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Who is the Biggest Narcissist in Politics and your life?

Jan 24, 2011|

Everyone knows a narcissist — either from life, politics, or fiction. The friend who only thinks about herself. Political despots like Stalin or Mussolini. Fictional Mafia leaders Don Corleone and Tony Soprano, or characters like Gordon Gekko from the movie “Wall Street’’ (representing a few real-world figures who work at that address). Now, the group that defines mental illness in America is thinking about redefining narcissism. Do you know a narcissist and which political figure is the biggest one?

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It seems to meet at the globe -- suffer from this more than any. It's selfishness. I did beats. Yeah actually people out there right now scientists who are trying to redefine. The term -- system. What's that. Especially. Boiled down to someone thinks their special. Someone thinks -- better. And everyone else they have an unrealistic. Sense of self importance. A lack of empathy a conviction -- a quote. From doctor -- -- He is the cheapest that. At the men injured my neck as psychiatric research and treatment center in Houston Texas this is how he describes the term narcissus. I narcissistic somebody who has quo. I conviction that they are different and special show. And in title that is so all found that they feel it's only natural. People will admire them and do whatever they want them to do. Ever isn't -- sporting I have to burst out laughing because if there is an entity. Opt out of business. That is the true definition of narcissism than it is the Boston Globe. Every writer I've run into with the exception of appealed the old school like -- American captain Colin Scott -- frank Phillips. But they are the classic narcissus. They really think that there -- special. They really think that the globe. Is the paper record and it makes you I think giggle. Giggle. If you well because I would argue that the Boston Harold with a very small staff is running circles. Around the narcissus at the Boston Globe. I'd be the worst part of the story is not the fact that the globe is riding it when they are the up to me if you will. And narcissistic behavior is the idea that they are now trying to make this disease. To know what that means. That means if you're selfish. If your narcissistic. If you think your special. Which is probably every move that Massachusetts. You can now qualify. For Social Security benefits you're disabled. That is so ridiculous about these. Definitions of these so called disorders. There are a few months ago they tried to say that anyone who -- a picky eater. Had some sort of Syrians malfunction in this psyche. Thereby. They weren't title to freeze psychiatric care and disability payments from Social Security if they did desire those. It is the same deal here they are trying to say that anyone who has enormous assist couldn't collect it disabled. Biggest you know dysfunction. So the question I have for all of you 6172666868. At 6172666868. Are you narcissistic. DA know what narcissistic. Who would to argue. Is the most glaring example of not assist in your life whether -- a public figure your boss your friend your momma family member. It again let me get this definition. I'm not pacifists as an unrealistic sense of self importance. A lack of empathy in a conviction of being different and special. And entitled that is so probe found. They feel it's only natural people will admire them and want to do whatever they want to do. And that's from it. Big wig psychiatrist. In Houston. So the first person that pops into my mind of course is the ball Patrick does this guy not think he's special. Does this guy not have empathy. In. That heat up course he probably feels terrible. And -- use this example because it absolutely infuriated me over the weekend I'm sure all Patrick our governor feels terrible. At that young girl. Was murdered. By the act cuckoo bird that absolute not case in Revere over the weekend. But he -- we're than narcissism and comes in this example. Because all Patrick is one of those guys. Along with a democratic compatriots. That will tell us the Republican Party is -- -- party is along the wanna cut all the social services. Which is Malarkey. Because these social services have been cut and the Deval Patrick's. Administration. Especially. Cuts to the mentally ill and social workers the tiny little bit about this girl she had absolutely no business working the overnight shipped. In a halfway house full of 27. Not cases a violent criminal histories. The Massachusetts rules and believe me I'm working on the story is that there are supposed to be pretty. Social workers sleeping in a facility like that -- what when he seven strong. Violent. Psychopaths. So does anyone else I'm a little odd. At this girl has been murdered and the governor has not come out. Two expresses sympathy for her family what to explain why she was in that halfway house alone. I would argue that that's a pretty good definition of narcissus them wouldn't you. 6172666868. Let's go to duke duke is in New Hampshire -- you're out Michelle McPhee. There are I do. I'm good perfect -- the talk about the assistant chief and his wicked witch of the last Lee still. Well this guy -- believe that it should be on every single -- and helped part of every single decision. Begin face beside you ever think or at the broader policy because we shall -- what is -- Well or or a little bit -- -- -- -- that they are -- Does America Soccergirl -- -- career EPA -- are well we got the call for their decision because were -- too -- to the are we appreciate their their effort. Went to idiotic and it especially to moms and dads out there -- too idiotic to figure out what a healthy meal is fill one of our children. Which is why Iowa pouring millions and millions and and actually it's up to a billion now and