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Howie gives His Final Thoughts on Super Fly

Jan 25, 2011|

Howie gave his final thoughts on the sentencing of Boston City Councilor Chuck Super Fly Turner.

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All right 1877469432218774694322. Yeah I tell you yes I think -- rights album Macy has got to cut a deal laughed. As soon as possible because he's looking at serious time army just yet you'll -- there are times when the -- just a racial thing but. People only get you know people disable walks of life. Get get sentences that seem totally out of proportion I mention it before I mean look at. Look at that Michael Vick I mean you know you got guys on TV is seen people say he should have been executed because he kills some dogs. Atom that's in you know that it was an apology what Michael Vick it. But you know you got. And on the Baltimore Ravens she got the guy Donte' Stallworth who ran over guy and Miami while it was dropped a pedestrian. Kelvin he -- 24 dates he -- 24 days fertility human being Michael Vick says nineteen months for Killen a dog. I don't think Ray Lewis ever did any time. For a purge his you know be being involved in those deaths are being around those deaths when they occurred involving guns that -- heart attacks. So it's just it just seems that you know the EUN and I and I adults I -- say it's a conspiracy on policy it's the man I don't see it's a war. But. There there really aren't too and I -- in you know. Wait -- people gets group to. They do. I can tell you personally about that. But in this case you you have a white people. Who didn't who got away with it who Warren. For gross crime oops. Against the state. And against the people -- and and and a black guy. Gets a set up like a bowling pin as there Grateful -- were put it and knock down and he scored away for three years. I it's. Chuck Turner's Somalia threat to the community and detractors -- a threat to the community and felon Finneran and by naturally clarity can you imagine that clarity and in -- are still lobbyists. The felon Finneran. I don't be so Bosnia at the state police as one of his accounts the state police union state police of Massachusetts association of Massachusetts premium. Mean how how -- crops. Higher. A sticky fingered. As there as there will be missed. 18774694322. -- your next with Howie -- go ahead Dodd. Hey -- I love your show. I wanted a Democrat almost like it socialist writer working. Above the table I'd be come conservative Republican side voted purse strap brownie. One at -- yet the couple questions. I I don't really believe. That they're gonna ever catch bin Laden when he can't even can't Alter my question is do you is. I don't -- -- really looking for a what is Prescott's bush. Involved in doing business with Nazi Germany. I think I've read that and in some moan about. Did you Morris but I don't I don't know the press -- bush was the senator from Connecticut. And he was the father of George HW bush was the senator from Connecticut told into the 1960s. Yeah. Go ahead Doug if you got a if you got to follow up I'll be glad I don't I don't know the I doubt it I really doubt it. Thanks for the call 18774694322. Or -- up Prescott Bush is I remember when. Robert Carroll -- second volume up his I think it's a three volumes. Biography. On Lyndon Baines Johnson came out and it was called master of the senate was about basically his senate career from 48 to his election as the vice president in 1960. And I and it went on it was like 70800 pages pretty fascinating stuff paper book of that link. And look at the index that bush was president then and I just wanted to see how much how many references there were press -- -- And or two in 700 page that's that's a much that's how much clout and in power -- press caught bush had in the senate in those days I think he served two -- three terms as senator for Connecticut. 18774694322. He was eight. Lyndon Johnson was he really was like he league awarded over those yankees -- from from the -- one too we're still in the senate those states Theodore green got the reports named after provinces are great picture. In the book he's taught -- Lyndon Johnson's pocket details green senator green he's an elderly man at that time. Democratic senate and he's -- and green is almost bent over backwards trying to escape. Lyndon Johnson Lyndon Johnson is right in his face just who he was here's a lows of character Lyndon Johnson. He never did. Jerry your next with how we cargo ahead Jerry. Actually yeah that's. We myself and I went down here -- little I'm there in August. Yeah that's at the Christmas and I just wanna say thank you it would. I would create you gonna do that every year put if you -- if you read on -- on the three weeks. Jerry Jerry was the finalists stood by he he -- thought it over pretty by -- The odds were stacked against you there's no question about Jerry. -- meeting would kill you we will we will look and I don't know but it was a great time good -- thank you for the. Agree I'd say it's really great place Regina is pizzeria it's in the old all of sports people the Office Depot it's it's a great location it. And it's really good place it's. It is it is in my my eight dotted and to cut and she's got a friend -- stay in the north that the security unit now I don't know if you can't get better pie in the city it'll. -- Idaho it earlier I I somewhat just they so what's -- they just want the big contest for the best pizza Boston and I. Yeah. Ethics are poppies are sent Carpio is finished second but Regina is I'd vote I'd vote for Regina as. Yeah absolutely. But I loaded it on Chet turner and and I've got no means. Perhaps Sicilian app Irish. I've been and I've had. I've become both sides. -- the bench you know what I mean how we chuck. He had a chance. To -- me -- And he'd eaten in which he tried issue but doubt it throw. And and you know what he got what he deserved he should -- shut up he should have been should have meant that. He