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Bands and Music that need to be banned

Jan 21, 2011|

What are some of the worst bands ever...U2? The Clash? Metallica?

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The other -- you -- this segment you wanna hear your shoulder -- motive for your download. -- -- -- audio on demand triggered at WR Kerio dot com. Now of course they could she said you gotta. Friend who's written from the perspective. The animals the dog. You've got a friend by James Taylor and -- -- Larry tonight -- can't do the -- has been these guys when -- down and troubled and you need a helping hand. Enough and nothing is going right now I've got -- -- say -- hopefully we'll talk so you'll feel I'm the -- And while we're waiting for help 61726666. Data text as. 68680. A don't go here's endorse it goes carcass there is on the Berkshire's taken away at that damn guitar in the second and windows yeah. The nasal voice and Carl Lewis isn't true a dog and they need from an audience -- will go to his Carroll can. And I can't. All it's. All win. Agassi at the close your horizons make amends to them and -- The dogs and pit -- not. And as soon now. This is from the perspective guides of the god don't be totally different. Aren't I just I wanna have a gosh we're so this is the dogs seeing to his or her banner. Paula derive something all -- of all the recording artists. You should not be allowed to ever make another record. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who'd you put the top three guerrillas to people who should not be allowed to ever make another record. Looks you have somebody who you you just hate every time we hear their music coming mansion Metallica. Yeah Metallica should be banned -- James Taylor should be banned. Yes yes in a moment. Kids often know this is a mechanism is sirens. Still it's so seventies and done. He will be on the summit and I'm glad that I had just happened you in the eighties he's just semi nude go go and talk towards the end of the seven days until the Disco ball. -- John Travolta just. A hundred positive. Who would you is there anyone who use this to make you nauseous every time C. Dive for the Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle has just started cause if they all of Chile Alex saw during his good challenge yeah. Don't know why Carter then sacrilege to talk like -- -- mark your WR Joey it's gonna -- -- James. I think he's -- by John Mellencamp nobody changes name once every seven -- eight years -- good -- -- -- you can't Sean he would choose songs. Once steps mentioned how I know all of our. There's talk now but they won't get better if we all put together this is our country's he has -- horrible. They should've stopped him when he changed to Mellencamp and he had a great stage and amp anyway and ahead he uses real let him come on -- he's got another nickname to the -- -- We navy blue -- Springsteen may be -- I I like say things like his stuff you do the first go away yeah I would love Bruce duo actually my list is expanding these are sucking -- -- -- -- let's hope Charlie Baker and get an update on his friends or to run was -- seven the mid seventies. Sorry for rent Charlotte laced with Springsteen does I don't like Charlie did Charlie explain why. He likes anything recorded after at least -- eighty from the early eighties from -- wasn't -- what not and not the blogs are soft and that's attached conscious enough already blogger on atomic target morning. Hey doggone not Nickelodeon and -- -- very. Being -- binging and the -- for most Natalie did their. Promoting -- -- we knew what should our viewers -- I -- out the -- number of the neighborhoods change Matt how are. -- how about some specific artists so that people know clock -- He can't do my whole genre like at the numbers overheard. His above that comes in from 97 edit text voting influence in the end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't hang on. She used to rings true Charlie on the -- last chance now. We'll ask you know he's -- young and strong and jolly sells these horses who buys a ten girls moms who's gonna start early Amazon. You know it's probably a warrant out there -- a tough tough. Trance like us. They gave me through what we were aboard the shuttle. -- new dorm hall has been forwarded you an automated voice messaging system. -- -- -- Yeah thanks journalists is not available. That the gods why -- we had this crap when you finished recording you may hang up or press one for more options. To leave a call back number expressed by. Yeah and Charlie if you won the election we would understand you never take your calls up a hot button since you sit not -- nothing -- though. Good Phillies say hire an answer Bruce Springsteen question live on the air force. It's