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Director Kevin Smith on his New Movie and SouthWest Airlines!

Feb 18, 2011|

Actor turned Director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma and Mallrats) joined us to talk about his experience with SouthWest Airlines where he was told he was too fat to fly and the showing of his new movie Red State at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston on March 6th.

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East but first wanted to talk to walked Kevin Smith. The the director. And as you know he's he's he's was been known for a lot of things. But he's going to be coming to the Wilbur theatre on March 6 with his new movie is that is that correct cabinet. Correct sir implement the birds who will march 6 with red state. Red state and what's it about. Everest is I can follow or will be people -- argue what about whether that's the case and seeking to exploit to have our web site where they can get some sects in the words some older ladies were being treated with the collapse itself. -- meet Melissa Leo. She -- them was some -- -- they wake up and a subterranean chapel for some reason extremely fundamentalists. Preacher and his family who in the. Wolf it. -- sent -- this is your standard. Comedic fare from -- they're they're almost like Amal adds to a few well. That there's another big man like most people are known me for that comedies and rightly so that's the only thing I've ever been remote with that lineup and this is this is not. Red state is not a comedy elect clerk -- or all -- it's more like oh horrible electors -- -- or pop out. Well listen I I must I must be on a -- in the main reason I wanted to get -- won the show talk about that well. You you you figured it. It's your people are gonna mention this in Euro but I don't open will be the first thing they mentioned but they're gonna talk about that. -- -- like herpes for the rest my a lot of -- -- it'll be it'll -- around me the envelope so that though it's it was you know to win against that I'm most people out of there's one story I don't think they're the actors. Let's hope we -- that's all we wanna hear and I I just -- -- -- the reason -- let me just say in this as a preface. I'm going on lol I'm flying out tomorrow a modest -- as -- used to be I don't I'm not I don't the government have a problem with that I'm not gonna have a problem with the senate and with a buy an extra -- but I'm thinking about getting on the plane and -- -- kind of stuff tonight -- -- -- perfect time for you to come -- As so when did you start and tell the story that your read whatever -- you like. Total effect that what happens with those flying out from Oakland. Go to Burbank airport -- gone out there for the -- and do a podcast. And our government back. Short it was a short hop. Very sure -- just there for a couple hours -- I've backed and -- -- a few tickets to my wife was going to be coming with me traveling so we've brought the world you know. -- and so and so some sweetness and -- -- third seat in the morning she's a democratic so then I went. And that's about my take is spit -- two tickets ago we have issues -- goes well. I left there will be boarded the blame everything was -- that once -- play it was pretty empty. Never you know -- my podcast got back to the airport a little early. So my flight I got a chip it out earlier flat as it is southwest you're there earlier you are right. So I think that I can make earlier flight Milliken has one -- leftist embarrassments like. Negate said that I was ordered or you know stand by Pulitzer earlier effective -- -- And Utley goes yeah I mean I just maybe. The serious as a safety concerns. That I would like. If -- concerned -- the best that they give out like September 11. Because there's something happening I don't. Well you think about it they said safety concern of an airport. I had no idea because I'm locomotive back but I have never been the guy that had to worry about. Not Auckland well we're putting his arm rest like I'm not -- -- as -- that. I'm -- but about web site. You're not there and you're -- the person that people see coming down the IL and they say oh my god please god don't allow. All the elements known I don't know most of it stated they're saying -- it's because they're like well it's. You made are pleased publicists. I don't ourselves that will be pride about just ago. So I'm so I they have the kick start that a safety concern I think what are mentioned like you have to be able to Augusta. The you think of that that are related items that obviously. I -- but I'm not used that why I -- always but the numbers down. Once it's fired from active army need you -- the the and she goes. And so I had the way -- is -- -- finally issues like Smith but I stood up she liked. You can go and it was frequency I was like totally cool but as I had ought to see those it would go to the second C. As you resist those -- Plame