would do it it it was all there probably edit and and chuck did to himself -- -- -- Red orange green. Chuck did -- -- well. You know I Jerry did. Jerry. I know where -- for a -- you're you're in New York City Council used to be guiding Brian McLaughlin we call them what do we call at cry and Brian McLaughlin. And what that. There what did Ed what did it brought client Brian. He took somebody did the at the at the at a place you I've bowled well no call when don't act. Right. At this he ended cry at Bryant go to the -- All. -- and I can -- I am I didn't try to shut it down their throat chops are thinking he took every single. It -- single -- could. Just hate -- you know what I mean wait wait -- -- to a miracle they NC screwed up you didn't he did the opposite. And you know about peace and -- now and again and again you know you've got I -- you know what I agree I agree. I honestly think that we had a lot to do with it especially in this city let's not kid let's talk Qaeda itself. But that it chuck should even keep that chip he should be even know adamant that he should take these -- he got bad advice. He did. He got he you don't his lawyer when the lawyers and when he demise on the witness stand. That he took any money at all. They have them on tape saying you know showing him take the money. And then in his closing argument his lawyer Barry Wilson who's now -- had to leave the country on doctor's orders according to -- quarrel. -- when Barry Wilson gets up there and says my client didn't take a thousand he only took 200 or what the hell was the jury supposed to thank. You know -- is all defense lawyers contradict what he set on the stand. -- yeah Ali and you're right I mean an -- -- it just people at. Did you know should have gotten more and more should notions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I know I know about -- he should. There was no reason for the -- -- caller war tonight I mean that was absurd. Thanks for thanks for the call Jerry had dot civic you're at the at the -- -- pizzeria at the also depot. -- -- -- That 18774694322. About what car. 187746943221877469. 4322. Miles says the ultimate proof of status and power in this society is not money it is the ability to be above the law. Where to escape -- just desserts and criminal matters. It a lot of it has to do -- money definitely most of it has to do with money you know get he's got the best defense money can buy. Reasonable doubt at a reasonable price you know all those old sayings. It also helps to be a -- at some crimes the judges or lawyers may have a great deal of trouble coming down to part of their fellow thirties. This is all was the case Wilkerson had to water record. Federer in the common wisdom among lawyers -- almost everybody allies in court federal warrior would have gotten away with perjury if the case has not been so public -- I'm kinda he had us told Michael so when news here Mike from Michael -- -- which is -- A surprise that that that that that judge would make a big deal out of out of turner allegedly lying in court I mean. When you take the would you take the witness stand in your own defense I mean it's a really risky proposition I'm not saying that he didn't lie in court but it just. I see how does -- know the jury made a decision determination that he didn't -- but. You know. Quote he think doesn't lie when they're on the witness stand in the defendant's. One and again but the Fed. Thing in my got a call here this is. The I mean I got a text here from a guy 4603. I'd agree with you want super fly up until he opens his mouth now I think he should have got more time. It's another one here. From six oak tree Plaxico Burress is doing two years that New York Giants receiver. Is going to years in the slammer for shooting himself in the leg what do Malone. 978 H it's not that chuck got too much time it's that the others like felon Finneran and the rest got two little. How we this calls for humble pie song for chuck three years in the whole. 603 don't remember last week when Patrice turn with the treatment broad -- up Patrice -- -- sevenths. It's thirty days in the whole -- three years ago. I'm sure chuck would be happy to have the humble -- song played form at the deed it were if indeed -- were we gonna get thirty days of -- Thirty days -- -- look at pretty good right now for jock. 18774694322. -- a year next with how we cargo ahead lowly. I just to reiterate what what are your previous Collins said. This guy -- any loss. It and and you know it took -- sweet when you know reporting on this thing for the last three days -- -- it's a determined its -- like this when. Finneran didn't go to -- cinema pleaded guilty turn -- gambled he pleaded. Innocent and then what went on the stand like just settle lied about it in a jury didn't take very long to convict him you know -- a formal court reporter I would isn't completely. If you would do if you don't you'd take your. Oh. You don't I didn't know the right thing. I I dual but I I mean I also know that I I also know that if you stole a thousand box. I can't think of the last time a guy on the street got three years for steel and a thousand box without a god. To DO. I don't get an idea. I I I can't except it was so public and arrogant about it I'd like to see that transcript what the judge said laurel alluded to it. In -- -- that he lied twice and things like you know Robin the judge's knowledge and it. It is a federal judge -- -- gonna take -- -- that he is found guilty of one last it several -- and each other guidelines or they can make up percent. I just don't think that guy gets -- I mean it at all. At one other thing just at a mentioned Stearns -- and etc. I I can't seat jet stern gravel. They did I was there are telling -- I'm telling you he was he was treating him like he would like he was some kind of like he was the an honest man. Well I think it has tried as they make sure that. He couldn't come back and say gee I didn't know I. And then from the guidelines are part of read from