gonna -- succeeding WR it's six. Oh well I've got an -- Early -- that ladies -- -- wait yes. She's been no Madonna -- -- starting and we visit is she greater seeing is just -- it can you play us the greatest thing that she's done so many of them although I get an idea of the cause her serious Cox. You confront evil you wish. Could be banned from ever making another record. Or live performances -- Celine Dion is a great great -- Because the warm and if she's just very grating it's like Barbara Streisand she's Barbara Streisand should be banned from doing speaking forcing public. Here's -- Streisand. Be right for the next day -- Sporting events this sounds like you did the Iraq War. -- -- -- We didn't. We can -- right. You know Michael says business here. 300 million dollars last year while he's almost that he was I believe 600 million dollars in debt when he died Billy Joe all his want to vote for Billy Joe bill angels star. -- more yards and. Hall -- my guess is just getting warmed up for a seven year career. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hu's gesture she sucks that I winning just yards ever you don't have to -- -- got hooked up to help you really Art -- I don't believe that people wanna do would be and -- -- WR you know high. They -- what's going on. Don't let go rich. A lot lot longer install. Where your -- yesterday -- and everybody indictment but that did Iraq -- that I don't ever wanna -- again. Yahoo!'s new and even when the agenda was popular the Fijians. Small pool she knows all you do does that tormented Todd -- I think I think that's what's target that is not now another -- ion. No I was just thinking about because they played through so many different I was wondering which period you were thinking about because they were there in the sixties. Traditional period just to the very beginning and the end. Yeah public and every the thirty years in the millions online. They are on a long time. All right tell congratulations and -- stunned yesterday in the big arrest of -- youngsters. That's I fell on the outs within it needs to go I don't know I tell you go waive all their previous -- -- records need to be -- to -- nice wedding and while this like a Communist a bold maneuver gonna. -- -- Thank you for now let's not just. You get rid Bill Belichick Novell and Otis is a huge but I don't want to be literally -- -- similar -- want to know why is -- they have a long. Personal relation duck into and obviously we'll never know. Just say that Tom -- I'm not intermittent ha ha ha ha I'm. We're all wondering if more than its relationship telecheck didn't find -- and oh yeah did you say more is videotaping. What is. I'm gonna talk. I think that's -- book is getting some. Because what it is about the big Guns 'N Roses going without that person is an idiot huh huh huh. There's a text message guidance I gotta tell me block -- and attacks my brother uses amendment to band the band Boston. The show yup that's -- an intimate thing you know the cost. By a you know it's gonna love this segment might blackout in Hawaii his that they had that great singer in Hawaii -- -- -- ukulele while he was so good. He was might what day and what you -- I can't remember Colin -- for another record is there any act that you would love to have him do. Oh yeah I would I would love to put these guys did a volcano in government just -- and defender now would be. -- -- JC did say yes that's you're doing here yeah that's a very good show you go ahead Mike thank god you called in thank god it's Friday that's all I can say would have been a Knoblauch is nosed dog as you are nice speakers we're -- be exhaust that idea I'm going home got to get the beef and then I got a shovel my close up this is unbelievable what's going on out -- bike. Welcome this. Well -- -- Laporte and we're we're you have an eighty degree days today may do little showers this morning and then franchise for the weekend. And and -- since you can you can feel like that where you -- start take a little bit need to be dealt but then you need to get everything squared away from New Zealand. It's packed with everything you need you get all of your vitamin. Where more than just a multi vitamins you take the -- capital. You'll be negated somewhat diamond by the way would guarantee your satisfaction of both companies. Does what we do give me that no question that money back guarantee and check this deal out get ready for the weekend. It's huge six months' supply. Still only 9995. Plus delivery in today's the last step to get three warmup for three. Along with -- -- sampled thirty bucks for the ballpark healthy Omega three not don't forget. Which of these money back guarantee making it all and re delighted jumped -- today 1866. 834. 8355. That's 1866. 