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Packers disrespect Obama, Krugman slams Clinton

Jan 25, 2011|

Paul Krugman slams Clinton, Packers hate on Obama and Glenn Beck goes nuts

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Good morning Martin who also got to ask you may welcome how are they are doing great. We'll snow out there is not yet it's not to say this. Too -- -- Iraqis -- -- four I tell little snow showers greeted daughter and I you know respective mutant who's who used to be careful out there Obama who was. How the what the the most serious concern move. Be -- what's tonight. Is the state of the union tomorrow night in big snowstorm so back to backs no jobs. Hi this just -- and went by -- -- and will monitor both events here from the new -- through tar balls goes snowplows are out in force tonight. Chief sprinkling salt -- resident -- -- have called the junk he's thrown. Get the circus boy -- people who sweep up actually we're broadcasting on a mistake -- -- -- -- -- dollars you know the audience is actually interested in our government's decision idealists of permanent you sell us so same line cinema -- new -- different day what is of people set. You know it's a one of those working man's expression fresh -- that's that's set it out there except they don't say crap. Half and that that's true -- -- That would be the our analysis tomorrow. -- it'll be Tara incisive in -- the same crap different day let's go to web -- number one it is about the president's. How could he possibly fix or address anything if he's completely isolated. John Hodgman is national political columnist for New York magazine and has to cover story. Your cover story may mean making of the president has some really yeah. Startling details on how what is isn't really surprised me how I've been talking for while about why doesn't the president used. Cabinet officials -- that in fact there were half a dozen cabinet members would not heard from the president. Personally have not gotten a phone call from the president -- ahead -- an opportunity to be one on one with him in the first two years. It's yeah I think that's one of the most you know him when you think about the things that after the mid terms Obama sat down and then with Pete Rouse in the interim chief of staff and talked about. What what are we not done well over the course the last two years one of the -- that conclusions that it Rouse and Obama came to. Independently to some extent that the in parallel was that this insularity problem the problem of the White House being too much of a cocoon and do much to me that you -- Brad. Can you imagine you just talked to his own people while -- our -- such a disaster I'm I'm I am actually. Surprised because you and I have talked about. How he seems to come. From he is that'd be more comfortable in the world of academics. That does a professorial approach and that's a that is always about collaboration let's have another meeting let's have another conversation and -- times people of action. People of executive temperament become frustrated by the continued -- reaching out immediately everybody already the fact that. He. You know doesn't doesn't. Even make -- a good faith effort apparently a half a dozen or so cabinet secretaries to me is it's a surprise. A little surprising but well worth it horror learning about him is see he's just a power hungry ruthless leader is not that any of the professorial stuff -- style. It's not the substance of Obama or at least whoever makes the decisions that the White House who knows if he even does may be Michelle's running everything. -- Sam Donaldson talking -- Reagan taking education away from your kids. By the Reagan the ideologue. Who had the things he wanted to do and he got the separate computer. -- -- -- -- I thought if you were down on your luck and you've got to the Secret Service -- -- -- officer Mr. President I'm done in my life he would literally give you the shirt off his back. And that is a that is another shirt that he signed legislation throwing your kids off school lunch program maybe your. -- how Social Security of course the welfare queen also held there. -- -- -- Dogs. Samson -- senility said in a while ago there are -- well I'm not sure how contemporary your son's soul is senility is code for liberalism. He's always been a liberal center. And that's his liberal outlook I'm I'm not I'm not sure that how much poverty is being cured by giving -- by the school lunch programs how how much they're saying now it's responsible for obesity and they got back any kind of the budget. I'm still follow through the book and it means we'll -- sure -- cut parts of the budget. That's different from overall -- a restaurant something that cut during the Reagan years now who I don't think it would -- -- the Department of Education -- would have been fought his tenaciously on that from his Republican senators and reps is he would do on the democratic side to although innovate in those days you know it's not -- highly funded thing that a permanent notion I might have been a few billion dollars back and death decisions -- start yesterday -- asks you to. Sellout of the union this relative it's a relatively new federal department minnow in compared to what -- that -- for -- Bob Schieffer is next he is shocked absolutely shocked by president Obama's new message. In his step preview of the US state of the union message that the White House released last night that kind of a video press release. Here's one of the things that the President Obama said. -- brought her to deal were -- for her dad and a responsible way. We've got to reform government sort of leaner and more for the 21 century. You know if I didn't know better have my clothes on I thought that was President Reagan. Talking and he does sound like Reagan but he's not gonna cut and. -- -- -- -- I don't like ha -- it's not popular accept that Obama video that he cut -- don't -- It says organizing for America on the bottom. Now tell us a campaign thing -- you know that's his -- and -- talk to every American but what he wants a new lineup that was for his base that was the state of the base address. It's gonna bring us altogether it but -- He now was the -- get a tune in tonight coach -- to be charmed them persuaded an inspired ensued and others