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Who is Crazier: Charlie Sheen or Quadafi?

Mar 1, 2011|

Charlie Sheen says he doesn't know why his longtime spokesperson Stan Rosenfield abruptly quit Monday. "He didn't even call me," Sheen told Howard Stern Tuesday morning. "He quit with a text." Asked about Rosenfield's departure, Sheen said, "His feelings are coming from his ego and from his emotions, and I don't have time for either one right now because we're fighting a war." Howie wanted to know who is crazier Sheen or Quadafi?

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Is crazy here -- the Sheen. Got. What do you think Imus say that. And you'd be on the losing side only 40% think about these cores Charlie -- at most 60%. Believe is crazier. Please -- house rat. We have some Charlie sheen's on the mean I just -- lousy with Charlie sheen's. I just wanna -- so I you know I find this rather amusing what's happening here this -- I'm sorry I'm sorry I know I know I should. I should be saddened and I should be thinking that he needs to get some help when he meets together and to. The twelve step program many new needs to join Christina were aware -- who was arrested last night in the twelve step program. Or he needs to join Lindsay Lohan and giving a two part interview about how contrite she is to some life inside edition or someplace like that but you know what. -- You know sometimes. The mainstream media criticizes tabloids. Supermarket tabloids. For taking advantage of people. You know stalking them out and getting pictures of what little extra cellular actually component on the cover and say worst Hollywood beach bodies of 2011 or something like that. Mean what could possibly be more exploitive than what the today show was doing with Charlie Sheen he's become 888. Whole host the today ratio. And I'm not saying that I wouldn't do the same thing by with a producer. Of The Today Show I would have them on round the clock. But on the other hand I've never lectured anybody else about being exploitative. Of of of various people because I work for a different tab a different -- tab but it's tap but. The people and NBC. Have nothing. And then they have nothing on the national enquirer when it comes to exploiting people. Try to pretend like -- a special. Try to pretend like I'm not -- a total African rock star from Mars and people can't figure me out they can't cross -- don't expect and to you can't trust me in the normal brain. I I just wonder what he's on you know like sometimes. I guess it's cocaine or eat he claims he's not on cocaine in the cocaine now or Zimbabwe he's he's not on his -- -- now owners are Boozer to be -- call this house the silver valley ranch. This hope that the sober valley ranch but. I don't I refuse to believe that -- -- one that it's this crazy does not have some kind of -- drug activity going on its and again he's he's talking somewhat coherently and he's talking in in a rather -- but tone so I'm gonna guess he stole despite his us. Is protest stations to the contrary I'm gonna guess he -- into the Bolivian marching product. I don't know because I'm not being. You know held hostage by anymore some I don't count my days. Because it puts a premium on the many around. -- today -- don't know gondolas and a millionaire mullahs and then there's Mike Norman is go to -- -- he's coming back keep coming back here one day Mac everything's cool. Among the elements of the. Argues that it is a 5% cure or do. -- how well what's so what does the Charlie Sheen. What's the Charlie Sheen cure rate. Go -- play more. This and yes and then I would ask him why did you lie to me about the crew. In front of mark Bergen on coolest amenable to what it was but what what I said guys I don't ending on too long and I can't be going too long and because a word about the crew that got families who got mortgages and -- got -- of them that are check to check -- -- He said don't worry about the crew you have our award him and part of brooks you know. And then it was just until. Actually today just a few hours ago that we can't win -- -- they agreed to pay the crew for four episodes that's okay to start I'm not stop until -- -- an eight. Them and we're coming cast aluminum finish with me. He suing CBS. You gotta you gotta appreciate that -- agreement if anyone deserves to be sued its it it's CBS after the just that. The way they've conducted themselves I mean they they took advantage of this guy to -- -- again they paid -- -- top money but you know hey it's coming back to bite him. You know pure lie down what dog you're gonna get up with fleas and -- CBS's getting up hopefully it's. Here's some more. I'm on a mission right now -- -- a it's an operation actually 222. To write some some some terrible wrongs. Because there's been some things that happened as a result of you know of of of rehab or crisis management and shows and temporary suspension. Thus