to Michelle Obama the first lady's let's move program. And in the same breath. These people that you're referring to the classic narcissus. I served. Water soaked poached lobster. Doubled baked potatoes and prime rib at the state dinner that we picked up the tab for. And they wash and although -- 200 dollar bottles of wine. 300 yet 300 dollars a -- -- are correct it. -- -- -- I don't like it was to 99 a bottle here -- Now that Google trucks and that's a different the united but don't think that I do get semiconductor system. I'm right -- don't -- or what they want your ear open it and that expression though -- his -- apart. I don't even think you need to go that way you can just say why do you think you're better than anyone else it would be appropriate but do let me ask you one last question do you think it is hilarious that the story was in the globe. And that as an organization epitomizes artisan. I think it's totally appropriate that it's typical what going to take people feel more empowered and better than everybody else and brought -- And then we called -- the don't think who who left. The in a -- for a brief. I can't think of a single -- except the plug early cardiac trust me dude she's a legitimate victim and it's the government's fault. And they haven't been forced to answer any questions about it. That I'll you know there are more important than the rest of us thank you do Michael listen Dorchester hello Michael you are optometry. My old buddies or -- Rochelle. Michael how are you why you are narcissistic that's wipers -- -- -- Doctor told me on Ireland or was there aren't always -- -- -- criticism and then. It's going to whether it was interpreted what -- explained that elicited -- -- not a question anymore so I can I can. That's bad because Michael the -- -- -- on right now being an honest assist you might have a disorder in the Nokia the disorder in Massachusetts you can sit back and collect. And not it's our question. I disagree with humor show about the globe and herald -- globe is and always will be the paper of record. There's almost like there's two core I can agree or disagree with the Boston Globe. And come hell or high water believe me. I used boston.com a lot and I've given them the they Helena high water outside when I think they deserve reduced to globes debate I. All that well I actually cover stories in and that's the album preview. And I and I thought what they wrote yesterday's. Andrea espy's and then whatever his -- the other but it also I thought there was. Hello my old that was the story about Bobby de Leon -- play that's Bobby de Leo and in the globe pointed out on the front page incidents in the paper. That the Leo is why these guys that talked out of both sides of the -- is right sweeping ethics reforms in how does that these people are you kidding put into -- to help out. I I heard you this morning on general and ours green I -- -- -- goes and charity called earlier. No matter what I wanted to say to you you're totally right elbow Lawrence okay have been screaming about that for a long time. But my question. You know where that -- father of Barnes was spotted today Michael. Not at City Hall where claim to spend 95% of his time -- our. Land Tebow William Antigua the Mayo of large AKA the -- father. It was spotted by some on my sources to sources at the Rockingham mall at that pandora's door at. With one of the many many women in his life. Okay it was so let me ask your question -- Rashard you're right about better and I started screaming from the get go above that 35 million are right warrants. Should have been. Have been placed in receivership. A long long time ago he wouldn't give him. Eight had a lot did you and I and I feel very easily. But -- -- okay who -- that's what I was screaming at today. Who'll -- that 35 million dollars. It would everybody in the state legislature earned about Patrick wrote I just plain and again -- the money. And that's not for you know that they're talking about -- -- soul. The 58 million of 35 main fire behind that I'm telling you something that's all I want to tell you did good luck on your program. Well Mike on the idea united narcissus what about you Jane are you narcissistic and if not who is an -- life hello Dana Michelle McPhee. I haven't -- can't. And meat and -- don't I'm not. That epic post operative who is. And confidence that things I've dealt with all kinds of people they contain not to -- -- Irritating people they -- toxic people they will turn everything around they'll be in. Everything that they can they do think they're better than everyone. -- -- -- and my family. Been collecting checks -- is that. And that the president is that quite quite a lot from not being self employed any particular. In this. Does does sound familiar though Jane when you are given the description of your family members of -- on the public on. Who thinks he's so much better than us he doesn't have to pay sales tax -- contacts on a seven million dollar yacht. Well eat chocolate and a leader and somebody. I think he'd be on the masses of -- because of money but I think people take an average everyday people know. Upper middle class people weren't active this. I don't know where it's -- it might be more access to some men and women and I think it -- From the fact that their Kabul by their mothers. So I don't I can't hold lead player I can only tell you that. There are people best to -- it. Imagine the poor woman who was killed. Where I used to work they were nurse's. -- For about 25 people on the -- brought in equipment who weighed a 130 -- Yeah and that poor girl Jane it was supposed to be three people working and that halfway house there was one -- who think it's a good idea to have a petite woman. Working alone in the big -- shipped overnight with 27 and violate not cases. And an. 28000 dollar a year it's not like they've picketed at by find out if what they do it. They don't want