know connect on a bullet there's no connection between what these guys saying what they do. The -- since it's bizarre and I get bombarded every day with emails from organizing for America. And every -- with the bush or any other president signed up yet. Did you sign up yet. No what you -- -- you know they don't -- -- much everything the other team's -- I was gonna say you must -- signed up in order to receive things. Now they may be meddling in mediated dinner -- down a media -- -- media lesson probably that -- senate talk about Paul Krugman the leftist economist is upset. Because Barack Obama wants the country to be more competitive. You seeing red trying to onto portable is not stand on this tennis parent I mean it's it's a -- the whole time this is this thing is a bad and that's why is because of his own about competition human isn't -- the -- The country is not a corporation -- CEO manages to lay off a large part of his workforce and increase profits. As a success when America amassed a little off large part of its workforce and profits are hitting new records and that is not a success of these are not similar. The idea that we are reassuring blue collar workers by a preteen to a -- important -- -- symbolic government post. The CEO of the company which has most of its workers outside the United States earns most of its profits outside the United States and is now. These days more of a financial firm that is manufacturing firm in reality was a major recipient of bailout funds. You know it's not just taking away for Obama to find a more business friendly way to sell more public investment which is a good thing. It was an interest thing. The court I was interest -- map point I thought -- and access to American and I usually had jumped all over among us -- -- the other said he idiocy amid the sounds of and that the whole panel is basically saying there is this is no policy thing you're hearing from the president -- postures has all Paul this business stuff is just -- which of course. That is true of most everything he does cents. Since -- got a socialist thanks. Sits his baptism. Colin Powell's next he says government would be a lot better in the wasn't so open. But I think you can have this kind of contact politics and also do it in a bipartisan way you have to do it fell out of the glare of -- You have to do it quietly without everybody knowing what you -- doing our founding fathers and Philadelphia's 1787 did not let any press in May never brief anybody as to what was going on until -- finished but the constitution. It's a little harder now to have that kind of luck and somewhat harder. Yeah it shouldn't just call one another red dress him when I liked it -- certain aspect -- certain things have to be done privately aren't that well I mean you get don't know the fashionable word in politics today. Transparency. Transparency people always say. What do you have to go behind closed doors to have a conversation because actually it's the only way. That rational and experienced people can have a meaningful conversation otherwise it is all just oppose the cameras if you like the opposing. -- electric kind of superficial reality. Insist on transparency and every turn as opposed to Santa you know group of adults go in the room and figure it out. Well that's only one aspect of transparency and every people should have a right to know everything that the government has done. -- document should be available for people re going all the Great Falls -- Reid and bush also what people are talking about when they're saying transparency don't be doing our business. Behind closed doors in the secretly running away and to -- QA you decided without us -- A decision that's made a policy that's implemented. Vote -- is taken all of that should be absolutely subject it to microscopic scrutiny. It is in the process of -- Putting it together making the loaf of bread. Present the bread and then people can analyze whether it's whether you did a good job OK you don't want I don't know why you put in a no no will tell you what the ingredients. Our European song as you do that I'm not -- -- trust relax -- but remember the flax -- I wanna see the ingredients I want to see the percentages of slow failure Arafat and NB -- deserves an assault and all that stuff all right next up on web -- what can we expect from Obama is. -- insulating speech tonight. President Barack Obama will mark the halfway point of his term Tuesday night with a primetime address in the nation focused almost exclusively on the economy. Obama is the goal of his state of the union will be to lay out a new agenda for job creation and American competitiveness. My principal focus solve such my number one focus is going to be making sure that we are competitive. That we are growing and we are creating jobs not just now. But well into the future that means investment in education research and technology and infrastructure investments in education what does that mean in. Investments in education. You have to listen what these people sick because they're trying. It's -- kind you would probably mean parenting means more I don't guess for the teacher she had to -- it would probably mean the proposals to increase scholarship -- you will mean proposals to increase spending on education in a time of financial crisis when everybody scrambling trying to figure out how to cut budgets. And they have renamed. Tax and spend they call -- now investments. As a way to make it sound like they're doing something positive while they pay off their union partners -- investments in research and development off. Spending in research and development is. Usually. The good thing. -- and we are in particularly economic crisis bush is proposing. Investment half half half half how delightful stuff but let's listen to Chris Matthews as he takes. I'm -- maxim Glenn Beck's. How do we wanna say he's out of his mind Anderson I don't know what happened and Glenda thought we have to listen more and more this -- and some of the problems. Including Glenn back here's a sampling of some of shocking stuff television and radio appearances -- brings guns and shooting into the conversation we started a bad message to. Quote the liberal media let's listen. The radicals but you and Washington have -- did and brought in wearing sheep's