far and numb. And I just think it's important that that the people here in the truth and cared for me because -- -- -- at listener of every single moment she's been going on in the. They -- epicenter of every single moment that dead epicenter every single moment. Started like he was its sound like he was starting to fatal but then he needed they need to break so you get back to the men's room. To. Relieve himself. You know what I mean. I think it's a waste of time because they can't change it you know I I I I tell you -- -- sort of you know glued to their past and you can walk back -- bring me a souvenir from that moment when your father. Watching in the closet. Then then then bring it to me bring me the ashtray from his office with that with a burning structures we can you can't the moments overdone exist we gotta get into right here right now. That burning swisher sweet. He's even got like the cigar. To be here dissident AEA meeting is that -- -- is this is it didn't just come up with this on his own. He's he's really -- or very weird spot I mean we've seen people meltdown before. Like celebrities. But usually it's like the Joe name up I want accuse you. Or Truman Capote just sitting there are it's locked out of his mind not saying anything on -- you you know this is. This guy's a little more active you know it's two different kind of I again it's a it's a different kind of breakdown and than we usually see. A lot of your fans have been worried about you were original Oriole area want but voted already and I yeah. For amateurs c'mon I'm fine always have a plan -- executed it perfectly sometimes -- overshoot the mark whatever how do you avoid slipping back into that against I don't know won't do it and that's. The -- not believe that if I do something then I have to follow certain. It because it was written and it was written for normal people. People -- special into the don't have tiger blood and you know Adonis DNA. Strong people have -- relax strong people have started using again totally baffles. Trolls. Week defeated they allowed defeat to be an option I -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He has no interest in cocaine. What -- -- -- poll question do you believe Charlie Sheen when he says he has no interest in cocaine. -- so we got a lot more but let's let's take some calls on this were people or people like this from this is a good that this is good. Good diversion from the day's news 1877469432218774694322. How we Charlie is whacked out on Coke I mean I know people who sound just like him and they use a lot less. That is so much what happens after after years of cocaine abuse I believe he is sober. He tested clean for all illegal drugs he says he tested claim we don't know that doing. I wonder how many machines those magnets are screwing up at the post office today c'mon that's grown up any favors those magnets are all getting out there that's grown up any machines. My magnets are doing fine they -- I'm given a more first class mail and Wellesley and they've had hidden in a long long time. Georgia -- next with how we cargo ahead George. Gary it -- an early indicators -- you feel bad for her want to pick on him but if you really shouldn't I guess I feel that you know. Hi is that Hollywood gets state get all the publicity ticket policy and in notoriety so it -- when they crash number like this. He can make an example of what crashing -- -- looks like. I mean it's it's it's just textbook. You to the world. Revolved around it and he can figure. Out where actor out there about it which he says those facts are true. And she's clean air strike at -- I think. Is that everybody should believe. I I don't I know he's he's. I haven't but I have your receive anything like this I haven't seen anything bad. Just how just what you working out some. Prosecutors. Are closet with a check that it probably explore you want. To. So you check -- examples of deer caught -- It was situation rehab -- are working to make it will all -- We don't see it Charlie Sheen all Arctic is caught on GP to make it work for our and we. People watched the show seat at quote or hope it will slow they watch -- keep it -- issue wherever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We like people -- -- that we love that they come at a. That's your your right about that you know they'll say people go to NASCAR races just hope hoping for crash I mean you're have to hope for crash -- you do is coming up next Charlie -- It -- you know you're gonna see a crash alive just put your feet up and and and relax. It's -- -- -- -- comments that they want back yet they want him. To be crazy what they're doing -- -- that they there but they all got each other and I say well about it. Because they're just make fools of themselves should not take these people seriously. And it's sometimes -- they want a big it's like they're that smart that it collects in user can elect