834835. -- -- -- -- all right I need to be web site that would be nature BE dot com. -- eighty degrees out this no EMI but we're gonna close this this a little conversation with some Hawaiian music before we do its toll free -- -- 18668348355. Again that's one. 8668348355. Or just go online to -- -- dot com. Well that's it for are actually do you said you're closest with are -- it sounds Hawaiian music how he was saying I want to watch how go to Hawaiian punch he ever point funding. Yeah. I want the greatest songs of all time movie that this guy is 915 pounds down. He was 954 irony is that why -- everyday asking what Ben's chili bowl is how. This this this is to turn this up this is a minister right. Just lie about the parents and then you don't know why you don't really need -- -- -- dog that's Michel junior members challenges and new controversial out in your fat face told -- I'm. They just threw -- the -- Moon the TV WRJ. Little tender story -- more time NBA in the movie. All right here's a man. -- -- -- Music anywhere let's university makes a. Did you waded through via this needs to go away under. Yes the last. -- all they did go away and I'd say that at all. Did made stuff may have records like -- you all know it's never played again volume but the question was who should be banned for changed it. We started with James Taylor should be banned from making records because of that self indulgent seventies singer songwriter. Introspection aren't -- more important and everything in the world kind of attitude they have walls so thin as you go away and leave -- information can record. One more -- a lot more where -- -- is one more. No I agree with you don't. -- awful. Hey I'm not there are the term sheriff didn't say that the you have to have an auto -- are you don't like the politically the politicization I think I think it's I think there are overrated you -- Yeah very ordinary now kind development. Fareed if you many. Last minute contributions over the next hour and a half that you'd like to phone and find people who should never be allowed to record another noted music. James sailors of the top of my analyst possibly host he has Guns 'N Roses of the -- -- -- -- come on and on top torment to talk more experimental ongoing and never combat Barry Manilow was I think everybody can agree that. Leo good morning you're on with -- taught. More general you know Mario -- what's going. -- to jump the shark with the unforgettable fire 1984 you can be getting all of thank you there's enough to be glad -- -- -- Never mind you sticker politics what do we don't Africa. And it was great that almost people were spoken pot while they are they can focus small automobiles should the guy's a total loser. You know he doesn't look with the glasses he looks like. Central casting to mock a rock star apparel. Sure he also looks like the cab driver alleges that drove the chase -- shooter the worst. Hello -- get down with -- your -- there has done nothing nothing. But I don't think I'm gonna -- my reason you're here to have you -- -- -- ask us Chris towards a life. The earlier you know. -- -- All right ladies are good Chinese can't jam it down on everybody's got a shiny side you don't it's good. I'm -- expensive I really -- and cannot be -- variants pretty gross noted I notice -- brought -- marry America alone there. Green Day bring down like. They are awful early pop band -- and -- that -- I don't understand the asked him did you guys are playing here. It's basically a punk band than they sold out and other corporate rock yeah but there you know that gonna make no bones about corporate tool yacht. That's good points all new debt why do you had a baby needed to go corporate. You know audio -- and prove it can I have another it -- I have another couple and then turns and I wanna do little collar and no insurance asks if that's why you were asking. I -- it's true used to wear really ugly T shirts and now you would have won only five years old that Celtic shirt half I thought this -- opening night this year. Celtics heat policy are losing our -- didn't seventy years ago putting a it's been a draining day and -- we know social -- Alice -- -- covert doesn't make regular player who is Michael McDonald. Michael McDonald are you kidding ma -- lead singer further The Doobie Brothers and then after he -- that he went solo. Oh really yeah he had what do you do do do boost streets you know literally all of that voice -- when that text messages and now he's earnings Michael we saw why. Anyway. Carriers I wanna do. This is Michael who -- How -- all I can see him what's his name. Here -- Huey Lewis and this news have. -- up call get a call. Yes so you want he has message I agree was one I disagree. What's -- the disagreement is -- comes from tidal -- Dave Matthews is awful and