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Are we Going Downhill Fast?

Feb 24, 2011|

With Gas Prices going up and food prices on the rise Jennifer Brien, who was filling in for Michele today wanted to know if the world is going downhill fast and will we be able to survive?

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Any time major change has occurred major most I meet some most significant things there is bloodshed to follow. I mean sadly it's just the way that things go oh yes she can have peaceful gatherings. Hence the march on Washington with you know Martin Luther King but. The thing is is that most. Big situations and or have some sort of violence around that. So when I thought what I heard what he had to say yeah it really disturbed me in terms of all we just went through this big discussion about. Democrats blame Republicans this added. And in Giffords of Arizona and we need to tone it down and it's Justin is just got -- and that Kissimmee I don't know why. They start talking about the Fairness Doctrine and and kinds of crazy things. In that conversation but. Really what he said it wasn't necessarily wrong I mean I certainly don't I'm not knocking it can condone violence and I am not saying that -- -- But that the current state of the world is such that. I am truly truly and I got this I don't SM complete erotic is on glued on and in my basement and put my tin foil hat on it's not that bad yet. But given what's happening in the Middle East the Middle East is on bloody fire. Oil prices are just going through the roof. When oil prices go through the roof every aspect of our lives gets affected everything. Vacations. Fool would. Did transportation. I I don't know it just did the way to you live your everyday life the things that you can afford. If things that you wouldn't that maybe spend put money into the economy he had now because of this this that -- tell you I put. -- our last night. Seven bucks. -- -- I didn't I just announced in -- on it and then an unedited look Barbara holy. You know I mean you gotta be kidding me. And I think we're I was -- on the cape it was 340 year 350 underneath an hour. It's 360 in Washington DC a Nantucket right now it's 398 you still have somewhere around here in Massachusetts. Accurate number word as to 98 eagle on Massachusetts. What is in Massachusetts gas prices dot com he could find the highest and lowest prices but it's insane. But I look around at everything that's happening and I ask one of the guys and I came in and I'm really curious to know. How do you guys feel about this I asked rob great producer here WRKO. You know is this one of those times where in every generation has this thing every generation has its struggle -- strike every generation goes through something. And certainly. Not yet I don't think we have seen where I'll bloodshed will be in the streets. Yet. But is it going are you worried enough right now in America in this country the way that -- represented. To the rest of the world. The way that things are going in the Middle East the jobless rate in this country the president is talking about a defense of marriage not. What what an -- you know people say -- that's just a distraction Janet's and I agree it is what are we that stupid is is the president. This horse that's stupid in this country that we're not gonna recognize that it's a distraction and sort of remember that oil prices are going up gas prices are proud of before home box by the summer. And you know he really India with things and Libya very well. Not to mention what he did with beat the pirates there. That killed four Americans all of the way to he's handling things the way that things have been handled with the economy and and and jobs in the constant. Blaming of the bush administration and people are losing their homes that have been. It's -- but some people in the stock market bust happened might not lost half -- thinks. Are you worried I suppose is this the beginning of this generation's. Strife struggle and use seat. I suppose. I just I feel very badly inside I -- -- great trepidation about that. I have great is it causing you all the things going on in the world today. And so you know rob says to me all of -- the civil law -- not -- and Vietnam. He named by did the did on the depression he named a bunch of other things but. We've got a guy in office who really frankly. I don't have a lot of faith and right now honest and -- this I know some Indian choke on your lunch -- -- I would much rather have Bill Clinton is president -- I don't senate. I said I announced. I would much rather have the president President Bill Clinton the president of the world. As a President Obama I really don't have faith that he knows what he's doing nor his people and can -- it he can fix it. It did you see Hillary Clinton's face Sunnis and I amounts on Hillary on Aaron -- fixing -- the UN and she -- -- Libya parts. You know she's thinking to myself. Feeling -- -- you read you I just wish I could read her mind. Everything that's happening in the world is it costing you and I had trepidation are you worried yet is it is full of prices folks. Food prices