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Max Robins Monday January 3, 2010 - Holiday Television

Jan 3, 2011|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) chatted holiday tv with Howie and kvetched about the vagaries of traveling in fouls weather over Christmas.

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Oh all right 18774694322. You'll group my decision right max I mean Anthony boarding comes in the pound -- you know. I'm gonna take it may be already have taken him to Michael's valley. Q should we although I'm. I'm a little perturbed with Michael currency hasn't put. The you know the mixed media sandwich on on the -- so I'm sure he's working on yeah a young babies were up. Willis and -- I heard you had a great experience over the over the Christmas holidays. But. Would you like the thing Mayor Bloomberg personally I would I would for the fight -- job he did as well as our crack. Sanitation. What do you know what that's what you get for -- and in my east neighborhood in Brooklyn you know. You know bed -- got blob perfectly another hot yeah right up. I'll take it all the time I've lived here this was really a typical at its best seasons bloomers -- mayor. With the snow is crazy you know how he's you might have heard I was -- -- were going down to the UK it is on the -- was one of Mexico's day after Christmas. The troop we'd planned since last October and I -- particular that news to my three children and Christmas. Sorry -- but Bloomberg said everything was life was going on North -- and yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know civic and that's right -- -- very nice neighborhood. Quote -- -- kid -- not in the I kind of like to think of it is the Wellesley. New York anyway put. But according to people would see the stories in the New York papers they specifically targeted the nice neighborhoods they would -- is the CM at the cruise they specifically. Dog dead in all the areas where there were a lot of well to do people I guess that means Bloomberg borrowers. I guess it must split. The I was I was really at the other pissed off -- Bloomberg it's cuts and sanitation department. It's just I mean it's just wrong I. I'll tell -- it's it's it's funny how we that you mention that because. I live. Couple blocks into the what you would call still a little bit of a transition. Arm but I'm really primetime Park Slope yeah you're talking about. I mean this is some some serious realistic I've never seen it like this between this beautiful park. Prospect Park and those blocks up to the park. Mean and that's what we're movie stars live and and they -- those those streets. Denied it plowed in a -- as well. Man it was that that was Nancy with an even if our streets were plowed. The airports were shut down we weren't going any place so will have to do with -- mayor how's that campaign for president go into that as well. I got two words were job without. You know -- and and who knows me I mean he may try him as he's gonna try to make lemonade out of lemon I mean they really are putting this. You know a deliberate slowdown by sanitation and the supervisors and you know -- if it's cozy they're under the quilts. Don't bother coming in today. What seems like it's true to its I don't try to spin it as much as possible but it -- you know BBC the heads of the sanitation union did seem to be actually denying it very strenuously. Now though and and that I don't think you can live with the affected. They -- double the absenteeism that they normally do normal work Enders though. And and and is this really was it was a typical mean usually this city. Can deal with this kind of blizzard deal with that well in this time but a don't forget about it is Marty Markowitz the Borough president of how we're those -- public would say how or those public sector unions worked enough for the big news that the and I am might actually -- Bloomberg's quest for the White House that might help we'll let it it's not exactly like pro union sentiment is running in the country. Well anyway -- Yahoo! a mighty my daughter who was gonna have a friend of -- come down. Well afterward packed off the other kids to various places and then -- should be for a flight got canceled on Wednesday I couldn't believe that there were flying in Ottawa on Wednesday morning -- I -- days is. To get it straightened out. Well you know how we we just to get out of dodge for a few days week we drove down to that the tip of New Jersey went down to Cape May yeah and for three days so we're staying at this place you'll like the story -- So -- state it's placed purposely rent a place has an indoor pools that kids can go crazy yes for indoor pools are very big in motels these days right right this was -- it was called the grand hotels really like a grand motor coach lives right out of the notion that the rates were right. They had this really nice indoor pool Olympic size pool. Big state in big guy glad to story glass windows you can see the the beautiful plant ago sent. So we get there and there is an Islamic convention -- -- of