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Go to war...lose your house.

Feb 10, 2011|

Big banks prying on our combat troops overseas. Imagine going to war, and coming to find the bank has foreclosed on your house. It happens!

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-- -- -- -- Slash dog. The members of the the veterans affairs committees. We're. They understood our story they understood the other -- sorry and and that is starting point for them now you. Move forward and then. Make new legislation or what they need to do there. This is appalling that this is absolutely Apollo you're so predictable plot that the thought that anybody who is wearing an American service uniform abroad overseas lift their family their community. Engaged in the fight we have two wars going on whatever what you want column Michael -- as I'd like to be blunt about this -- Iraq and Afghanistan. And that some -- of the back home. Banks specifically in this case JPMorgan. -- -- closing on the soldiers' home contrary to existing. Law this is unbelievable people get all caught up in. They you know some of the nonsense that goes on Donald Washington this is real stuff. Real people in the film is can you imagine the illusion home when you were overseas fighting for the United States of America voted to Syria and outcome here's a question though what's the punishment going to be for JPMorgan. And Julie do you that you feel like the banks were specifically trying to exploit military households. I know Intel and they are trying to exploit military households but what they were doing wasn't being -- In an area into the fact that these claims and allegations of harassment or made over the years. And it almost seems to myself that they knew what was going on and Intel was big enough problem there are sleeping under the right. This is why -- am a small government guy this is a story about large organizations and how the com how how bureaucracy destroys heart. There simply is no devotion to anything other than making a buck anymore in this country whether. Were talking about people who were in governor people who -- in business it's all the machine taking control it takes courage to stand up to machine. And say especially when you're living within it and say this is unacceptable somebody in a bank. Should stand up and say we can't foreclose on this mortgage it to military guys overseas we can't do. But it forget about that it's illegal -- patriotism I -- I -- emotional -- what does that have to do with the size of -- has to do with. Everything with the size because. When organizations get big enough and they're big enough for long enough. They take control of everything they suck the life out if you work within a large organization. In most organizations. That you the reason you survive there. And the reason you advance there is because you her ability to never stand out to never stand up and say. That's wrong we can't do that -- never cost the organization any money to never be on the road I think. Jack Welch of GE would disagree with you -- -- a familiar enough with Jeff demo but I think Jack Welch was say that's exactly how you distinguish yourself in any organization. Lodge a small and by the way I mean if in fact small is beautiful and you know world and that's going to be -- -- with people most responsive most of where. Most alert to the dynamics of what we're talking about servicemen soldiers overseas and somebody's it's just a number to us foreclose on that DM house again contrary -- to existing law. How we do you. Did defuse all or up or prevent small organizations from becoming larger organizations within lose that intimacy and that. And and and that community knowledge that community awareness of what's right what's wrong what will distinguish us yes I mean if you and I started a bank. You know last year we might want to because -- regressive and entrepreneurial we might well I think that Echostar -- that's. Different issue that'll take us on a whole different topic which is one I think we should cover sometime but I think it's important just to recognize -- degree to which. I democracy gets usurped. When you have organizations that are so big and so powerful and so filled with people just go along with whatever. That major banks who before closing on. Of this guy testify he's overseas. Fighting in Iraq I think. And he's caught up his wife and wanting to have their twenty minute phone conversation be focused on the family how the kids Dornan. Improperly billed. And the image of being charged for things they did know and then they're being foreclosed upon for not -- there was nothing wrong there were car with a mortgage and it does raise the question because it is the way you guys. You can give us compare it can -- to transfer ourselves into the issues. Do when the -- are almost duplicates -- over the family dynamics. In the foreclosure notices start to -- You go down to the local branch and you speak to the branch manager and say look. My husband's overseas here of the dynamics -- -- about particularly if she is as you just said if they're current on the payment. How how does it not work with a branch manager then goes up the truth the announcer -- torture she would -- that's what their conversation exact students showed -- hire people -- should be targeted somebody else I mean of course you know at some point you Roxio is accused me bring in everything back to politics. If bodies -- everything has -- she should have also been on the phone to her route to her congressman. At some point to just say and this my son of -- -- to write this down and has written what is it about JPMorgan Chase. That as she works her way up the latter -- that's been in the news story I heard this morning was. They didn't know how to -- problem. And that's the problem with these big organizations they become machines they're sharks that are just swimming looking for flash TE Daniel -- -- -- -- -- actually if everything Tuesday is driven by computer programming and stuff like that you you really -- do we use I agree with you you lose the flesh and blood dimension. Of a real person and by the way all of these people all these corporations these multinational corporations and you know the big interstate once they all have compliance officers compliance units. The job of the complaints unit just to make sure that everyone in the organization knows the rule -- the statute that governs a particular only the statute is different from having company personality a company culture. That says we reward those individuals who were creative. Those individuals to stand up and say we're doing this wrong who -- whistle blowers who behave as unique individuals or powered rather than cogs in the machine. That never allow anything to cause a little bump on borrowed. To us make him more money this year and and to serve our stockholders of that people can help us out I'll bet people can help us -- -- this how does this happen. In a big organization so many view I'll do listening we're gonna big organization you see right is -- wrong you try to fix it what's the what's the migraine that he -- to -- Dallas the ups and how this should never ever. Ever happens constantly and particularly on something of this. What emotional. Magnitude also insists soldiers who we're -- some of them coming on a free and box deal wife's gonna be a widow the kid's gonna be -- -- Enabling