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1-20 Michele's Outrage of the Day-State Dinner for a Dictator.

Jan 20, 2011|

Today Michele was upset with the amount of the American tax dollars were spent to have a State Dinner at the White House with Chinese dictator Hu Jintao and that the meal they served was so outrageous. Among the items served was lobster and $200 dollar per bottle wines. Does events like this make you go crazy?

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We have the outrage of the day. All right folks. We talked a little about this earlier in the week the Chinese president. Who. Is the Communist some called an addictive is on the aviation has said that well why not. He would aim. Don't you got a hero's welcome Camilla -- one pencil do we give this -- this continent the probably got the owned us. Considering that all of our debt is held by China -- big dinner last night. All three guys seriously lots third. I broke in Crist points out that Obama has told us how to live. In recent. -- what you might tell. Week. Suvs. And we want heat our homes on. You know 72 degrees at all times -- whether we're looking at Gaza -- the room and and then just expect. Every country Karen. -- -- percent of world where you only account. Of population will buy our products. So the president complaining about us say a you can't drive your SUVs. You can't keep your -- 72. -- syrups are gonna like -- not gonna like it's over the Air France. I throw a bash last night at the white house on -- time this doesn't like Obama. Took money out of his royalty checks to throw a lavish dinner party for the visiting Chinese president true we picked up the tab. -- the mean poached lobster in the creamed spinach in the anti apple pie that was search for dessert. We want to pick up the tab. For Herbie Hancock are right Chris I quietly and that's what's more outrageous -- we picked up the tab for this ridiculously expensive -- dinner. That Herbie Hancock with the entertainment. And it Herbie Hancock has him. That's pretty -- pretty desperate if there coming up with Herbie Hancock especially when you consider that Barbra Streisand. Within their. The Rome. Was that famous violinist Yo-Yo ma. Yeah yeah Leo mile was there we had Jackie she and in all these people like hot bombing in a wing tool and Michelle Obama -- down -- as Communist leader. In the same president and I think this is where the outrage come from this is the same president the United States who told all of us. I mean it is absurd if you believe you're here on 72. Don't you -- go to Vegas. Now is not the time. To have fine. You are not going to be able to do about these big bonuses until you pay taxpayers back. You can't get corporate jets. You can't go take a trip to Las Vegas. We'll go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayers'. -- president Barack Obama. Again talking out of both sides of his mouth. President Barack Obama can throw a party at the Statehouse the world picking up the tab for. We eat the taxpayers so he's chestnut. In these companies that got the bailout packages and I don't blame them on that because only I am a little sick and tired -- everyone else's bills and that includes these stack cat CEOs. At these companies that would build out believe me includes the guys from AIG they got hot stone massages on the taxpayer believe me. Talk credible side -- mouth and chastise those guys while you are serving. This Communist leader. Poached Maine lobster on my -- so do you think this is outrageous Jeremiah overreacting. That was the Michelle McPhee outrage of the day we are AM six CD WRKO. 6172666868. While back to tell you more. About the menu at the state house dinner is it outrages. Or am I overreacting that's up to you on the stomach -- we are and succeed EW marking a Boston. But given -- we can't help fill. We care. Our suvs. And -- -- we want and keep our homes and armed. Killed 72 degrees at all times. Whether we're limited a dozen relive the for a parent. And then just expect. That every other countries girls are OK you know you're gonna drive and keep on using. If I percent of the world leave them or you only account for several populations worldwide -- about us. Hello pot yeah this is an atomic. AM 680 WRK out and how the president chastising us. Equally heavy law. Would you Levy heat on 72. Most people in Europe can't figure responsible. Can't go to Vegas don't buy a boat don't take a vacation. Yeah -- Read reports now it gets better. In -- -- we got text ship at 68680. That the Drudge Report was reporting the wind was 200 bucks a bottle for the state house dinner so I look at drug pusher or not is -- story. 200. Dollar bottles of wine would be and served alongside the poached Maine lobster and creamed spinach. And the expensive. Fancy desserts. 