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Obama AWOL on Veterans Day

Nov 11, 2010|

President Obama was not just absent from the Tomb of the Unknowns this Veterans Day he was absent from the country. Instead he was in Indonesia telling the crowds about how Americans must stop mistrusting Islam. Howie felt this was an insult to American Veterans. Most callers agreed.

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Okay now wanna give back to walk -- get back to the veterans day. -- ceremony and I guess who was not guess who was not laying a wreath today is several people already mentioned Barack Obama is a continuing his his his his mission. Whatever his mission is is -- mission is to what to escape the country. After the short lacking as he put it in the mid term elections last week there's a great column today. In the day New York Post about bam a walk a lot vets that and again this is the second year in a row. By Charles hurt. Today is veterans day do you know where your president is. With this feeble flame of hope. Quote unquote. Thoroughly doused here in the United States by last week's elections President Obama has set out around the globe in search of throngs. Still enthralled by his flowery rhetoric. He found them of course in Indonesia this week by telling them about how Americans must stop -- trusting Islam. So that is why your president is halfway around the world instead of being here in the United States to celebrate the sacrifices American soldiers. Sailors and airmen have made around the world to keep the real still burning flame of freedom alive. Obama honored our veterans from afar by laying a wreath during a ceremony at an army base in South Korea last that is a distance from -- matched only by which hasn't cast Chatham. Chasm that is opened up between him and the voters who elected him two years ago. This aloofness of his his real is really becoming a problem. Not Obama doesn't appreciate the sacrifices of veterans he absolutely does just asked -- Indonesians. He was in Jakarta for their heroes day. This week to honor their veterans quote who have sacrificed on behalf of this great country this great country of course being Indonesia. Quote when my stepfather was a boy he watched his own father and older brother leave home to fight and die in the struggle for Indonesian independence. And quote Obama told the audience. The White House wonders why so many people think there is something foreign about this -- In the same speech Obama gave voice to a harsh criticism he has heard about freely elected government I can only be said the risk. Today we sometimes hear the democracy stands in the way of economic progress he set. Really. As Charles heard them -- New York Post says the shocking statement raises the question. Where has Obama heard this fatuous claimant with whom has he been talking politics. He went on to tell the Indonesians democracy is met his messy. Not everyone likes the results of every election issue go through ups and downs he said. At least that sounds like Obama is finally getting the message the voters sent him last week. So there you go. He's -- Joe Biden what was. At Arlington today laying a wreath and you know this war what does this two years two years in a row now he hasn't he hasn't been there for a firm for veterans -- -- -- -- asking too much I mean c'mon I mean the thing is it what is she doing over there there there I know what's the G-20 summit but. ET. Eat -- he couldn't do little more than. -- could just form over after going down blamed the -- I don't know I. Is he he just doesn't seem to what it to care I mean this is that this is classic example he's. He saluting the Indonesians lecturing Americans again on are -- is -- And this is this is what he's all about them. 1877469432218774694322. Should you've been in the US arm of veterans day and that day and you know. It will be one thing if it were it if it if you you thought that he really did here you know. Median one thing about George Bush and I don't care what Michael Moore says and I would watch when his crappy movies if you work if you paid me out here you'd have to pay me a lot of wealth. I don't know if I -- it being. I don't watch it under any circumstances but. You know despite what Michael Morse says. You know -- he always knew the George Bush put the put the American people first. And he wasn't machine -- to be an American I mean all this this decent. This. For -- this latest apology -- It just it just indicates how how. Out of touchy as in meanwhile axle rod is back in the he has had David Axelrod his his -- up -- -- from Chicago. Is back giving a it giving an interview to his. To his son's the go to the website is some works for the Huffington Post. Saying that they're gonna give that they're gonna -- big it'll allow all the bush tax cuts to go forward if congress passes it. And then that was this morning and then at about 10:30 this morning. Axelrod announces that he's been misunderstood the -- issues a non denial denial. So this is this is what they this -- we have two more years of this this nonsense to go. To go 18774694322. And again. He he was in Jakarta for their heroes day to honor their veterans but he was not in America to honor our veterans. Any effort to Indonesia as this great country. Jeff -- next with -- we are not that it's a bad country I'm not saying it's a bad country I'm just saying that Leo how does it stack up against the United States of America I think it comes up a little short. Jeff your next what how we cargo ahead Jeff. How -- how come. Maybe this society -- dollar reached over the Jim Crow south. Outraged over. South African -- died and yet in the muddle -- religion is basically apartheid for women. How come you know there's not a how how could that be okay. I'd I don't know Jeff fight -- -- it's not okay