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Max Robins Monday March 14, 2011 - Sheen on the road

Mar 14, 2011|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) joined us to answer all of those nagging questions about everyone's favorite shows on the boob tube such as Two and a Half Men and Charlie Sheen's new road show since he was fired from the series.

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One 8774694322. Typical remember how we are sure if you like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon. Thank goodness daylight savings time is back now we don't worry so much about though losing. Losing much of the audience when the sun goes down. Some doesn't go down now to wanna post 7 o'clock -- some like that anyway anyway it's it's a moot point for the time being. We're happy that you can listen to the entire show. On on any of our stations. This time every Monday afternoon we're joined by max Robbins he is a veteran. Broadcast journalist -- -- cover the broadcast industry for many years. The TV business mainly and he is now the executive vice president of the paley center for media in New York City in the security answer. Your questions. About wonderful world. TV. Are you there max I am indeed how are very good very good -- what happened to know who your representative is in the New York State Senate. -- no I don't. It wouldn't happen to -- this fellow Carl Kruger and though I've got lucky enough to have Karl Freddy Krueger. Fight fellow -- it was a great story all you know pogo the best thing about the story was the picture. I like the headline bride and groom pride -- You know. I think throughout the country nothing -- class. Yet it's. You you know is an old saying you know witnesses so and so is playing doctor with the shades drawn. In this case senator Krueger was in fact falling doctor with a doctor would have to get on -- They were also when they weren't playing doctor doctor with the shades drawn they were also -- some money that it -- been that he had absconded with from the -- New York. Allegedly. Alleged. Yet it -- set -- wheels were driving it around and badly yes they -- it's yes there you guys. Yes we will letters civil servants comfortable on the roads. And I was David Patterson talking about financial crisis financial -- vices as. No financial crisis in Brooklyn. The streets are brave oh now when you have a swell what -- what was good what was he was a gynecologist who brigade gynecologist. So -- on the monkey business it's -- a. Kruger crew were crew up to figure out some sort of name for -- Senator Krueger's new show monkey business -- at 1877469432218774694322. So max what's going on TV is there is thirty what is the latest on Charlie Sheen Alec now I read the I don't read the stories anymore. But I read the headlines in the headlights as maybe CBS is gonna try to while bring him back on some new show. I don't know but he is talking to Mark Cuban Eckstein. With a long history of taking. CBS's the boys remember him and giving them a home. Yeah but that's like yeah that's that's like going to that's like being the the morning anchor on Venus. And you know I mean no one's gonna oversee a -- I think it that your machine as a risk overexposure I guess he's gonna be doing stage. Of his rants. And there too if you got a few dates in the midwest in the sold. Really yeah. I think we have mr. -- tiger bullet to infomercials for tiger. I think John Barrymore did this on the way on -- way right now. The -- states yes yes that was about 4142. They were burying. The scenes from -- eight performances so what -- it so what is so -- that that they keep the show going with a cry or so or. Or the the the guy the star Rob -- the great star of the 1988. I didn't note and you're. Here. Youthful indiscretions. 23 years. It was tag and a sixteen year old girl and her mother allegedly allegedly. Allegedly. Whatsoever -- -- that I played that he seems like you would be a perfect replacement for Charlie Sheen. He's you know he's matured since those days the days this past. Indiscretions. I think -- make it they'll take -- shot I don't know I don't -- it can mean they've really built that show as a vehicle for Shane and is is you know they created a persona wasn't. It's not that different from with a guy really is yeah I'm tripping it was show that ever six. -- not really I mean sometimes the supporting characters they can switch. You know seriously cheers they managed to. You know change the laws of interest in the show and was very successful for a long time. But it's tough to do mean. That's like saying you're gonna do the bill Cosby show without cause the end without -- -- that was it it just doesn't work the Archie bunkers place lasted for couple years but it was pretty pale compared to one man. Oh definitely definitely that was just people too lazy to get up. Via. And that's about it is I mean there's. Government and the other 16 now I mean where it's really been remember the can all -- there in the it was a it was a terrific series many years spec