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Max Robins Monday January 31, 2011 - Doughton Abbey et al.

Jan 31, 2011|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about your favorite show on the boob tube...including questions about the Super Bowl and PBS' Downton Abbey.

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It is of course Monday evening that means it's time for max -- he has the veteran journalist who for many years discovered the broadcast TV industry. And he is now the executive vice president of the paley center for media New York City and he's here to answer any and all questions you might have. About television 1877469432218774694322. You have any questions for a for Macs. -- their Macs I am. Very good what's the cost of a Super Bowl this year. I'll -- -- about the box three million box three million Somalia this. Money well spent. They still don't -- you know wire last year wrote Tim -- held and the treasurer Massachusetts while local lab because he figured it would get his campaign for governor after rousing start. -- He's now raking leaves for eleven. But you know again it's the west -- before you know it's the only it's the only place where you can basically get everybody in the country watching. The same of that right yes. If you break it knows it can be severe -- with DC in the parlance of -- and a very efficient. That's right I love you can put down three million bucks nets finished. Let's let the a predictor gonna see some ads of but light long next DNC on bug on the backs of Clyde -- And that is ultimately this is going to be seven new movie with a bunch of exploding cars an erupting -- it volcanoes and space alien invaders. Demolishing Manhattan. And somewhere there's going to be cute talking -- that's right -- that's right yes. You know how -- you know you'll be -- true visionaries. If we can only use the same kind of powers -- into the future for let's say the fourth race at film TO. You know people use both have a good time talking about what but the ads that they've made on Super Bowl that they put on Super Bowl Sunday now I think they Disco. Are you can admit he thought the book. That's another part of American life it's become are you kidding me moment and now. Those ads were so. Crappy I mean I don't need to -- I don't need to see the another cute furry animals will be there to. Problems other than the -- -- some some musical dogs. Yes. Exactly. What is the images returning to fought -- I think we're gonna check that corporate tickets asylum. Summer yeah. Okay any any news we need to know about a that the kiddie corps has run around with some guy who's like twenty years younger than she is. If there's lots of -- you can find fault -- that but it sure a lot of your female listeners have real. I -- -- -- -- our guys running around a girl years in the hands. I just I would say something sites and -- at the appropriate for the day. Yeah I mean I went I would really encourage. Your listeners a show that it's. You know little ratings shields with terrific on FX I mean they know their a lot of fans that shows like. You know Sons of Anarchy in what and before that the shield among among listeners. But that show lights out it's terrific again one of those that handfuls series I would even recommend that you watch. Effects and it's Tuesday. Max power Conan and Leno doing they're both actually doing pretty well I mean. Leno's numbers are -- what they were before he got demoted at 10 o'clock and they came back. Hum but he still he would both in the demo in total viewers he's winning net segment he's running over Letterman. Yes and Conan is too we -- if you know for the niche audience young audience she's doing all he's doing all right -- a great but he's doing all right. -- let's just say. You know CBS's make money volatile gonna say is he worth the big bucks for them yeah. He's not make it the same kind of books he was making them BC. On the other hand let's let's the other end. Walk away with 35 right now he's a Brookline boys and yes he has we let's just say we won't be passing the act for him on meet street -- complete -- by pastrami conditions for everybody at Michael Delhi should dance around issues -- apps I think he should you know it. I really think at least once a month -- He should love kids so Michael's still Wednesday conditions for all my friends -- All right let's take some calls here for a max -- for the paley center for media in New York 18774694322. -- you're next with powered car. And -- -- -- I read a lot going on. All right add that. The political commentary they see as Jerry show it belly. And then. David Kelly the creator of this show there's. -- look at those numbers for you the real test will be how -- -- in week three that's the thing the show with with Kathy Bates Harry's law and and it's an okay pilot David -- always like to deal with with social issues and all shows -- -- you know. Fans of the show Boston Legal before that the practice or -- that even used to do it even the morning humorous way and Allie McBeal let's. That's just part of his MO. Officer mark wants to know -- by Charlie Sheen has often endorsement contract by expo at the I -- actually grey goose man actually actually I understand he's an area. If he'll be there with. A chorus line of grey goose bottles -- A super excellent. A Euro the strippers or one out of Dallas for the super ball wonder if I Charlie Sheen is going to be his rehab and in the Dallas mr. I gotta say I don't think the over under on Charlie make him through. Read is terrific. I wanted those I think I