -- of this is going to be bad on the at Toyota deliveries I guess from at least the ones that are made in Japan -- its use as we know so former mate here in the US. And Mexico. But. This and this this this could be a boon they won't if they're pure Prius is being made for the next couple months may may be. Chevrolet will be able to sell more than. More than ten volts per day. Although I'm not sure how many volts per day is the max they can expect that the -- probably twelve or thirteen even if they don't make any Prius is for another year. Bill you're next with how we cargo ahead bill. But I kind of vault you know -- Got a kitty who wanna it took only go to point five miles have to put in the wall I've outlook. But it only but it only cost forty -- the stuff. I had not -- tigers paid the price because people want it upside dealerships that are posted. It's unbelievable to get -- Cadillac evoke laughs but what they -- it -- -- -- and do battle arguably -- Cadillac volts I don't worry that it won't get you some secret information from the catalog marketing plan. Yeah -- go. -- garbage spread out that you have the opportunity pass up this book but it ought. They -- by the way out -- before it goes right. Should -- -- to look at that I voted. But a bunch of stuff on it that was sure what Allah. They told a guy about eight different times what was gonna happen that was that was like -- -- -- the Titanic was pulled even had a meeting. This guy did it was coolest piece of people and Ali with no protection at all with the big bow to adopt. Pick pick pick pick pick those out. -- -- -- -- -- complete power isn't very officiate with all the prominent in everything else skeptical to the school trip to. All we should be doing is giving casts. Natural gas or will -- both of -- that that'll keep the prices stopped for the rest of us that don't lose but 16100 Pennsylvania up. Yeah I I know I I know that you know if you wanna make an argument say that this proves nuclear power is safe. Then did you have to come up with the second part of the argument which is what are we gonna replace a weapon and I don't think that Windmills organic product. Right now if we what they Ed Markey John Kerry is that we used to justify. We'll go along with two moratorium on nuclear -- that is little doubt please spare -- -- until natural gas and coal it will regulate yet to be a I did they just want to basically have to go back to the eight is 800. Us not them -- rights yeah -- today got drug Kerry again remember John Kerry and it is quote unquote family -- Five suvs count -- five suvs. How it will definitely gonna apply for these these special quite liked about the only -- -- -- to write a play. Is this for pleasure. Right let's watch what you want to suck up to the most popular politician in Massachusetts Scott Brown by writing with a month some kind of cancer. Cancer like right now on the South Shore. Well it -- -- -- all -- to that stupid who would contact the squeezed the electrical all of us. There at -- -- what's it been spotted out to try to get that I think because the days let us a lot of I do -- With the violence it's played at the broader political correctness at all but well how much it cost the rest to use the support the people you care about which they could care less about. Yeah and I know I just don't see this get I don't see him get the same kind of traction that they used to get in the past you know and we know the days of Three Mile Island the people will be roaming around like chickens with their heads cut off. Now people realized that the others there's an agenda that's at work here you know. Well we are ready to do type out your local gas stations and that this is sealed packets are gonna work it paid for all the gal are. Well I'll go to the -- cause that's where it raised the price of everything else that's. -- about what that have to be talked coldly everything that these people just got their head as if I can't believe these people ought to. The movie by the -- argued that the media would do these jobs. You know although the thing is built the good news is that the Barack Obama is hard at work today on his bracket tax. You must be ready for that March Madness. And to release it it's it's one of the most watched events of the year on ESPN is when Barack Obama releases his bracket acts. How we had to campus last year apocalyptic that I see this special that I see you picked up like -- -- Hobbits of that -- They go Bob does the -- robbed the first but what overall seed that evidently this week. I'm OpenId I'm hoping that he picks Ohio State does that mean that that could possibly mean that Carolina can get into the final four. I was gonna say that to the default the bodies on the. Thanks for the call bill call 18774. That via the heels are number two. In the in their bracket behind Ohio State's oh Ohio State's their big problem obviously analyst Barack Obama picks them. 187746943220. John -- now although I guess I must admit I figured a beach who years ago. He did pick Carolina to win all in Carolina that one and all but Caroline it was a heavy favorite. Was the senior league team. That. It was it was their turn. John your next with -- card or John. Good afternoon captain -- today. You know regarding the nuclear plant and it -- that and a structural engineering -- -- from the earthquake that. It's the cause of the failure of my optimistic if we get when you're out get you right -- -- cost now I still. Haven't done here. Your homework but. Big diesel tanks. For the backup diesel generator that was