called. Wise -- And plated undercover via a two story -- over time they play a lot of good actors. And he kind of went around the bend in the try to replace him -- work yeah. Maverick James Garner left that never work. Well please. The group saying that that's the thing you know means that somehow somehow it never seems to. I don't see it happen here but there's so much -- at stake that's but -- It's there's a lot of money at stake and I think that CBS is gonna give -- ago. When critics access. Officer mark on these joking here is -- they make obscene content works no officer mark a couple of guy king. No no scud keying there -- New show for the monkey business channel real here point of how we are studying and now. -- -- Have you read Forrest yes I have also look at its look at -- hat. Well yeah I'm wearing a hat because everyone demands that were temporarily but it will be looking great so. That it hurt. -- Always be doing. Middling. Admittedly that's of great. So once as James Bond every few years we get a new -- Different that's a movie TV series week in week out -- Three bewitched. Bothered and you will there be a does that mean and mash or these people saying that these these people know about you. Yeah but it wasn't the main star it was a tip it was her husband yeah -- was a husband the husband all panel polite in the is one is identical to begin the exactly like these were real it's yet it's. Yes Spin City lost Michael J. Fox it did in place by Charlie seeing now that it worked -- that work for couple years. QF asked -- of the will be spin -- of Smallville. We haven't heard anything about small bills although I wouldn't Canada. What is Gillian Anderson up to is the producer via X-Files making any thing she's been Gillian Anderson's been doing a feature work she was something. Forget the title but six months ago came -- but I think she's really enjoying the residuals. From the X-Files you don't funny funny thing the show -- for an occasion. Which basically even crosses my boundaries of anyone in the audience saw last night's episode while. I'm anyway but they did have a real funny joke. The main character was played you know played molder. The X-Files. There's a scene he's got to go to court in -- usually does you know weren T shirt and jeans. And he's an he's he's in this suit and -- and his ex wife is going to court with -- she goes you look like an FBI agent. -- David the company was very funny. We do -- Sheen say that the haters have machinists and -- -- now that's funny. And that's very funny. How much -- -- Charlie Sheen do enough to kill Two and a Half Men. I. Well just wait. Atlas shrugged moving. -- keep hearing about it we're gonna check that out -- Chicago code 21. Mezzo -- to take interest to show. Let's take some calls for a max robins from the paley center for media in New York City 18774694322. -- are you still stick by your prediction that there will be in our policies and mean even after the news the last forty hours yes. Evidently it. I'm I'm saying I'm saying it's going to be it is obvious I mean I still think there is. Does this remind I've been I've been in this worked up since the last professional wrestling. And Obama. What they're gonna walk away from this money max doesn't make any sense -- say in this -- forever but he could be some camera. Right that's that's why I'm saying it's this is ridiculous that they should be covered likenesses because there they're being. Because sportswriters use that here they like the story. It's a good story. -- -- -- -- college. Which. Part -- opens. April 15. How appropriate. On packs that I'd expect it. The job done a good libertarian. That's right exactly. Not so subtle. Jog your decks with powered card max -- go ahead. I had a great idea have put a monkey business channel called. That's the men up about a radio host who had too much work W two reported a radio. Well let's let's hope that how does it does it have a have a happy if it's probably -- Had a cabinet happy ending it's probably -- priority problem. But the -- Oh no. But it. A nice one -- -- -- like rock star skidding Nazis and public at a -- and it could be axed there's skinny. Well not quite there yet but I'll work and not so I'll be there shortly enough that the first them to get to the hear from the get the -- you when you hear me sing and I'm one of those here band channels on satellite radio you'll know I'm ready I'm ready look at I think you should go for that kind of mid eighties Rod Stewart. Rocky your next with a point guard max -- go ahead rocky. Eight X eight Ali for taking my call -- -- just two quick questions for you number one. How many show is dozen major network put too. Down to start. A series and I'm talking about mention making a government public key and teach. Likely to commission a series and in particular around I want to know about dish the key issue of south which I really liked it -- could be back next year -- -- mean think about that. Don't know about -- yet -- great show hum but. The generally it's a thirteen episode order. But sometimes