awful now Terrell that's not you know I guarantee you would never try to Wasilla Dave Matthews Band. Album they have songs that are great songs songs on the lower OK so let's so one of their records and you wonder why they ever had the idea of making albums we have another way he is the when I agree with Yoko Ono. Yoko is good if she's good who want to -- is good but why god -- see when you're a sack at the -- kiss kiss kiss. From John Yucca. Kiss kiss kiss -- it's -- you're gonna love it time you aren't I I can picture you and dawn on a Saturday night. I thought I don't want to slow and I'm yeah. Mark you're on with Thomas -- let that I'm I'm I'm -- -- market. Turn it up -- code word and Sarah they'll go ahead market. It's not I just want it. But check out of real not by Shiite culturally. And demand lightning and I need that would need to let. 72. -- Reverend. -- couldn't arms argued just missed out there's a condition it has to be post 73 how hot now null I would not see no I wanna hear this now want to. Whenever when -- -- Yeah -- kiss kiss kiss from John and -- it was William good morning. What's up William. He's -- Specifically. Less so -- gesture at all ever played -- met the wedding but I'm you know why you all out but -- creating just. Clearwater revival just -- -- out. Because of the country twining her -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After an action which I do like that they can play now not -- loop for a long time to play a war. Greed is the absence of -- very grievances or respect I like nutrients but they are -- me and they are repetitious you can listen to their first -- -- -- -- last one. And the sounds are basically the senate. But it's always I can relate even I don't agree with you William thank you for that suggestion on. I abandon that should never be allowed to record again did you see the episode of the office by the way out candidates comment I've always and one -- the -- inning roughly any particular -- an audience at the wedding. One of the funniest episodes you've ever seen because the bride and groom said. No absolutely no music by so and so -- in all their office employees kind of took over the whole thing could put that saw played LA it's great. The floppy that actually is -- next -- -- Base. Might be our -- -- this -- don't always like -- Aristide and Bob concourse BO EC -- become my -- Well I think staying is a good suggestion nobody had thought of standard and AC/DC was so. This is. There was not stand that was. I kissed his history joining Yucca Dey want. -- -- -- -- -- It's a dance version. She didn't dance version okay -- you -- couple years ago but finder from double fantasy. Market morning -- WRKO. -- -- -- Recording artist in history. And over the course of the songs she builds up her sexual excitement structure you can go wrong. Then resume the natural way you would expect. God this right now. This one Dave -- all these different lot of work I agree with -- should be banned that this is not just. You know his hits are wonderful I think Dave Matthews is his c.s are hard to get through now that's just me I know a lot of people are awestruck mark good morning to you. But I I agree with debris that is terrible liar he is terrible could see him right on the collapse off all. -- gotta go to YouTube got big guy I know -- -- they've been great but I think you're seeing them live let I don't. And why we don't know and so what they are doing hand out drugs. Nobody I don't walk but don't liberal Democrat he -- -- if they weren't there aren't they wouldn't do it is argued like. While -- -- -- -- -- quick political clipboard had gotten caught yup yup or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think he was talking about. Yoko -- Throw -- as the Ted Williams apologized Tip O'Neill tunnel. He was talk about the whole complex wasn't. I think is actually the Tip O'Neill tunnel was that the tipper -- that etc. I think so we're looking for signs that should avoid are usually -- I'll be recommended for it to be totally about. -- -- -- -- After the other night in American Idol yup you can -- -- They're a little burned out his name. The pictures of Steve Tyler looked a little scary to Paula that it was Joan Rivers there guys Joe Joe Joe might think he should go see Joan the targets are allowed her doctor dad Joe -- would sued for malpractice while he looked. John good morning here on -- tied an artist she thinks should never be allowed to record again. I'm like -- to great effect the first really big feature they are so. About it right and I bet bit bit but not just politically bathers get their music it awful and a great -- for the drive off. Rhode Island where were you ever hear The Dixie Chicks oh well we certainly became a candidate Obama or other countries into