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Romney says he loved be governor...really?

Dec 2, 2010|

Romney and Palin and why haven't we killed the wikileaks guy yet?

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I'm reminded that we. Yeah house bands today that Thomas judge -- is credence Clearwater revival. Here is that trivia question pay close attention the other dale Hawkins originally wrote. This song that was later made famous -- Yeah we Clearwater revival but until rockets originally wrote this. Later made famous like -- we -- we have revival text your answer to us here at the top judge Joe 686. But what's that question. Included dale Hawkins went about a originally wrote this particular what -- I was left that was later made famous by great job so it's a question. -- give when you -- my -- in the name of the song. So go ahead and send them. -- listen to the raises questions dale Hawkins. Originally wrote. Maybe we should have said what song. This song yes that's a statement that we are quite a very famous place. -- -- -- Three times you never know supporters actually -- We'll wartime wolf but that's jeopardy all right this just now you -- what is I'll god what is. All right is that the jabs. Switch from wage because we are broadcasting drama should said the U bellows ruled that what is building you'll have little time -- you have a look at the but but but but but but but. Sorry -- could -- years I've not been. He's just playing tech trivia freaks and shut off -- are always a bad -- sorry we're starting off with a high school football players become kind of controversial scored a touchdown 23 yard run I believe it was. And then he went down to his knee as football players often will in the end zone and pointed out of the sky. And digital praise of juice. I have to -- grown hasty breaks -- Ford today. Yard touchdown run. -- Cindy and points to the heavens. Then the -- free literally throws the penalty flag right added. You say it's a sort of my conduct can draw attention to yourself he's he says he wasn't calling attention to himself. But to someone else they do that's good good it's my heavenly father and Jesus. Something -- still feel like he's mister Bernanke said. His abilities in the first place the junior has scored many touchdowns this season and his -- down into Kuwait Baghdad and every time I got on the ends. Nothing's -- on there is anything about it such -- some thing I've done this tradition. We really don't make. Comments about officials' calls those are our judgment calls but the executive director of the governing body overseeing high school sports in the state has seen the video. But hasn't been told by the officials regarding the circumstances surrounding the call. He's aware of the religious overtones it represents this. Creating all kinds of pure by the it's well who cares saying to me I like when officials. Run a tight game his -- -- grandstanding in the injustice that's great season Ohio. And Ohio -- trigger with stimulus I think I thought I thought I hear them say in -- that that being said I mean there are some states where it's gonna be a little bit more important and others. I always thought the penalty now maybe it's the pros that I'm thinking of is fought. Excessive celebration slash showmanship you know the is a lot -- a lot of the nonsense. This is about delay of game drop down to drop a doubt TDs indoor court -- -- -- they're very quick I have got to be fair by the high school they don't allow the shenanigans that go on young pros why did the kid is holding the football kneels down he delays the game and -- that the penalty call -- delay of game. But. I I hate the fact that people do performances. IE I I agree with what I watch what -- Delay of game play and did he nailed down got it was a 22 move off the ball tour always it's whose second Iraq. Still -- -- -- -- calling -- the best penalty duty in the -- the -- just -- it to a million elected -- because instead of -- candidates who don't -- holding the -- -- when he when he -- it is -- now why why do you -- the -- in the end -- you go back and do it personally it's it's not appropriate to me to make a public spectacle well I'll tell -- I suspect -- -- was this young -- will do exactly what you said I think the best advice that was having given on this whole issue of end zone celebrations. I forget the pro who -- who said that they don't get. Barry Sanders. Act as if you've been there before you know hustle these guys have gone crazy that is if you've done this before gore what are the -- And give him the ball well there's a Barry Sanders easyJet he has never celebrated young you know to not colonel Sanders same -- -- well do he had this secret recipe -- -- did -- -- often debts -- -- NW -- doesn't celebrate the reverend apparently that's based. If you did he knows it's gotta be good every time -- Spend -- -- -- Alexander is Barry's did is secure at all thought might be ice chicken consistently. -- I don't know what about -- We've moved from web job number one to Mitt Romney he was on Jay Leno last night talking about -- two odds favorite cell repair and you have little. Governor of the state. Could you ever seen yourself quitting for any other reason. No it's hard to imagine a circumstance were adequate. I loved the job stimulus. Being governor is probably the best job you can thank -- you're not. It's have a real impact on the lives of people you care you don't have you ever in this debut and you can you still okay get health care for folks it's a it's a great job I loved it but she had her reasons and by the way it did some looking for isn't it. Something about. Leg in a negative about Sarah Palin right that's not gonna come from an -- did you see what she did. To the Halliburton get another -- yeah yeah I don't I don't know. How underwrote talent from hell out of that did you see what she did of that caliber I did not but I -- you again and get a first volumes in helped. Big alibi -- B it's big -- and she sent and there are on the deck when Waechter and also the way you're occurred to describe that -- an all this -- is this it was surreal this uses real Alaska for her greatness expand its key. The notion by the way that Mitt Romney from being -- of the greatest possible job to -- time and that he would never consider the notion of quitting is. Almost nobody if you