200. Dollar bottles of wine -- this -- for real he couldn't it'd be so. He couldn't of one of the great story is that how he talks about. On WRKO. He couldn't get a deal 200 bucks a bottle of wine. Then you have Herbie Hancock. Herby yeah. Iraq is worth these -- -- to do a private apparently -- state house dinner do you think he just gets paid with poached lobster do you think this guy actually got a -- a patent poached lobster. -- TO because it is anyone actually to buy tickets here began Garko. In fact I haven't EO worm from the little ditty a Chris just played I think it's called rocket. How many think about that all day now. So I'm overreacting to call this the outrage of the day that the president of the United States has. I don't know he has definitely lectured all of us about living extravagantly. And he has lectured the corporate bail out folks. And I -- it says saying hey you can't go out there and gets hot stone massages on the taxpayers back but it's perfectly acceptable for the president United States. To throw a party effect you know when tour of vogue in Vera Wang in this Communist president. And we pick up the tab of the 200 dollar bottles of wine -- serious. Joe in -- Europe as -- -- outrage or am I overreacting. I doubt. -- I think Joe you have to think 200 dollar bottle the wine and lobster. It is is it is this indicative of a country that's -- scaled back. Well -- -- -- the quality eight bit upset about the money. Yeah population that's. Is Michelle Obama spending. And I'm not exaggerating when I say more than a billion. Dollars to try to take salt and tater -- off the menu let area schools. Should pick an unhealthy salad with the side or something braised you don't let me. It's just that particular people aren't a lot starent. They can all -- -- the the revised state particular people -- because you know you really hit certain Brett. No because that's unhealthy ago. I don't think that played a what do you that I -- -- -- like what you got. It was a fact it's. Now what they invited mayor Michael Bloomberg he'd have a nervous breakdown -- that guy has been salts and I kid you got in trans fats. So -- may be be able to eat at the White House state dinner last night he might have been able to guzzle some of the 200 dollar bottles -- A special event that really pisses me off. I think that would commute not to have I think somebody OP house that you won't money to and what not as bright light back. That's a very good -- -- I had it -- yeah. You can imagine if -- took alone over and it from the guys -- studies which is a fabulous place on the beach. Any and they -- money Newington -- annual added up all kinds of food some of their you know their famous vinegar pepper chicken. You water are many like so I think his image 020 sorry guy and you know. I'm not to take this on the. Yeah exactly the court. -- -- -- -- I mean honest to god my friend Andrea is and I think you'll agree it is like -- Marie Antoinette let them eat cake. Only -- any addict yeah. Well I don't know if you don't want it. It did what they want hospital -- indicate that they give up. Now. It's -- They get to all of you so much for the call Obama has lobster or text or writes while I work 74 -- it was a week. Two of the eat a bag of chips the lines in order to save a -- tally in Lowell I don't mind this is -- I don't necessarily mind. The dinner package you know and it ripped -- off now is due to be so flagrant about 200 dollar bottles of wine. Post a lobster -- buys stakes and and the guy has the gall to lecture us about being one in your own home. In going on vacation. And he put out the spread to reduce that we a lot of money to. What do you thank you hello Charlie -- around -- are. I'm is sweating independent. I was gonna say first let me preface my remarks -- saying that I didn't vote for Obama I'm a Democrat that I -- open JFK Democrat. So he doesn't really you do anything may. And but I am not a conservative via their I think lose too much liberalism and and liberalism and note in the worst sense that your local ultralight planes. But be that as a man I think you're way out the mark in this case. Because it doesn't matter was Ronald Reagan or George Bush senior or junior -- they all do the same thing. It's been part and parcel by diplomatic thing whether in good economic times the bad number one. You don't -- argument to nominally at the argument. Yes it is right away move to me because now and -- current governor the current president of the United States. You can go back in and blame every party every misstep but right now the country's broke there -- not why not -- at all. Don't expect -- ever expect. -- and I 200 all of bottles of wine dot Charlie do you really think the Chinese Communist president can tell the difference between mark west. And a 200 dollar bubbly. Doesn't matter I'm sure other people around I've never think about Herbie Hancock reputation give Apollo -- -- Burke classical music part of from the professors. He's been highly regarded you'd like is in the legendary status does have -- and have a Justin Bieber hit of the moment doesn't mean that he's he's considered -- He's he's considered among one of the most. And gathered. A -- considered expensive Charlie in the most annoying thing about her. Herbie Hancock other than the fact that I don't necessarily. You know fantasize about