and you gotta go about -- leader of this -- but what do what -- -- is if it is this ballot during my back -- -- like just logo. So around sensitive plane get on the jet way as I get inside there's do not always because we're you know. And I go maybe I've -- this step by god and he goes -- -- -- robber Ronnie system couldn't quite understand I said excuse me because you problem. And I said. His request army of luggage and -- like that I think that was cute off that he goes I -- -- -- revenue. And most of what's revenue because revenue means you pick your ticket as a and you would get on board and because your revenue -- And so I go to the door and check at the door stores like I Asia recognize -- reasons. It's very excited. -- -- flight and if we hope to would be like get there there's a front seat open the only two left open which I -- Vietnam but -- said in the middle between. The two peoples seated on the wrote the book says so with our values of 45 minute flight Arkin let. My bags that I sit down about my belt and I go to seat rest the arm rest no sooner than that that's violence that looked up and the ladies who was that the best. Coming down -- where the public and was like my mother died. For some -- -- I've answered my much with the respect and I was like oh my god my mother died in this beautiful service. They're gonna -- -- personally some may have if we -- need for -- I would suspect. And then instead the lady consistency that is just that some -- plan. -- my mother page it was that this the states. As I go through the concerns ago when he Munich where it's gone out of its good. You have to deal with congress. Good. Our Mike I'd still like them that I said I am Kelly blue book -- that I just that -- -- -- -- my arm rest at a packet that I these were up by just set them. It's busy please come with -- -- -- As on the quality and she's like pilot that it. And I was just like the pod what is is that the pilot definitely know I can't even -- the pilot my -- has been in this seat no more than twelve seconds I can see how it. How can he isn't that she's like their mayors on the plane out of the bathroom. As I don't I that I don't -- spot which is -- -- please come -- -- and finally. That's what I have killed throughout humanistic level that they got hearts everywhere that played a figure that. -- -- -- -- -- -- When I stepped on this planet hood where people are made act with nobody you know what I do for a woman and recognize. If you -- -- off this plane and that's humiliating there are gonna think that I got both offer for what you're saying. This is done here is just that would mean it's finally over -- -- -- Pointless -- -- I want. I don't let dignitaries are like get up I'd give it up and I even not sit back up about everything. I get out and -- -- I looked back and I swear to you now know why there's a dude sitting too wild back in my name's Kate in the middle. Double my win a slam and between the armrest and the two people he's sitting there and for a moment I just wanna -- -- what about best out. But I would never -- throat felt that he under the bus and plane as well. There are continually I'd just kept I didn't say I think that all eyes is perfect like contact in the in this felt that. And that is -- the communicating at that moment Alex was he it was simply -- please don't tell on that please don't tell us. The past insights that lead in the polls and they. Finally I was I've got my back tomorrow the complaint and the fact of the matter is they can never tell me why I was jacked up planes she told me. The pilot -- -- believe it to be taken off but then and stop what people wrote a blog saying the pilot that they'd be taken off. But then they use it I have no idea they would never atomic they maintain they just pointed out my site a lot. And said well that it was this bad CC and I kept saying like look I get -- outside of -- the fact but I are. Not too fat to fly so that once they like big point of -- with that people would be able -- Little Rock -- rap about what the numbers down outraged at that. Right you don't have you don't need the extender. And I'm glad that I yet but now in particular and here's the fact that matters like I I it was simple outfit and I've never had a problem ever before. And I think the dip in the jet way and let it not like because of my children to -- and I said -- he's the one. The acne but that is speculation. But then I get out on Twitter instead talk about it -- to give me no good reason at this point. I -- on there. You -- here won't you believe that we do every talk show host in America Davis and ask how. I'm gonna build -- ask any excuse me he's put to very few weeks were the shows did live off plummet. As -- I guess that's like that's got a little chairs very funny story I didn't see it but that was the truly destroy our top story was. Oh my god this large corporation totally screwed me over and there's never given me reason