obviously but you you know apparently Cyrus is a lot of liberals don't seem to see a big problem I mean I didn't go to get the feeling little lot of liberals. Are are are almost I won't. I'm also forced to see they're rooting. For the Taliban to return in Afghanistan but they don't care who wins they don't. I mean isn't isn't the Taliban's return. I mean that's that's like 88 senate's of permanent servitude and second class second class tenth class citizenship for every woman in Afghanistan has met. Absolutely it's no different than the Jim Crow south yeah with the -- that the blacks is no different -- liked. The whites did to blacks in south Africa cup. It's just that -- -- to women instead of blacks. Yeah I know should ensure -- and there are that talking about -- real law -- -- million parts of the west it's crazy thanks for the call Jeff Tom you're next with how we cargo ahead Tom. Hey Ali this guy Obama is a real crap -- kind of -- -- Can't miss. Veteran day last year he missed veterans day this year -- don't bet can they get next to your bookmark byword he'll come out. They into an election year and it'll be that big zero laid at the reef. -- but to -- really the election will take place before veterans day in 2012 you better be better be their run next next year. Well that's chip but he'll be good -- your -- show up this state hero because he knows that the electorate has -- short. -- Yeah. You think we will early on that short of -- memory that they that they remember that you know he's he's in Indonesia talking about the the great Indonesian veterans but you know we just you know it's just the sort of -- a an aside to go to while layer read them a South Korea. Well don't you know those Democrats because have to get all of our that there -- -- better be like their hero. -- -- that I had their their yards and they're beyond. A reasoning where they do when -- got -- right -- what you have to do is I have to keep the independence on. Against the guy and that's apparently that Karl Rove got a great column that Al go over to know it all while in the Wall Street Journal. But how the independence of all switch -- there was there was at thirty east there was a 26 point swing in the independence between. This election and 2008 there was leave it in the was a 36 point swing. Between 2006 and two and the issue this election so they all they all they all abandoned them they come I'm glad that you know except in Massachusetts and California of course. Thanks for the call Tom. 18774694322. Debbie your -- with how we cargo ahead Debbie. How -- I just wanna say there's an American citizen and get reductions in my can't parent how apple can that the president wasn't here again this year. -- aren't Armenia are the only wind I -- say it. You lot of people mentioning a broken how we Abbott and Obama's support it but. I've tried to mention BRD American soil -- veterans -- yeah Alla on aren't in the US today. Thank you Ali thank you. -- I'll buy 18774694322. -- next with Howard cargo ahead gem. Dahlia my first time caller from mount -- -- formally oak square. I thought -- OK we're right around the corner for me where I knew where you used to live. They got our our match comment about how many times Obama's very well off versus -- church keep. You compassionate idea. Question. Yeah like yeah I got to thank our whining can't nobody judge been charged. Just don't and. Doesn't -- know it's it's weird. People who aren't religious go to church more often than he he does -- -- -- any claims to he claims to be a Christian right he claims to be in the Bob Christian. -- And then of course these are he's always got the of the old excuse well you off I started going to a church and not in DC. It would really disrupt everything in that have to be all the Secret Service protection and I would die interfere with the other parishioners can put up any other present I know it and you know what I. How long has she been president now as he'd been. Has he -- there's a church across the street from them and episcopal church at this. Straight white white as any major Protestant why does -- go to go to that church like maybe once a year. All the other president should call it back. -- I'm not I'm surely not religious but I feel better about everything if you went to you know national cathedral can handle security trying to me yeah. I know I I now peace is that is that like that Charles hurt does says and they they wonder that people they wonder in the White House white people can't the kid get used to this guy he became used to -- -- this -- an American -- -- again I know I know I know we're multicultural lot. He would be any religion you want. But but. You know every other president. Has has gone to church you know our -- and after. It can't compete synagogue take anything he went to the he went to the fast a global a -- style right for the attendance gathered all. -- Thanks thanks -- 177. Foot or 6943221877469432. -- did a feeling he just doesn't like most Americans are -- that's the impression that by I've always had about the guy. -- it just gets stronger stronger as time goes by and he's ease in the use. These dire political straight city is still can't seem to change your stripes. Brochure and -- with how we -- ahead Bruce. I always the so I'm Bruce from Vermont I -- about a year and a half -- -- told you why I had voted for Obama yes. Is because I was so tired -- drifting slowly. Left word and I thought. You know off the site gets elected he's gonna have both houses. And him they're not going to be able to help themselves and they're going to do you know exactly what they've done. Well it looks well look what apple. I I nobody -- we we paid after a pretty stiff prices a as a country have a way I mean lead beyond the real unemployment rate is 17%. You know there there right there they're there on