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Lunch Money's Stock Tips of the Day - Gregg Greenberg, TheStreet.com

Jan 25, 2011|

Lunch Money's Stock Tips of the Day has Gregg Greenberg from theStreet.com looking at 3 good stock plays. Corning (GLW), American Express (AXP) and Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) are looked at.

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Are you folks get your pen and paper ready open up that E*Trade account. And let's talk stocked with great Greenberg from thestreet.com Greg are you -- Well. Not too bad idea it's it was a that your stock -- recording on here that's a twenty dollar stock what do you like Corning. According to have a great -- it's about 6% today we underperforming ftp over the last year but you don't read today. And and their earnings and they'd be missed by in the fourth quarter earnings. People are really paid attention to that people like in the fact -- -- gorilla glass which is going to keep Smartphone devices there was a lot of worry about quarter. Because people are buying big screen TV anymore. McCain does it come up with a replacement for that it's going to Smartphones and has torn note Smartphones are very very hot they also. -- do well with their joint venture with Samsung of people at the glass that is according right now. It's up 6% already is it too late to buy it. He's not object to giving any target that's not really what I do but it just seems that -- -- have a whole lot of momentum so the momentum players out there -- up want. All right American Express AXP is a symbol currently trading at 44 dollars a share. What is it about American Express that you like. Well it's what matters on Wall Street like it and now right -- -- -- because. Down in Washington there's this Durbin amendment which is cannot protect credit card company isn't gonna help consumers but. Really good for companies like American Express stopped them -- 3% today The Beatles topped one -- -- by three cents in the bottom line. Improving economies and help and -- because more people gonna be charting McDougal and be spending. Sound it is good. Company do you wanna glad they're bound to debt because it does have a lot of Wall Street's support so called smart money like it's. So from those folks like -- smart money is a choice for you and under. Over the last year took if you wanna buy tomorrow last year lakers' instead of chasing this year's winner and then that's because he has walked. All right your last nick Johnson & Johnson did they missed today. Well Justin Johnson and and there's a lot lately. Stock down 2% at this for this contrary and out there. That it missed on the top they'd actually -- in terms of -- that -- buckle up every share they have problems -- last year they've had recalled Tylenol certainly under performed tests and pay. But it really is if you can have a rising tide of a better economy they have help parents they have consumer goods and a lot of people. Think it -- -- don't do well because it would be worse sector and yet to be last year so. People technology dejudder eventually. Is gonna have to get a break so if you are contrary investor -- -- -- this stock for you. RA Gregg Greenberg thanks for joining us. Larry that's Greg Greenburg he's a reporter at thestreet.com joining us today on lunch money his three picks Corning GOW American Express AXP. And Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson. J&J. -- of the three expert today. Coming up next boy do we have some excitement for you. Neil Cavuto from Fox Business Network will be joining us next on lunch money right here on AM 680 WRK.