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Is the Bad Economy George Bush's Fault?

Jan 7, 2011|

Beneath the numbers in Friday's government report on employment in December, the dominant trend is clear - the economy is continuing to recover slowly, and to add jobs slowly, and analysts agree that 2011 looks more promising than 2010. Nancy Pelosi says the slow recovery is George Bush's fault and Howie wanted to know if the callers agreed.

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Okay I wanna play that Nancy Pelosi cut just because you're never gonna you're never gonna hear anywhere else that I can do it's it's on Drudge Report he -- texting and saying. How we did you hear about what Nancy Pelosi said. Nancy Pelosi. Has shown that bush arrangements syndrome continues to spread. I'm I'm I had dairy and shall we say. Brutally. Harsh in any -- -- like an Italian Catholic guys you know I carry every responsibility you can carry. They have how quickly it. Thank -- I do you know that what we did was important for our country get leverage that to people and it was. When done on this it's -- and enhance your hand in hand -- for the rest of it. We still would have lost the election because it's. Time. Take it where that came from the policies of George W. Bush and the Republicans -- and it's initiative. Cuts for the wealthy. Lacey Lacey Lacey -- -- when he came. To Wall Street and the rest of your recklessness by some I don't have been this thing back. Cause joblessness. On main street and obstruction on the part of Republicans in the senate to do something about it. Studio -- importer -- George Bush left off most was what about 6% maybe there were saying it was a great depression and Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid said that if they passed the stimulus bill congress passed the stimulus bill unemployed appointment wouldn't go above. 8%. Now it's gone up to close to 10% will be opposed to 10% next next month. And the rump swabs in the media and the the radio readers who have no clue what they're even reading. Are saying that this is great news that it's down to nine point four. Percent nine point 4% as you that's great news and shortage George Bush's fault. 71 says Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Wilkerson obviously never read the proverb pride to leave it to destruction and haughty spirit before fall. Our 1877469432218774694322. -- kind of dark out there. We're ready to make the switch to -- won 28 for -- if Washington. Through it may take awhile to get the death you know you're never. We haven't had much time to work to scramble our on. Our TV camera crews to get to the to get to this. Get out to the roadways. There is. There's Armageddon -- white. White Armageddon compact. Snow was on its way. Very slowly very slowly his or read OK it's raining it's pixel law takes a long time now you know where row we're broadcasting from mark Tony's own own studio here. This is well. Okay and I'm 1 morning your -- How many more reports really did you tonight on life. But -- and say give the supermarket tonight. Yeah -- the sting didn't know he only inches in parts of the greater one area where God's sake of the I just thought hello ladies. We're doing all my last two incandescent bulbs -- this and I and and a supermarket. I'm naive touring. -- and -- there's no more Brad Pitt gets a million there may not be anywhere okay I don't wanna July. Batteries -- are being sold on the black market. -- bombs on the strength. I just -- polar bear and with a turnover of Volkswagen. Snow and still remain. We're gonna do. -- -- -- Noting the panic though remember that there's no need to panic with just a snowstorm. -- -- Actor Gary Collins has been arrested for the old sure wouldn't -- row. Television host and actor Gary Collins has been arrested for leaving a restaurant Biloxi Mississippi without paying his bill police said. Colin seventy to a former host of the Miss America beauty pageant. Was charged with defrauding an innkeeper. He said Collins walked out on a 5935. Restaurant tab on Tuesday. Restaurant employees follow them out of the restaurant into the parking lot but he refused to stop. He had been drinking alcohol what a shock. Detective Tim McKay taken needed -- -- he said he was afraid he would be too drunk to drive by the time they brought it so we decided to leave. Now he's been charged with the true with the the eat it and beat at the -- and Soro. YMCA loses christianity from title this is a great story. From the from London. By the way and yes I need to tell you this. Yes senator Scott Brown is coming yet isn't gonna marry just went say that was when the funniest things he's ever heard ya can't stop laughing. We may stop laughing and they make you exports of built -- burden. I believe they'll -- a long -- -- popping ten. -- Jail's been out there in this store before. Haven't we all well I don't know if you have CNB I -- I have yet the -- seventy I've been in the storm. I've been out on the highway. You're the best part is when there is who is when you're in near -- and the -- next. This -- this what Bill O'Reilly never understood he was unpopular he was unpopular with the cameramen. And ultimately you're at the mercy of the camera crew. And sometimes they would they would see if they don't like you they which such a whopping new you know you'd you'd you would notice the first time that set you up there a puddle of slush puddle. And so you'd go to did didn't it that's a get get its position. And then you get you'd go there you be like on our on Columbia road Dorchester or somewhere that was also good spot -- -- what. And you'd be sitting there doing your best -- to