a. Thanks for the call George 8774694322. A few years back he was talking about how bush and Cheney were behind 9/11 missile hit on the Pentagon YouTube it. He's been a whack job for years. -- city. Chris insulting how we think about it Charlie and cocaine have the same amount of letters and begin with C and and in a coincidence. I think not. 1877469. Up. Charlie Sheen says publicist Stan Rosenfield -- by text message. He didn't even call me he -- with a tax that this was on the Howard Stern Show. You wake up in the morning to get on all the morning shows. Surely surely someone doesn't pick him up with Obama do that it does he have a camera you know camera setup in his -- just think Peter says and got a bad. That's probably that's that's he's got to sleep sometime. Asked about Rosenfels departure. Sheen said his feelings are coming from is he going from his emotions and I don't have time for either one right now because we're fighting a war. This with the war. They're fighting a war in Libya that he the of this this crazy. Assemblyman and Wisconsin is talking about the about people being bleeping dead. And did in the labor secretary in Massachusetts is talking about war in Charlie Sheen is talking about war but -- war here -- Russ you're next with how we card -- better. -- -- -- -- and we Charlie Sheen about twelve years ago. There's I don't know of anybody remembers the first time he'll need it and it bothered that we had an intervention out of college. I was at a movie called five basis. And we worked out for about 48 without. And out of those four days. We probably some about thirty minutes so called -- -- which he was just totally wasted that. This was twelve years ago. At all. It. I am really by the way where is. Who wears the old man the there are already a brother to lose an actor -- -- -- -- right. Yeah is Emilio Estevez and brother. Ann M Martin Sheen is his father so we're. Make it quick thinker he he had -- up. Body double bed is actually a radio DJ aired radio -- about Chicago. And anyone -- -- movie. -- papers and a of that building of them will be what this other guy the only thought it was actually Charlie is is when your wedding night he actually got this -- into the camera. -- I know I remember that for my one movie were I had a body double that was great -- which can have a body double double time. Anyway -- evaluated. Yes it was a very adjusting got to watch her reported. You know often. Al that's about it I would think for three or four days. They even even runs through porn stars pretty fast thanks for the call us Tyler your next with how we cargo ahead Pilar. Are you don't. A I don't fault you start it yet to bought this guy had -- -- but. This strike great -- -- like a box. I I thought I saw the three of them will be leaving together and the on the Internet the other day there was Sheen. Hit the porn star the girlfriend and the ex wife and they -- you're right there were all PM good looking women. We all -- what they didn't look that good that they can all of the sport but those barriers broke in our. -- expected -- myself okay. You -- post the Mercer survey participants are they can Beckett got these great chip and it got but I got it but it got a great direct box and -- When they get the show started back up what all of what these people that god got through that. Situation your biggest guy -- there's we -- the dealer from the jet that we struggled perspective. Yeah but you know. The thing is he you know those ugly oil sheiks in the mideast they have -- they're surrounded by good looking bimbos to mean it's all about money as a -- What does a guy get per show fire is five million a show or something like that or 21 half million per show. Mean that's all out yet who who would stick around with this guy a Q wasn't AB wasn't making 25 million a year. -- eleven under a bridge next to Ted Williams. Well. Thanks thanks for the called Butler who won 877469. Were three to two. Behavior -- with how -- cargo ahead day. -- -- so so so what you do want a first class jerk that committing suicide. I think you just have to stand back and watch it. Eligibility. Well. But I think this -- -- and -- -- dollars in the same time. To me that credit. And that did the government to tell the children and others get their courage and you know he's telling you how exactly how it feels about -- so different -- god. And Madonna you know they give it -- has -- gardens and Republican guy is -- -- that's fun to watch. It is it is fun to watch because you're right he killed last long in this way. No such thing as it -- still look at women and everything else but. But the truth is when you -- those kind of things it is sort of makes certain body parts not work. You know what that's occurred to -- today you know Betsy why does -- -- as a really need them around I mean all he needs is the white stuff. Right now tell us. Billy Billy really -- themselves sort