John I love country music about how to Google Talk you listen to -- I I listen all of our I'm not a car when you're not listening to us you mean yeah and 901 used to tells us how high. I think come up between 69 I think about. How do they want reality if we don't you got a little Ivan rolled on beyond before you guys get around expression the dollar -- brought there and that if they can really good despite -- -- -- -- its oil speculate this phenomenal spot on. Let's back when you're done we'll have you on as a guest. Of talk about what you read in the book. 61726. Or 6868. Clash rules right here class -- slash title -- pretty good and they they've they dye did there like forty years ago and what's. You don't abandon or recording Dole's record on more -- up and bought just Trace. They stop -- up what's here. You know annuity Judas -- on -- inspiration. I would get a good enough for all of that plays -- That's good don't tell -- ready for change up trucks. Cold rain thunder and lightning nineteenth just like your music so I went noble we got a good column that's a smart guy and I hear a tone calling PR. Mike your lives on a target orange -- somebody. Chicago at all it's. So there really -- Chicago could make use physically go into your -- -- -- any band ever App Store call us. But he added Celine Dion I got a decision only in Chicago Celine Dion may -- -- -- I'm warming in their own. -- casino I have an old -- biases are alive next but I like your music anymore. Saturday in the -- way to do so the worst taste in musical and know what I do. Now you're normally don't -- Honolulu is left over from another hour concert originally DR -- you Susan Boyle. How hot hot hot then it -- chilly. Both she only got -- the Illini and it's not I don't -- east and -- says good above you know you know how you read about Ronald -- You know what his favorite movie was -- well isn't the sound of music. Missouri this it was your -- when he likes it was current his his advises get this big black -- to prepare for big big thing World Economic Forum -- and they noticed that he hadn't opened -- at all and candidates moved. And he told the -- saw the sound of music. Paul Watson I -- I I feel I'm in I'm glad I can never make another album. Who's -- and. Grateful yeah we know so grateful that I would say they're awful I was sitting inappropriate off. Because that's. Because whenever you hear the -- you have to figure out. What concert -- have to know what arena what year what -- we use that. Terrain no but Mike I have friends who were dead that this is studio stuff now -- don't listen studio stuff they think it's a joke wasn't a bill weld was a big -- camera and was taken him on the phone before he -- Jim is his own text on a positive note Jim Croce who rapes on an early and -- evolved since that comes from cannons have let's see how it because he died in the first three years -- his career does a -- you're left with a positive forever -- Right by -- we're still have a chance to go with the matter if he was like everybody else and you've been spending the last twenty years imitating the suns era in his first three years. That's when it goes there's another one I disagree with Cat Stevens kept Steve passages disgrace to my priorities but I could see what we have common ground but he -- died -- Noah speaking is having -- just Steve -- die while he's supposed to join us this dog it's -- -- -- Now it's. Canceled. From -- Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney is somebody who should never be allowed to make and other Peterson's current the last I mean anything -- -- was in 1974. Then you title makes records this cartoon like our you see a lot of young guys -- because they are these based player. It's. Hello lot of great American rock fans because. Very good vendors could play at the -- rats skeleton of a more apart than know would you say is regularly today. The rest seller I can't accept the -- realize it's always been divorced when it's army just called the hundred of them myself and vice. Any good evil book hello -- how health agencies employ help. And ballot ball -- -- dad interrupts. Tell by the way CN Robert Plant -- know I'll. He had blood on there right that's what according don't know posts have done this guy is right in particular Celtics tickets and then says oh by the way in Robert Plant posts -- broader plan has been pretty pathetic. But. You have to come on slot have -- -- stand over -- just -- aimed at the time has the musical tastes. Volume averaged 950. -- still uses records. Pop. Simon Yates right. Okay I'm meet up a couple of hot. I'm just a penny could all do the -- The local dollar true stories from all over the world. WR Kerio has told a Boston talking. This news Boston's home streets and AM succeeding W Warfield.