repeat. All of a sudden the car would come by -- and even go into one of the potholes and splash you. And I like fun now with not with water. But with slash. Post like getting in -- there was like blood it was like a dirty a dirty slide she you know you were it was frigid and it was filthy at the same time. Odd disputed TV I'm sure -- but I still. Jason Terry Richardson DC isn't say yeah that's right she is just she's which you know work in the morning shift she's not doing that you of them the -- The when you're when your off a as a key on shall we say I don't think she's a PR and any longer. All right. The YWCA. This is in the UK not here so don't call your local YWCA here and asked him what's going on because it's not happen and here but it's happened and in Britain. The YWCA. Which was set up an 1855. To help young women going to London for the first time has now become. Platform. 51. The name was chosen because 51% of the people are female and quote women use it use us as a platform for having their say. And helping them into the next stage of their lives. The re branding is likely to raise questions among the charities and donors many of whom give twit because of the organizations Christian links. Platform 51 it sounds like some kind of borrow some fashionable bar where yuppies go after work. Let's see a spokesman for the Christian institute the think tank the Christian institute said many believe there's a quick any anti Christian bias among those who decide which charities get state funding. It was the Christian character of the YWCA that made it great it was a -- it's a shame it's turning its back on those values. More news from the UK. You that we got a bad here with bombs. This is in the the son of the London sun today. Allowed to be an artist. An artist we should put that in quotation marks. Traveled from his homeland to squat in a ten million pound London mansion after hearing how easy it is to live for free in the UK. Pope Ted Williams and find out about this you may go back on the the he may go back on the stuff. Jobless Jason Roddick he journeyed the 15100 miles from his home in the baltics after a pal told them about squatters rights in Britain. After arriving in London he moved into the abandoned Mitt multimillion pound home and posh high gate. Complete with -- running water and heat. Before moving into the posh tend to ten bedroom home and high -- what the people order. He said he had set up home and an empty pub called the ball. But after living at the ball for several months maybe the tapped -- He decided to find somewhere new once simply walked down the road before finding the plush home. In the exclusive broadly -- road were even smaller seven bedroom homes sell for seven million pounds. He says he's reluctant to leave high -- adding it's the best place to live. In his home country of Lafayette he said squatters are routinely arrested and hauled before the court. But he said the UK is an easy touch it's really expensive to live in such a big house of you have to pay for it. Fortunately we have three bathrooms with bathtubs and showers a kitchen with all the cooking facilities heating and all the utilities Iran. Some of his neighbors include George Michael. Staying. -- Jude Law William Gallagher. Sadie Frost. Or even though some of those people Bob many -- for a -- -- -- 18774694322. The -- once the north Vista straight. What do you think the Trace. Bit buffing them. If -- that is a straight as they come he's a 42 long. 86 he says I came home to find my kids got early dismissal for the impending snowstorm. You guessed that not a -- to be found this is in Somers Connecticut. -- -- -- little more of a with his homework excuse and Somers Connecticut aren't they -- -- get a little more to the south of us than they are. Are right around. Right around here I mean supposedly New York is gonna give another well but not what they got last week but. Still we gonna gets bigger -- more than -- more than a dusting. 603 says how we -- remember the blizzard of 78 I lowered my blade plow on a news crew doing a report can you say wall of water. All right 187746. Just one -- the one more thing before we move on to our next topic and that's about this the statement by Barack Obama that. That bit to his press secretary Robert Gibbs has been living with relatively modest pay to Barack Obama 172000. Dollars is relatively modest by. Leaving office in 1953. This is from biographer Truman biographer David McCullough Harry Truman quote travel home from Washington unprotected by Secret Service agents. He would come home without salary or pension he had no when commerce support from the federal government other than his army pension of 100. 112 dollars and 56 cents a month. Truman had been forced take out alone at the national bank in Washington in his last weeks as president to tide him over. That was then this is now. Barack Obama -- -- are grateful farewell to Robert Gibbs Wednesday by stressing to the New York Times in his Press Secretary quote had a six sheer stretch now where he's basically been going 24/7 with relatively modest pay -- quote. As a senior White House aide Gibbs modestly owned earned 7172200. Dollars last year. It's a safe guess that most print reporters who pepper gives with questions whose daily press briefings make quest and 172000. Dollars a year. And they somehow managed to live in Washington as well as Gibbs. Salaries for federal judges all of whom boost -- boast educational pedigree should outstrip Gibbs undergraduate degree from NC state. Alma mater of John Edwards started -- 174000. Dollars. Obama sympathetic comments about it gives financial sacrifice illustrate the populism remains