some sort okay. The man in western dress the women -- in the head gear in the you know that things in the pants and a for the two days that we overlapped with them there and dig this they put up blue tarps. Ins so. So to block the windows which. Part you know you could see it from from part of the lobby you out though is so that so that I guess our our Muslim Brothers and sisters. Wouldn't have to look at the -- flash. Being exposed while -- and but you know what I have to say I mean it's private establishment they want the convention business (%expletive) me off. This may opted to you know my kids couldn't see the Mac issued its the national Salinger's the liberal demo. I'm not you know and you know you know I am. The -- consider you somewhat concerned it already written with a -- that I could back it up front. -- you let this. You'd appreciate this story for your -- a conservative. Is a liberal who has been mugged for the elucidate buddy and -- Margaret -- diversity. The people's republic of Brooklyn. It -- -- Anyway but it with. Very consciously bear interest at a 1877469432. Do we have a quote from number questions here for your Mac -- -- -- until year's celebration got more viewers Dick Clark of this monkey ball drop on an -- and I'm. Of Dick Clark if -- salukis got a new sidekick now. Right it's yeah I heard about this guy read about her in the New York Post yesterday are supposed to integrate headline today and the review of which get the big ones that. The -- -- more than headline speech slept at. Wish surest way into the new year speech that Witten when is the walking dead new season starting rare that a that a great comic becomes an equally great show. It hit -- that. I don't that we're gonna see -- for awhile but it did really well for agency that was one of the big cable it's 2000. Okay I love this story this is another story from the New York Post Oprah fans sputtering over cable -- for -- WM. I cannot believe all or would launch a new show on cable channel that is not. Part of the basics -- -- and I know no oh I guess again and again I got two words Howard Stern know that satellite. -- -- branded needed you know they get paid that's -- I cannot afford to pay the extra monthly for the all. That bad no no Oprah for you -- get to the back of allied. Okay now the. -- -- caught this who was this a question aside by canceled cap -- a couple of months ago and moved the remaining five episodes from the schedule. Tomorrow they're broadcasting all of the remaining episodes on aired episodes back to back it one day. I'm curious -- max might have an idea why a network would want to broadcast these final five episodes back to back like this. Well I think they wanna get some buzz for it you know go out as strong as they can. Maybe they sold it to a single advertiser. And their -- basically they'd they'd pay the money for the episodes it's a kind of way of saying a graceful farewell both to both to the fans of the show and people Purdue's. And results this guy's a -- he's obviously a big fan of the show he says. She is why did they take to show off for six months I mean that's how how were they how they expect to get the audience back after was gone for six months. Obviously there was the ratings finances that -- thing that together form 80 look here's some good news or how -- our listeners. What sponge Bob renewed for another -- it's. -- -- Let's that is great news that I knew that would lower your hard on a cold winter day session but. 18774694322. I'm feeling like some crab for -- that's the rights of crabby patties that god you know -- -- I think we're gonna yeah we're gonna order and tonight crabby patties and what program. What will and NFL lockout due to the -- very going to be an NFL -- the gonna sell that thing maybe the NBA there might be an NBA lockout because -- lose a doll. With the NFL has not gonna -- the -- -- -- -- I don't think too much money at stake everybody's gonna it's all posturing they're gonna reduce systemic. 187746943. DC when LeBron James was talking about can folding some of the teams is quoted as saying contraction. And his denial was I didn't even know what the word contraction meant until I looked it up on the Internet and that's -- after leaving school. That's substances is that education online who won 8774694322. Billiard next whip the Mac truck max -- by the way is the executive vice president of the paley center for media New York City. Well how are you wouldn't respect he speaks and it. Gets a Muslim Brothers. Well well we know Leonardo that Obama beat out from Britain that. Yes it will result in -- Oh I bet you like resolve right. The long story in my. And -- love fear that with the with. Angie Harmon that probably goes back yeah. But since the unaudited tried that it did not take -- -- per month. -- -- I know it will be back at -- she's still married to the former football player. I believe she is -- you know -- -- going from playing on the weekends by the way he needs his means you Herman affects the other real the real Angie Harmon for -- that -- others that are on. A terrific show. Baywatch nights. I think I think years ago I told Leo we've kept its I didn't really realize that till late. I remembered executives. At universal produces some time to which she quit. Law and order. She said because it didn't have enough artistic talents and until you click the galaxy got a Baywatch nights and up. Thanks for the call bill julliard -- with how -- guard max Robbins go ahead Joe. Yeah get I'd get up to -- guys. Match. You're recalling -- back to want to -- vote. That program -- There. I don't we don't know but I can't remember what I had for lunch at. Well you told me yeah well you know I must be way out all -- -- all I. I wanted to show researching and have you ever heard of -- doll. -- Well he used -- one that -- that program. -- he also produce stills of the unexpected. I didn't realize he had a history TV. I'm gonna talk to a curatorial guys here -- -- sure we of that stuff photo library. Okay larger follow it should know I wanted that way out okay. I appreciate it and and thank you for latest make sport of view thanks. Thanks for the call a joke and the enjoyment of our list but the only thing Mac -- -- remember is who is not gonna vote for -- runs for a fourth term. For Medicare. 18774694322. Officer mark says that the max the blue TARP was to shield our Muslim brother and from the heavy drinking by the pool. Hey I resemble that -- Officer mark at some doubt in Cape May I Cilic to come down their -- give me a breathalyzer. They'd go to our refused to take our thirty plants the shops stargate universe to other networks after site by drop the series. Haven't heard and the I -- -- scifi drop your science fiction series that's kind of the end of -- line -- -- I would say that's pretty -- You're going straight to. Dave your next with how we guard max -- go ahead -- A guy to date or call you -- it to Charlie Ehrlich earlier. A Mac question. -- -- called Matt -- they get it on discovery. It would have out there redneck -- Bowman gray stadium. I've probably the only person on a country that launched it but it was so battle captivated by this well -- you can't. Now I haven't heard a thing about it -- revive. Man I don't know it seems everything now is about. I've done on discovery and TLC I mean it's gotta be gotta be like a pawn brokers and auctioneer. It's all about turn in trash in the -- these days -- Well Rachel are racing and they -- about thirty secondary. At the end of -- Hey -- -- my wife it may it be it was watch and so I would watch the weather I'll tell my wife was Europe and nobody nobody else. This but it wasn't it wasn't that bad these people would go what they buy the the the stuff out of the unclaimed. -- lockers storage lockers. Have you seen that one now that sounds great the is pretty good. Anybody can certainly you know so Buick some of Russian goes -- course of stealing -- -- -- filled with. The only episode I watched too big dual boot will show IQ max. They found a load of guns. Horrified. Horrified. Did the serial number -- -- A -- your your put him about a vast that they weren't comeback. But that was a bad ivory you know -- -- -- -- I -- what you re I think the selling my kids but I'd rather watch a show like that than than -- he had been a quote -- -- drama. No I completely get that hey maybe -- -- like a locker maybe some relate to Revere beach and some storage place and waited Poulter will be with -- hurt a 18774694322. Info on the media and -- that mediums in the we're gonna get that for you chose I believe coming to a close. John your next -- John your next when powered car and max -- -- -- job. Okay don't follow up on your storage Walker's story. Joes like storage towards -- Listeners contrived those shows I -- look -- American pickers in the girl -- marriage shows from California are the guys are. I want a much better result stage addressing -- make up interest -- show lot of at all. Well I mean the I think that the whole and we call these refer to these shows -- a reality TV its program is known. While these are kind of clause I documentaries. They are in a sense casting Eric they they they're doing there they're varies thorough in what these people about. With the personalities -- like with the personal histories are the kind of set up the same kind of dramatic tension you might have added drama I mean that's what makes this stuff so compelling. The you know Jersey shore they were gonna put all those knuckle heads in house of they all got along. And and were people -- -- who really could speak the king's English and what I could I I was read the story are or should have my daughter read the story yesterday. In the New York Post -- you're just lit everything off and everybody. I cut the story up for -- -- secured about Kim Kardashian and you know the but there was a big story in my in my daughter said. She gets paid by companies for for quitting your twittering people -- did you see that yes yes. Can you believe that I mean how much money is she making she said she doesn't like. My daughter says she she -- every