think about what he did why would he quit Washington. He was travel all over the country go whatever he only wanted ignoring the state of Massachusetts and he got to be called governor. He was the only governor right its history made a big big thing about he was not gonna draw our salary or is gonna take a dollar -- And we we could make the comment that he was -- and that puck it hit it. I mean honestly the frustration that I have what Mitt Romney is that there's no question. He could've been. And if he'd try it would have been a good governor I don't know what I was circumstances I think he has the ambassador don't think there's any doubt about his steel cents. But that being said he. Either got -- I checked out I was convinced by handlers and those ambitious folks around of that page. It's the Potomac it's not the Charles Rivera is not enough pots that lets go down by the Potomac that's -- Raleigh action by the way not to belabor the middle thing but if he had run for reelection served another term got he would have just finished right. And then. Imagine how well position he reviewed for the presidency would have been qualified having served two terms. And he could've been viewed as somebody who follows through very to me he isn't bigger -- than Sarah Palin is. That's all I wanna say yeah I mean pay I think pay like give Palin the benefit of the doubt I think there was a great deal of fatigue that said he had. Not so much physical fatigue -- it's mental fatigue in his work comes from activists from the democratic body and the press sent a whole host of others. Frivolous lawsuits litigation and ethical you know -- claims of ethics this ethics that you finally say you know what. I don't need this crap I don't need this baloney anymore and I'm not gonna do what -- letter and tell yourself somebody else think that's where you don't understand Ed Rollins was on CNN yesterday. And he was not so nice to Sarah Palin has -- was. The director he writes this on cnn.com today about Sarah. Palin and her headline -- I knew Reagan you're no Reagan. -- I know you're only two and Ronald Reagan was elected by a landslide to the first since two terms as governor of California in 1966 we would have hoped somewhere along the way through the five colleges you attended. Did you would've learned a little history and I can tell you being governor of the most populous state is a lot tougher. Then being governor of one of the least populous states and -- you go on essentially to say if she must be a serious candidate she has to prove herself on the issues out. Why at this moment did you decide to say hello governor I don't think so -- first. -- does two things one easy time beating Obama and she's forgetting is a process and with their five or six very significant candidates governors like Haley Barbour bend -- for eight years. Former White House political director Mitch Daniels former OMB director eighty years governor. Romney Pawlenty a whole variety my candidate dad whose tenure as governor of Arkansas. Mike Huckabee. They're all gonna run for president and if they do she's got to go out and prove she's a tougher candidate no one's. The minority Shiite anointed by John McCain. But -- her whole rhetoric now as you know Ronald Reagan did this so therefore I can do that -- Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan was a very significant person. By the time he ended -- running for president he ran three times before he got elected. As for -- as soon as she is. Then I'm gonna basically if I wanna jump about a mile Osgood. Didn't travel log that I'm gonna be the nominee she's got a lot of windows beyond Alaska. While -- -- -- I I think first you'll feel rage in his voice are -- the anger that she did so much more media attention that his candidate this is did that does a lot of frustration this a lot of jealousy there. That this is snide tone in his in his in in his comments about. GM would have thought that you -- learn some historians and -- at least one of the five colleges that you attended. That type of stuff. Just celebrating diverse site -- But not a lot of I had a she she was simply -- corporal back notice it jealousy. Or is he just upset that she's actually be taken seriously he's working for competitive her so I think he's in general has more credibility of probably deserves the job well that's true she doesn't have a lot of credibility nor does she deserve what that -- drive. And serious step back from minute you know they can what you just radio also he -- period that that that would have been the same type of sentiment and sentiment. An opinion that you -- getting from. Hillary Clinton's people about tomorrow Barack Obama heck does he think and she was right so this kid is this kid is a wet behind the is kind of you know just showed up and say hey make me the king of the problem. So within that -- is not a bad job for -- how high. Hot hot to what he's -- -- if he's ready part here is so much controversy out there about perfume should they be big and well one parent and narrowly passed. -- quarterback concession on the docket today. Scent of a woman too much for one very sensitive should not as. A seventeen year old high school student from Indiana is now suing his school district since her early hit at least his mother is. Claiming the school is violating the Americans with disabilities act by refusing to ban outright. All perfumes Cologne this and just about any spray with a sense. Young Jay-Z that's the boy's name insists that he is allergic to strong fragrances. Even though most -- just say there really isn't any such thing. You know what I'm allergic to kids. Whose names you wouldn't give to a dog she. Young cheesy yet Shia and AJV she after -- there. And I could name him axle. They call one minute no Axelrod stick gets young -- you -- marry well. I and all the hot hot hot hot hot -- I actually think I can't stand perfumes so I've I've become. -- impatient with this -- you know some people don't. It's hard to know how much perfume to put on apparently for women. So people quarter mile away you know other common -- at this lady there -- -- -- show up. You could stellar in the parking lot while I was so struck the principles on this when should be less is more. The principal I don't know what should be about old cause -- but Larry I don't like guys who come in smell on all