why. -- except they just point to my side to be like well his bat. I thought I'd bet that they did apologize to you or give you some free. Our blog that I -- have an apology they offered me a -- -- -- I was like oh yeah however ride on this that the airline attempt but there apology blog they. Words. You know we're serious feelings -- but look that people should buy two seats that they you know it's not us that -- way. They've really like put it back got to -- and again I would like look on top but the fact that upside but like. Yeah I've been supporting up my -- uses it against. Well they're profiling me but I don't always that is so it's obviously because he's -- and that they like that really lives and so what happened at that point was. I've started eating because everywhere I looked at -- probably -- rights because I wrote about myself as being -- between -- Every news Atlantic Google they'll secure to just use that in quotes -- -- -- -- director of thrown -- So how much you -- At this point I was pretty much what I weigh right now which I've revealed that they're gonna promote partnership but outside -- -- after this incident. I got so depressed and about like all these people are excited when that I do I property and I put out a big little weight. And so now I've just lost 65 passer. I look you lost weight because Leo -- but it's like oh. I gained weight because the -- and I did they did offer that might have been up people like you are too fat to fly into play them like I've never -- That's it's about things -- always filming them. But -- there. To -- beautiful widespread job market to ever hear from the your fellow. Never never broke out loud to me that -- one band and just be quiet thank. You like that like a guy that you know that some -- somebody would run into and a prison will. The military do yeah that's good guys act like uncommon valor act now I'm Gina back in a candidate amount. I just as -- its its content. While I appreciate you telling the story so you they never but they never told you why they threw they've ever. -- -- I was so upset about it and and but not upset enough to go out there like I had the opportunity to Larry King reached out music the bombshell. And talk about a Good Morning America like banging on my adored them on the shop. And I I kept turning everything down because it -- look I don't wanna be opt Obama's despised the likes of gas it's not significant extent that the attitude -- -- group -- about a company and nobody wants -- tourism like I don't want this to become a freak show. But it was it was a weird time meant -- that ultimately they can never tell me why they. It might put it in retrospect was a good for your career -- bad it had to be good. I'll tell you it was bad in the moment this really depressing yet and there's three days of the bleakest diplomats. Eliza in the last like 1015 years to like the whole world is picking on your greatest insecurity they've been like over the whole world fighting a picture -- -- are small -- That's that's that would be all that was left and this -- right. The whole world pointing don't these static that like at that moment the -- felt like oh my god everyone suddenly got out of that I forgot the civil and that the so -- point what you -- to respect this well now that you could that there are crumble under the weight of like oh my god I've been humiliated. Where you think gotta fix this rise above and I I looked at the open network took a talk radio instead of the smog yes dot com. And knows like he chose a weekly to listen to our I want your job I like that we want to make himself. Willis we have people wanna talk to about the -- I appreciate you talking about this and it's because it is I mean no offense it is a funny story. -- -- that I can I totally got that now but in the moment you to believe that I was like this is the worst. I wouldn't know no one would like to get thrown off a plane that's it really is it will. Honestly just blow -- a plane which -- quite make it valid like. If -- if I truly did something and Pakistan fight but this is like -- really -- case the kind of like. -- I think I got hit as somebody inside and then they didn't realize. I was gonna have it's about about it and then on corporate level they just came back with like uses weighed against of these. Yeah well this I mean -- admit that whole thing about you know southwest had been in the news spurred -- Alaskan fat people to buy two tickets right salutes. This kind of like followed up that story so. That was what was still organizes it like you heard from a lot of people out there who were like at the -- like I get it it's out of it opened up this weird discourse about -- America have really optimize it happened at a -- before last year's government itself people treat you very nice. But in that moment do all the venom came out for my weight that I would have ever done what I am. There are just of people got a bunch of people attacking