an abstraction for this president despite persistence of the worst economic downturn since the depression. This is Walter Shapiro senior correspondent for politics daily. Rahm Emmanuel his chief of staff made sixteen million dollars is an investment banker during the three years between his departure from the Clinton White House -- -- 2002 election to about sixteen million dollars is an investment banker. Gibbs is now hired Washington lawyer Robert Barnett to negotiate those speeches and other potentially lucrative but engagements after leaving the White House. Gives will be hurting no one if in three months he gets paid say. 30000 dollars for telling from harmless anecdotes about the president and the pro escort to the annual convention of the cat food producers of America. -- of America. The problem is -- one this gives Obama and the entire political culture insider class cultural Washington. Believe the working in the White House for 172000. Dollars as a form of martyrdom. Then the only restraint after leaving government will be the fine print in the ethics -- 1877. 469432218774694322. That's what toll free number about Howie -- show. Well they're saying the economy is getting better I wanna know what you think what you think the economy is is doing right now -- is -- getting any better for you win and are you finding it easier to to get a job. Again the the Gallup. Poll the Gallup organization which judge -- on seasonally you know adjusted. Unemployment numbers says that the unemployment rate went up last month marked down as the White House says with their season with their quote unquote seasonally adjusted rates. The the the Gallup organization also says that the the over the unemployment rate meaning people. Who whips. For either unemployed girl who have stopped work and stop looking for work because they've become discouraged and given up there but they're no longer counted in the main unemployment figures. That that number is now walked two and 19%. 19% as far as I in the wanna offer that was seventeen point 2% last muscle went up about. One point it one up about almost two points. And John Cordell on the New York Post or read his column earlier this week. He said that next month's unemployment numbers are gonna be probably up around 10% because you know all the people would have -- these so called. Seasonally. Adjusted. Jobs working is as it in the retail sector for Christmas they will all now vanish. From there from the roles of the the important I mean. I'm just wondered how much better things are and and another thing. How how you deal with this gas situation. The -- again. Though unless you fill up. -- there and most people do fill up at least if you have a job but I mean if you're if you're just sitting at home in you don't work. You know you're gonna know that the Greg gas prices are up over three box because of the national loses certainly never gonna tell -- They they when George Bush was president they had that they had guys what bigger scream person just buffing them out there every night it's yelling and and blaming George Bush. And you know Nancy Pelosi was there you know she she was even men in the early stages of bush arrangement syndrome you know blaming bush for the now -- now -- You know -- to blows you may still be able to blame George Bush for everything that happens but. The networks have kind of move dawn they they know they they can't really maintain any small amount of credibility that they still have left. If they. 1877469432218774694322. How's the economy treating you -- -- a cold winter as a as a winter as a winter blizzard or maybe a dusting. Barrels -- -- -- Eric you're next with our car go ahead Eric. Good afternoon how are you just yet article below -- people that. There are a look at the work may have stopped. -- built up -- thought here on the East Coast for company based on the West Coast. -- opened her positions for job. There's base salaries stardom amid a they're upper fifties and total fact is is that including churn them everything else that you can meet. That put people -- a 100000 dollar range and we can't even your resume to come in the door locked but we can't even get resonate become -- What's what's your theory I -- I would think those are they would you would be you would be dead moos with job applicants. My theory is there's the there's the people that know they don't have a still. I'm looking for work because the government and I'm only keep extending unemployment benefits and the people who have just been too afraid to leave what they have because they don't know what's on the other side of history. That's true you got I think you got a point there. If but you know you talk what people that just wanna sit home and collect you know whatever it is they're. Couple hundred bucks so among some unemployment rather go out and actually -- It's a lot -- a couple hundred bucks a month as you know what's -- saw hundreds of dollars a week. Some are firmly planted in cheek there -- the same time you know why would you wanna go to work and have to actually get out of bed and and been put on you know so close to go work. But what many consider home. There's oh convert it gonna -- keep extending unemployment benefits yeah you know the you know that some -- down the road six months from Lebanon extend those unemployment benefits even further. -- other people to get to work. No idea I think you're right and they -- you know even Larry Summers who until. Recently was Obama's. Top economic advisor. He is he had written scholarly papers ten years ago saying that double what the more unemployment. Benefits you give to people. But less effort they're going to expend