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Should Sexual Acts Be Allowed in College Classrooms?

Mar 4, 2011|

Northwestern University began to distance itself Thursday from a professor who allowed an explicit after-class demonstration involving a woman and a motorized sex toy. Although the school initially defended the raunchy display as a legitimate teaching exercise, President Morton Schapiro later released a statement calling it "extremely poor judgment." Should something like this be taught in colleges?

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I went to UMass Boston -- graduated -- that bust in many teen -- own classes. Which -- By cocktail waitress thing at a nightclub called destinations in the North End which we had dubbed lacerations because so many people got stabbed in the place. Bobby Brown literally used to command and small crack in the -- Back in the day. In I worked at cafe calmer -- not indicate the classes at UMass spots in. Which is why I probably would not have taken this class called human sexuality. And offended armor prude. Because I couldn't waste my money on -- class being taught by a professor. Named John Michael Bailey who looks like a complete for a freak show -- -- this just because. The mustache that guy has one of those Greece he. Mustaches. Chris -- called it's not a walrus moustache to go straight across its horrible actually harm. -- it can't apartment at the straight handlebar. Like a low rider handlebar mustache as but he -- it's disgusting he's browse. So he teaches a class called human sexuality. And the 600 person court. Course 600 person is one of the largest. At northwestern university in Chicago. They have a question and answer session with swingers in his last. They had yet not convicted sex offenders. But what he did it all last week. Wasn't -- this woman in a neat -- nine. Students. Being repeatedly sexually stimulated to the point of orgasm and -- very carefully because the language actually utilized in the story. I cannot share with you. So this presentation last Monday or a 120 students there. Featured I -- eight non student being repeatedly sexually stimulated to the point of orgasm. I -- sex toy. Which is referred to by a name I can't say on the airwaves. Use your imagination folks. Did a bite -- this. Actually he. Well I'm pretty sure you can figure out what the devices. Beautiful part of this are you ready. Are you ready folks. These school. Is he's. Saying there. -- any thing this sex show that Rudy Giuliani outlawed from Times Square New York. I kid you not is about at the point -- stores and section shows all of the Times Square in new York and they they outlawed down. So you couldn't -- it's kind of a sex show. Add up porno store and in New York City but if you're a student at northwestern university in Chicago no problem. I mean honestly it's graphic what's happening. I'm not gonna get to Niagara test tube and it's it's very very let's -- If we can all agree. It's luck if you wanna take this in not offended by that behavior than fine. But what honest angered guy. Staggered back. The university. Spokesman. Said the school does not have a problem at all with the sex show. That went on on camp. This that in featured naked woman being and repeatedly sexually stimulated by this thing that I can't stand there. And this is the quote from the school. Northwestern University faculty. Members engage in teaching and research and a wide variety of topics some of them controversial. And at the leading edge of their respective disciplines. The university. Supports efforts of its outlook -- further the advancement of knowledge. Okay here's a question I have for all of you folks. Excellent 72666860. A six month 72666868. On. How does this further the advancement of knowledge. This sort of activity. I -- I just looked I've been -- eating a banana justice then the story on I kid you are not. So. Thank you could garner what educational valued at this. And do you think that this is just another way in which. Students can squander their parents money. Because that's the deal -- -- Iran classes you're not to sign up for a 5000 dollar course they're in during which. You to engage in panel discussion of the sex offenders swingers and watch a naked woman. I think you get the picture. Six point 726 X 68686172666868. The dean of students. Her well Howard. Said that the event fall when then broad range of academic freedoms. Whether one approves or disapproves. So I approve or disapprove I don't care. But I'd like to hear the argument if you can make -- that this falls within the broad range of academic freedoms. Because -- folks is in Northwestern University. And I believe they get from public find it so does this ball into the around. Academic freedom. Do you think that this is something that you can learn from. In the most controversial -- you ever attack. Was there. Involving a Chicago sex tour guide who operated the device. It was an hour long session. And this is what the Chicago sex tour guide and now -- -- Told reporters. Talking about it does not lend itself to this sort of thing why not just talking about it. We're. Actually doing it. So how you feel folks. If you -- kid came home and said okay you know all I -- I know my education is costing you 40000 dollars 50000 dollars. Whatever it is in Northwestern University. Do you think it's a good idea to defend this live sex show in the middle of the class. Anybody who -- Uncomfortable with it big deal fairly warned for class they were going to show to demo showed this toy. -- that Adam did it being you. Yeah. React and from. What had happened I mean there were like shocked but I think oh yeah. -- entertaining. And ten in and rhubarb to set at northwestern. It's not just the parents picking up the tab that's getting screwed. I knocking rhubarb yeah I'm not -- so you any sort of issue with this. 6172666868. I mean if you -- look at a picture of this professor I have to consider is that you know -- as a professor. In Chicago. That would be the unrepentant. Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. -- wells is the professor Katherine power they're Brandeis University. Students who joined the Weather Underground and shot a Boston Police officer dead. A cop named Walter Schroeder shot dead probably about a mile from where I'm standing right now shot dead this guy up in the projects -- Brighton. And he was shot dead. By Katherine power and his and her little crew have Brandeis University moon bats. She's a college professor now to you know. LA there's of the college professor at the unrepentant terrorist admits college professor. Is having live sex shows in the classroom. So if you are Karen would you be upset by this 6172666868. -- student. Would you be a little kick it back. By this. Do you think that this would be. Under the guise of education. -- I you shocked that northwestern. Northwestern is actually. Completely. Buying what this and says that any isn't falls within the realm. Education. Colleen is enabling NYNEX with Michelle -- hello Colleen. -- ideal somebody about this. Well -- is a very huge experiment here are not have a crap on it. An apparent peace laureate -- -- -- you're out. Well that's the whole point Colleen I mean look I'm no prude I don't care that this naked girl you know. Had that encounter if you will. -- -- It. I can't answer credit you have an orgy with this wingers in the -- -- -- the panel there. -- honestly it's it's just silly to me in the -- did you think you only through college. Now if you kick in -- -- its class a vibrant. The whole thing we think that the joke is really on the parents and picking up the -- I did any good at all at -- that they've done. If you took what you had to take to get -- That makes perfect sense -- unlike what's happening at northwestern. Crazy and -- -- as outrage it if you will which is coming up at 230. If that continues to mount do you think that the -- back -- just a little bit on the defense of this. Well I did some that they are -- packed into an agreement anymore. At 888. -- All really sell yet. It was -- as -- it's not okay this week. Right it -- it changing it. Now that it'll -- okay now. Okay so the device does we have a suggestion that we should start nick naming because I can't say on the air. That -- like a Deval Patrick our John Kerry. I think it. Any suggestions for -- name the one that is actually applied to the device that was used with the naked girl I can't say on the air. We should come up with a nickname colony we have these suggestions Deval Patrick and John Kerry anybody else of any suggestions I'll -- you wanna throw one -- growing. They did they. That well you know our Colleen -- email McPhee at WRKO -- on me just. You just earned yourself a copy -- -- That was all the big -- at all day is so much for the call I mean honestly. Here's a device that I cannot -- on the air that was used with a naked woman in that's from. Why it was part of a class that people paid money for this is further proved that college professors. Are the scariest. People are and I am -- V. We'll be back with more. -- -- Well it was appropriate for a number of different reasons. First of all the class was on sex and sexuality it was pointed to the subject that was at hand. But more importantly never -- a live demonstration of something that if they -- to see it. On film and I want you to think about this and went eleven how many things do we see on the Internet that were filmed on video that you can edit and you can change things. We wanted to show them that there was an actual tool that we were using and in what way. We were doing it to shock them. Now there's nothing shocking about watching and naked woman being penetrated by something that I cannot say on the air. Again that's exactly what happened in a classroom on -- the we are AM six AW marking -- I ask you does the smell that I can't say what she was. Stimulated by -- can help me -- We have the John Kerry because it -- he has a tendency to do that to us in the budget if you know I mean about pat drag. What else we have from Steve the -- sex struck Friday. This extra credit so I'll I'll open -- up -- you guys Turkey is excellent 72666868. In are you surprised that the school haven't backed backed up on its earlier support of this crazy teacher. Whose picture alone tells the story trust me. Picture alone. Tells the story. So -- need MDC is that anything academic you are Michelle McPhee. I don't -- this academic at all but I think we should name a device. Apparently changed. Did not bet you know Charlie Sheen signed up to the Twitter like three -- -- -- at like one point two million followers. I don't think you could just love to watch a train Mac. It's a reflection on our society it's like. The -- from the Christians. Who worked Gloria gets the more people pay. Pay attention to little part of it is. Kids -- brought -- from the school system. Nowadays not have any ability to judge right from wrong because. Nothing is absolute. And and you can't be judgmental and that's bigger than alcohol. Well what you Doug I I -- excuse me. What wondering if Jimmy -- -- teaching this class in the direct -- a correction I'm not sure I can't answer that question and answer at thank you -- Keep it in Quincy keep your aunt Michelle McPhee and WRKO. -- -- Correct name is a poke rob and technical express also noticed the party device. Well the Big Dig has -- that. -- doesn't like getting from the Big Dig. Which it can screw all around. We really back -- -- way. It's unbelievable. This guy gets heat that is an honest guy it does prove the point that I got the best education money could buy UMass Boston area pretty accurate I make -- -- -- You probably should take us -- any Nardelli is -- a similar class right now the direct outs of correction. Hi analog -- they use them by. Nancy is in Manchester -- right ahead anti hero at each other in the -- now. -- -- not bad not bad I imagine that this is happening in the class you know Rudy Giuliani -- this in New York it. You know when I was on or. Yet we don't. -- I laughed when I looked up tell the story Chris manner in the both. Chris -- not eating a banana in the both. I was -- without trials and asked you did think about it -- that we've Nancy was like that brought condom on a banana. And I and they always sounded like nasty and a student. Or the -- They academy. Yeah they can't from. I mean that what got me if like who supposedly on -- panel full of sex offenders like what what is possibly gonna tell you that the educational. -- -- a black out balanced. You'd think that it would ask. At least support of the auto pilot -- Did you see the picture that I have to put the Mike is that pages Michelle Kwan now MC PGE. I mean honestly he'd just -- like somebody that you would expect to see walked out of a point out there in Times Square. -- Exactly Nancy. Exactly because you know he was also about the Big Dig here in Boston. -- That's the data can -- -- it or they just call it. Well thank you Nancy in day let's go to John Mikhail -- joke. What do you think -- about pat -- John Kerry this device they cannot name on the air is inappropriate to have an inner classroom setting. -- -- I don't think but that's it I think should be called -- there are more rare month. Well I think they both have similar functions. Yeah can do it especially considering the first hour I spent talking about how Barack Obama refuses to on our Border Patrol agents with bullets. But instead has given them nonlethal bean bag. -- should get old being -- -- -- twelve gauge shotgun and hit pretty hard. But come on yeah I appeal I -- AK 47. Right way out. God and you are sure. Well into a meeting with with the president yesterday Calderon and -- out saying yet he said no to the bullets. It. Although Obama dollar. And that's exactly what he did to the Border Patrol agents the similar to that section Alec northwestern. Thank you very much -- let's go to Japanese mustard Jacques Chirac Michelle McPhee. I don't -- yeah. You know heading into college. While pleasant college you know that your major about what you're studying -- -- -- brought -- UN general I don't agree with the demonstration in the classroom. I read an article why interest until the president that the university was very critical other. Now I think that is that when it first happened we're not out. It did not know that's not true depth they did have all the facts because the school newspaper -- last week. And in that story Northwestern University faculty member in key HH Easter exactly so let's I -- The demonstration but apparently as the -- says an Internet site human sexuality. Which understandably as one of the most popular classes at the school. And -- sexuality as part of -- patients are brought in your education. The demonstration. The interest rates sexuality in general we have. What are the most repressed -- sexually repressed cultures in the ER you know in the last. And a positive say it and it crosses and human sexuality. Okay let's I don't necessarily disagree with you we are a little repressed that we are going to suspend. Being on in young athletes with that the name of the school being a mignon at Brigham Brigham Young University. Because he had sex with -- young -- and that's that's obscene. And certainly repressed but does that -- Jeff. And excuse the unintentional -- now. The -- did people are painful this when you college certainly -- -- day experience life and you supposed to be. Absolutely building upon you back story. Again unintentional but you -- -- me doing it at the expense of the taxpayers -- -- parents and that's what's happening here the paid for this kind of stuff. It well so it hasn't caught everybody takes part in college they're not they're major -- -- its interest in subjects that are part of brought to you as a human being. Me you know like Jeff if you need to have a cool cool looking teacher from Northwestern University help you in the area -- union sex life tenure rap basement -- are literally there and. Our system -- origin should execute -- access acts. You know -- ride a popular class because bad Levy students are