listening to him is. Iraq study that -- But surely you don't have any concerns whatsoever -- but about being lectured to. Can I ask you something Michelle -- -- Q over the years in different spots. And the thing is you come across like an eighth grader who's been given their personnel you're really not that bright and we had you done some good thing and met Harold. But -- as a talk show question not that bright and you're not that sophisticated that is. Well thanks Charlie -- coming from somebody who is -- and Herbie Hancock and short you're a cultural maven and I really appreciate your feedback and I'm glad to keep listening thank you for that let's footage not. John in New Hampshire John you are on with Michelle McPhee and ark L. Show your awesome. God. Now I I think that Obama always was off the mark I think that they had too much you know it was like. You know Paris you know without -- -- you know that they were buying igniting these folks. -- -- -- Have a lavish affair without you know at throwing it in the face of the taxpayers 200 dollar bottles of wine is not a little over the top -- Course I'm gonna get a break and I I think you know some of these -- -- -- like ten dollars a bottle. -- issued guidance to buck chuck. Items of 8000 Boone's farm apple why -- the back need and yeah. I tell you -- I mean it's not I don't think it look everybody X. -- him to throw a very nice dinner heard visiting diplomat whether we agree with -- visiting foreign diplomat I'm not. He's -- and we -- China a lot of money we don't we wanna make nice with that country however. When this guy is every other day lecturing us about what we eat what we'd do how we spend our money and to the degree of how would -- you leave your home at 72 which I would -- dining in New England does not even that long. Yeah I'd be glad it's -- site W. A lot of governor does it look I open house that my father with a wicked cheap skate about key in hot water. I will never ever deny myself he hot water. It if you so he's lecturing us and then he you know this photographs of them all sipping 200 all of bottles of wine while having rabbi and poached lobster. Give me a break you had nice cheap wedding like chicken ticking -- at -- like everybody else who throws an affair. Exactly we had our wedding it was that that's when he got a plate of food was excellent. So what I think you are in agreement it's it's -- you know we expect them to -- -- party but don't throw it in the face of the taxpayers that you guys that are up when the rest of mastery potato chips. Thank you John that's gonna Mike Mike in the truck Mike you're hot but mr. You know he's. Got my call. -- -- -- at the what direction with this outrageous that day. Yeah I should get off I was at I was Jewish I'd be upset because when I -- invited. That -- -- all the cute aren't invited all the celebrity. Got RB Asian. Part of the -- and -- deported back. Well he had state dinner is four that would the one that really went down my spine as the when he threw for the Mexican president sleeping cal the Ronnie. And not because it's the Mexican president but because I was -- -- fully baked out that Sony add all those on the floor of the congress. And some of their -- we have as federal lawmaker is jumped to defeat and applauded. And. Little did -- have invited there. All of these -- it. It didn't matter I don't necessarily think that's an issue -- I think really the issue at hand here in Netanyahu. It that was kind of a slap in the face -- back pay if you really couldn't you tentative Netanyahu he really is. Sort of the dream leader because he is brilliant but still a tough guy. It it got it got out. Behind -- 100%. Set for May be the president. Buy it it's the money might 200 all of bottles of wine poached lobster and prime -- You know expensive. Once again and you know what -- habitat. For for a dinner that the country cannot afford. As the guy lectures us about what you eat what you drink and how high heat heat is an -- house. Well let that actually I think the. This eight it was cheap presented Monday night partied every Monday night. You know it did this state dinner might have been cheaper than Michelle Obama's trip to Spain. They Q Mike let's go to Andy Andy aren't you Michelle McPhee on hand Wednesday to block. I'm John Leo -- very glad -- back and here again I just wanted to. -- Neil O'Donnell beat LA area called all go out courts all -- or call eight. And you aren't that well that's exactly what the left always does -- the last bashed in the scoundrel. Is to resort to name call and I don't as a guy who -- around the word tea Bagger pretty liberally. And then blames the tea party for what happened in Tucson Arizona. It is the angry language of the right. When you find out that the shooter was in fact. A member of the left. Put -- -- because you really -- act like one -- -- -- -- There and that's why he's comical in a deceptive deceptive you like chocolate a guy like that -- Exactly and you know I want to ultimately -- -- autism. All Kirby -- jealous and a mobile going to be an intellectual