getting a new getting a new job is I -- it's it's obvious but he had the statistics in the studies to back it up. You know I put my question is is now with these people -- unemployed for 99 re doing well qualified for effort BI am. And the electric cars and everything else was it even more incentive not to go to work. It's just your good -- likely to give people a reason not to have the lift this finger and everybody else went into the world -- -- -- the -- for everybody else. Thanks for the call are 18774694322. Michael you're next with cowboy cargo have Michael. Now there's no real good. -- -- -- -- it but it does but it yes they don't read -- object that you brought that out. I haven't got my birthday card yet sorry but I you know I'm sure I'll get it from me about. All right well technically it help. And you know I just want to be get you'll also. Of space here but I'll be out there and what -- simple not. Yeah -- Oprah. It got it. -- -- out it's already gone. All live all -- -- you may never lets give gifts -- got to do an interview Disco tune into your whole blood. I wish you wouldn't -- okay. So we're we're -- I'm -- lot of you appears to be bloody. -- around I had Michael probably weren't living hell is they're going nodding your supermarket and. We -- battery bears who were born. The. What about well why didn't some. -- -- -- -- -- -- Why go. Well you know every time you know men I believe you all big. -- It's going to be getting the okay that's okay -- gather okay. You know why I don't know how I mean really I didn't do it. You have a wide variety because we -- it. You have your little listening to my reports there may be no more Melky Cabrera again after the disgusting word about again. There have been no word he he made him look good look good is key yeah. The figure McDowell it's. I do now was your lied blood poured from the supermarket didn't. -- -- how loud here. Our special news anchors -- Collins. Custodial. -- powered car. I'm Brad has lost 9432218774694322. That's the toll free number. Of how -- car show to O'Sullivan says first blizzard sunset I've ever seen. Yeah that's really tough out there isn't. Let's see here 617172000. Is relatively modest but if you make 200000 you're one of the winners of life's lottery what the -- Democrats wanna to a raise the attacks on people making 250000. I think that's what they said -- the major rich 250000. They they'd never occurred to Nancy Pelosi in the rest of these suffers of pushed arrangements syndrome that if they. If they jacked up to taxes. On people make over 250000. Dollars it would -- so we can end up with a lot of people. Making 248. And 249000. Dollars a year that never did that ever occurred to warm now I guess -- that and they were too busy blaming George Bush. I remember the Pelosi -- no higher than 8% unemployment you have any audio proof of that would love to hear that cut into her last audio about Bush's fault. PS let me use six unemployed now facing my first -- -- for -- she's given up in other words I guess I'm rich self employed funding all the social programs. 1877469432218774694322. -- economy treating you right now is that is is is greatest the mainstream media's is making it out. Tonight now unemployment is oh wait. Only nine point 4%. And and shops of the war a 100000. New jobs created. Last month of course be. The that was on the very low end of the spectrum Bloomberg had a story today saying that -- most economists that they surveyed they serve him every month it's an automatic type of thing. Were predicting over 150000. Some were predicting a size 550000. Jobs. Even the even the -- Associated Press which is. Totally in the satchel for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Is is is saying that the the numbers were a lot weaker than than expect that. In when the Associated Press us to say that well you know you think you'd think everybody would would wake up but. Not not some of our radio news readers. Kress you're next with how -- cargo ahead -- I don't captain. Are they aren't saying -- standard to cap again burying -- there for me -- not say that much. Get sucked -- in Maine is the -- sixteen at -- and I got mad at people I had been laid oil price does not beer. Oil -- -- like duke 786 Serb -- start and gas -- in bad is 316 it's creepy. I know but you never hear about on the news anymore do you all. No no no it turns out was his -- -- dollars a gallon back cannot. We think Italy's think gas companies and excuse you go to -- Harvard or I or grade -- excuse now. Don't give your -- not blaming them up -- a lot of -- grow their tax increase is up let out my. I know how but the fact we have a built a new refineries since 1976. It could be blue you have sort of oil and everything that's available here in the US and we're not allowed out there because somebody want about retreat -- get me wrong I love blood. -- -- -- Start naming any trees in the Gulf of Mexico and they and they wanna bet there's still blood there's -- and were cracking down on drilling. What do what do they want that means there's more this more oil and gas that we get every that we could use in two or three lifetimes. In the United States and they won't let us get -- -- For some reason they say that our society -- in -- that Verisign the ocean. Thanks for the call crisp Peter you're next with how we cargo ahead Peter. If -- -- director there are more like a dog for the program for -- of ordering or one. -- I'm not built Obama all the apple leader of brutal in the united -- -- everybody you're working. Cole -- -- forgery all. And they they're certainly. And -- hiring. Everywhere -- -- staff who are still the number of I'm more I've been doing this 