me today that people picked up too much space. You're disgusting you should you should be thrown out quite it was created becomes like you'd find out who left. They are yes open bias in this country is stuck in. In a -- lesser races. To. Start smokers than smokers is probably edit that only chase those get -- dual -- Yes smokers and fat people you're right though that's when it comes down to. Well hidden and there's somehow gonna help. We're talking to Kevin Smith he's coming to war that Wilbur theatre on March 16 in order tickets for Ticketmaster dot com -- you can we've got a trio with link on our website at how we cart dot com read though the title of his movie is red state people wanna talk to buster movies Kevin if you want that if you -- -- -- -- start to boss. Jason your next with how we guard Kevin Smith -- adjacent. There -- all right or still actually. I've watched all we're gonna Schindler's List. That's what. Should -- -- actual movie not merely respond his clerk for the excellent what went -- I encourage you to -- that would cement. Everything else Jason. Thanks for the call Mike you're -- with how we Carre couldn't top that would Mike you're next with how we guard Kevin Smith go ahead Mike. It site or having -- wanted to talk -- I wanna say thanks. One I -- I think that is one of the most brilliant and sharp -- bills. -- receive income from. An Irish Catholic. Apparently it is probable film it was just so essentially done but it was funny it was brilliant. So why don't that was awhile ago now what that was a great bill. All right now the other densely I would say that -- not -- bad parent Google has done little bit that the accuses. -- on the second privilege excuse not a lot of upon the Internet and I was wondering if you could speak about jobs what that would be around. Remake of much out of -- original and much. Anything Chevy Chase did up until about 1989. Content. It would denigrate. -- ridicule would've done a good job then. I know it's gonna and other -- -- so I'd been Pacific Asia. And keep up the good market. What happened with -- didn't and what happened that Kevin Rose. Thank you that is -- -- -- guy is I've been involved in two different. Let's movies one pre 1998. Over universal. Of kind of reboot the franchise that would have had Chevy Chase says that and it was called some of what. But it -- wind -- but I -- together I wound up on off to do talked months. And so it laps and then years later it came back and in my life. Harvey Weinstein picked up the entire flat series of books from burger McDonald's and he was gonna do a series of -- fledged movies. -- And the pledge period everyone knows -- fledged movie that Chevy Chase this series of books that based combat by there were dubbed brilliant writing about fantastic. As a Boston guy was -- Boston. They'll all of this -- at -- break his books look at look about them they're so worth the read but many event I was involved with that -- attached to. Out of of a book that look like statistics in this series but actually went back and told the origins story. Of the characters of Fletcher won WO. And out of step forward and everything in it was always intended to deflect those can make it five years he kept getting passed over the past over the that I really want to cast. Jason Lee of the younger one Fletcher -- this would destroy went back into focus or -- we had beyond. And Harvey Weinstein -- -- -- -- test is Lisa we wrote that artery. And that's why I've -- kind of came to. -- that happen under under may have that finally when there are real quick look we have a chance to move on with this. -- UK Politico. It's an earlier legislators. And that went off to have a duty to its still. I got. But he he created -- to Spin City he worked out a version of Fletcher for awhile about that at one point Zach Braff was gonna play. The on the -- Fletcher and and -- ironically that Zach Braff forward at what point when it was still that a -- Mac as well. The most powerful -- field so this was a young girl Fletcher well. But that that version never came to be the other secondary version of -- And then I think that Miramax they took the ride the winds pick up there with them what they left is they. They let the right there recently and I just read that it's now set up the war. One of those that and Warner Bros. will definitely turn into a work of French. And so looks like that that's where it'll billion. The pro and actively used by -- -- the the stuff to work from my version was literally just the book -- But the entire book into my word processors and that I just started forming a script around the so. That was read like the screen all right it was fantastic dialogue right now. -- rotary admirable read most of those books will it would -- -- ideas. Yeah I know back out of that now we talk about based target if they have Bible versions of I hope -- drivers is that kind of he's version but. They thanks for the call Mike