of -- himself. Yeah FaceBook all -- at 1877469432218774694322. What Ted I want to Ted Kennedy was on anything when he ran of the whole brought bullets on the Santiago probably not in the group that -- it was too worldly to be -- today. Into the really exile what became which was -- exotic stuff which is now every day power. Derek you're next with how -- cargo ahead Derek. We don't you today. Very good a better than Charlie Sheen. While we are always he'll always be better then then then that Ali I guess I think you had taken my call and it. I haven't but look at the -- radio along. I listen to it -- Leo the -- you know. And Ali amateur twelve step program and I. I'm not ashamed to say it. Ice -- at seventeen I'm 37. Unfortunately directly result of the all time. But for a lot of that I got -- and I am right now. Now as far as him as saying -- occult and all that stuff. Everybody's got their opinions on it but I stick with what works. And I know people. And -- -- people know people that have been in the program. So many years that they haven't looked back and made -- clean and so -- thirty last forty years. And -- one X. Now as far as that documents concern probably you -- just -- likely go on the computer print up anything you want to spill and the like. And when is dead or when he said I'm not on the you're playing earlier. That. Cocaine doesn't do what I have anymore. Well guess why it. As a drag out there called crystal meth and that stuff. It is horrible. -- well. -- you see there was a cop arrested yesterday and Massachusetts or Connecticut. For a former cop and he was a former Connecticut proper rest and here he had two pounds of crystal meth on them. Oh my god I had no idea I didn't know that. There's in the paper this morning he was a guy he wrote a handbook on how to beat parking tickets. Now he's got a handbook on how to be to crystal meth wrap. And they get right. Thanks thanks for less -- there. Charlie Sheen has spent the past few days on the media blitz now at CBS president and CEO Leslie Moonves has stirred talk. Moonves says I -- should've worked this hard to promote himself for an enemy. Let's see what else does he say he said he didn't know whether to one half men would be back in the near future going down the road I don't know what's going to happen I hope it -- will say that there's say there was a story today somewhere the -- stay most is gonna report mount might replace him. Repay its obviously get someone wants somewhat less revenue than the original C said. It's a show that repeats very well going if you were originals saves as quite a bit of money. A -- and long term I want this to go on but the repeat Monday night was the fourth highest rated show of the night. Well it again bet that just goes to what the earlier caller said there's no such thing as bad publicity that's what that -- Author writes I said where is smart she. As Charlie Sheen criticized his father and brother on The Today Show. Actor Martin Sheen was in -- the for the premiere of his new film -- benefit -- tiny tiny Maltese organization for asylum seekers they -- the Charlie -- problem in the very bottom of the page last three paragraphs -- get a lot of -- these days first the Libyan pilots flew there and now there's -- machine citing. Let's see. More than a week ago Martin Sheen and -- Amelio Estevez the brother of Charlie Sheen discussed Charlie's drug addiction on Britain's sky news. The older machine called a kind of cancer and said Charlie deserve some compassion noting it's been top on the whole family. They tried Charlie Sheen told NBC's today show. But I said you know I'm not ready -- am not interested in your rhetoric right now I appreciate your -- your compassion that's what you wanna call up 45 years although I'm not interested people treating me like a twelve Euro. He's like well he's acting like without the -- your world. 1877469432. To a point -- 18774694322. -- on every show in the morning. Guess he probably is asleep now. And -- junkies got to sleep bright. So we've got a -- we've got a budget cuts from this morning's. Various appearances. On TV and radio. Just good start dividend date they're all pretty pretty amusing. Innate sick way I admit I admit it's it's really fascinating. There there there are no troubles of other so great that we cannot tolerate them in notes. Here's a -- Macon all of this go. And he's obviously a lot sicker than -- week are mean. There's something I hate to say it by human nature says. That there's something reassuring to all of us about that is there. That's a Morse upstanding. I was upset win after being can -- to take down into little bit you know that stuff thumb. -- -- many cars like eight years and I felt -- fired back once in my fire Mac was 2000 pound bomb embassy in a laser gun and. Pharmacy is accredited to say did he and you can play tennis ball went home and I didn't want Dragonball and all I did come