are through the roof when I a lot of work today. Am a little crazy. A rarity have this is true. I. I do I have boxes of Anna arias that my -- because it's all because -- Y two -- I've got masks you know the surgical -- because of the bird flu landslide and all that's that's I have now. I got gas masks I've got tons of water I've got seeds to plant food vegetables. All kinds of stuff. But I'm go to the supermarket and I'm gonna load up on things because the prices of things are going through the -- a friend of mine -- so I'm gonna he's gonna go today with -- gonna go get a ton of gas cans -- film opposite way out on I don't know that the quality of gas these days is gonna break down faster. Now this when he wants to do. But you should appoint yet when you look at all the things that that that's happening in the world. Particularly honesty the oil prices someone also said to me is more allow I'm locked in an oil price it doesn't affect me. Every being. It's going to be effect airline tickets get on now guys if you plan to vacate goal right now get -- now the app. -- -- In the United States round trip right now is about 36375. That's we're gonna be start that. I am very very very troubled today and I don't mean to be hold down our. But you know when I when I heard what cap and by the way do you guys -- kept you honest. His apology. He apologized 'cause he had to. As a Republicans pounced on mowers heat of the moment kind of think well okay. But you know -- in some way that guy is right what is it gonna take what is it gonna take in the sky we're fighting each other. I mean you got people in the union's fight nonunion people we don't get all the benefits they do you think the average sixty year old person who's looking at a union guy. Get -- retired 55 it is you know 80% of his his income sent to want every month. And get awful health benefits it is us against them. Which is sad and I think that's probably part of what Obama wants. You know ethnicities were fighting weight it was not speak at this it would happen with the with the ground zero mosque. We have more of the mom and on that's I'm not -- fighting with each other. People in this country they have issues with my slums we have issues -- whites and blacks have major issues you aliens vs nonunion. And gas prices food prices everything as -- -- feels like it's falling apart. And there comes a time when you can't blame George Bush anymore. And the question I wanted to ask you so do you understand how are you worry media are my just being and I asked of my MI being so dramatic. CI I woke up this morning it's getting to the point where it hurts to watch the news. It's all violent and it's all money and when it comes to both those things none of it's -- It's always been that way no but I feel like this uptick of that lately. 6172666868. -- 8774694322. Do you see where. Kept you -- -- was right in -- way. Sometimes things do have to get a little bloody before you this could be one of those transitional moment -- in American history. I don't know -- going with this but things don't feel right to me and somebody else said this to all I think it's it's 2012 well you know then he completes and foil hat on and head down -- the basement. Is this going to be a situation the last question -- want askew. Do you think this -- up propel Obama into the White House for another four years because people are gonna be petrified. You know it sounds crazy apple would you -- it I think the American people -- gonna wanna stay with the president they know. Big goal with someone they don't know he -- the guy that has its hands and it in the in all the business even though he hasn't fixed it yet -- I could be wrong and I hope I'm wrong. We can't stand another four years of Obama but just 172666868. Or 8774694322. -- attacks X 8680 on your wireless don't do that if you're driving. You isn't worried about this yeah -- personally in my circle haven't heard a massive outcry of worry and I think to myself our peoples. Do you know how -- may not be concerned about this. Are they just not paying attention yet is it -- while it doesn't affect Rick yeah sure does -- some milk -- -- Have -- gold gold I. Cotton blouse who uses the word out. Cut is up 80% food prices are the highest ever in the history of the world -- it's gonna get worse. I can't be the only one war let's begin with Jim Jim welcome to first up WRKO -- -- I'm you know what I'm very concerned and I and it probably I and so it's a -- -- shrink but I think I'm legitimately worried here. You know you know not. Since since that eleven. If you what do you see yourself what that did this country great and eleven okay. Internet to read much separately they're region America reunited. Everybody is where where I waved a flag everything out Americus there was a -- strongly echo awards so right yeah. What a -- Way to go. I don't solar wind. Now you know every additional arsenal lost all of our next time let it might just be like toward a -- it to what could happen next you know. Didn't check out some -- BA. A couple text messages here and it's you -- too negative going to stay hopeful and positive aren't you tell how