Chris your next with how we card Kevin Smith go ahead Chris. Well hey -- -- just you really. Want to keep one. Thing. Generation I'd like the world don't really thank you so much. Thank you -- And or your episode on your. On. Out west -- -- yeah -- about your side. As they acted like my nightmare is being called -- the -- -- about -- and the fact is being. Really. What he got right to war not just you know really OK just should be this that this should try to Egypt or -- that. You know it's -- -- lap bat but management did I buy -- guy. It really is it's that really faulty system where you buy it's it's it's an advanced. There's no box that says what do you weigh that if you checked there than like you we advise you to buy two seats. It's only there at the gate that the determination is going to be made maybe at the front that the usually at the gates so like at that point. If that's your money your deep into the process of travel and that all of a sudden you're kind of faced with this choice by another seat or get off the point. And -- that is kind of like. It's tough I tell people like look I'd like Southwest Airlines they have their good service jeeps -- and expensive meaning not like cheap like they run good tight ship over. Affordable ship as well I was never -- -- against the service but what I even now not that I understand what it cost money to fireplaces that all right so at this point is. You're 200 pounds or over you gotta think twice about -- that because at any given point they'd just active direct serie a fly. Did you ever think about cashing in on your notoriety with this and like do what they do some even just a short playing short movie for a TV earlier you know one of the cable channels so. In I mean I don't believe in guessing and I do believe it. Taken some that they get a negative and turning it to a positive -- -- had no problem talking about it I haven there as a standup special arrested on -- recently has called Evans missed too -- -- -- And you know there are definitely playing on the these -- but in terms of right. Directly monetizing it but they'll serve as a great lesson and and here's -- -- -- to the -- called. Don't be afraid of just I think -- irritated by it that's the thing we -- it's you're just like all the humiliation but they'll company should be able to treat you like that. Doesn't matter what side you're doesn't matter how helpful we -- not help -- you eat. You're paying money for service and if that's service means that at the gate they're gonna tell you that you have to buy another ticket because I'd been news that usually person -- means that. It is very then anyway. It's of them everybody's kind of that is just not a static it's serviceman -- -- -- Aspect of that they've got to make those guidelines leader and a cleaner and so that everybody can understand. Exactly what they're getting into what they're getting onto a flight but. I'd tell anyone I -- many -- you over to her parents on the rest if they just come up to a stop -- Billick so you have to go play. Because nobody can make it under over 200 pounds I gotta worry tomorrow. I -- right now here's the thing even if -- happens is that's the part B missile that. Like it has the worst thing that ever happened I mean if you could say that life that you're doing well in all of them like it's still alive I got my health but what. But it's emotionally it was kind of the worst thing that ever happened people are psychotic came out of that so much better -- coming up deterrence is that what that. I was just like you know up and that's like that was my last insecure they found out that I was I don't like we have baton. Although everybody knows and not to just I would go while the business in the when you hide in plain sight they don't really have anything approaching it. We got we got full large wanna stick around you gotta run with it okay hold on its hold on we'll take more calls for Kevin Smith. Too fat to fly southwest and his new movie is coming to the Wilbur theatre on the march the sixth red state you can order -- tickets off of our world website we only two will Wilbur theatre and a Ticketmaster dot com hold on we'll be right back with Kevin Smith family car. It's 18774694322. Twelve hours -- be on the plane heading south. The Florida if I can make it past I don't think they'll have a problem but who knows. Who knows I'm over 200 pounds so I guess anything could happen. -- where this is Kevin Smith the most famous guy who's ever been stopped for a did throw throw off point for being too fat. Aureus has never been really proven he's at he's the directories that a lot of movies and you he will be in Boston. On March 6 at the Wilbur theatre there with is a new movie red state. Andy's gonna -- studio and by the way we Michael sole woman enough for Michael -- Brookline will be happy to bring in some food. Replied dude I used to go out the chick who went to BC. Are you went to my I spoke of from