the verge of this this crazy. We're printing press. Scheme to -- to reinvigorate the economy which could lead to inflation hyperinflation. I mean I don't I don't need this kind of cash store oil for my system -- I know I I think we would end up there anyway. Because -- them in charge of of out of both houses. I just think that they were going to go there no matter what. No they were there there's no question about it India they they don't it and you know they don't seem to learn their lesson I mean there's still a young they're talking about trying to what. Make another run kamikaze attempt to getting the dream act through now I couldn't get the dream Mac Pro and they'll. Why why would they vote why would people more up for reelection in 2012 now vote for the dream act after seeing what happened all of their. Bred to run. Yeah in this in the the elections last week I mean it's crazy but you're right they can't help themselves rush was saying today that the whole thing with but Cliburn verses a steady lawyer you know what that's all about. It's not about race so much it's about a car. Cliburn get a car as the -- -- doesn't wanna give up the car the driver. -- It's great it's great that you know the the world is hinging on these -- on the easily really important issues like whether Jim Cliburn will have the paper his own right were. Right. -- miss -- from California. The what I can enjoy the 757. Minute man I speaker you're not gonna have that much longer. My lap or you are I did quite serious yeah I didn't really vote for him. You'll that's easy enough to say now Bruce there's I'd heard that millions of tide actually millions of people you know fight anybody who voted for the guy now. I don't know. I have voted always. Republicans -- my whole life -- and and particularly if there was conservative I. Yeah well for your -- say to acts of contrition and you know make a good hail Mary you're good at whatever they say whatever they say. It's been awhile since I've been to confession thanks Bruce about a -- OK I'm not a devout and religious person myself I understand that you know. But I committed church more than he's been in church I was in my daughter's confirmation earlier this year. One -- -- the church at least once this year. 1:8 central more time than he's been right 18774694322. Dave your next with Howie -- go ahead Dave. They finally got that just -- my -- you don't talk. Thanks happy veterans -- you to your vet tried. I -- I -- -- -- record -- -- outside we wanna tell you something okay. It's gonna sound like emptying -- I'm not really OK I prayed for our president speak at a church. You know but you -- understand all how he -- thing is what Obama is not a Lewinsky Italy bubble was carrying a Bible -- I I know but you know some some -- what is there's a there's a saying about hypocrisy is the is the price we pay for virtue or something like that. You know. -- have rather have Clinton. Fake -- net. With that would -- sitting in the front role that the choir of the was on statewide TV in Arkansas when he was defeated for reelection for governor in 1980. I'd rather get that I'd rather have that bakery that this guy who just obviously doesn't can't even be bothered. 22. Observed the traditional rules of the society in which you lips. But now we just a couple of points -- -- real quick you know that the plane is still is that the Democrats seven. That people at Pratt are. Alleged -- astonishing that resonate deep they do more for our preview it and I. So little themselves. I mean it's discussed his cabinet tell you its military veterans who finally served this country holing out -- not not try to launch. This president is a disgrace she should be here in the country well in the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier there status up a bit of fraud in -- The album twelfth. So well okay that one by one he's not a -- cut copy actually one. Speaking yeah speaking of liberal hypocrisy of others and there's that I could do a story today a -- stoke a -- you I have my AI MI phrase of the day. Creeping genocide I could do my liberal hypocrisy. Story of the day you know what it is today it's from New Jersey from the star ledger the new work paper. What are -- facing and that's what. In -- and unflattering video made during a New Jersey education association India India in. EA the the union leadership conference this -- had repercussions for at least one union member. Up Passaic special education teacher was suspended for nine days will be docked pay raise after making crude comments. Using the N word and joking about how hard it is for tenured teachers to be fired it was all caught on tape and a hotel bar by the James O'Keefe. At the week during a weeklong caught union conference. And this woman her name is so a lease up Washington she owns and she earns in the high 980s teaching hate it -- and height nine weeks. Teaching a class of separate special Ed students so that's our hypocrisy of the day for from the from the beautiful people. From the celebrate diversity crowd want they can use the N word. And it was just always just a terrible mistake she had such she was trapped by the evil James O'Keefe. -- -- and genocide that was creeping genocide against the New Jersey teachers that's what I can say. When -- someone gonna throw James O'Keefe and his -- his good looking babe in jail 187746. 