in God's name what do we stay hopeful and positive width. I'm just I'm and I like somebody to explain that to how is it possible that you can stay hopeful and positive in the current climate political and economic. I -- it. Them and agenda is there's so many pieces of -- struggle it's just you know just -- one Judy you know you've got a combination of greed corruption. At the worst it's ever been. Uga -- leadership that that that article call leadership I think you know. But toward going aren't you YouTube -- -- got a legal Eagles -- this country left and right yeah I'm manually it's just -- issues no borrowing yen. And I got a congress that if they're afraid a couple -- wanna caught a call buddy confrontation. I mean you know in -- -- in all. Well I said Jim as crazy as as what he it. As what he had to say may -- he hits it right in the mean historically speaking I mean I don't think that's the kind of thing you want a representative to Saturday by. Bright Chipper Jones to tell me what what what what what right well right now he's in the end even being -- -- Now. So what political expediency and me. As a free elections and a bit. This agreeing corruption are right. It would. Everyman for himself look better is -- -- -- or -- -- you'll you know. There's only one issue people and go -- leading video hosting not an -- around all all the. Our parents -- IC now what you minute sit in -- that's not -- I see a lot of people trying to do right by by others but. If you talk about morals and values I'm surprised. That more people let me talk by the defense of marriage act the president basically just said you know what. -- -- he does support gay marriage and I think right now in this climate is he playing to his basic easy trying to tick off mainstream America. You know he's doormat or piece of work and deflect and he deflected attention away from him because he can't handle it true. That's what it's all the Ali an Angel he can't handle what's -- oil pretty it leaks so we the flexibly gay marriage. Come -- and at all. Yeah but people aren't that Jim thanks for the call people aren't that stupid that's what I'm saying is -- working you know are you guys are are do you have faith. Do you have faith that the current administration can guess not this maps. And why on earth now would he touch on to the defense of marriage act he said it's unconstitutional. You cannot declare that a marriage is -- before he believes. A man and a woman I mean that this is you know and I don't understand why and I know a lot of people. A lot of people don't believe in and gay marriage I'm one of those people that says yeah I mean whatever you know you wanna marry man who anyone and -- what the hell but now. It just seems awfully strange. You know it seems awfully strange and and I'm anxious to deny you guys feel about another -- 978. Just remember the progresses we'll never let yes a crisis go to waste -- now. So -- out says hey I'm scared to death more people care about American Idol and the fate of our nation stockpiling everything my wife thinks I'm crazy. And that it just can't happen think again are right walk with -- And -- you -- the person 978. That I think gets it. Is it easier -- in this in this age of 24/7. Media coverage we didn't have the other thing is is ignorance -- you've got so many people who are choosing to turn away from. What's happening in the world. Unless your directly involved in that people are turning away from it. Cool I mean when you sit in -- remember the odd even days for the gas lines so we're headed. That's where we are headed and only then will people pay attention or what do -- a. Posted do now to get proactive. Get proactive against the people. That like that the union members. That's what that's what we need it you know I mean now is the time of action I think it seems to. Oil prices are on the rise we've got -- you want as saying things haven't got to get a little bloody when necessary we've got unions exercise their power and really using thuggery to get what they want. Heidi I mean it's not even -- feel hot I mean it do you have as I do -- Steve the world right now the state of our states. Great trepidation and I don't have faith that the traveling Deval Patrick who by the way defended his out of town he sent out. You know when Mitt Rodney why is governor he -- is here to third at a time so that's okay. That's like they did it cannot. Put a stupid thing to say the guys pimp and a block. And and he and people are suffering. That's what's important to our current governor. There. 