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Dec 14, 2010|

Many teenage recipients of federal disability benefits say they feel pressure to avoid work, not wanting to raise doubts about their status and jeopardize vital family income. Howie aske for SSI abuse stories and asked the question have we raised a generation of layabouts?

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-- to go back to the SSI -- the globe by the gold had its final story today about the the SSI program must supplemental security income. And this is this is probably be even more -- even override depressing and disturbing than the other stories. And you know what gets -- -- about the story the way the story is written and again it's not it's got all kinds of the -- senate it's not -- it's not a badly reported story. But peace slant on the story is that somehow these these people that are ripping a soft us taxpayers off. For a thereof so called the peace decent mental disabilities that that don't seem to be very serious. That somehow there at the victims because the state traps them. Don't life where they come to rely on their handouts. Much like other Bradley in Grenada we are reliant on their hand outs and also be reliant on much larger handouts. Bianca Martinez so much the whole -- we're back to Holyoke as we were all those who that's where we were last night. Her 600 a month a month federal disability check represents more than half of her family's income. That's why I'm not working this summer so this was done last summer. If I'm working get a certain amount that they'll take money away from my mom she needs it I don't want my mom's money to go down. Tens of thousands of teenagers who receive disability checks faced the same painful -- him. If they can work why do they need a check okay. What is this question ever were raised maybe they're not disabled list they can get a job make it more than the check. They are old enough to accept part time jobs but they worried the extra income may be detected by the government will cause their benefits to be doctor terminated as well what should. In many cases there indigent families have depended on the income for years. Change who -- the -- because the -- violence -- privilege cover some violence this is very sad story here. Teens whose diagnosis has meant fight to win come for their families feel pressured to stay away from work even if they are capable of being employed. And rule. Missing out on -- vital part of growing up. The proving ground of the adult workplace. You know what I want or about my childhood but I didn't get 700 bucks in the mail every month for free for some fake. Disease. Chris Long. Since -- sixteen -- qualified for the children's SSI program for his depression bipolar illness. He says he doesn't work because he -- is not sure dies she's 700 dollar mark SSI check. Just before -- eighteenth birthday he -- qualified -- -- -- full version of SSI. Warning that tough here's another sad story. It's harder apparently to give adult benefits. And it is for kids. Four out of every ten SSI recipients. Are rejected after their eighteenth birthdays. One out of every three teams who qualified for SSI for behavioral learning a mental disorders are turned down for a golf benefits. -- I don't nobody wants to turn down somebody who's crippled. You know. No one and -- physically sick but these are people who have behavioral Lerner you or mental disorders now. As we said last night the old the old rock song comes to mind when it comes down to just two YE no crazier than you. One South Boston student -- -- clarity 21 said he grew up in the south Boston housing projects in many adults and children qualify for SSI based on emotional or behavioral issues. None of which seem serious to him. That makes two of a Seamus. Despite periods of homelessness and being laid off for thirty said he never hope he hopes never to have those checks become part of his life. There are people web -- we needed their death -- blind in other words we have physical disabilities. And then there's the other half they should have some more serious screening. Police CEO were -- fifteen from New Bedford. A leash she knows mother or your lot and our -- Forty. Said she said she receives about thirteen hundred a month and welfare food stamps and child support. Child support. Was -- you don't see much in the series. Which is not enough to cover all of the bills she said she had worked briefly as a 725. Dollar an hour seamstress and a factory but quit because she believed the bosses ex. -- the workers are only welfare recipients are exploiting me what can I do about it. I pay taxes I'm tired of paying taxes I'm tired of working well all these people are just. Squat then flop and Oklahoma but you Michael what time you get up there Michael -- work and 4 o'clock. He works seven the Michael's -- would hear from Michael's -- works seven days a week. We're gonna write a story about your satellite. That it did anyone ever offered US SI. You taxpayer. You're a second class citizen and you're an American citizen to let's say that's a terrible combination. -- set yes and you work. Those are three strikes right there you're out here. On a sweltering August afternoon outside -- 300 unit New Bedford. Housing projects. Adults and children of all ages -- he'd by relaxing on their back fortunes. Here and the term SSI is far from aliens. Although there are many aliens no doubt on the scene. I -- I put that there. Even to adolescent girls racing around a courtyard freely acknowledged they both receive SSI checks for their behavioral and learning disorders. Both take multiple psychotropic. Medications. One. A fifteen year old girl since she was particularly careful about the drugs during her. Recent pregnancy you guessed it. As she played outside the fifty year old girl a four month old baby was napping in one of the units watching -- watched over by the teen's mother. When holes she was about 2829. The grandmother. It takes too long to get a job. -- a nineteen year old New Bedford high school senior. Who's been on SSI since he was a preschooler. Been collecting since he was forty years old. It takes too long to get a job a nineteen year old. What's her 20s19 year old students to just read about this guy that glad limb Lynn English -- as -- Lynn classical I forget which one. He was the nineteen year old a student. And quote unquote student he'd be a beat up the vice principal on Friday. The nineteen year old New Bedford high school seniors and on SSI sense preschool. Has been