on. -- -- -- -- Month after gone crazy in New York -- and you don't had to have but the police call Louis hotel were worried had a -- are locked up. And next gore his erred and one for now was his wife and his kids. And that he did he did it again -- they just they just said they were gonna put the show on hiatus they didn't say it was the end of it and he he. Retaliates with this. Anti some medics creed that's what it was I mean you would -- a designer for Christian Dior watch. Yes and I would ask him why did you lie to me about the crew. In front of mark Bergen and coolest amenable to what was but what when I said guys I don't bring on too long and I can't -- -- too long. Because I'm worried about the crew that got families who got mortgages and they've got -- that that are checked it check you know -- -- so don't worry about the crew. You have -- award and then. Part of brooks you know. And then it was just until. Actually today just a few hours ago that we can't win the thing they agreed to pay the crew for four episodes -- they took an Angel and clearly. New York that's -- that's what we party -- -- years ago and everybody thought I -- I was trying to container. And I had her arms and both went to ground and she it was a Libya in the area much. I wanna tell me about her -- line and I felt terrible on the governor of plastic surgeon and trying to. In plastics -- -- knowing -- saying whatever -- and you -- I've thought about that you regret that she was attacking you know. With with -- small fork. Cocktail fortunately she had with her that's the weird part which you know an -- trip for her purse it is irreverent you start it clearly but it is a rename we'll today. Very Honda is ready and the Fed and we can't whatever story you you come up with sounds like you've you've made and so and that's the truth and that's what do you regret I believe the true -- He did make up -- works its economic story like that this couple things I wish I hadn't started and one of them is smoking cigarettes. But now I you know I had CT scanner from the lungs of a nonsmoker. Sullivan weird entry you know to expect and years. -- hear my voice and I'm. Going to ultima ultimate drugs knocked out -- is. -- gambling by you know I guess that that there is some schools often that the case for -- on the sum total of all of our experiences both good or bad win lose or draw. You know like dad. So. I don't I don't think I would trade any of it because. The line which pretty cool. East he's coherent that's what's coming -- me he's insane eat yet he is coherent. -- -- -- you know I mean these are your. -- you -- goddesses which is a strong word and I appreciate can you. -- -- I just it's it's just I don't can't give away too much about that. People don't deserve -- know present just that this come I would judgment stupidity and they can't process it not only are jealous of -- excellent I can't have a -- must criticize and not just. Think about them what my ugly wife and oh god I've sucks he's -- -- Oliver he was right. -- Equipment now -- look like that I get -- I get it -- seeing you know like elements singer would mean we're we're running hello. Trying to populate must judge 'cause it can't process you know. Part. Just I can't do -- their way because they're always asks. We're winning. Kate you're next with how he cargo ahead -- Crowley our area. This guy is absolutely in thing. He is. But he's -- him because. Isn't this -- to listen to -- -- you know I usually don't bother my girl with the Hollywood. Entertainment. -- than -- hundred factory gate which -- fan. Parker what a great -- and have you got a Google search on his current image lately. You're losing your piece. You've got like gold fever back you all -- -- Which are -- map red I believe. Well that's a -- thing more than Coke thing yeah. Electrical properties and you correctly called and Patrick you could. I think that -- org did you hear you're giving it quite deliberately -- -- He was now we need some of that. Yeah absolutely perfect. You can find if you look on why he would give it -- below. Intelligent Lohan is a nod compared to this guy. Oh absolutely and one point eight million an episode could -- and he can't control and -- But anybody other than a couple. I yeah you know I didn't wanna bring it up but -- JV if Jane Russell had had been in the death pool today she she won't be down for breakfast in case harder. I think that. Charlie she would've been one of the first two or three packed partly. And rightly so. I understand there are eight passing I mean I've gotten over the last sixteen years any. Would -- if he didn't like it he didn't like being yelled at an AA probably. Oh yeah and that's that's probably what they're the only clock every denying it can't come back in the states so he should stop that -- like it. Yeah that's what it's all these so we didn't like it so it's not enough to say I didn't like it maybe