6172666868877. Point 694322. All -- MIT and chicken little. Do you have the same feeling I have which is great concern I look around and our leaders I'm not seen any leaders. Where are the leaders. What are we gonna do guys. Dana welcome -- W Akio. I know where you. Good you know I've been listening -- spoke about. You know what Cutler said yesterday a and you know his apology and everything in. Where I guess the only thing I have. Like I recognize that. What you said was contradictory to what should -- so or about having to watch. You know political rhetoric. You know because of what happened out in Arizona. But you know the truth is that in just 802 on the conservative right. Never order forms so that's not -- am saying that but. You know I have a friend who doesn't care if she says every time the price of rent goes up you know they're out in the streets right. You know and then the powers that be realize that the price brightest to -- initial -- we better do something about this. And I think what what I was saying was that. You know we don't generally tend to. You know. You know I would know a lot of RKO so much -- the clock radio thing -- you tend to. Instead -- talk radio station and then or write a letter city editor but -- far -- making any kind of -- visible. You know showing. -- don't -- time. Well that's the problem you know and I think with a bright -- goes out or in our case you know gas starts to go through that. You know gas and oil prices go through the -- I mean I think we should be out in street now. You know maybe you could have selected his words better maybe he should have said you know sometimes you have to get a little thirty I don't think anybody would complain about that. You know but didn't. In essence I think is correct that we just we tried it like expect our armchairs and you know watch CNN or fox or whatever and you know say that's right -- yep I agree but we don't actually do anything about it we certainly don't. We we certainly don't speak their votes because. Somehow we allowed a guy who raised a state sales tax -- recession will be allowed to get elected. No and you know -- Dana I agree with you this is what I was saying often times in history we see some of the most important transitional moments -- -- you know surrounded by violence and while that's not something that I want but at some point. You know and the other thing is people think about this I don't want any violence but I'm afraid that at some point it's gonna come to that and I think the reason why it's gonna come to that to some worries because. We we are not doing oil exploration in this country and you -- -- for that because someone of these people that says stay away from -- stay away. From Alaska because I don't I believe that a company like BP will go when they do things happen fast and destroy the environment and then it's gone forever. Right right and make really bad but I do think that test this idea of well it's saying I think. One thing is I'm old enough to remember that that the coffee boycott back in the seventies. You know we're pretty much voted with our. With their pocketbooks you know people just quit buying caught in the price up he came out but at least there was some sort of action. Some sort of mass action on the on the part of our. As far as you know demonstrations. I don't. I think -- I mean I know all -- agreement which you were right don't wanna see. Demonstration. Being carried out at the hands of people like crazy guy who shot that work congresswoman down and you know Arizona that's not what I want. Well listen -- I appreciate the call I really do an ally and again I don't I'm not condone violence but but in my cap you want it's sort of right. -- mean maybe you got to disagree. But again let's get back to what's happening in this country do you have an -- great trepidation about everything going on in terms of I don't have any faith in my government I don't have faith that Obama can fix it. I think things are gonna get really really bad and I don't know how and I think they're gonna get so bad that we are gonna suffer. Tremendously. As a nation. I really really believe that and I'm not trying Ambien naysayer but I can't turn my. I can't turn away. How can you turn away a friend of my whole night chill it's not soon -- in mega TVD I just running. And meditate and look out the window and see the stars. Aren't yet. I'm so I love you but you're an idiot because you can look at the stars. Well when you look at that -- you might see a nice you know nuclear explosion off in the distance somewhere or nice you know orange missed will hang above your house. Because of toxic fumes from something down the street al-Qaeda ties mean not time to start. And by the way thinking about drilling and why is it do we eagle there cool I don't want -- I really don't want it is it necessary. The thought of it just makes me sick Mike welcome. And WRKO Jennifer -- and filling in for Michelle make. -- -- -- And if I ridiculously inadequate questioned your penis and and they kept you want those sort of I think he's really it's such it every every wanna talk what it did they took money witnesses the defense funds that are on the for the troops over and I wrapped. To -- together of what forty million dollars particularly museum and we talked about Ludacris. I mean it doesn't make it fit the talk out of both sides of the smoke in the -- sick many with electoral. Now and that you know they did when it comes to oil -- people on the last -- I don't want it they don't want wish independent foreign oil but we don't want you going in and Alaska you can't do any offshore drilling to date they've they create its unsolvable puzzle. That that nobody that that they use against the Republican. You know