they'd they'd do it because they have I'd -- It's really what they believe and I I don't know we have politically that the state employed. Yeah so that's why Deval Patrick has to make some announcement has to AA. Why was that woman working alone and cool cool bird wacky doodle. Get into that halfway house that was minimum security despite his long and ugly rap sheet to begin with -- thank you so much for the call that's gonna Mike Mike is an average UI with McPhee on RKO. I have a show like which show the site's political question as you can carry an intellectual and our first first husband -- her first -- that hasn't inheritance. While John Kerry is is certainly I think he's the master narcissus because he has been able to hit it convinced to women that he is so especially should marry -- Give him a lifestyle that he has now grown accustomed to though. -- And what how he fits the definition and narcissism is the idea that he thinks he is better than us. So -- inside track of the Boston herald's. Caught this guy. Yet what's that Maureen is about the turn I don't have a yachts of forgive me if I don't know the term isn't more ring docking. So he more assists seven million dollar yacht out of state. Now -- -- I tried to register my Harley up my parent tells -- newfound -- to save myself a grand. I cheaper now my Jeep Wrangler and I have a perfect driver -- well. I could be battering and decent driving record. To -- to register my -- -- -- any Steve if I did it in new -- to be five -- -- -- do you think that I would get away with it like. John Carroll did until The Herald caught him. Obama what is sort of porno is you're gonna have an opinion you know he talks about keeping judge thinks that he didn't have that seven million double that built -- an Australian have a chip back. -- That is actually talk about like. Yes and as if it's incredible. At its estimate expect you know -- keep up the good work. Right -- yeah do you have any of these narcissistic personality disorder itself yet but he treats. No I don't I don't have a if however upon -- well or wanted to throw it out sort meter jurists and just -- by day by day. -- they don't have any sort of like a little bit of a selfish streak and you. I wish they did it slightly better. You might see. You might be Mike thank you so much and are. So everybody out there knows and arts assessed. You might even have some narcissistic. Tendencies yourself now I can't made. This. I think it's my little theory and I've said the -- many times in theory it's a very short window between the narcissistic. Criminal Keller. In the narcissistic. Politicians. They almost at the same personalities. So I want here you are examples 617. 2666860. You can text me at AM 680 that's X 86 CD. We are and six CDW mark mailbox and I -- Michelle -- And when we come back I'm gonna tell you more about the Jeff Perry appointment of possible county sheriff. We're gonna hope that he joins us. We agony here -- senator -- top about the bipartisan legislation that will be filed today. At the Statehouse to deal the parole board which is a complete debacle. A disgrace a mass. How many give me some more definition of a narcissistic disorder they not gonna wanna -- and I'll tell you who I think is the biggest narcissistic. In Boston. Hello but then this is Hispanic. And you heard it here -- that's right Jeff parry former state. -- who -- -- congressional. Campaign. To replace bill Delahunt why Dell Dell currently congress. Because for. Well other than the fact -- spent all this campaign money at hedonism and hiring is kids. Other than the fact that he was humiliated for it for his. Very -- Happy meal bills that he put on his campaign koppers. He also allowed emea bishop. Who -- the subject of my next book professes rage it's gonna come out in June he allowed Amy Bishop to murder her brother get away with it. This is that cold blooded murder. It with covered up as an accident so bill Delahunt leaves because how could -- possibly went and there is a hard five race. And apparently -- -- people who did not want Jeff Perry to become a congressman I did you know why because locally Jeff Perry get a lot the public -- But the most important piece of legislation. That kept Perry filed that amendment to the budget that essentially. Would have needed. A law that before anyone got a steep benefit. And I give you an example in my neighborhood. Is the young girl who is facing criminal charges because she tossed her brand new infant baby out of a window. And into the Alley below from a third story window. That woman her mom in her half brother had arrived. To my neighborhood beastie. Three weeks prior us six weeks prior. In six weeks they had a free house. This girl had free mass health. Tosses her baby out the window and now she's getting free psychiatric. Care. Free social workers. Free Laurie errors and she is. Literally being escorted to the hospital where her baby is in critical condition. By a state funded workers'. So she tried to kill the baby and then had an opportunity to visit the baby and named the baby. So really people are getting a lot of resources. Without being in the state legally kept Perry tried to change that. He was defeated. Former senator -- to disable Wakefield jumped on the bandwagon in the senate. He was defeated so we still give a lot of benefits to illegals. So we talked to Jeff -- is gonna join us at 145. I'll ask Jeff Perry who he thinks is the biggest arts assist. I'm pretty sure he's not on the list. But in the meantime while waiting project -- -- effort yield 617266686861726. X 6868. Are you are not -- Here's the definition. Narcissus and and apparently narcissus -- riding. Right now. And now what kind of a disability. If you can believe that. But this or narcissistic someone who has an unrealistic sense of self importance a lack of empathy a conviction of being different and special show. In in title that is so pro