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Max Robins December 6, 2010 - The Walking Dead Rules

Dec 6, 2010|

Our TV expert from The Paley Center Max Robins answered all of our listener's boob tube inqueries which mostly centered around the AMC hit series The Walking Dead and Mad Men.

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18774694322. By the way just think those four adjectives would find their way into the senior senators -- -- and is there room for one more vapid. Craven. Hollow empty. Contradictory. Oh boy. He yeah he is he's rough draft of his own obituary there. All right. All here's officer mark -- the snowmobile -- story this is the personal mobile -- story of the of the year Pittsburg New Hampshire. Police say a snowmobile fell through thin ice on unknown bombing northern New Hampshire lake in the -- driving it has been arrested on drunken driving charges. The fishing game department says 32 year old Eric -- of Bradford was arrested early Saturday following the accident and back away. In Pittsburgh. Chamberlain told authorities she drove out onto the frozen snow late Friday and -- become disoriented due to falling snow. Yet that was one of the reasons he would become disoriented. He. He began circling about a hundred feet from shore trying to recite the alphabet back ports now I made that part up. When the machine broke that two to three inch ice surface and submerged in ten feet of water. Chamberlain was able to crawl up onto the ice and get to the shoreline he was cold and wet but not hurt. Is he hunter do you think he's a hunter. Our 18774694322. That is the toll free number. Of powered car show if you like that dryness here this afternoon every weekday afternoon it's Monday. And at this time every Monday. We're joined by max Robbins he is a veteran journalist to covered the broadcast TV industry for many years. And he is now the executive vice president. Of the paley center for media in New York City. Actually there. I am indeed -- so -- someone who. Officer -- we've been discussing all afternoon guys but arrest eleven times for drunk driving up here. -- eleven time -- it would neither did there was a dispute between the two papers weathered the globe said nine in the Harrelson eleven it seemed to herald was including all of the states were had been arrested for drunk drive up off a bit about the challenge for -- -- -- wide discrepancy. Oh well. But anyway really it's really not so bad he was claiming the -- -- -- was claiming that he was unfairly treated because it's it's impossible to expect anyone to be able to recite the alphabet. And a bit north and then -- officer -- -- -- asking him to recite the alphabet back ports. The fifth that at how that would be complicated but it's so good news of an officer mark now we would like to know you could recite the alphabet back ports. Not -- -- I didn't clicks on a you have the right to remain silent. Okay officer Marquez one more question for you -- Mac bit. Okay officer mark remember this holiday season -- -- is there any news is earning news of a remake of Chico and the Man in the works. I don't think so. And I certainly hope that. But it but it. Okay go in the man -- in India TV news we need to know about Macs well I'll tell you had a miracle of zombies. The walking dead last -- six million people watch which is a huge number for AMC. Really what I added that what tiger Camara and 10 o'clock. -- okay house I'm still watching the football game there you go pick up big the number I bet the Q number when they re -- in new. You know how they do DVR plus 33 days -- Little golf club it'll be almost double B Ben Roethlisberger after that guy grabbed him by the nose -- -- quite a -- controls gonna say yes -- -- what she's -- -- cover with you is covered with blood tour you know I doubt it's great having an HD is an. The idea idea I don't agree I like to do like to quote from Roethlisberger today had told roughly should be -- he grabbed my. Picks -- -- and a recession but. Dedication. But all the last night was the last night of -- boardwalk empire series you know I really one of the few things that's been on television since. Highway Patrol went off Howard that I would recommend that you watched you this great great great conclusion to a wonderful for season. Yes ducky -- Johnson someone someone. Who symbol life was told me today what a great show that once it's -- like he really likes -- here Nike Nike knows how to wield power. Yeah MacKey was reborn -- was the boss of Atlantic City back in the olden days I would think three and the way they should right now it is the that's right there was no there were none of these the one of these bugs and hotel rooms with. So on the mayor -- lyrics that he wanted to meet with some of his constituents. That's right that's right. I hate he was just trying to help people out to win seats that's right that's right. It's all about public service. You know it really does come down to -- Self service without. -- come like those gas stations that you don't have a New Jersey -- that's right that's right I read that story I'd probably I did not know that so I did not know -- Away when you think about this how things should or shouldn't work. In New Jersey guesses about 20% less than it is here in New York. And you don't have to pumping yourself a great is that really I didn't know that oh ahead yet makes the makes a trip to the garden state way to save money. Scott your net Alicia and ended Nike. That will help -- don't -- how you got a kick a little. I -- To us god go ahead your next with Howie -- and max robins from the paley center for media go ahead. I don't get it regarding -- network I would love under the anarchy isn't coming back. Yes it is. All -- last what was in the last episode of Sons of Anarchy. I did not do so. But they think they've got on this whole plot tension with kidnapping in the IRA and running guns and stuff. What what's about to the big guy was talking to was told me I should really look at this guy you know I'd -- I'd like to the follow his advice of these matters. He so I should rule issue the last episode of this season what Scott you can't even remember it. I'd -- I -- DPR they haven't watched it yet. Okay I need to find out always in the last episodes on the what to watch George suggests I watched this max. I would I would you pick mine it's it's speicher is corrupt government guns drugs and best women. And what more do you want -- we. Just wonder what this -- was part of about bikers for -- -- -- about -- Sons of Anarchy well that's is there are gangs. So it's again okay and the Sons of Anarchy -- a hells angels and they're kind of road trying to run this town and -- I got okay. Okay I see I get the picture now 1877469432218. Sevenths. What should do what sort of last night called. Called loan shark. -- look at a it was Robert B leopard production they were there will work and they had a tire plant -- the but they got their comeuppance in the -- by god that they did. Well you heard the rubber hits the road at the -- dead at the pitcher that have been aware of and then moved in the car went off the highway off a cleft. And you know I've I've been by bought this dvd selection I think I've seen that same cargo off that's important for about six stylish pathetic great you know it's like a good field supervision and series. Aged eight. I've seen that Plymouth taken -- to see is there's a gross should go running about same shot again. Jimmy your next with how we card max -- go ahead Jimmy. We wish you how secret that they went through how he could that they made sure no secret that they that they ending millionaire. Let's Jenny formally from Revere but he got out while we get what's good -- and you'll find his way back to surely have now. Well -- idea. Are you gonna follow that up with full course of police -- died. But -- -- -- who -- question I can tell you. He. Give me the F from the IRA at the act crooked being our. I -- -- officer were both killed in the ended most of them were. All of forever come and I want and I asked them well I don't know -- -- you know that's this ways around that. I. So everybody gets killed at the end was there was thirty other anything else I know the other plot devices that the might make an interest thing. Well the only good thing about that how he's you know I've no short term memories off forget by the time. -- so my question is whether. Secret diary of a call girl even -- coming out on dvd. Probably time with season for coming back to show we'll check -- a -- for. Thanks for the call Jimmy Merry Christmas to you to what I have Jimmie wants that show for the plot lines I'm sure -- does Barbara Euronext were powered car and max -- go -- Barbara. Hi I requested an. When is mad -- coming back. You probably won't see them in bed till August 2011. All right back nine though it -- -- that short period as well thirteen have to welcome to cable adelphia. I'll -- it's about the quality not to let the thanks to a call -- 1877469432. To raise your next with how we car and max -- go ahead right. -- know him not to trade -- for -- -- America was to most here Merry Christmas. I had to question the -- can. Sure I'm. Tricia well I think the last two want to know the first time. There at both cable and. They're shedding light especially dish declined to subscriptions. Yeah -- just such amount. Well. It's it's it's hard to discern at this point how much of that is is people you know cut the cord and how much and and for good and how much of that. Is driven by economics and you know. Drop in new housing starts economic factors. I think part of that that dropped though is people cut the -- on its funny how we there was some talking with. Someone last night in my neighborhood who's you know who who got their self -- roku. Set top box or they can it's I don't even know what that is it's it's one of these -- boxes like apple TV another one is boxy is another come right to them. Where you can stream you know at the Netflix stream over you're all I've heard about the idea. Men and you can you know some of these you can also see