giant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And everything in our Herbie Hancock is great player most basic will be buried not. Hillary or the Chinese descent. Ultra liberals want to know why that kind of a book about the autumn. Now I mean that's not actually that's not true you do -- don't know what Jimmy Carter with Bill Clinton was -- near Tupelo -- In the outrage in that you and I should address Nancy Pelosi is one of those lawmakers who is has and then moaning. Incorrectly. The human rights violations that have occurred in the country of China. And yet she was there have -- and Donna poached lobster and -- in the 200 dollar bottles of wine. I mean hypocrisy that's hypocritical. Well but that's just like go to church she could not when not speak -- our constitution and no number somebody in the future it'll the media they had -- -- or are we reading up ought not to. Well all not just post it ought to be -- -- Yeah well it's except won't Balkan situation and north. That's what goes down our spine any and we thank you so much for the call what goes on your spine is that hypocrisy. It's telling us to live one way when you are flagrantly. With my money young money doing quite the opposite. I think that's the problem it's Nancy Pelosi. But moaning and human rights violations in China while celebrating the country's leader. With 200 dollar bottles of wine in fancy lavish affair I mean Amy US maybe they're real outrage is -- hypocrisy here. What do you think in Europe which -- -- NW market out. I think you're right and is I I don't act. -- -- an -- Q doctor and a box to an art capital -- maybe. But don't break keep -- sharp tires are inflated. Under and then he'd go around. And my. I mean -- -- -- -- -- the ten -- in any wind -- to a we'll tell you that. It is just simply insulting. That they went down by 200 dollar bottles of wine in when you buying in bulk like that it's still 200 bucks then that means that the 500 dollar bottle line. Yeah and I think her meal at a quintessential. American food without having the something though. Kind of -- an eight -- kind of -- to let. Concert. People aren't people are pinching pennies Eric. -- People economic you know and then you got the president -- you know boxer primer at bunch you can cooking night at the carpet and you don't think. -- her wedding proclaimed buck -- you can. -- Those dinners EE like when human biting our go to parties. That do eat. Because it is it's the rule and you and I -- -- -- that the minute you put him more muscle of food in him some of it and try to talk to. I hate eating at events I honest though it's like at home most of the time I don't go to a wedding for the food -- at. For the couple for the dancing. Run a lot of my most of the time but I do -- for the. IB hypocrisy is exactly. Is exactly the issue like -- I only wish on the cost of the let me wrap it. -- that it has but are now contrast that with like you said earlier shell. Whole movement now on how and tell I'm sure there are no lobster and it'll -- Blackberry out I have. -- would -- poached lobster be without a big. Bowl of melted butter in front of it. I'm Michelle McPhee we are AM 68 -- -- -- tell you exactly how much of -- tax dollars going into Michelle Obama's. Healthy let's move. And then legacy of the state house -- fell in line but those numbers. Welcome back last stand this is -- -- -- we are AMS_X. -- WRK Abbas and he -- Not only honest to god. Not only. Did president Barack Obama -- 200 dollar bottles of wine and trying to get you the menu because it is absolutely hilarious. So this is -- same guy who told us not to turn on our heat. Not to -- vacation in ninety. The price tag is more than a billion you can look this up itself look up. That's in the fine print it is the menu. From last night -- gala at the White House they have. It's started out with peer a pair with. Armstead goat cheese -- with black walnuts and white -- comic the second chorus was a poached Maine lobster. Our weekly is carrots. And black trumpet mushrooms. Black trumpet mushrooms Chris that they didn't have that when my mother in the Kraft macaroni cheese with boiled but I've -- up but the black trumpet much from. That wanna BR. Delicacies I have no idea yeah out in and the wine. I guess if you -- splurge is up a 200 dollar bottle of Chardonnay. How about a Russian river 2008 from Cali. With dessert we had lemon sorbet. And they also after the poached lobster and they had a little lemons that basically cleanse the palate of course. -- dry aged rabbi. With buttermilk. Crisp onions. With happy I nearing doesn't Friday and it -- with -- fly in the face of let's move Michelle Obama. Doubles stopped to take notes dub -- details what's the not gonna serve in schools and creamed. Spinach. Then they came up with -- another. 200 dollar -- line. This one came from Washington State. Another Columbia valley 2005. Why -- ninety -- a bottle. Now wasn't mad dog -- I was serving at the White House had to -- on the www. Wrko.com. And down on the audio Hallie are up next -- back with you look at 1 o'clock tomorrow.