with a show that they have a little less confidence in what given the short order six or seven episodes that's the other they're looking after you. And there have been shows have been canceled after one or two episodes right oh yeah. It happens. Do you have those shows that the the paley center. Everything went to the kids there's a lot of debate and Margie year decks with a point guard max -- score at Margie. I expect -- and I at lab that's making -- laugh at it. Tickle my I question. Current as well not coming back. Again that what's on the bubble although we did CBS rue likes so it's it is -- -- to -- season. With I have blood on it well -- with a -- aboard Donnie Wahlberg. Thanks for the call Margie 18774694322. Sopranos movie. I'd love to see it put. We haven't heard anything David Chase's I think it's still count his money when Windiz Deadliest Catch -- We're gonna check that out for. Is the Ricky Gervais show coming back next year. I heard that it is that it really -- in spite of what happened. I don't go to Korea over a bad career move. -- I you know he's one of my heroes this year -- the -- only. But a -- despite our you know our exalted titles the monkey business channel we're not really Colin many of the shots and Hollywood quite yet not yet give us another couple of months now I mean. I think Ricky Gervais will always home to register group but certainly a place in our collective. Tim you're next with -- guard max province go ahead them. Good afternoon gentlemen AJ and I mean I remember these shows sky king and -- I've got to show I'd like to come back. And I'd like yeah I don't know that they get him but a lot so oh would've played a lead I think it could do well so but it might -- -- This show has been it would -- only member of the -- our topic this in two different show you know who did Chuck Connors. They fell one remake a remake of Bob branded. Master -- -- Western Desert I don't see. The that. Oh by the way. The last caller who called about it Deadliest Catch yes -- be back sometime this spring -- formed but it is. Especially they made it's successful the successful western series max. I mean I guess that your year -- western. I think that that that would for in the in the HBO universe at some success. And in ways that modern day western it's -- wonderful show extremely well is that showed justify it -- again. One of the few shows I would heartily recommend. Breached. To and now yes oft times -- Really well let's that's that's appointments favor several points and -- actually and in the in the electoral blow things to. Really it takes place and Arlen. Harlan County Kentucky you got -- So -- westerners that. Well its its way globally it's it's about this guy whose -- US Marshal who grow up and I'll count goes there. Case in all sorts of the Big -- shine. Oh there's a lot of -- Although it it seems that they're producing more we'd each. Yeah that's the way it's gone it's it's well it's exit the big cash crops are met them. And might try to make it is true it's possible but you know what there's still some people to tradition. Mike your next with Howie -- in my province of that. Go ahead Mike. They're like. -- hey Eric you have an arm and accept a question about our. And HBO show that's coming earnings on game gamer aren't those wondering if she's hurt any better bad -- about a race each candidate book's been. I just hope they indicate job. Yeah I'm trying to get my hands on the on the first couple episodes some yet lot of buzz because of the book and and you know HBO tends to execute really well soul. Hopes are -- Okay -- a bank Syria area that pale -- yes and you know let -- now. Yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna give my hands on the thanks so -- -- with with the engineers and she's. Marsha you're next with how we card max Robbins web Marcia. -- -- What's the story with the good guys. Yeah we think the good the good guys is not so good. Too bad it -- help. -- Thanks Marcia. Buzz here next with how we card max Robbins web bugs. If you are worried about -- Omar intact but why -- likely to wrap up. Any I know why are. No I haven't heard anything about that it truly one of the great series of all time. Wonderful wonderful though. Yeah. -- Best ever couldn't agree. Thanks by its belliard next with how we guard max -- glad bell. And acts they're REI darn good. Am Mac you I think BitTorrent -- -- and a small. Like eight to and show us you know like royalty and then burn -- -- is better early than it did because they -- Summers short and they became popular are. There aren't as that being said as well and going to be back. Yes well pains will be back successful show for USA. It's just a financial models different on the basic cable networks say they tend to look at the season is thirteen regionals. Well it's pretty cool because it -- racial want to eat them again you know what you're our way to a bit abrupt and also showed. Quality out Robert. You know will try to computer today that the market. Well. -- we have. Very important question here from the 617 