mentioned earlier about -- I feel bad for the guys who were just you know like sort of you know make it small money on the show the the you know the people -- just work on the set. -- out of -- they're they're gonna lose somebody who knows how many paychecks now because this guy is a jerk. That's right it's it's it's a lot of jobs it's not just the you know the big guy called in the big -- -- it's those people who. You know building the sets it's the difference electricians all those folks -- It takes a lot of -- takes more than a bill -- to TwIT.tv. You know and and. And -- -- and and this. Boiled you know two gentlemen -- click. Charlie Sheen to get its act together it's not just about him you know said the porn star was brought to this latest party but the through the that the woman. By a third party Howard is there another way we can describe -- third party news missile at a senate appointments are it to go over patrolling the house. It's what has charged with a just random deaths here and rob your next with how we card max -- go ahead wait talent agent does this let -- I have in the back wondering about I would keep on doing. That's so great. But it. And what about -- ever coming back. -- -- is -- as a credit great run. Of the fund are. Howard Archer doing. All archer on FX OK okay not great. How's the Comcast NBC merger good doing it at that -- hoberman I was gonna say it yet. That's a big paycheck -- updated -- you know you know Lawrence McDonald could keep over and now he's. Bullet. That's -- I mean it's gonna be really actually to see what that does it's two very different cultures the Comcast guys from Philadelphia. And the NBC universal folks by the way you were talking appears that piers Morgan is his name right he's his ratings are now below. -- lyrics -- yeah he's got to pull together and fast. You gotta worry if the dip below was Spitzer is ratings than these vehicles up. And CB CNN just -- big it's. Upon this holder -- now. How -- they call anonymous I don't know I don't know I'll take I'll take the call me and I am a member of the fox fox the Barack crime family but -- I don't. At least maybe give you a little leverage immediately -- I don't know I -- and I think we could rule you know we committed in the in the middle flaming -- -- we could shake some action. That's -- could at. -- -- then what who's the boss of CNN. Right now oh god Blake and some can two outs Ken. You know what. I have more relatives. Then. You have viewers at 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock -- I'm let's say and I'm the best -- be the best post in the world but. You got the absolute worst people in the world how guys. I think you could really shake it up there I think it held up for a pitch that was terrific and I think you could bring in a much wider variety of guests. You know we get more to have worse point of view that's right you know why because I celebrate. Labor so that. Cheryl your next without a point guard max -- go ahead Carol. -- -- -- Gerald gone billiard acts with how we card max robins coed bell. Back now it I don't. I'm I'm it's a -- -- friends I don't they changed the -- Arab -- at that but by the got to get -- -- better to wait for the Iowa. I don't know I mean it's -- the show has a real solid core fans. But it's the ratings it's not a huge that you're not talking about another like a fox show like house which is through the roof. By the way speaking of another show how we use the C idol ratings there. To a real well. They are yeah it seems to be coming back from coming back they they like the and the new judges. I guess -- Steven Tyler like you really needed them money if -- did -- -- if it's loaded. Well you know agreement that they don't put it on my pay out of if they bring them if they put. If they put panties in the seizes its yes indeed -- -- it's funny that you notice that it Steven Tyler. Whatever you think of some of his personal habits that meet the guy does have a voice and he'll -- -- 00. He's actually pretty important you keep him sitting down and he doesn't get near the east the the end of the state she's okay. -- but you know we've yet to see Jennifer Lopez actually state. You know which she did that Selena movie years ago selected. It's really yeah. She's been a big hit in movies she ought to say right where she is she's another one you know that she ought to realize now she's got a good Diego London -- the pace for a -- on barrage but. She's she's not I don't think she's government to future movies. -- It's several fine it's cheap it's 18774694322. David you're next with how we cargo ahead David. Good evening gentlemen and I know that from time to stretch. -- Just go to insulting so it's. -- -- to be meets Florida David. Jacket very popular still even if it weren't that yes. This continued its popularity. Or ordered be the Jack will -- some of what happened after. -- -- Tried that -- or wherever it went off become our apples and our officers. I've never heard anything about that although -- it's probably not a bad idea you could see you could see it -- -- but generally. When -- show's gone off the year for a few years those reunion movies. It just doesn't -- real well I remember LA law and it's run which would have terrific show. And they do several years after going off the year that at a reunion movie and it's just. The -- left well buffalo. -- really are packed and in any form an interior switches that direct spec -- No I know right now I'm this probably good reason. The banks were called David 18774694322. Patrice Symbian the assembly affects about this and now