clothing change the polls and you've been using them. They believe in communism they believe and a call for revolution -- revolution. You're gonna have to shoot him in the head. The warning they may shoot you work. They're dangerous because they believe. Karl Marx is their George Washington. You'll never change their mind. And if they feel you've lied to them. Revolutionaries. Nancy Pelosi both the. He should be worried about and for those -- you in the administration. Or coming after me on this one. I mean remember you broken three let's not make it four. Thou shalt not kill America is waking up you know the American revolution took place at 12% of the population. Twelfth. You tell me there's not 30% of this population that you'll have to shoot me in the forehead before -- let somebody into my house to tell me how to raise my children. You'll have to shoot me in the forehead before you take away my gun you'll have to shoot me in the forehead before I acquiesce. And be silent. You can try to put the lid on this this group of people. But you'll never silence us you will never -- if you can shoot Meehan. He's -- more hateful. Then the liberals this -- -- -- currently serious stuff watch him play and -- business. -- radio or watch a corks. Yes -- okay toy and I got a good show he can be awesome. He can be on inspiring no such a good performer -- -- -- SpaceX -- like this -- -- other times CB it's like watching a preacher you have to listen it's like being in church is painful but it's like you're sitting on those -- owners who are the hard hardwood -- previously what is discriminatory and then there's this is -- just over army have what is he talked about shoot you in the head -- she you have your message to me in the head. -- -- me in the head before I should do and they had. Come all -- What is he doing. -- shooting in the head put about one of those bike trails home not. Glenn Beck on a bicycle Eric Cantor is the knew what he called majority leader of the of the congress subtitle because he's not the speaker is don't just below the -- America so we -- a position and he says there will be no bailouts for the states remember. The reason we're hitting it on the state level. A crisis now is because the federal government was sending all kinds of money to cover of the problems. Eric Cantor saying there will be no more of that but he's challenged on it in this interview on Fox Business news. I know bailout for the states but what happens if tonight in the state of the union message from the president he says we're gonna make investments. In the states in education and in infrastructure he's like -- to say that failure any responsible state which is fixing its own problems. Why should they have money. To the taxpayers of California all the people of California who got themselves into this mess -- -- -- -- -- not a chance that the president will do this and here's why because he saw the damage that was done with did you within bail out of the car companies other bad. When the when the stimulus package is 12 unless they work pretty well jolly -- bailout it will not be called the -- will be called an investment in America's future of. Tough tough -- ha ha maybe a little deal right there at the -- is Erica isn't appropriate finish outside our guest is a freak I think I wish the Republicans could come up with some better spokespeople why do you say that you don't like Mitch McConnell and -- don't like -- and Eric Cantor and ended John Boehner is improving because he cries out so it's breaking that image but they have this image. Eric Cantor seems like this in IE closeted gay guy who's proposing is this arch conservative. It's not good imagery for the Republicans not just is Mitch McConnell is. Is if you wanted to cast somebody treat to be the devious big money guy for movie Mitch McConnell is the guy he seems like. He believed me at all. No no -- know what he's talking well allowing yourself to fall I mean you're susceptible to all the silliness of how what age -- then as it did then suggests that. I'll just name three folks. Barack Obama or Sarah Palin. All -- Eric Scott Brown. Is is prepare for the presidency. I I look I won an older seasoned. To. Ringgold. Big guys they don't have to be -- -- Jack -- an old V you know MTV. -- generation give me. None other problem is you're competing against the Deval Patrick who's a maestro. In front of the camera can -- anyone in any thing you've got to compete so you gotta be good you gotta be appealing and you've got to be slick. What you say cooks. Where you -- ago. You are -- if you wanna go to Greg -- which is you all Krug man. He is very interest in what he's saying because the one big thing that Democrats love to brag about for Bill Clinton. Is how great the economy was when he was president in -- all Clinton's brilliant doing. And Paul -- pulls the rug right out from under ol' Billy -- I think the model is something like Clinton who. In fact mostly was just riding on a successful economy was a successful not mostly for reasons that nothing much to do with him he was able to. To be very popular president by presiding over that by providing competent management on those things you could control. I think that is Obama's model now it's so I'm not sure be enough business we're in much deeper economic trouble than we were in the ninety's but. A given the realistic political limits you can't expect them to introduction. Wow how about that yeah. How about that for a little truth telling on Bill Clinton -- Vietcong whom the who fall months. I'll go to snow here up I'm gonna keep got caught on microphone is hot so I -- players -- people whenever they start with excellent so all you wanna hear the Nobel -- leftist economist -- -- we -- what he says hot hot hot opt opt. Throughout final jab you know President Obama -- the Chicago -- in the Super Bowl and -- is not particularly good news -- happy news with Green Bay let's listen to the all pro safety Charles Woodson. -- yeah it. Yeah. -- yeah. Yeah. If I thought they all been arrested and not been heard from. -- Yes I got a little tease now. Guns N roses are planning a summer stadium -- -- the United States. Why do we will be co headlining with another huge popular band. Kinda tell you after the break while. Let me thank the arches. Now let America know.