it also it also what you gonna hear it could also serious with several million dollar bull the most believe it's possible but outside of both side of -- spoke spoke. Substance. And it doesn't make any sense it really does about the setback. Is that -- over Afghanistan. Yet have any comment because these two Yahoo!'s decided to -- get quite billion dollars for about Ted Kennedy is it -- people forget about. Copyright Ted -- god rest his soul that I was not a fan Mike you I appreciate it. Really not us and Ted John welcome to next up NW RKO. I think it the problem there really -- you don't want a thrill and wire and don't want a drill here they -- all the problem. We go we -- corn and we put it in the gas tank which is totally ridiculous but environmentalists are out of that mine cap why don't the complete. Calling for blood in the streets where you know you have the president. Saying and immediate saying all the key part because -- Bob Bob Bob what -- If you have all these people. That are in the Democrat party. That talk out of both sides of their mile depending on what they're talking to. And they really do want this country destroyed these unions include it can't afford to pay. All these. Tension and everything else is not saying what that felt like I I could go to work everyday. It might still -- my child support I paid but -- -- of people I don't stop. Or elsewhere around or -- but. And -- part of the solution to the problem is. Is we need to have our own resources in mobilize them. We go we should have a -- with natural gas better try it out should have -- that that should be explored big time what you'll. Our program where we have not at all at all these economic can make it from lead. That would work in the -- I mean it's just ridiculous. The a lot of problems we have a clock by environmentalists. They were used to a lot of the things that we need to do to be secure you're all. Well it's not in my thank you for the call I appreciate it the thing is is that I'm not opposed to -- to to research -- lucky to -- the reason why I don't wanna Israel and in Alaska. -- very much because of a company like BP. We have the technology we can do we can do it safely but these people wanna make cash and they cut corners and what do you have. And environmental disaster epic proportions and it's over as we know it. Did did did the pristine beauty of the Eric I don't have faith in the oil companies and furthermore I don't have faith in government officials. Being the watchdog of these people with -- line in each other's pocket students from -- -- -- that in Canada you know I'll votes that's why I say we can't do. I wish we could 617266. -- maybe we should just say it's -- it out we'll take -- chance what it and. 6172666868. -- 77469432. To anyone hang -- -- will get to your calls in just a few minutes we need take a quick break. Jennifer -- in for Michelle McPhee she'll be filling in for how -- today from three to seven. Much more right here in your calls in Boston taxation and 680 double. -- -- -- 140 at WRKO. I know it's so bad for you but Hawaiian punch is so awesome. Hearts of. Just sugary and -- yummy Michelle Obama off. Join my airline pilots -- like you're enjoying your ribs. Okay and just up the subject from -- yeah I love -- Obama tells all the eat healthier that's dollars. And she smacking out and so on 16100. Calorie ribs in Vail Colorado on our tax dollars nice. Yeah nice and art is it time folks that we really start to consider really really really consider drilling in in Alaska and -- Something garrison like seven point six billion barrels of oil potentially there I mean so much money. But the cost to the wildlife there would be on unreal. And and given the times that were -- given that the Middle East is on fire. What don't I mean we have to come off of our dependency on foreign oil we know that but the thing -- can -- guys I really don't think we can we just stopped. Stops at getting oil from Saudi Arabia now out of nothing -- They would stop invest us they would stop buying hard I mean it's not as simple as all we need to be and up and -- these countries. It goes much steeper than that and the political ramifications are huge. So what is the solution I feel like we're in the mafia guys when it comes oil and we can't get out. -- and -- How is no way out. 617 on maybe you do easy way out 61726668688774694322. Victor welcome thanks for hanging in their victory on WRK out. On the air that I had picked it. I want your pleasure listening to your. You know white you know that America as we know it is over you know -- it's like Abbas has gone off the -- would just waiting for the impact. And some Americans are gonna survive and some aren't and that's because we would put out what would President Reagan said. Government is not the solution government is the problem. And to Jennifer is like it we went to a doctor and get a mild case of cancer. In the doctor didn't want to lose this is a customer so he goes all just all the takes some vitamins or or an aspirin in that we got worse and then you know that we powers. That's exactly what our politicians do they never gonna tell you the truth