rejected. For SSI benefits after turning eighteen but of course thank god he's appealing. For now we cannot get a job at McDonald's or Wal-Mart because he was told we need the high school diploma. At times he wonders if the SSI checks will ultimately be a more reliable source of income and low level job. After all there is the nagging fear what if you're laid off and there's even more nagging -- what if I actually have stole. Let's go to my family know what in my neighborhood know what the project to warrant. Oh yeah. I didn't let it wouldn't come this country's other kids could wire. We can't really there was no word. Rod you're next with how we cargo had taught to. Barry. I'm that I am also an army reservists about Avalon. And I run a better service regard here and you know are really pisses me off that. The illegal aliens get all these researches all this money. You know welfare. Food stamps yeah. And that -- and then you know we have. Did you don't forget the a decent Tony cards where they can buy booze or lottery tickets. Exactly and we have thousands of veterans in the United States. That have not seen an apt to fight fight fight just to get a little bit about it -- at a spread out over Barack whereas. We are or where hours service and -- He was a mailman from Kentucky. Washington -- from the knee down an elite 830%. Disability. The VA well it appears the guy who who whose job was a mailman walked around -- -- I don't speak he couldn't go back to his job in early to begin very -- disability something's really screw up in this country where the VA benefits are a lot harder to get the SSI about. The illegal aliens go to the head of the line in the US senior citizen housing projects. That's another thing that happens. It's really I know people. They pay taxes all their lives. It then they get passed over by somebody who just arrived in the country two weeks ago. Exactly not like it action by opening guys. Piracy and Biden you know certain reserves surged the National Guard you know I -- these -- the guys that should be getting the benefit not these. People that -- show up because the processor ever and they you know and and they know back above a meat wagon then. It -- the globe was writing stories like this is really sad that they have to accept this money. I mean I think a lot of Americans will be a lot about how about -- a series about Americans like your friend the mailman from Kentucky who. Lost is lost his behalf of his -- and I can't can't work anymore get support himself. Yup and only gets 30% disability. It's it's it's a sad sad shame. Was in place for your service Todd we appreciate it. Thanks 18774694322. -- -- car everybody I'm Kenny Chesney I was such -- -- This is one of those great. Liberal programs Scientology Americans with disabilities -- -- you know it was supposed to. Help people out you know it seem like a good idea there was a feel good measure all the stuff and you know how the 88 turned out it I mean there have been some positive Stewart but you also had like scam lawyers running around about suing people you know they they -- Clinton with Clint Eastwood had a problem with -- you know. That is that is the end they speak they claimed you really we're gonna sue them if you didn't because he didn't have a lamp. And that you know he would there were -- him down he testified before congress will leave the SSI program is is so like. The EDA only only a thousand times. The scope. And what happened is it was initially set up for four children. With. Real physical disabilities you know what I mean a spine of benefit you know -- Or aura of a mental real mental problem and not not this behavioral mental problems you know. But but I mean real mental learning disabilities. And it's slowly grew over the years and then when we talk about this last light wind will another Republicans took over congress in 1994 in the east they cracked down on. Forced Clinton to sign -- welfare reform act. Audited and it it it tightened all these state. Standards. What happened was they all LB all the state people were being kicked off welfare just I've migrated. All over to SSI. With their record on quote mental disabilities and now it's become this of this monster program and it's. It's it's it's not just for it's not just for deserving -- kids anymore. It's free everybody who's on the it was scary moment. Some of the -- -- listen to this. Qualifying for SSI also means being -- we eligible for mass help the states help insurance plan for the port. So they don't have to worry about being find by the state if you're on SSI like people people work for a living they get find the 2000 bucks for not having insurance. Nobody on SSI is being find they get a free ride. Many of the young men still live with their parents. So the maximum 700 a month and SSI payments goes a long way. How many of them -- husbands. In addition to being father's. Used to be. If you world father. Some would make sure you wore a husband even admitted wanna be -- husband. Or you had another option you could join the Marines. There was one -- the other. But now we live in this wonderful new world where he's just whatever you want to. Unless like Michael sole woman sitting beside me here urea and American. Taxpayer who works for a living. In which case keep more -- because there's millions of people look at -- writing about and reading BC -- stories about who depend on you. Some of them some of the men are also fathers who say the while work wages could be garnished for child support the SSI check cannot. Who knew who'd know. Course. We've never been on welfare who write to that we've never -- not pay their child support or not paid for our own kids. David a 23 year old father of -- 23 he's got three kids. Said he was attempted to stay on SSI but is now working a full -- nine Georgia nine dollar an -- job at a full. Food distributor because he feels an obligation to pay his child support where the hell would they find this guy. He's going to be thrown out of the projects for being too weird. If not for his sense of financial responsibility do -- children the man who west to be identified only by his first maybe you wanna be hounded by his fellow residents. Said he would have tried to stay on SSI. After turning eighteen he had been receiving SSI since his middle school -- 187746943. Through two. Jimmy your next with how we cargo ahead Jimmy. They -- Very SSI story for yeah yeah I had a neighbor and shared that -- Children and their course built by different fathers and the hottest organs in in