wonderful. Wonderful woman she went to a car you know and afterward she went to be -- she lived in Brookline what to visitors there wants so whatever your book autumn like all -- -- Yeah do you know what do you know Michael's Delhi and in a Coolidge corner that's -- Imagine if that men would be whimsical -- sentimental about food and know every delegate but no. -- place. Yeah -- what I -- like some pastrami commissions are. I would love to do that stadium at Delhi meth you can't keep it with -- sorted out what it comes with -- my stomach will explode. He's not a he's nodding you will have pastrami -- here they're they're very good for you. I just lost 65000 years it took me back here to make that's what's wrong. -- derby this week that but I love pastrami. Okay the he'd see as gray as good lean pastrami brought in from New York -- -- -- -- imported and commissions but this is this is a new thing. So let me ask you this how awesome is your job like two callers -- them that due to recollect dogma. You get to listen to that access all of that law. The Boston accent as well almost lyrical beautiful country. Looks like god did I watched. Our catch me if you can just so I can hear Tom thanks to a Boston factional. They're better ones than that to. -- -- way better movies are watched my boys movies now -- make conflicts now and he's put real awesome people in those pictures so. That access that this is just their beautiful. The town the county has a good that's that's a good one. No doubt that the movie pitted absolutely in the first when he directed gone -- -- it was. So so -- I don't does say some all the busters were low load though were coming from but you've got to wear -- watch the -- of any oil sometime. Yes that's a that's or even though Mitch Mitchell doesn't overdo whether he's not he's not from anywhere near Boston but somehow we brings an officer of perfect Boston -- It doesn't become like revenue in New York in terms of storytelling are used to be every movie piracy was taken place in new York and now. It's seems like every fourth movie making -- -- third movie now has taken place impossible are so many Boston's that movies this year. That's right we can meditate actually sent to -- but yes well it acknowledged that tax it's that it has been in that now that we've we've come a long way from almost an affair. Every and even TV shows everybody apostles -- the top spot. Let's take some more calls for a Kevin Smith from -- again is that the name of his new movie is a red state you can work tickets off of our website with going to Wilbur theatre and Ticketmaster. Jerry you're next with how we card Kevin Smith go ahead Jerry. -- question. -- now. That project. -- work predict it out last. Mr. Walter the middle one of whom would get on the plane and the other would be left that's not -- Expect question be video. On the way I work out an indie film producer dramatic in the world today. Seems like streaming seems to do it Netflix is giving a lot of homes -- To indie filmmakers. There's a lot of talk about video on demand as well I mean. Doesn't seem to be a difficulty in getting out of a movie in from an audience but people are. Whenever they talk about I was an indie filmmaker doubt that they usually referred to of course a fiasco round -- -- and that's getting tougher and tougher and that's. -- exhibited. To make a movie costs one thing. I'd -- to take a movie into the market to by the TV ads and stuff. That's usually the cost that no indie filmmaker to control it I was able to make red states formally embarked. Skip and a salary asking people who like to it's for last. But I can't go to networking billikens -- you run art TV spot for electrical fire like get by the different way into it like the -- But you get a cut every time Netflix -- what are your movies the streams it to somebody right. It would depend which movie I mean like for example if it was one of the movie is made under -- facts no you know rarely via pursue that kind of back and money benefits for anything more recently notably years before they can show you on paper profitability is the move. Really young guys are we see those those stories about people suing that it's claiming the a studio screwed him over. Yeah after years I mean as for years we worked with the once she's very great relationship -- -- -- -- And people borrowers like you that are put them but why -- lot of people that you don't know or you don't trust like does business you got to audit everybody. And I could never see clearly done that because in my account and have been business somebody that I don't trust enough but I must -- -- the and plus I was felt like these casket leaves millions of dollars so -- these stories about make up like I can't look back gift horse in the house. I'm and then just recently has so much more like just. Going after the Weinsteins for some -- thing and I was like wow I guess that's what people have been told me about for