these soldiers go overseas yes sir say they're all there for six months now they they don't have to pay their mortgage for six -- -- -- -- dependent. Pull out -- I don't think that's for our mandate. Good time -- -- they shouldn't have to give -- should be canceled for that amount of time well who should have to pay for Nolan. By the government to pick it up. You wanna -- of government known -- -- -- program the half half half pop pop pop I don't know. But sometimes you're sending fathers over their their of the breadwinners of -- laid -- the money they're making to go over there is it probably is not equivalent to what. There are getting in the private sector and then they come back and they have all these medical problems on top of now they got -- -- big mortgage problem. And then they have to try to reconnect to their families collision until gonna send them over to fight is you know I taverns -- -- so well. We could decide to do that not as a social program but just says say hidden costs are you gonna go to foreclose on him. Where it because if you force the banks to forgo their bid you can't build them while they're serving in a war zone -- Then it that would force the rest -- -- -- we have the tab for the Morgan goes yup we would have to pick up the -- We would which would happen without a social program which is the banks would charge us. For the missing and on social programs you wouldn't have a problem. Hey -- say it's say it's law that socialist and its nature but it's not it doesn't require the burden of the new social program minute. Different -- I think the difference is pretty obvious I mean news that a I think the resentments that people build up about social programs of that. The recipients off times appear to be doing absolutely nothing at all what did doing is self destructive in this case the activity that where -- you know that we're encouraged by and that we just say that we admire and respect. Is I don't wanna fight for the. Yes and also wouldn't be putting up a building a social program means the government puts a building up in every city. They employ thousands of people and it becomes this crushing expanse of thing that we can never recover from. Pack your WRKO what if I never actually considered I can't tell you I need a few seconds. What do you think of course -- idea of free mortgages. For everybody serving in a war zone. But not too bad it aren't you can't confirm area was already could have proper paperwork to keep up well that's. Oh paperwork that's -- hot hot hot Aqua. Are you -- -- you do -- verification yeah but that's where they fall down you know men and is this what scares me about all the stuff. You make rules you have to enforce rules you need information the information is bad the people cheating. Almighty god I used to like already not you sound like the branch manager JPMorgan Chase hey I tried but we get this -- that -- -- connect what that is that is distributed branch manager should be making it work desirable is a branch manners don't. Ryan your WRKO. More the next morning I'm. The couple comments one -- there are former defendant ever air force guy thirty years in the air force 220 years credit union are important number. First first they haven't militaries are the best payers in the world usaid insurance company a military is is the fighters. Insurance because -- their -- So as a big organization -- the military is these folks tend to help lots of people they can -- true. Armed they have brought legal for a big go to so so so the wives are left. On their own completely it's a top flight but -- there are financial if. We don't so there are a lot of resource is the families can tap into his every cent. Exactly right they have other people that are still in the states that they get all dubbed Bob for the most. This has nothing to worry about for the military people on this mortgage situation. I've -- generally if if you if you off foreclose on somebody in the military where merit their husband's -- -- otherwise overs series. I'm chase chase is gonna have a big problem. Number number should know are we allowed it to give our military and our families instate tuition awards -- we're trying to develop for illegal aliens. Our military families merchants don't fit in state tuition. So I mean we've got if we're gonna give away something that isn't what we need to give away. Our Ryan that's great thoughts thank you for -- now we have a car accident text message dominant for 781 hey not a free mortgage just suspend the payments. For the time. They -- servants is screaming push them back I guess you probably also and let's say you do you do a year abroad instead of the studio marketing campaign -- -- at the end of duty is going to be 31 yes what some rockets into whether. Abroad all abroad -- -- just not a bad idea now that's it actually isn't bad you Adam we heard there are determined there they're mortgage you push your back John your NW RKO. Good morning I'm an ally and John what's up. They on this subject abroad link below -- -- -- not like sing god could allow I got it now USA. -- like that was an address if you were Lindsay Lohan would you have to get to that outfit to go to court with to show your. Subdued sense of remorse over your best -- puff puff puff up. Why not. How I -- not anyway hey I think they should suspend the mortgages for the time that somebody deployed. In a war zone everybody got deployed in the military issued a set of -- you get about fifty copy sudden you know you're least somewhat you're quite be used for certain things. This and that's your mortgage company because paying your mortgage free it's not that -- -- -- deployment. In the building a recapture -- -- you -- out they take off the top afford the mortgage expired or are they to expend your mortgage that Europeans. This is why I like Johns -- this and -- are always sensibly joins John's call. -- well I mean you just provide a copy every deployment order period that's good. An example I think it's just done in the mortgage -- Hispanic -- -- get to pick the kids at school get a -- about go to shot every day and not worry about it. I let go -- a run for office will promote you and didn't do it in a white dress and -- got a. Do you ever drop it -- I I don't want anyone yet been made but -- lady -- and I volunteered thought well. My -- go to court for a everything. All of our. All smeared John this is what's ironic actually Lindsay doesn't have to steal -- FF and there are times of support groups out there are people still military mothers and for Lindsay Lohan -- steer them up for Lindsay hot hot hot -- it's not. You don't -- Morning guys can throw I was gonna say the same thing that's fracture. That. While -- -- I don't watch us on -- payment should be. Suspended and an -- on to a vehicle you know whose idea yet and the other thing it is that. You know if I was a -- there's no question that I would give these people three years. But spoke of of a free ride what -- no payments. In this sort only your mortgage. BES right in the soldiers and sailors act okay there's no question that that needs to be strengthened. It's it's not strong enough. This is protections for military people. Yeah after all -- there are no long long time in terms of giving adequate notice to people who and I think I think it literally stems from World War II who. The soldiers since it was really fact. 6172666860. Thomas Todd WRKO.