suite. It's like oh why -- went up through with a per what do you call for men in the perfume Cologne for lowering Colin throw that there's still water there in the bumper to boil water that's where it belongs that's why they call it that -- And Jay-Z more robust foreign going to have a lot of resentment here's young Jaycee -- but his new record. -- -- I imagine go through life is young he's young he's not talking about half. Occasions she chose his career path. Oh absolutely -- believe pentagon press section. Jerry Jeff morale is asked why we didn't crackdown on stock Wiki leaks. This is a wake up call for. For Keith Alexander in the -- of cyber command I don't think anyone questions the fact that we not done all we could. Offensively. To take the fight to in this case to the enemy we spend most of are trying time trying to defend ourselves within the Department of Defense -- you remember Greg awards are presided endeavor. Offense and defense. And until we get our act together in attack. Hacking these of these sources tell the enemy will always have the initiative and the advantage. How might wait a minute wait a minute I cannot plan to shut down Wiki leaks before they released these documents. Well you know -- I think a major general scales is correct that there is an offensive and defensive component to our work in this drivers here. And that we have never danced around that hit the fact is that we are really trying to focus on beefing up our defense -- capabilities because it is becoming an increasing threat. But we also clearly have offensive capabilities. But it is that at the end of the day of the determination of those who are charged with not such things. The decision was made not to proceed with any sort of aggressive action of the of that sort in this case. It's smart. -- miles like two words -- smart bomb lit -- what a walk flee Wii's lead dodged over the whole issue. You've done reading on this -- I have this well. The government cyber command or whoever the heck else is doing that on my behalf as American citizens has recently shut down a number of sites that were selling counterfeit product bags of they sell they'll they'll shut down sites that are selling the pirated all bootlegged music. Protecting customer really taxing all those things. Whitney leaks has been out the if for no less than four months with a very specific announced determination by this guy Julian -- -- To do harm to America's interest to your opponent's your enemy off poll however you want to describe it. His -- clearly told you what his intention is and has acted on that multiple times and you still -- this say well at the end of the day those who make bad decisions have decided not to show. The requisite. Offensive determination what a bunch of. How is it happen. How is that time magazine can find this jewel in the science guy for an interview at that we can't find -- -- -- a bullet in the back of orcas they do via email. But still meeting commit suicide I was six shots. -- the -- -- the -- development knives 72 times around the bolts are all this. All. Believable greens Clearwater revival are household ended today -- this is the trivia question for a run the day. Dale Hawkins originally wrote what soft. Which was later made famous by. Credence Clearwater revive the text message to us at 68680. Power crooks you wanna move on today went to the move on -- -- Okay here we go blood dot org launches a new ad aimed at Barack Obama and President Bush's to. Tax cuts the national consensus is and he is accepted -- It that we have to have lawful owners and that's around one studio itself takes -- -- Move my daughter oh -- it has launched a new ad in their President Obama and the bush tax cuts. And then Obama Barack as President Obama well. I one each successful without even asking for her -- you stand tough and you don't extend these tax cuts to the richest Americans may. Didn't mean there. -- -- For you because for the first time for a lifetime of politician was actually laid out a plan that reinforce the values that we've come to believe in Transamerica I wanna say thanks. Although -- what you can help clean the people playing here back and meet you back we're. -- -- Guys dance floor all the people he's got dual -- why Arizona. His guests and please do not compromise with the. The bush tax cuts that he and he didn't really. -- tax bracket who don't need your money and country music in your campaign speech that enough is enough. Please -- Conduct political action is responsible for the content of this have a test. One mother moved to the base of the Democratic Party moveon.org is -- moving away. From Barack Obama. I'm there are angry their disappointment the poor -- they feel betrayed them as well they should because that was all they ruse. That whole posturing of that the man who they miss from the election cycle Russell how -- -- Like you're on -- -- what's up. I taught my a couple of things -- try and make sure our. -- shape -- -- or electric shaver razor. Cute yet to -- No you don't know. Okay I do okay I think they're I was shaping Prussia are usually. -- -- -- -- -- shape you do look at yet about Olbermann. No that's fine if you do what are sold out what I was saying before does not apply to your men and after shift. But you don't like current -- little warm and you're telling me I I don't mind perfume on a woman it's useful. Jack is okay that's not worse -- -- -- a little -- other risk maybe even behind a year or wherever. She chooses to -- doesn't want Yahoo! okay. It's you're really worried. -- I could. Idyllic place you should -- I. Well I don't -- me what are you wearing come let me get a closer look. Bellamy -- a close thank you Dylan Errol appreciate our little group records enough that a too much that's part of what makes him so lovable. This a new song inspired by the TSA. It's called I will be groped for Christmas. This -- this is Roxy -- -- -- -- huh only this time this. -- to six yeah. There were then lands end. On insanity. I'm so as soon. Growths are radiated naked -- decision. And Chris -- sing you know sun man. That's being. In mass that's okay. Well -- well. Some. And CNN snapped denying any. -- is gonna put judge and make our federal during its usual are able Kudlow and terrible and. All we got. I wanna hold your wide. We're now. That's really how. But Justin. Do -- WRJ. --