supposed to cool -- watt power. Well outside above ground not in a hard shelf or. So what happened what does not making. In -- both thanks Blake of course and so they had no fuel the backup diesel generators. I mean it may it may be under the symbol meant but it sounds like somebody fumbled on that and -- With today's technology -- -- as -- -- tanks inside a building. Protected because -- that structure that entire building what does this say about -- like -- Sure. Those those nuclear power plants are pretty old aren't they buy nuclear power plants standards. Japanese even with the way they felt that I need some of that concrete not all seven need it in the way or. And so forth and they built a mob that shocked at all that kind. Right well same as -- out of -- -- it the new war the new designs the diesel plants via the the diesel engines -- would have been inside issues. Generator to sing god without fuel tanks that were outside it's -- -- about like an -- think it's somebody's -- It without it outdoors. So when this is when the water came along washed them away so what state. It does have been buried in the ground or inside a hardened shelter the plant would be doing just find it. And that's the probability it of course you know the mainstream media not gonna talk about battery thing because it it makes it much sense and then making it. They talk -- -- yeah but. They've talked about they've talked about how that they survived the earthquake that the Japanese know how to build a survivor earthquakes they didn't count on the 12 punch the earthquake and the tsunami. And that's what they're saying is -- exactly what you said. As time goes on the John Kerry's in the and the Ed Markey will begin to dominate the discussion with David Tuesday the temper tantrums always get morrow play in the in the mainstream media and that. They do that they rely on people be an uninformed about it you know I mean you ignorant because of course there's some. Smarter than everybody. That Artest and eight PR right. -- absolutely you know. So hey thank you have a good up. Thanks -- 1877469432218774694322. Tom your next without cardinal ahead Tom. I don't know. I was there at Tom Dodd you're next with how we are going head -- and. Pick -- and I don't. I was just wondering. Well. Everybody who the Democrat they want electric charge. But they don't want nuclear power plants. So they were out actually a percentage of people at electric cars -- apps built 500. Coal burning power. They don't -- talk -- I had a small correction they they don't want every one to have electric cars. They want you to have electric car and -- to have electric car. You they you think you'd think they wanted to drive around that Chevy Volt where you go go to 45 miles and you honestly the got to take off the road for five hours to recharge it. Well I'd certainly you have to have the energy to recharge. So. I mean if you don't wanna build nuclear power plants here yes. Then it's -- of all. Right we're burned more than what the cars or. And and Barack Obama said the 2008 campaign that they -- that they weren't they were going to was charge. Such outrageous. Caught us feast to permit these new coal fired plants. That they would actually drive the Colby a coal industry out of business this is crazy because is as people noted we -- the where the Saudi Arabia of coal. And -- we're trying to get double Barack Obama the president of the United States who thinks all cars get eight miles to the gallon. Wants to what that they just want. Prayers certainly gas prices over. I was just wondering though worry what I mean do you think. -- frustration noble air that you brought on mr. noble very -- Where where. Where -- MI. Whereas. Our water. Serving its wholly totally different. -- -- to be any more -- nobles don't like and it's in and again. Things happened bleep happens you know you -- we don't you you can't eat you can't react. Everything that happens by. By eight. Say what I could do this anymore mean yogi. Have you have you ever wrecked the car broad. Course we ball wrecked cars right does that mean does that mean we never bought a car again held well right. Does what he -- though the door without a car is worse then that having the safety of riding a donkey right. I mean the last nuclear power plant built in the United States. Seabrook to capture yeah nothing has been careful like. Thirty years I remember the demonstrations when yeah when it was -- Yup. Thanks man ever built the second reactor because of yeah. Clam shell alliance. I mean you know all these people wanna buy electric cars. -- up where -- gonna get energy from all hold our. Thanks for the cult 177469432. To build your next with how -- -- ahead bell. There are are. Very. Yeah I just what are digital. Book Richard all the -- I -- no specific situation. If the United States ever builds. A nuclear facility let out an outside containment system. If they decided to -- body at all bypassing all. And edit I did not doubt it but people aren't swayed as Bobbitt. Then make it used -- Chernobyl. Just sit back Marion this current situation but also think we can never come through -- Three Mile Island where nothing happened. So we just not panic at this point but -- all the. -- -- -- Hate to listen tell -- -- you've convinced me tell it to John Kerry. -- holidays. Suggestion to use it. It knows -- got back. Yeah will be that's what these guys though this is how they make their living I mean that. You don't they just they just run big they run up to a Cameron start jumping up and down and shaking