getting college credits to watch sex shows with. I would also -- I don't know there's always been clashes and even more so now we keep students interest that didn't think it's better not an embittered as part of rubbing your education this -- -- its major. Met recently to an art course they've -- you for the future as far as your dignity well educated human thing. And I don't. And you you argument that an intentional. Unintentional -- I think it's tricky art course of your site its major problems using human thing. I think having a human sexuality classes deposits thank you and the right right. -- Somebody just accused queued up at hinting at your -- The well I didn't really -- And everybody would actually search -- and uninteresting that doesn't mean. You and he entered a union have this in the classroom up. It's -- rushing toward those -- the staging of it as regular sexual assault. What about -- and human sexuality we're talking about a live sex show that has been banned in Times Square new York at sex clubs. I don't agree with the demonstration that was lost all I do agree with the -- human sexuality. I don't necessarily disagree with you -- when you have when I cannot see the name of the device that was used in the classroom on the air. You have a problem with that -- -- -- that that was out of control that would surely bishop that I met a true in his arms bogeys and a popular joke before it. But it it was not. -- and -- nine student woman being repeatedly sexually stimulated to the point of orgasm. I think Torre referred to it's only. It's not appropriate but I don't think anybody just to -- Added John Kerry on this one thank you very much -- Mike Anton well asked me what do you think would happen if this was on May. In this display I have no idea. I have no idea what do you think Bob -- Bradford an -- with Michelle McIntyre at. You know I did I get -- surprise because I didn't realize that my daughter to get as good. Education despite working down at hooters that she could by telling two northwest has some. That's what it felt like an. It. Weightlifting voters are -- -- you know I can't -- it illegal and I mean I don't know but it's definitely an idol and. So why is that legal in the classroom. And Tom stole my thunder because of course they thought it. Not to because but this bit of a freak out because that only so long before they have deployed spending upper class sales. Well I mean that's all think -- drug and why not because I Massachusetts as we didn't can -- -- -- discussion. About -- and Harold one day. It is you have to be six feet away from a stripper who cannot be entirely naked at ahead strip club in Boston. So this what in this classroom. Could not occur in Boston at a strip joint the people of paying for. -- and truthfully I have to -- up prostitution is legal only in Nevada as well as -- bailout that now. -- that the -- on the prosecution because that says professor of public that I want to go up there he was being you know I don't know -- they paid that he was certainly being paid. -- you may -- I -- detachable. What I'd like to know how much it if now I'm not and I think northwestern is I want to deprive it it's normal. Have to look at but if it's if any taxpayer money goes there I think that they have a legitimate beef. Well you know in -- -- that. As a parent I cannot imagine and the Mandela's a lot of people are dead at a very little more bank like the last caller that it -- OK and that -- -- What -- -- to our last caller it sounds like I needed to get our mommies basement dude yeah Nomar. People do not think that this was okay noble people. And I'd buy an ironic that the party. That tend to be the most live well and supposedly so -- -- I thought of women's rights. Would demean a woman like that and a class. Well. A service that to me that just. Out you know that could very good point that I had not thought of at all Barbara bank and honestly where the feminist -- Exactly. -- it only gonna and in north eastern university in Boston what do you think would happen here in Massachusetts. Even ballot. Now while it probably Jeff can get that help in that area though -- detail. -- farm bill in Roxbury bill. -- -- -- -- -- -- and are calling -- the clout street demonstration. A little little aren't. -- -- -- -- -- I don't think it's it's a little high to have a question and answer session with swinger is an analyst convicted sex offenders classroom. Why did you -- That -- control better but it. Sore throat. -- to people today. If you're there and psychology social work or law enforcement might not be a perfect -- So. Close way -- Psychologists social work apparent about their work here. So -- give me your marriage and don't live sex show with that thing that I can't say on the air in the naked woman. Or actually. -- can't restrict what brought it Bob. The battery operated portraits. -- Can't -- I think that's perhaps where Jeff was looking for. There. Not to -- -- Bill -- -- -- -- Bob thank you bill partisan Woburn in your -- atomic -- ran about. It is Michelle let me patted down and -- out that there's no better than a brothel. And is that followed this so called professor. Should have been told mom I got to where you belong up about a scumbag should work it out thoughtful dot com. If that was my child that -- yank them out so. -- Is that up until today. The school lets condone this they