five hours or social she's give -- how much money should get paid for for -- this crap. Probably plenty plenty plenty oh hey how we we get some news media -- the last episode the last original episode was bad -- in November media. And so UB you'll be looking at it's forever. Okay here's one Spartacus is back for six episodes. This month that he future port after that it to showtime series. Yeah well no it's I thought Spartacus was that's the on the kernel like this the one that's on the directives and I don't our. Hours stars I don't know what you said it's such as Showtime's -- wrong nuts on stars. I'm I think they're gonna see how these six episodes. -- him a boy can on the the original stars -- he had some serious health problems. It caused some Yeltsin. Understandably some trouble to show it to. You know the kernel of such he you know I -- heavily similar to episodes but it. As we like to see full well -- you like gladiator movies you really dealt with me he well -- I'm saying he likes gladiator movies that are premium cable. We'll -- -- that that that -- let's just say they give. The actresses a lot of exposure. Okay actually. That'd be the actors and actresses have been seeing a lot of each other they have they have indeed Wilson -- -- the grocery list she lost in the store and will Jersey shore be renewed. Yes Jersey source actress arsenal at the Jersey shore is government. The fact I got one star from the New York Post I mean what more do you need to know I mean there they had the -- five in themselves that I am oh yeah or if you go through if you're too low -- Freeman the New York Post your bound to succeed on network on -- cable -- That's as the smell of success among other costs of all the other thing. It's a season three begins Thursday night and -- Eliot you're next with how we card max -- go ahead -- -- -- Beckham got a question can look fortunate seat of Bartlett coming back. Yes absolutely. -- -- They yeah. Very popular show lot of fun. Thanks for the call -- glad you're next with Howie -- and max robins from the paley center for media New York City go ahead line. They probably Rick I want them. What about that are upset. Literally didn't thumb still to be determined. -- and that much of one of dead now I am sorry you know what better off dead. Dead. Now sorry about -- glad Sharon you're next with how we car and max -- -- had Sharon. Yes I alleys of Mac. I'm not here admitted -- windows Maine so unfortunately we don't get fox. Why it's got. Really I don't get flocks well we if we could afford cable I can't say we Fox News you'll get Fox News Channel yeah. Now and now we do watch CBS morning news. And we like Kerry Smith Maggie Rodriguez stayed the weatherman. -- everybody got -- Wright video what. Nowak that we wonder where they're going because they changed I guess they want to increase their ratings. But we expect sales already felt. I like to know what happened the very end Maggie and days. Still be determined. Harry Smith had a good run at CBS. Ethical funds of -- for -- but they -- dread that no offense -- they had dreadful ratings dreadful idea that -- was going nowhere and the minute that. Head of the networks wife who -- -- you want -- taco makers cohosts on the show left. You do that dates for that she was being hell -- she was being held hostage by the show's producers in which he escaped that was the end of analyze it. 50 wait says it's tweeting you twentieth century Mo I don't know what it is all I know she's getting paid the bill what. I got our obligatory Dexter call off the -- they -- up Dexter will be back. I believe it will be. However the ratings been for blue bloods. Are pretty good pretty good. You know CBS's hit three dramas that have done well -- -- -- its house in Hawaii 50 how strange doing. Okay. On the French yes. Rosemary one more call here from before we -- Macs go rose merry go ahead. I want to lagged that authorised backfired that systemic collapse seat that was the that was -- fantastic -- -- -- that -- the watch and read Rachel and out. Unfortunately. Our characters were working together. I think it had a -- a pretty good run in and they've got enough numbers enough episodes for syndication but. The ratings were certain to decline a little bit not secure says it took wanted to do something else. And I think that you I think the first the first reason you cited as the most likely though most find it -- out it is -- it is indeed it is indeed I think that you know there they really want those dramas and and and -- They're doing a real analysis of the -- supporting it in sporting keeping production. Is there enough for a back end to sell the re -- seldom home video to. Who want -- keep the show going and lose five million bucks mastered or wanna cash out for a hundred million men armed have to listen to lighten or what like oh. I'm gonna know what how we have to spend the week. Pondering that decision. Max thanks for being weather since sorry about the trip to you can put the Yucatan OK happy new year -- happy new year. 1877469432. To -- our car.