this. And screaming. At best it's -- -- have to look at Detroit Fargo that's at their Beck and call that anyway at a DNC just don't check it also. -- Yeah -- like 18774694322. But it's it's it's it's hard sell me the economy is -- that is in the tank. The pricing gases out of control which is gonna make the economy worse. And and -- people just an invoke in people have now have some experience say they understand. What the alternatives are here you know that that -- win in the around here we understand Cape Wind is. Is night. Going to be eight panacea for the ratepayers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We understand. That that that we are going to need some energy and -- we yet. We really don't want to lie all that much on the on -- on shipments that come through the Suez Canal and on -- -- Like Moammar Qaddafi for our oil the week President Obama is on your signed. He's a model where enemies on my side meaning he fully supports nuclear energy is part of a clean energy plan for the US. That's great I'm glad to hear -- -- that that should last for about two more days until up until his until his first. Into this first number one seed gets knocked out which would which is probably going to be about Saturday. 187. So he's and he's a man of his convictions. 1877. 187746943221877469432. -- -- mainstream media the moon bats are gonna start going after nuclear power again. And you know it's it's hard to imagine Germany along with the shutting down on the seven nuclear power plants there. But the at a conservative government but apparently there were they're not immune to what outbreaks. Moon -- hysteria as well. 617 says remember John Kerry was for nuclear before he was against that. 617. Not to ruin your day mrs. pockets was released from prison today that would be Patrice Tierney the woman well wandered eight million box. In mob money for her fugitive gangster brother. Thirty days she did thirty days. Hoped you learned a lesson. One. Chuck turner lost his appeal through today plot in the lot of news breaking from the courts. Chuck turner lost his appeal yes -- up report to what did the Bureau of Prisons. On March 25. As they as they hold the election to replace him today in Roxbury. Turnout is light to say at least. And chuck turner is gone as of march 25. 18774694322. Mars your next with how we card or had Mars. I wait longtime fans -- not the western. Also doing well. Yes. The western coasts of New England. But what makes them all. -- -- little bit at the trial attorney shall Alter. You know. How about retired engineered. Animals that I've been supportive of nuclear energy. But I agree with what Germany has now apparently the older. Of the design as. -- six spot with that situation. Where you know with the better -- Public safety system in Japan fail. The battery wasn't big enough to drive the yeah. -- after the these generators. Bailed out. But we've had that they've had several days now they could -- the helicopter and all was generators. -- they wanted to -- cannot cool -- the -- Note media. The containment vessel. It was that the pressure but. Small. Picking them up water in critical -- and not. That that ethnic considered I think we have to wait. Yet have up with a with a plan album next generation the current generation of reactors -- what they called at the water. It you don't have -- hand them off. The problem Mars is that is that this is gonna be used as an excuse by the people -- men so many of whom live in Vermont. To a -- to try to put an end to nuclear power. I don't wanna put an add to a but that we have to look that's what happened that this is clearly a failure. He explained to me why why would with all these days they will. Tell me that -- water it there. I I don't know the answer I'm not an engineer I do notice. This is that this is the the this is the kind of tsunami. Earthquake that you get every 300 years. Right we have. After now -- like we get that they certainly can bring in all the -- and -- generators they want. In the air freight demand. They they bring it temporary fire all they can't look. There's something wrong. Well I you know again I don't think Germany is in May be dangerous. Of Obama. Gathered at any danger of tsunami but. You've got to take on them. Yeah. Well. Okay I write I I don't wanna take a permanent pause and I know that what I yeah. Thanks thanks for the call marks -- 187746943221877469432. To pat your next with how we cargo at that. Yeah okay now you know they were cracked up about the Chevy volts and they're -- about a public so lectured 200. 280 in the month of February which do the math that works out to ten per day. Right MMM -- and delicate failed to match it was the big tax credit for I wanted to ask. You can help I made it that you -- that the government -- if -- there's monsters and out of the I want in people's although a lot of in no -- -- thing too is with this whole thing electric prior. Now we're gonna be more power because if people are all plug in that -- about runner -- gas vehicle or. Okay we're gonna draw a lot more out of power goes -- gotta charge it every night. So did anybody think that is maybe we ought to be look at their build more nuclear plant that would do little where were the ones we have. You know you're gonna. In your amateur I have a choice it's either nuclear it's -- would all -- what would be named your poison -- They're called wiretap a they. I think Russia to -- for Paula coal fired carbon that's what it. As I mean if you if you were due to electricity from coal fired plant it's a coal fired