would defending its all part of the academic processed Barbara and I don't argue that aren't paying for my own way -- college which I did. Then I wouldn't have taken has I have time for. Not and -- thrown out a few grand to take this nonsense class that you can learn in times when -- -- up until very recently until they outlawed it. What really happened to reading writing and arithmetic Amman. Let's face it that is becoming a -- these colleges. Think the professors that I have already mentioned Katherine power cop killer. Bill Ayers unrepentant terrorist. This guy creep show I mean nothing if you -- it's further proved that you get the most -- you buck. At a state college where you work -- year but opt to pay the bills yeah I agree. I completely it up the good work thank you Bob let's go to Mike. Might. What do you think about the episode with the naked woman in the device that we are for now going to call the John Kerry. But it before he didn't of that particular that would get basic contradictory logic. It see like us some college campus is accused Italy Italy. You'll really protect all of which articles where -- your sexually harassing her but you can do their -- It's like she's mobile -- are carlin's book playing Aggies confrontational. You know at first graders get condoms in key town. In the state reps what are they worried about Don -- They force you to put a flag on a kayak which would cause the kayak to tip over of course I mean neither -- and inane nonsense. That we have to put up with in that I would argue where the feminist now. Like I agree you know it's it is mr. wolf reliving says I think like an ordinary guy happily so. But I I don't know where I'd be right now are not in the dating all on its ought to someone you know for fear that they need to be fire brought up on charges or you know. -- in some capacity despite saying hello this somebody. But you again you can do stuff like that. Might difficulty that I -- you'd love called the requiem for a dream and Jennifer Connelly has a very. This is they -- by motorists sex scene and another woman and was cut at a most versions of the world. Completely cut out that movie was rated. NC seventeen which means adults we're gonna go see it it's still cut it out. But if you're a college student you can Seawright classroom courtesy of the -- professor what -- -- handlebar mustache. I look at that guy you know is. Peter yeah that's with Michel Siegel right that Peter. Shout. -- already had Peter. You know this is this is really cracks me up there was a movie by Monty Python called the meaning of life. It is never over egos get in the skit was doing a bunch of kids in the classroom. And eight billion Nolan before the teacher comes into question the killer I'll. I'm ruling informing Iran in this class and the teacher was not there yet indicate your reading and studying OK but the market -- look sarcastic thank. When the teacher came into the classroom to kill all the sudden stops studying without throwing -- apparent. So in other words everything that the opposite of real life. Particular time is right saying. Had sexual as a wife in the classroom the kids are not paying attention to them they're reading books and do exactly what if he's yelling at the class. This -- for your benefit students. So do we have a Monty Python movie you eat only 5% of real life from this from in this professor -- real -- doing. Yep -- I mean -- it's amazing to me right. While apple what do you think device should be called beer because opposite mark said we could call it a Bill Clinton. But you know I can't say -- on the air. I don't know I don't know I just I just think this is sort Michelle this country upside down right now you know. There is. There is a lawsuit -- making its way through the courts in Massachusetts it's because. I guy was locked up the getting too close to a stripper who had on dying at a Boston club -- me I didn't the combat -- The old congrats on what's left -- the combat zone. So let's just say that it cracks me up that -- of Boston Police trolling nightclubs to make sure that as I get too close to women who was scantily clad. But if you're paying good money to attend northwestern university and get a live sex show. Whether it device. I kid you not -- only -- Indians actually stimulated over and over with a device that I can't even say it on the -- Tony in the kayak next what Michelle -- don't Larry folks I have not -- about the outrage is far behind there will be outrage go ahead Tony. And Michelle let -- just called Butler it -- it was her child to get around at a yeah Akamai out of the classroom yeah I was just mother. Well Jeff didn't -- strike you as somebody needed to get out of his mom's basement. Ignore your magic on the college and -- a lot. That is sex education last realized -- and a light as far as. As -- you -- sex goes I mean give me a break you know it's like they. He only into actual need to take classes on sexuality pressed about the getting them. I shall we should just get all the -- I mean it'll -- well you know. They eat out -- -- a -- great thing lay out to our teachers plug in effect break get all the weapons CO had a I ridiculous -- -- have come up with a guy is somebody else came up with a good one thank you Texas 978. How about these stimulus package. Obama's. Stimulus package I like it on the stomach -- like Mac outrage of the day.