there's something else worked for me push ES put the whole thing down he has to do with. You know the producer the producers I can't prob would be shenanigans and warm and put the thing on. -- on hold for the rest of the year and he starts calling -- -- anti semantic names and accused of being a jerk. And Dan Patrick show you would call an end around that show and a place they're good guys are looking for trouble -- not -- are. I've never gonna melt down and -- magnitude. Why vote or it's amazing. You know -- pair I'll bet that there have been magnitudes that started out like this but somebody always got to warm weather was colonel parker with Elvis or. You know one of -- budget some of the jacksons with Michael Jackson her -- but did you know the hit just families just like a washing their hands of -- whole leg. Good friend Martin added that there and grab it deserves bunch. Shot off. He's in Malta. He's or. The Phillies tried army times -- was to try it they've tried over and over and over and over again. He's been to rehab after rehab after you had they -- I mean I've tried it means just stopped. You can only do so much when he got a -- that packet. -- like everybody else I guess. Thanks for the call people -- 8774694. But solely you know Moonves said they ran a -- Monday night. And it finished fourth biggest the other shows were knew what the ratings sweeps period week. So the other the other shows was up against were -- and -- on the evening it was number four for apple -- for everything. So again there's no such thing as bad publicity. Maybe if B dies I mean that will be I'm sure that's like -- -- which one but otherwise. 18774694322. GM your next without point cargo ahead Jim. Many more troops for. She attacked we would have shrimp fork judge what was I didn't know -- short of the ground. I took another plastic surgeon after -- roughed her up. They are a British show where it's what -- meant the how dumb do everything to more people don't. -- Is it has indicated that he is green integrate bright red that they've brought it to the I thought about it yeah. Theoretically it would great post has -- LSI -- or curriculum. Most straight and narrow lead over irrelevant movie and -- -- -- I would -- right rolling greatly look. Yeah. Lindsay Lohan sure she was in those -- in movies wasn't. Long ago -- and actors studio interview here is higher than a kite did platoon admit it. -- -- -- -- hoping he would he was I mean Oliver Stone you with final numbers on them in Robertson not a lot but it. He was in Thailand where what do you think is available on and on every street corner he was -- -- key. Because like I do remember -- That tactic but Canada into I would probably head. Any like you know the great in the book about it like 98 and. You always has he has a good but could vocabulary -- he's a well spoken guy here's our. Well educated now is public like Apple's pressure at all. Start up. Well I'd let you know again they're the people graduate college now they can barely speak this guy want to be a Major League Baseball player and he went to a army went to a community college that was tied up -- -- minor league team. And the deal is he was supposed to do that to get his grades of ticking actually go to Kansas State I think he couldn't get into Kansas State. Buddy the Fontana. Who else used it again he he. So the more he's he's been more well spoken and than most actors of his generation -- -- Thanks for the call Jim. Dennis your next with how we cargo ahead Dennis. -- -- Dennis is on 18774694322. On how we car. The -- thing was was thrown -- judges like it. It was that accounted for. And then please report New York's. Looks like anything in those guys are gonna report facts job so I just offer people and given it room. Enough. That the reason that you. So for that one of -- now but he took it to a plastic surgeon. 187746943. Populist not to -- cocktail for. Shrimp cocktail for where did she get it from she obviously stolen how can we couldn't carry it around I mean -- -- -- If you go a lot of Jumbo shrimp. -- eat -- like max robins maybe got your own. Trip for kuril cocktail for. Bob your next with how we cargo ahead Bob. Ohio LA are you doing. This and Russia are. Think they're serious shot desire. They don't back -- in large -- tobacco -- in Madison. You know I wanna tell the public out there and then. Not -- lectures dish out jokes. Is that being scammed would be foolish gamble I don't. I don't understand what it well it means Cambodia party. This guy has -- a note is wiped out there are like Carol and you can Berard he's called 35 days. I think that's the number of the statue witnessed -- can actually go -- -- And and describe his destructive behavior was written so protective custody -- It is also don't know exactly where this guy understood that he thought it. But he he has his own lawyers do you know we could save the -- hurt. Them how we car.