car. That's exactly it exactly right in you know the most desirable form electric power is generated from hydroelectric. I mean that's the thing that should be really exploited a -- right particle pollution and reliable. Out. And end I don't hear anybody talk about expanding that -- you know let that be the first thing in bed natural. You heard this nailed the harder at all. And. Our man I'll never wake up Bedard and appears too large could protect. We. Gotta protect them snail martyrs -- most part of the red bellied turtles all the rest of those creatures living in the city. Are they did this this is that streams. They've accepts rev it up here how are you might be in the fresh -- Serb. I hear I hear that someone's gonna be stopping by with the delivery tomorrow afternoon around 3 o'clock. That would and I am looking forward to that I'm sure open that's gonna happen. Thanks thanks for the call path wonder at 774694322. And a good -- car on -- Maple syrup but you can you can distill maples are by now know that having having. Having gotten the some. Some maple Serb vodka from one of -- another one of our visitors from the green Mountain State. 18774694322. Steve your next without a card or -- Steve. Yeah I -- you know. -- a -- I've made one of the points that I wanted to make. Which is hydroelectricity. Then go back is known is that Saudi Arabia Hydro electricity. So we'll be glad to -- let me over to. Well good I I want some. I -- you know I would prefer clean energy I just want some kind energy period. A look at -- that important as well as I don't you don't like the poll but dooming the favor of for a you don't have the wise to make your point okay first of all the Rangers a 150. Miles per charge. Okay if you don't believe me Google it were the 50000. Miles per year most people don't drive 50000 miles per year. Check it out all Ali. It has been fast engine so if the charge rent so you can do another 500 miles on your doubt that. -- what I want to buy a car for 40000 dollars that presents me with those kinds of -- I'm palatable options. Because that's the wave of the future. You just saw it. Which your wave of the future Steve I don't I don't wanna deal with -- I don't -- if I'm I wanna buy a car. The cost. Less money than that if it they added and by the way a bolt it's not like I'm buying a Cadillac guests are acts a -- vehicle. Amid a vault is like it's it's like driving some kind of I don't know -- hot rod. -- -- -- is it is very foreign car and like a -- one. Why because they're not available in Canada yet. Are you are you argue that your name on the waiting the last. Well I actually I just bought a 2011. Pontiac Vibe because I usually -- by Japanese cars but I figured. I I should support GM this time so I'm I'm good for another three years but not without it will consider it because most people out. Well let's -- how much does abide cost. I've got one or so so you guys you're gonna go up almost doubled to buy a -- just to dude c'mon Steve yeah but -- In -- huge amount of money will tell us. How you don't again. I. They said that the price of gasoline to make a Prius. Competitive. Had to get up -- around 455 bucks a gallon. Now it's gotta be even a lot higher than that with a vault. Every you know you'd get out I don't -- 50000. Mildly year I won't -- any does soldiers use electricity. I could say I could think 5000 dollars a year. Steve I hope you I hope you -- your vault are very happy together. Thanks always will be a I wanna buy American card. You have right away. Thank you. 18774694322. On our car. 18774694322. Karl when your next when we are going -- -- Our first -- I don't today. Ballots just there's Diego how -- there's people are created everybody is opening of the openers is it's just unreal how -- look either. Not sure now that's one thing in what they've got reporters. And analysts I just can't even imagine going into that so. I you know Charlie how other people -- but it can you please some obvious some element really notebook that talk about what a -- worst case scenario. I got a daughter ready to have it scared right. -- -- -- -- I live in Maine. Northern Maine thank goodness let you know accused scared. -- -- should. Told that politics she's got nothing to worry about Karl -- I do know did. This is did this is not a problem if you live in northern main street she said she has no problems -- your next with how we car ahead Todd. They are we have a -- across Canada. -- -- -- They had. Our nine point zero earthquake the biggest earthquake ever on record. They guy hit by 830 foot wall of water. That destroyed everything I don't care how secure your nuclear facility dark. I don't care how -- your technology is well that's about happened that happened there's you know these guys in Germany -- you know we're gonna stop and well look at the way it up I mean there's not a new console. How we just imagine if an earthquake like that I get off the coast of stayed right outside of Manhattan or out about a -- and mean. Is there's nothing you can do you -- can you -- I hate how reactionary that our government and and the western world is where we just OK we got to try and you know think about what happens is that there's nothing they can do. It's like we're it's it's like we've become creatures of our week would be -- would become captives of our media. You know we get we just watch this we watched the media when he four hours a day. And -- people like the woman in -- spotter in Maine she's scared out of her mind. -- Karl would ever turn off the TV that's the first down. -- --