found they feel it's only natural. People admire them. And want to do whatever they want to do. -- initially I thought John Kerry had to be the most glaring example. Of a Massachusetts not -- -- a reflection. I really have to throw Deval Patrick. Back onto the board. As the biggest narcissistic in the state what do you think 6172666868. And who is. I'm not assessed. In your life. You can also text me at 68680. And we did get a text saying John Kerry. He is. My vote for the biggest narcissistic here's why. Every seminar shopping as a matter of fact I makes right opens some -- product now that's just frog. So some poor person prints on that kind -- capped at minutes RD and helping other people wanna know do we have proved that -- carry. Paid the tax on the boat show -- a canceled check. I have to say everyone in the text messages thinks that John Kerry. Is the biggest -- this in the state what do you think my boat is Deval Patrick I mean hasn't this guy. Lectured. -- so many times that you literally arise. The commonwealth as a walks and sent to them about Patrick famously once said. The cynics have not smart the only pretending to be smart. And then there was the other classic grownups know. It can't get something. Fun enough thing. So Ollie could reject carried -- and getting every senator Barbara Starr at the top the hour I wanna hear from -- 6172666868. Who job vote. As the biggest narcissistic do you have a narcissistic. In your own life. Now we talk to the. A bit earlier with Michael from elect -- about the speaker of the house -- to Leo. All the Leo. Is my neighbor and Winthrop. Now Bob Toledo took a little bit of a beating a pounding on the front page of the Boston Globe yesterday and I'm -- have to throw it -- or even though I liked that guy deservedly. Because he's one of these people and I pointed this out in the past that has talked about sweet being ethics reforms. Only he hasn't. Engaged in a sweeping ethics reforms. At all. He also apparently you was one of the biggest proponents of patronage. Especially in the probation department and in a very odd little twist. Is nephew. Had a big fat job in Revere. He's targeted jam after jam after jam. So I think this is going to be interesting. To watch now I told Chris that over the weekend I read over my dry cleaners. Now. I would tell you this spot to Leo and I share this in common good tasting good food. Both like present he's an echo in the great restaurants. In we have the best dry cleaner in knowing. Sell over continental players. Why -- -- drop -- dry cleaning up an icy body to Leo's SUV in front of me with his state play you know his state lawmaker played. House played 61. -- I've done to announce to the world that you are. House played 61 who could forget pigeon Boyd Mike Roberts. That's state rep who went to New Hampshire with a house play in filled his trunk full attacks free booze. Everybody noticed that. So Bobby de Leo and I pulled up at continental the same and I climb out and IP have a minute to speak to the speaker. Yeah not so much the speaker wouldn't get out of the car. -- get just hunted by the daily on Saturday. I did get to wave it has tinted windows on house played sixty line so hopefully it I've invited the speaker of the house way. -- -- personally is a little bit of a jam operate now come on the show thus far we haven't. Heard from him that's -- to Franco Franco is on the cape hello frank you avenue -- and found -- now. Yeah and I'm glad to -- in common. I think a lot of people will be no bill pizza attacks saying okay. The republic in sheriff James Cummings appointed a Republican special sheriff you know lack. At least Jeff Perry has some real law enforcement backbone and has worked his entire life dared to -- public safety legislation that's supposed to help us out. I'm very pleased that appointment but I I think there are the -- get. Not the that the aptitude that. Seniority that a bank lobby it's it's maybe -- John Kerry. He took me it is the biggest not that the map to the. You know -- frankly you know it can just went right. -- my brain liking ear worm dirt on Wednesday when the inside track of the Boston Herald caught him. Try management shake us down and steal from us by a you know docking his boat sales we have. And and you know I tell bats in a bunch of other reporters started surrounded him at an event. And this guy had the -- John Kerry to utter these words. Hey hey. And toxins in the commonwealth. Oh well it you know I think that sometimes you should do -- poll. -- great -- and I am sure John Kerry he'll come up noble want even know what the ball. -- -- all opted to because of the constant lecturing to I mean John Kerry at least in the is at a town happy time. Now that's that's true that I I I haven't not cool tool that I -- put on the -- are being -- these either million very excuse so that other people to do at all. But Charlotte a lot lot I'm not that the people while they are good I'll I don't consider myself. -- but wait a shell oil and toilet you're sure all have a good day in space I'd -- form. Yeah he'll be calling -- -- let's quickly go to tell any Steve hello sell your rock mechanic and. Pace are you going to -- itself. That's pretty deep -- camera stories on the speaker -- at a continental and I -- I have a chance to say I buy I guess he waited a little while maybe had to make apple phone calls before prop up his dry cleaning. And -- and I'm glad to see you back on the Eric and I missed you over these past several weeks. Our -- thank you Intel we do you think. We can find the biggest arts assessed quickly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She pulled tactically did she want to portraits a few simple again I have to clean and again that's what I -- not justice and. That's why I hate that -- pulpit I don't get that why would you wanna cat I will never be a cat lady Chris is that make you feel better. I'm Michelle --