they gonna tell you what you wanna hear so that we keep electing these people. Putting them in office in new why they are co -- And they are you know it's called crony capitalism and set a world where your replies. And I I would submit this to you I think if you -- -- stay in the American free enterprise system yes. I'm -- I'm sad about that our trade widened when there wasn't the crony capitalism. You know that -- be. That the person that submitted the lowest bid build that rocket ship to put this on the -- That's what American free enterprise capitalism can do. But when you have someone like president Clinton gives most favored trade status to Communist China. And and all of our companies so whining nobody because of that status -- They clinching -- -- is devastating. Our economy is absolutely get. It was plus outside this because I gotta tell you I don't I have a text here and this is gonna sound crazy to you guys. But I completely understand where this person's coming from I know a young successful businessman it says in a rich town. Who believes so strongly that collapse is coming that he has -- wrapped pallets of food and -- -- and coins and he stockpiling them in his basement. Absolutely -- I don't play. If he's absolutely on target -- the sergeant in the United States Marines some combat veteran service so and and I say that because I talent the way it is. You know what there is no way. That we can continue on the path that we're going in fact it's too late I -- it now what's gonna happen. Is after the crash. At two used seat in America what we're seeing in the Middle East right now the question is how we gonna evolve. You know as a foreign nation again. Or how we -- going to fall into socialism and incompetent development just this one last point yelled we do we deal with the Communist Chinese. Cool that literally enslave their nation and we are products of these people. If you ever noticed they never say Communist China. They always say China. It's Communist China could not point out I point to sound -- It's not because our labor is not skilled in not committed. It's when you can get something done for for pennies a day. Source is ten dollars and twenty dolls and now whatever it be years there's no competition that but I won national question Jeff if we. If we went back to the eighteen hundreds when we had slavery in America. Which thank god we abolished -- we thought it was just ink and overweight -- outpouring nation to have people. Enslaving others if we head. Obsolete labor here in the United States. Would weaken doled buying those products that people -- -- making we'd be would be lighting in the streets saying hey -- these people. Anybody NASA's victor in many cases we do have slave -- and people hire illegals and pay them. You -- corner of what they really should be earning. Well that makes it -- that should make you really addressed this back in the United States government. Keep not keep our borders from being dark horse were people pouring in there what makes us think they can want. That's how they can't they don't want -- they don't want they -- yeah exactly they think well I appreciate it. Now casino -- Derek I don't think he's negative I don't think he's -- I think he's right on and that's exactly what I'm talking about. But some people don't wanna know they key here it hurts tool. So what do. I just what do the killings of my feed her -- why can't you look at the birds one day and. I hate to say it and it's not Friday but that is the time this is the time guys. Really may disagree maybe you can see the light at the end of the tunnel I don't today sorry still welcome your WRKO. Hello jolt I had. I was watching city GP last wake -- Michael -- why -- always aren't saying that it presently in effect an amendment. And I -- -- about William -- Foster the American Communists and trade union and it -- didn't ya. That -- -- he says people are using a knife from his playbook. And that's our. German philosopher. Called on any issues there's some emission by being able -- mark plagiarized element that the religion out of his right yeah and that's -- You know I have to depend on and -- black -- particular the first and Second Amendment I wouldn't even ask one offerings and. -- -- feel about this the condition of the state the state of the world do you have faith and our current administration can pull us out of this. Is it pot is a possible and should we be drilling in Alaska. As are other places to draw in this country young. But he added that the government is common all the pieces. And I appreciate the call -- thank you 6172666868877469. 