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2-9 Outrage of the Day-Deval's Book Deal

Feb 9, 2011|

In early 2007, just weeks after taking office, Deval Patrick seriously considered resigning. His wife, weeping and unable to sleep, had been admitted to McLean Hospital with depression. Rather than savoring his election as the first black governor of Massachusetts, Patrick and his wife were dreading four years in the public eye. The biggest outrage Michele has is that Patrick received a $1.35 million advance for the book, which he negotiated in March 2008. Can you believe that he made that much money on his book deal?

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For -- and rage of the day shot. Day apple. They. Sox -- yes he's very you can -- the complete and myself that he's the only. Of the decade. Welcome back spot and we are AM six CD WRL I -- Michelle McPhee. Is that outrage today. Now the globe got an advance copy. Deval Patrick one point 35 million dollar man -- There's outrageous tidbits and that's I don't even know windstar. First of all we've all heard this before. But to -- Patrick. I. Don't -- much issues of racism. Then. Honestly I think anyone out. Would be absolutely appalled. At examples of real reason why the little off I I think people overreacted to the Dominican flag -- over the weekend. Some idiot could have been a teenage kid raised the flag he can't blame -- for that. Now think it would have been the same I'll -- if -- been a different flag but what car. Patrick in kids' complaints about race are absolutely positively outrageous. You remember when he -- caddy. Which is how he earned his moniker. Cadillac -- I -- Cadillac devolved. In The Herald called it tricked out said his caddie was tricked out quick kill -- why is it tricked out caddie. Well he describes that in his book for which he was paid one point 359 I don't harping on that folks but trust me. As somebody who writes books for a living in addition to you know having a blast on the show. Artists to guide one point 359 in -- -- unthinkable numbers but most authors trust. He was paid 6750. Dollars a page. For his 200 page memoir. A reason to believe which is coming out and paper. So I'm reading this globe story they got a big got a copy advance copy of the book and appalled by. Are these charges of racism that throughout the whole book starting with the Boston Herald it's assessed. To call the book. To call his caddy tricked out to -- -- Fannie what do you talking about. And then he even takes on the globe if you can believe that because the -- took an aerial shot. On his sprawling. -- she has mansion I -- a plea to stick it lets its guard Cantu wine. And they took an aerial photograph of it into Patrick writes of as if Ted Kennedy on Mitt Romney -- John Kerry could -- a nice home but not to pop -- Not about not like a black yankees don't and I tell you talk about. The governor. Of Massachusetts. If people wanna know why you have some of the real estate yet he was in debt up to with eyeballs people are asking why. And he's trying to make it an issue of race instead uphold limited duty. You'll only two gigantic it's beats. In the public has a right to know in believe any we need Vonage I've gotta calm about John Kerry is Louis -- square private apartment. For The Herald that last month. Mitt Romney been attacked for his pink mansion. And Belmont and the fact that he had been landscaper is who may or may not have been with and the country legally. Is that an attack on the morning's. Is the attack on John Kerry's ultimately -- square. Where it's a private road in no Lincoln Park walked on is that an attack on the Irish well whatever he is. -- know John areas and not ridiculous actually added Youkilis to make those that would have assertions. It's despicable. Honest guy but he is their real outrage in this book I -- asked all you can buy it. 617. 2666868. At 6172666868. And don't worry folks in about five minutes are going to be talking about a much more interesting book. This one's called hit man. I'm pretty shutout waiting at one point 35 million dollar advanced far but he should have it's that good. I do not nights and really honestly I can't sleep at night they can't put it down we gonna talk a little bit about his book. And it also comes out April by the way whose body generate how easy or Deval Patrick's 6172666868. So this is somebody just texted me the ball thought about resigning but didn't another broken promise you are not kidding. So it does lead in the old story today. In early 2007. Just weeks after taking office. About Patrick seriously considered resigning his white weeping. Being his wife she's only partner in a private white shoe law firm downtown Diane Patrick. Keeping. -- need to sleep had just been admitted to McLean hospital for depression. Rather than savoring his election as the first black governor of Massachusetts. Patrick and his wife would dreading for years in the public. Little hope it's in violent music actress for the rest of the story is honestly. Finding the smallest violin in the world. You think feeling sorry for you and Diane Patrick. Who have to GI key -- -- state in have to papal what are you talking about. And you you know I'm grateful. This -- this is so silly in assumed to be released memoir the globe goes on. A reason to believe. Patrick also revealed that he filled the garden in life and. That he has quite tiny and we're addicted all he -- By the country club. A famously a retreat from Brookline. Iowa and a little too rough and tumble EC. Deval Patrick. Country club in Brookline. Locked in author who's actually writing a book that I do wanna read -- -- -- -- are -- I have -- I. Apoplectic over all these charges of racism that are included in as one point 35 million dollar memoir. The only thing I found interest in the most interesting thing is we want the -- him twice and here's a guy went to Milton Academy. Harvard University Harvard Law School on the arm on the -- of course it was on the arm. And he couldn't even pass the bar. Twice twice. You know people people go to guy that we know is JFK right he won twice to a New York in the. Yeah the big yet JFK junior yeah idea. Yeah even Ted Kennedy passed them or its first drive. I mean it's the it's yeah you're right to mean I didn't get it in its NC it's astounding advance he's got. They'll never get it back you know that -- mean that's just that's the way it is I don't know why would they why would they Avery even give him and he. Anything near that money. Didn't this break that's up one -- now you I know -- -- -- we've written these books how much work was considering how little money again like how does the publishing company bright pop one point 35 million dollar lost as who gonna buy this piece of garbage and listen to this Malarkey about how the old pit stop me. They wanted to have a nice house it's okay John Carter of -- -- sounds and. I don't know I mean I would assume that they'll have some you know bulk sales to things like the the MTA year you know these gay groups are some that by. -- that economic backed him a million point one point 35 million mean and it's it's got tougher as you know I mean. I have my first book was on the New York Times -- solace for eleven weeks and I got less for the second. -- that a that I did even after eleven weeks. Eleven weeks on the New York Times best cellist is no easy feat either it's almost impossible now because of the way they. They did do of the -- almost have to get on Oprah to get on the best seller list at all and up what was on it for eleven weeks in -- -- 6750. Ultra PH. That's the way it is I guess you know he's he's -- it's it's been such a tough life for them all the you know for from. From those terrible days on the mean streets of the south side getting the MP co -- bounced off his head. A victim of a senseless street crime. I guess was it racism when they did that to Phoebe Prince own self -- This stupid Irish girl hey there's a monster energy -- -- decided ahead. Ha I don't know but it suited it's bad.