those guidelines a million times and this just a list of -- questioned you know are you. Do you understand what your pleading guilty to worry do you understand you can't vote the understated he can't have a -- you under the influence of Markota. And -- was he was apologetic. About it even -- was boiler plate stuff you know that's required under the federal rules. Well I I I get that what can pay you weren't allowed to show but I don't feel sorry to turn. He gambled Eli and he is an arrogant SOB you know. That he X yeah I -- a bully me that you could go all the way back and I have never written a positive thing about -- -- never. That he was that he was complaining about me when I was called super fly when when he showed up but when he was taken away and is his zipper was down. But you know again IE it's just it's it's amazing that he got a thousand box you choose a thousand bucks white collar job. It's quality -- -- people to steal this money from the from you know the Boy Scouts or something you know the -- gambling problem that iguana foxwoods or the bite and scratch tickets or something. You'll -- what they get is you know what's it's like huge amounts of money they get that they get ordered for restitution and maybe at the boasting a couple of months in the house -- correction. I know this -- a federal case I know it was set up. You know -- that's different that state courts but it's still -- without for a thousand box it's a pretty it's pretty heavy seventh. Bill your -- with how we cargo ahead bill. They all week are different every trip that put over the coals. Are all of us that live -- guided. And -- What. -- money Phillips took -- 250 geez awful bag lady. Back come on okay you know Campbell what a great guy. I think come. Are you disputing that he took 250 grand -- -- any. We -- take opting. I don't know but. Why did the judge order to give the money back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh please -- was out of her mind she was she was begging money and then she got in front of gay bars that might Amaechi was she was a bag lady. -- combined Ali had been an -- great guy OK email a couple of actually are all -- I you don't you have written a mere six. Well everybody says that BC this guy it was a state rep for mom mission hill and he he was moving up in the ranks and but he he and this he and one of his aides. They they took -- the they -- that they found this bag lady in the found out she a lot of money in the -- to changer well. From ball leave the money Norton -- might say in anything wrong here to show it. -- he's gonna. Go Ali I promise to be key -- all okay acrobat in this city. And and you know has garnered a great guy that this guy help a lot of people all. -- -- -- chuck turner is using he helped a lot of people out and -- -- he cut my hair and fed did that fits come up with -- money out of his own pocket he was he was given that taxpayer money away. And they in the when he got basically run out of office on a rail the judge ordered to pay back all the money. They set him up with the they gave him the of the top -- and the staff he became the sergeant of arms. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay he thought people OK you he helped both of. No I'm glad you -- I'm glad you brought up money fits the bill 'cause I mean there's a guy who basically the judge found basically that he stole 250 genes from bag lady. And he didn't do a day in the can't either daddy. No we didn't elegant and Obama how he sure and there are a bit it yet because he wasn't he got. Okay don't -- Obama. Okay -- about how much time should chuck turner do for steel and a brand. -- -- Yes not now but hey -- at least you're consistent. And you're about what people would still raining. And they aren't fair. Okay. Outfit I like -- no -- thanks yeah. No it just doesn't -- pace. -- -- -- -- You go to make you folk should back and -- Take a grant from met CW cooperating witness. Named Ron will burn. He said -- man. Even though you take the money at a preachers handshake. Wreck your next without -- -- ahead -- Does that strike pay are nervous about architectures are gonna get together and they connected to this what is that my. The outer space and aerospace institute. At half block. The bill wanna build a lot of room inside their skulls the ball the ball problem there pretty empty. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Was that tell you the two got the two politicians run out of office last year. Have have decided they both wanna give it to inner space patches Kennedy and now super -- chuck turner Scott your next with how we cargo at Scott. -- -- I don't mean any talent that got an edgier and black admit that with the great programs are being you. But first point to. I don't think that didn't equal treatment under the law to look at a rarity and not that bad -- -- our -- and throughout -- called elected there. It bit pool -- conduct that. They're will -- or read it then he should take any money that -- -- and that's. I don't Scott Scott. Not offended the guy and under any Garcia. So but but -- point -- so people are so he'll put the he's got a good nose -- or any other these that it felt that the way it will work. At that taxpayer. I'm in. Bigger there's no reason that we should be keeping -- -- -- what we hear that that it. Now that dark here for -- company dole out of the really picked me up. And you know the other things got is he's not he's not a danger to the community I mean I hate the Celek Barry Wilson is defense lawyer. -- also like to say happy birthday to my daughter Caroline she's she is seventeen years old and I'm so happy to that's been a great seventeen years with Caroline. And I'll soon be home and I've got the nice chocolate. That iced cake made out of chocolate from bath -- shops. Pay no attention to the fact that says how -- happy fifty ninth on -- cake is really for you and you would your friends can dig into happy birthday -- happy seventy that. Many happy returns and our car.