who watch Hulu well you have to pay a subscription not a typical premium service. But you know you figure couple the subscription services you're paying you know. -- 25 dollars a month. And in with figured you know digital tuner freer TV. You don't may be dead beats paying a hundred bucks a month for cable. What what about I've seen so I think on the NFL football games on Thursday night they they tell you could watch the games on NFL network dot com or something like that -- -- -- Why would they be telling you could tell you to leave leave -- mean they did you know their advertisers are paying a premium right I mean they did the same answer. What's going on with that. I think there's this attitude that they want ago where viewers are and that they they -- they don't care about the guys that bought the assets for for carry on 120 well they do I think what they're they're there they're feeling is how we that it's edited that you're going to after audience that. That might not you know might be in front of the computer but not in front of the TV screen. Not choosing one over the other. Now. You know it's it put it really is it is a problem for. For whether it's the NFL or any the other big sports franchises or are quite frankly for the big content companies like. Time Warner and Viacom. Like tonight would you today will you would there be somewhere watched BO patriots jets game Monday on the Internet the night. I don't know if you can stream it tonight we. But I think I think he can but I think you gotta pay. Oh OK okay it's -- is so there is some reason to have in it it did to continue to have cable but it's. But it's it's a fairly. It's a decree ever decreasing number of nights when you need it right it is citizen and you really have to look at your viewing habits that make some judgment. Is to whether you're really needed or are you pay allied. For very little. Yeah after -- I mean on on satellite I mean if you just get a couple of packages you could end up space suspended fifteen to seventy bucks a month. -- how we I don't know about you but at home. I mean we have three cable boxes. Couple the premium services. Their digital boxes plus we got you know DVRs and two of them. I mean and and the depth plus a high speed Internet in the house I mean -- pitch but to order fifty bucks a month. Good -- lot of money. -- lot of money. So if you got rid of the high speed -- -- -- -- you are rid of the cable though you would you lose the high speed Internet to I mean I could I could stick with them for is -- you know it's Time Warner like you to stick with them. Is my. Cable provider is Mike cable is quite arguably your Internet by virtue -- I can go with you know like with Verizon or something. Yup and do that a little -- and has everything. Oh yeah they have ever done to the patio when neighbor where you know where you're living right if they reach. But there's a lot of options and and I think increasingly consumers are looking at it and I think a lot of what's happening to his. Normally where you'd see some growth in subscription it's -- you know kids can you out of college first job first apartment they're watching their pennies. And end and their very tech savvy so yeah so they're the ones most likely -- to work around to say okay I might write some juice and they're also not buying land lines. Right forget about that that's why you know you wonder about a lot of the political polling that's going on right now how. How accurate is that when you're not when they do it by telephone and they're not. The medical people on the cell phones. Thanks for the call all right Paul -- next with how we guard max -- score have Paul. Did you look they're taking my call -- Mexico. -- of -- -- -- a sitcom was Jews. To have meant for instance I have a contention that when this shooting a scene they get the little kid talking that. They're focusing on him -- fiesta -- got to take it to react. And then. Think they should all those sequences. In a row and a nickel over an an issue Charlie may be talking -- Elena father talking to a and then they put them together is that how these things to make. Well it you know it's where you're calling this a three camera shoot I mean that they are they're they're. They might do the scenes where they have three cameras running and focusing on three different characters in -- scene and then just in and edited accordingly we give a you know the most bang for your buck. Do you think that they should work Charlie sheen's scenes in the morning you're in the afternoon I. I know among these was still that -- -- I do as much as they. Early in but in the shootout today I have a feeling is that a sneaking suspicion ha ha ha ha. He's a much good after lunches -- what you tell our -- -- so that's -- -- -- -- -- here remembers a reporter it Beckett -- the world these executives you knew you always called them after watch right that there -- going to be have in the bag and they were gonna give -- they were -- they worried. Tell you everything -- We talked to one the last survivors of the old