42 years aren't working at higher -- or life started out. Adam. It's just. If -- part. -- it it doesn't seem like there's a lot of optimism out there even even after the Republican takeover -- above the house even after the fact that the bush tax rates were extended a mean people are still. Very concerned about this guy in the White House. Absolutely. Area I've I've seen in the -- who spoke with either now or look guys you're the worst is airtight there's. -- he has no old what they are already run it. Here are the agreed to let you -- when George Bush the first George Bush got all that grief. Because he had never been through -- -- market never been through supermarkets is that put in the bar code scanners. You don't have a lot of the vice president -- the president all the years that they did the big news and I think. -- people made fun of him. It now nobody is nobody is gonna give Barack Obama any grief about saying that the 172000. Dollars as a relatively modest salary but it's George Bush should set it by god is it would be. Late night comedians staples for weeks. You'd never appeared inevitable. And it -- cold water on them here -- elephant who live there was no look at anything. And the people surround themselves with no less clear spoke aren't so what we probably. How how to create jobs how to get people back to work. -- have a lot of phone. There would probably -- -- current facts -- so lightly up volatility -- Well you're just -- just tired -- idol market. And they say Bill Bailey is such an expert in the private economy here's a story from the sun times that I thanks for the call Peter. Chicago sun times daily basis daily sun's business partner indicted for mail fraud. City Hall hired a minority owned trucking company to clean and inspection -- south of 63 street but the owner secretly farmed out the multimillion dollar job to a company owned in part by mayor Daley son. -- -- -- According to a federal indictment returned Thursday. The mayor's son Patrick -- -- nephew. Robert -- -- -- -- -- were not charged with any wrongdoing that would be that that would be the new chief of -- nephew Patrick Daley and his other nephew Robert -- even -- Thank god they weren't charged. In a mail fraud scheme involving fixed contracts a minority set aside up fraudulent hires. Yeah. Bill Daley knows the economy all right. Paul your next with how we -- ahead ball. I shall we we we can have all -- of -- -- -- -- about the economy and that they want to get -- already had that conversation about the the board game monopoly and I had made by -- Obama however that. I don't matter when that without government. Decided this so called bailout. That bit -- -- in order to do that. I'm quoted in a position where money is basically I don't know how to play. Money is being constructed out of thin air I know that's a cliche at this point though yeah yeah. The fact that mattered that was proof positive of the economic system. Is done it's over everything that's happening right now is just ultimate put it it's just they it's like a car that's lost its wheels. But -- can't continuing -- I don't know because they happened to be on a good actor right. I mean that's. Durable and we used to lecture other countries to get their economic houses in order now we now we're the ones that are being lectured ourselves. I can tell you. This is not even about giving it economic output on this in the carping nature of the war and that would actually be used to make out of -- another -- There -- why gasoline did go to got to go through the -- nauert should. It begun it that commodity in all the commodity now. I'm being valued at -- are there anything that has to deal with a piece -- piece of paper. There's no reason -- -- economically why that should operation not been out of control the only way that doesn't. Out of control. Is because some well. The government is try -- fourth date whoever I don't know how they're doing it but at some point something's gotta get this money. Pick somebody in need nothing right now well. I I agree every hour we're now we're pretty -- thanks for the call Paul. Let's see yeah I drew this is from 617 yet droll and Gulf of Mexico that make sense we just had the worst act of environmental disaster in history you view more -- and really the worst environmental disaster in history. I if you think that was the worst environmental disaster in history you for the moron. 18774694322. Gas four dollars a gallon blame bush. Gas is 320 gallon and Ellsworth Maine. How we my wife and I have opened self employed for 25 plus years usually an eighteen month downturn -- back the business been three years already -- got a golf. Gary here next with how we cargo ahead Gary. Yeah Heidi hi Howard Howard drug. They would send listening when that -- gentleman called he's an East Coast so rep for West Coast company who's looking for -- somebody for 50000 dollar -- I'm his men and I would love to get connected with disguise because I have been looking for that type of position and -- fully qualified sports. Okay you leave your number -- we you know he's gone we don't have his number but if if Eric wants to call back America's still listening that was his name -- call back and leave your number -- -- okay -- and should give your -- -- if you way anyone else who you -- -- call for the next ten minutes you can call but I don't know clerical call back or not -- Take -- I don't know if you'll call back. 18 says -- you have got like at least five but text messages your people are desperate for work there thereof they're all texting they want Eric's number they wanna talk barricade there begging for jobs. 18774694322. While Howie -- Every day he has.