the future at all and the all right. Try to act. -- like his mother now in. If she was saying that he was diagnosed where they a slight form -- autism. Is that it is sick chicken or she goes. I was hoping for more of lay out. Diagnosis so we could get more money. -- almighty god. A you all you need to know about the program does -- -- The more dysfunctional you are the more money you get. That is that's what you -- open for I couldn't believe she wanted to child to be more autistic. I remember when they win this when the SSI program the roles were really expanding when they were cutting down on say welfare back in the back in the the 1990s. There was one there was a story that we're sure you find it now. About this family that that -- hole a -- -- -- like six or seven. They they all kept trying all these tricks to get SSI. You know they they claim that they you know have all these physical ailments and of course they had there was nothing wrong -- up. So so finally one of -- got lucky Astaro about the sixth try. One of them came up with a metal disorder that I don't have to tell you what happened next Jimmy. The mental disorder rapidly spread throughout the entire family and pretty soon all six of them in the family we're getting SSI checks. Or don't do it all looked up. Who I know let the I -- big big day in the globe is the globe feel sorry for the people who work collecting what about the people who're paying. Agreed to we do we have a story about a port taxpayer -- -- but what. Thanks for the thanks for the call -- 18774694322. But the -- never writes those storage like they never write stories about a happy marriage. Unless it's a happy gay marriage apparently. The only people get married in Massachusetts in Millwood people who stay married man as Jews interrogate people 'cause that's your people your read about. -- your next with how we cargo ahead Al. Our longtime listener love your show thank you got a couple of things I would orthopedic physician and I in the past they have done over 3500. Social Security disability -- yes and take it broke from a professional 75% of on this campus. So we thought 0%. Aren't always easily -- everybody -- something wrong you know you're right shoulder I've got an aching backs but. I have found people. That come -- with a net collars that I was suspicious of and I followed them out of the building -- it costs then net pollutant so the fact that pick up truck. And drive away okay. I think why -- now -- that's why they now go for mental distant discouraging -- that is very. As it does -- a part of our story I also treat people in my office yeah I think the man who spent part of -- is history is that they're disabled and I ask him. Do you taking medicine's not have had surgery you know. What's your disability or -- mental disability. Now. But you're on SS IO. Yeah. Literally built it all like I don't read to a that's what I don't I don't read too. He doesn't read too well okay. Okay that would just disability okay. Day to -- life belt being crazy yeah we're supposed to take reticence but then they don't -- comfortable nearly eight. They told the truth there are many -- OK so they're -- getting. Some parts of dozens if the medicines or were it any kind of recreational possible lead possible drugs they sell they met they they -- the weaker prescription med it's. Divide the good stuff on the street. -- -- -- -- Enemy and it's a total scam. I think there are some people but -- and I mean are you on the other side is what came into me one time what. Canadian -- she had horrible rheumatoid arthritis. In her knees or hips or arms or hands curious -- basics she is all and I said what took -- so law. -- -- -- -- -- -- But the average story is old model that is I speaks Spanish so they send all that alleges Spanish speaking people who don't speaking of okay. What you know if you don't speak English you get more points -- your disability. You're kidding. I mean I guess like I guess I know kind of assume that there was a like a it'd formal thing it's a form all. The. Yeah because it's because the rating is now you can you can only do little labor jobs. You can't do -- secretary's job -- don't speak English. Sony yeah so what other words. It's it is if it's gonna cost three forget that I you know getting a job is gonna cost the family money learning English is gonna cost them money so. Corpus -- then I thought check them -- and Spanish let's find out they've been in the country for 31 years it's okay. And then next thing you know a little bit English comes just slight bit but they. I -- that a lot of the super market check -- counter to you know when -- when they have a dispute over how much change they're -- together whether a an item is covered by the food stamps there there -- English comes back pretty fast. There are no kids no kids so it's it's it's it's. So all of welfare system and I -- -- every way every day I've treated hundreds of thousands of people. Well hold frank should be shut down and restart it again because it's filled with corruption even the people giving out working for the welfare. Board they have a vested interest in everybody being disable. How about how. About it you know it's a problem just from the name transitional assistance that's the last -- It's like -- -- -- -- -- -- it's it's absurd it's city it's not it's it's part it's the department of permanent assistance isn't it. The about the transitional about it. Don't know well I couldn't agree with you more -- didn't you know they tweak it every now and then stated that they're gonna get a little -- brought it. Where they should spend their money is on inspectors. Going around to these people's houses -- up -- viewing screen TV's big image bigger than my normal people. And the people lost section -- got the heat up to 85 degrees the average person. That's collecting -- republic it's about 60000 dollars a year from mistake if you had -- medical care. There -- free -- their electricity their clothing royals' best food -- The whole thing I I shopped around and every last. I shouldn't Chelsea last week at the source. Person has 367. Dollars worth of groceries Philly or baskets. She pulls out -- welfare cards credit card. That knocks off to order -- what are we gonna we got a lot of -- twice the -- the other uttered yeah it. Now I Al we ought to stop right -- but Michael sole woman just told me during the break he should go to Chelsea sometime ago through supermarket your head will explode. You just get a -- confirmed that even though he hadn't talked. -- --