432. To the problem from 617. The oil lobby and oil funded elections as long as lobbies exist politicians won't change a thing yeah -- -- through Tom welcome in except NW RAM. -- -- You mentioned something about the wild life last strike I take it we're talking lamp oil like would be detonated that was that which you were getting out. Yes potentially potentially. Well. I work in Valdez collapsed here for years I worked up on the on the pipeline and an out of work in probate. I'm 51. NN 1972. Are remembered as disgusting. Drilling for apps running I 1972. What a great. They were dire predictions that the porcupine caribou herd. Would be extinct. From the pipeline. That did not happen. A column wild life is still plentiful up there and it's not like of these big Third World drilling. With crude oil all over the ground. If if there's anywhere in this country -- -- oil should be extracted from the ground in my on my advocate in. It up and allow that they are regulated unbelievably. Even when you parked pickup truck up there or or company vehicles on site you have the oil. Oil or underneath the engines -- what you leak it you read or any while a big bet so. That that does that stop the environmental movement pushed that may when they talk about -- well. They show you plush green meadows rolling -- in the back. That in Anwar but that's not the part of network that drill apart they're gonna drill and they've frozen while. Whether. The nearest. Eskimo village is probably 200 miles away from. So here's the other bit as far as taking oil out of collapsed yet. The environmentalists are right it will do nothing -- the pop. -- oil heavy crude oil used more toward industrial applications. Where we really do need to drill for oil is off the coast of California. And Florida where we light sweet crew that make cheap gas. It'd be done lately yes that ten. But the problem is you know the oil companies. Have been getting away with murder during -- -- to be regulated unbelievable I. Right and and that's my problem Paul won I don't think that the politicians are very serious about oversight and regulation. They say they aren't they say they are some of them may may actually feel you don't yes. They can get it done but the other thing is as if the oil companies can get away with stuff they're gonna do it because they want to save money so I don't have -- I that's why I say we can't. I understand that you're other point that -- might act to ride the progressive yes environmental movement. Nuclear energy I might happen to believe in the green house -- there -- a and I'm not I it does the a construction worker but I know for a fact that nuclear energy does not create green out yeah. A family or that nuclear waste if you'd do not reprocess the fuel -- the nuclear waste will fit into issue. If you -- crossed the re prop that the fuel -- like they do want France the nuclear waste for twenty years use it will fill shot. Oh you know -- where we'd be. For the past thirty -- years if we get on nuclear and not use natural GAAP. As well in coal and coal at the most polluting -- -- there. Up off the call I appreciate it and you gotta wonder when you hear what Paul passed this. -- you have to wonder when you're that call -- -- a minute what a classic why we haven't done these things yet. Why we're not doing all the things we can do to be energy independent because I really don't believe that one. And the politicians want a CB or that we can be. We can not be energy independent it's not it's not. It does this it's politically sound. Is it could -- -- yeah ascent and I blitzed about Patrick legacy wind energy what a joke. What a joke we need take a break Chris -- 61726668688774694322. Would love to tie these guys hang in on the line I promised many of you been on now for a long long time -- -- to -- we return. Jennifer -- and for Michelle -- she's coming up for how -- from three to seven stick around much more Boston's talk station and 680. WRKO. The room. When did these eminent domain army now my got -- all tangled in crazy wires everywhere are right. Paul let's so let's squeeze -- -- for the top of the hour you've been hanging on for ever thank you sir welcome go ahead. You're welcome. They were also in debt. This killing us in this country. And -- Internet service. It will come to a twenty trillion dollars. Exceed twenty trillion dollars in the future. Now that it is impossible to uphold right. Idea. It is. That the U Russia in the country have children are destroying -- perhaps now that's been were moved -- yes. What are some rest of us to go where we can -- and -- will refer you back. Blatantly. So this this idea. That. Obama. And Patrick. Are working together. To woo -- the ground and causing mass misery this is my -- I tended to remove intentionally. Really listen -- a lot of people say that but I you know it. All right here's the deal Paul I don't wanna believe I don't wanna believe it well. I don't lot of Barack and -- -- I don't. The mood can prosecute firms persons with it would. Well I it is Paul thanks for the call I don't understand why things can be done to -- -- that can be done and nothing's being don't talk about the defense of marriage act. And it rather than job growth rather then on I don't know at. I don't know the housing market rather then -- anything -- international strife that defense of marriage. All right folks are one of the Michelle McPhee showdown we got that one more rally together and I gotta tell you stick around because after 2 o'clock. -- I'm not gonna believe this new poll Obama is in a dead heat with. You gonna say not. All yes it's true -- after that coming up right here -- substation and eighty. W mark the end.