area code where are all the gods -- movies this week on TV. No. I you know. In the future it's the I've crossed the boundary it's right here. -- -- I don't think we're gonna -- will there be any more episodes of the new reality show one born every minute. -- objective at this one up for me it. How about Thailand -- the movies were awful but the ninety's TV series was good this franchise could use -- Hollywood reboot right now. It could and eventually I haven't heard anything about anything in development. But I don't count it out you know especially in this scifi fantasy realm they like to bring the genre that you know that they seemed. -- that seems to be an area where where reinvention as. How shameless doing. Pretty well I think it's been picked up for its next season loved the show and I would also suggest checking at the regional it was a BBC. Especially -- Netflix. How was lights out on fox -- Not as good as it should be I love that show -- we were talking about -- right before we went on the here. I think it's a great show how we -- that's maybe one other show I would recommend you were terrific show and hate Stacy Keach plays the fighters. 18774694322. You wouldn't believe what a can of worms I opened my mentioning god Zola on the -- that's. Oh you know what I could see that would come up Rachel yes it sure looked tells Norton that I got you bet your brilliant. After me they're just there is tradition of junk at their own -- Mo. Jokes great julliard acts with powered car and max -- Koran Rachel. I oppression snacks all about it left out on the cherry got respect and I behind -- -- -- after -- -- That meant that they -- let me -- And I -- it at medium was gonna come back on -- different network is that -- Oh that's too bad. Okay thank you. Thanks Rachel Kim a year next -- powered car and max -- score at Tammy. Arafat. With them are watching online old Hillary changed those and my boyfriend and year old daughter at school. Certainly we stopped to show toward the end of it to try to get -- -- -- -- -- is there anything like that that's going to be -- I haven't heard anything about two in -- -- -- mystery but it. And how least favorite channel after the monkey business current the new home of Keith Olbermann. They've got this new series where. They've got some some sort of online component and and basically you can participate. Some mystery show. And in a kind of vote in determine where the plots gonna go and interest. Of -- say they can determine how this much and station is making any money with. Olbermann and Al Gore -- I'd vote no it's not making money. Tammy did I just felt cameo why he ought to have your -- you're you're that the group a little one get the Hillary queen -- those are really good mystery books they've they've kind of gone out of style but I've I've read a few of them again lately -- -- the just -- Relief well -- Hillary queen mysteries. Gimmicky and they're out there ought to present Macs but you can still find them at your local lines. Shocked that you would think somebody bring him back. I know I know but they they're just I don't know I think you're just a little too illiterate or some of. Maybe you know you would think -- though -- like with a lot of music now that with so many people without heads and candles and one that. Hum day with these electronic readers like with music it's a wave -- yeah cheaply. Keep a lot of this. These great these -- series alive well you can get -- cheap. Next there's -- On the use on the use Barco web sites billions it cost more to ship a minute does the bottom. But. That they talk about what I'm saying is they don't come out of new versions you know nicely nicely drawn up Garrett one more call -- Gary your next -- powered card max -- go ahead Gary. Speaking of music you -- remake apart brooks chain analysts. And call -- -- I beg your pardon I -- I'm not the one to do that when Jerry. But what about show Saturday. It's to -- it. Isn't gonna come back. That pretty pretty pretty much pretty much. You don't think wept and they're gonna make it back on the -- like the Wright amendment Chuck Connors. This -- to -- national rifle. It's creation. And I just don't see I think. -- mean yeah it's like deadwood HBO it's really really anomaly. I mean in a way that shall we were talking about were justified it's kind of modern day western. Right the kind of puree it western patrol -- did pretty good about it that comes out some movie it was a terrific movie I think you could see it and we -- of one offs. Every every five or six or ten years you know like -- greater. On forgiven that are -- terrific terrific films. Play in terms of -- like a staple primetime TV. Just don't see it. Now on policy. And that's what used to always be fifty years ago that's all was west merged now I go -- I guess you know dislike you -- two trees. And and in the silence yes I'm right up right now Mac I have I've riding office it's exactly sure who got earned only to return. Next next Monday or Sunday on what that Scotch break in your -- backs. Thanks max now are.