awhile but I don't know it's just. Sometimes you gotta trust the people who work with and just know that -- look at our hope that they're looking after best interest but also. You know it's like owning inconvenienced or -- back when I worked to communities -- There is always kind of percentage of acceptable loss so to speak it's like you just know the people gonna come and shop with but he can't help but it like no matter what you do any good our armed guards. There's going to be somebody figures out how to steal from. Whether somebody walks and or somebody who worked there so you know the question you ask yourself is like. He can't -- Campillo watched 24 sevenths maybe just accept the good side of the court and -- like you know if you're getting screwed over by somebody along the way. As long as you don't know about it in the moment maybe that's best I don't know perhaps it's I was smart business. Mindset but I have been around for nearly twenty years in this business and I think that have a lot to do with the fact that -- -- kind of go like I'm auditing of people haven't businessmen. What is Silberman going to be on TV. That's what it says is just assumed it was when your movies so now. This I want your movies and I'm sure a sure -- I don't know justice Silberman going to be on TV I thought -- there was a movie had never heard ups like. The -- savings and saving Silverman. Saving. There I was about I'm a graphic Jason Lee it was a little. Maybe that's the connections. -- your next with how we guard Kevin Smith go ahead Mirant. Or on. You to see the -- I one moved out or -- Or they almost MarketWatch. I want to college at all but what is called. For a -- When you talk about the contract on the one. Thank you sir I appreciate that so blessed and as good as I've never understood -- like -- servicemen said that like the movies those but why there's nothing about. Being in the military and -- the like that's why we elected. Could -- thanks -- jog your next with how we guard Kevin Smith go ahead job. They probably do a great service Brent -- have a remote -- out -- -- -- sir are you. I grew up headed up a lot graduate here -- all the way up. I you have got a daughter who's got experience he's got a break into the business I just. What do you know that you -- a -- out to actors and actresses. Over how hard it's really about it and that gets noticed. I -- get notices an arbitrary and others levels get noticed some people as receiver cultural will do almost anything to get noticed. I've been accused of getting thrown -- from airplanes try to get noticed. But -- somebody who wants still like act. The best course of action man has to do as much possible start locally nobody oval course prosecutor like almost -- defense system -- But you know you do as much local theaters you can't do as much local workers you can build of the body of work on every. Audition you possibly can it really does help. To land an agent there are tons of like used agents out there you -- have to elect a big agency like CIA here. William Morse -- something there are lots of great young talent agency I deal with them all the time whenever we test movies. We deal with houses that are quite you know there's -- place that represents some questions -- his players that represents Justin Bieber. There are lots of -- represented that you see on TV and movies all the time. So we try to use all the smaller houses and and that's do you wanna get in what they have the ball across the country. Usually one big 1% the Austin that must step one for sure if not the next there's one vote would definitely be. At the Iran about that girl wasn't true grit that choose 103 more than 300. Girls tried out for that role. Totally but I mean that's the thing it's -- year -- said that so one promoted shot she's fantastic. Its studio movie but. There are plenty of other movies that like people can get into -- young actors to get into lots of indie films out there. That always need tested you know you see people pop out of indie film's target on this thing is like if -- if she's -- daughter and your involved stay involved because. It's a business of predators and not all myself out here and there are a lot of people aren't even. In this business to pretend they are that we'll just use -- -- and corrupt people left and right particularly the -- because they prey on your dreams right. -- you wanna be famous steps to distort click the -- that for the Tokyo aspect where they take -- Pleasure island. And stuff looks -- but then again throwing cage got dark detail on yours so I occurs that guide to -- his daughter wants to do is stay involved keep in. -- -- -- You know there are a lot of lot of bad people. Kevin we got to take a break we'll see you next month in the pastrami commissions will be here waiting for. I'm value gonna watch me get -- -- here here on the here. Okay we'll see of that thank you whether it's. Well by that's Kevin Smith amount we car.