she said the -- an email how awful is rush with pain. If you watch but in the golf but the golf lessons now now. You lose there. They're really terrible she says he's he's just really petulant and you know acting bizarrely in distress strangely it's gonna -- I don't know I would I would watch a Golf Channel bet. It myself but you know. I don't know oh by the way OJ from Chelsea which says that you should congratulate me because now IE and smoky. For Jersey shore have something in common were both. New York Times bestselling authors. Here's mine company. That he Howard -- Thanks for bring a fixer for any data out. Lawyer -- the situation on the list. How was he shouldn't be alive doing it's a great trio. I'll have to check that have to admit that's one. Of the top. My eleven year old stepdaughter says Steven Tyler looks like that drag queen. Yes so what else that's -- 18774694322. Blue masters on the discovery trio. That's a solid performer for the for the discovery. -- affect them. I seek it even a little bit more head up Apollo. Or what do they got brewing on the -- because you know the show. -- I don't know but I'm sure it's something in. How acting yeah if they're gonna stay ahead of the competition etc. but Kim are next with how we cargo ahead Tim and. Oh wait you guys ever -- him matched by an. Always look forward -- Monday. I know somebody wants to know what kind of happy happy if that's recall that what kind of happy max's on because he needs someone. Well that's that's sweet let's just say happy hour starts early. Question -- what's happening with -- vs CNN or MSNBC. -- the net recently recently has gone what happened. I mean Fox News special primetime continues to it is to dominate the big way. MSNBC is a solid number two in rarely. I mean CNN's. Campbell for a lot of guys that we've seen -- Our news -- -- CNN it was a person they would take away its belt and shoe lace it up. I don't what cranking up with this programming. I don't know I don't know I mean I thought the Spitzer show it was a bad idea from jump street but it. -- -- piers Morgan okay they gotta do something. It is -- -- -- It. I mean when you talk about the networks should be the network news divisions. Well I mean NBC is still the the dominant of the broadcast news networks that is the nightly news ratings. And continue to slide but it still. Pretty good size audience as a audiences for the morning shows. Which is really in the morning it's really a two network race between NBC news and slid out of mornings are starting to slip right. Yes yeah I mean does it look at it there's a lot of competition out there for our time and we're getting their news and information all over the place and -- -- and increasingly and I -- -- that's -- -- increase. What I know what it's well who is also. Is over -- Can a supersize it for a certain. I think that I think that you're gonna see Olbermann show up he will surface again I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't start his own kind of web site. And and view video on their -- you know Huffington Post. I could release him do what what's going on with who -- read some story in the Wall Street Journal but there of their star that's gonna who wins starting to show some signs of maybe -- up. A little bit yeah I mean they have to really transition to see if they can make a pay model for work. I hate to see it go away somebody's gonna give -- TV on the Internet right in what's happening is. And it is especially true how elect with our kids I mean. We are getting increasingly used to having what we wanna view we wanna see doubts he would and and which Scott this is gonna work out the right financial model to support the program. So somebody gets yeah thanks for the call Kim Charlie you're next with how we card max Robbins or a trolley. I tell -- -- I was wondering that spot tension over his only and I don't suspect a Ambac and but would that be to act on. Yet that is coming back on TNT that would a big hit for them. Starring Angie Harmon. I think that's coming back in the summer received as a returned. I think an -- -- summertime. When -- sunny start again meet Sunday always sunny filled all assigned excuse it's always sunny I don't think its -- all of these days. I think it's coming back in the spring double -- Spartacus. Spartacus will -- Spartacus is on the kind of -- I think -- -- yet because. It's star. And let's see here oh -- Seagram Christie on common -- yes she's. You know it for so the big in name you know acres including -- there. But this is this goodness -- job -- -- rated and that it has not called Christiane opens or. The -- I think I think that she's miscast. In this week. And I think where she's good it is exactly which to -- into the Middle East and it's up and you know she was married to the spokesman for the State Department. And now now you got the new guy that's right going to be gives placement is Mary Claire Shipman. Yeah it works for ABC news it's it's rather incestuous as it is and it isn't he well you know. These people's ultimatum come from the same side of the political spectrum. Oddly enough to have shock. I don't know I know tax we will break here and take early early break -- -- we appreciate you being -- and we will was parked it next week. All right -- oh by the way that they -- a wanted to know about always sunny returns in September. No date for result. But always sunny in Philadelphia returns in September along with Michael -- in the Philadelphia the it's not something if you're a dog in Philadelphia and sent them. Okay thanks max it's a 18774694322. Car.