Charlie -- early Charlie Chan movies once and that she said yeah it was great working with -- Roland but. Not after a lunch with some touch -- The original Charlie -- thanks for the call Paul -- you're next with how we guard max -- go ahead Donald. Yellow adorning their -- missed them that are today runner -- -- already an -- at 50 last week. I think they probably did -- -- -- one last week a lot of the shows have been in -- doctor's lea there's this weeks ended last week Matt O'Donnell so why would they why would they show you some but no after the switch -- -- They haven't that's how they get aironet -- stepped all of those gains and people are gonna lose interest -- of fact. You were -- gonna go cable where they have to wait till August to see madman again I mean they're all of that there are no in the same thing so they and so the viewer has nowhere to go -- Except to watch Fox News or something like that in just say to -- what that. Right well there you -- Well the we'll have that at -- all -- that alternative is almost going to existent and Fox News of course cost what probably what you bring your Fox News cost per hour. All of fractional what you pay for network show me and I don't know break yet. If if networks is costume a couple million dollars Fox News is probably costs him couple under grant that -- mostly ghostly even less than that yeah I mean it's I mean it's. Those are funny I know what they they made the -- at. I the other pay your toys I would think maybe how exactly. Yeah yeah. If your river math it's comes -- the same folks. David your next with how we guard max -- go ahead David. -- -- -- -- They probably never questioned -- tried to -- blue radio EVE let's be -- YouTube Blu-ray on outdoor propelled its phenomenal but I bought it because we're gonna stream Netflix directly refuting yeah. So watching movies for 1520 minutes irradiated delete it fortunately there -- no more ever wafers through the mail that's where they're going with -- that was very what are great thank. It's her -- you know everybody does Netflix loves -- it's a great service -- -- question about 795 a month. We get a cheap wedding if they are nine and it's gone up about computer but I mean even better than waiting for the -- could we do boo -- the. -- -- is that you have access to their whole library. It's unbelievable -- they do on the TV at the computer noted and that which is great -- my question is how many it is true that gene -- is coming back to do match game seventy. And we'll be bringing -- -- I don't think so if you take each pass a good Boston woman David c'mon Cutler -- some slack that's right. Boy -- -- -- -- a little a couple of cut vastly exchange of -- used of the mom and pop video stores right then you have blockbuster -- men and put them out of business then Netflix -- amended basically put blockbuster out of business. Now -- flick is putting itself out of business by morphing into a -- mother product. Well Netflix I mean there there one of the hottest companies in the media space right now in the and quite frankly. A lot of the premium on cable channels like guy HBO and showtime and stars yeah got -- -- definitely has some worried. Let's see -- Amy your next with how we car in max -- go ahead Amy. Paying out loud you love -- yeah. Dot did not know you want out and let -- Doctor 90210. Yeah that was ninety. Right it was the reality of the plastic surgeon Larry right. We'll check I think that's still out we'll check that out for you. Thanks for the call Bob your next with how we guard max -- go ahead Bob. Yeah actually comment on -- -- about cable costs and I recently switched from -- From cable to dish and out get nuts but interest seventy dollars to seventy channels in my appeared name. And you know I can get 120 channels for. Very twenty or 95 and 3030 bucks. After it expires. -- I love satellite I've been with -- almost from the very beginning but I'm thinking now Macs and -- Bob that I can do better if I go one of those packages of everything you know high speed Internet the phone service and -- cable. Wonderful place -- went away I mean I could I thought I could probably save myself like I think it just under a hundred bucks a month. Right that's that's real money I mean. It although I'll tell you how we I did I get satellite not a lot of problems with that you know when I was there when I -- the -- But I love I love satellite but I'm just saying he would be it people tell me now with cable loses. But the picture quality is as good as. If you get the right system you know the advanced the most advanced cable is is just as good as satellite. But you'll what you -- but you'll pay for all by the way sorry about doctor 9021 now it's gone it's gone yeah okay they've revoked his license. OK may I suggest that Mexico Alfred next week we will expect you to recite the alphabet backwards on guard according to trading okay this is thank you thank you. Okay that's max -- from the pew center for -- powered car rates are at historic -- call network capital funding corporation right now 807.