94322. On how we car. Nokia -- gonna be a service and sacrifice of all these non veterans of of our nation. And we thank them primary on veterans -- -- tomorrow yes colonel David Hunt to will be with you tomorrow I'll be I'll be out. For my life -- getting many nasty cracks about this how we first it's the eye surgery in the teeth now like -- I think this is from Maine I think going vegan would be a logical next step for metro -- like you or perhaps a unity began. Begin vegan whatever. Divide ever. Okay. You food grilled by the way is providing all past and present military personnel free meal today all of their locations across the country. They have three locations in Boston they have a vocation in downtown crossing in landmarks senator and at Logan Airport there's another one in Watertown near us. Okay so what -- veteran matter how they connect another gonna check but -- -- veteran -- -- or military personnel you can get a free meal would you food -- A card appeared that it. You do the veterans administration card. People carry a -- around and that I don't know you'll -- any of food by the way they have killer food even though I think partly it's really good they do. They securian draft card the -- shortly after the draft and -- -- by mistake I threw my wallet in the laundry and the only thing left when it came out it in there in a washing machine and the only -- -- left was a was a good the other bills -- to carry draft cards would did you get -- Democrats with the at all time issue dead why. I don't know CNV I don't know. I was not saddened when my draft card was was boost destroyed the police used routes to where should draft card now. No but you were 100 anyway Ellis was on the back it was on the back of the draft started said he -- -- you had to keep discard with you at all times. I was one day. One went in and that thank you Richard Nixon. 1877469432218774694322. Joe your next with how we cargo ahead Joe. -- -- -- Guard -- got a nice little help they've made pretty clear that currently salacious story and help today yes. Yeah yeah one gentleman here are they keep you gotta check get numbers because it's. If he revolver Utah beat you would've equality of old. I'm gonna take his word for it Joe you know I I heard I heard some but I heard a news report just before he came on they said that there -- -- an immediate -- of -- 86 year old veteran. The George patton's third army and know World War II. And then they that they interviewed at 47 year old guy who just come back from my Iraq and they said he was 49 years. Younger than the the -- from George patton's third army. The vet and and I thought my style -- -- -- that's not real hard math -- -- you know 27 from eighty six's 59. So I'm gonna take his word for it but Joe I think he was with the I think you are. He -- enormity -- -- -- just they dated yet the numbers well I. That's that's a lot of stuff to get screwed up now when you see -- my father was in the US army air corps you know and now they say he was he served to leave you know when you read in -- a lot of times it says he served in the air force during World War -- -- and there's nobody around who knows that it was originally called the army air corps. I'm not correct you'll go anywhere but I don't -- disparity there because the metal parent. Let's just not sure it's a typo but I -- say -- up on a good policy was brought new solid while we have the whole thing. Thanks for the call -- they hit the -- -- -- a win and very and very early ages I Joe Moakley was one of my B key Joe Moakley goalie congressman from South Boston. I think he enlisted at the age of fourteen he got some kind of a fake the fake enlistment papers from somebody in the neighborhood in South Boston. And I he was that he was on a boat at the age of fourteen or fifteen -- he was the one of the if you were still alive to be one of the younger our youngest. World War II vets -- you'd be. I -- -- 8081 something like that. And that's not days that's the approach that would put true why that would mean you win enough before you while we're supposed to have gone and 18774694322. John you're next with how we cargo ahead John. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I hate doing -- -- -- a couple of things first of all love that this president it's kept me going. Yeah he's passionate that's -- he's passionate when you talk about how bad America is that he -- best. I remember it's it's almost it's -- it -- since the Fort Hood shooting and remember that guy middle watching that press conference -- -- You know he's up big giving a shout out remember he would give a shout out the one of the guys on other. So does she -- wanna give a shout out to some native American I think he said yeah right. Right and which we know what happened there what they came out they said oh he looked. You're gonna Muslim charity was an isolated extremist. He can't even bring itself to call -- what it is. Right now I don't use the word terrorism either and -- -- your doctor about veterans remember that the Homeland Security about how veterans there might be a potential terrorists get a real terrorists veterans we're going after. While we had a car bomb manmade disasters. Anyway the other quote no -- -- -- can do the operations but you gotta watch out for the people that head up. Bob mistaken don't make their way you know they had the veterans returning home. And dump -- I don't know -- -- -- -- at long last found in Haiti last night but she gets she was fantastic she used to it right up there. Quote him over the -- over you have to get Tehran. Education issue she had the guts to go after this guy just tell it like it. Orange I heard her about a power and a half ago won enough fox again on the afternoon show talking about this sudden this proposal to bring back the dream -- -- grandstanding they can't get it through this is the one that would make illegal aliens upper big give -- provisional -- Three and 335. Rights as other coast or the girls -- North -- -- actually bridge would be a cosponsor of that I mentioned that I -- days now all. I mean. This guy is is beyond -- he gets. We know we remember what his his mentor and Hawaii were it was a true boxes. And I mean he went to the race is sure why we're surprised by this -- Why are we surprised what he said they could -- I'm still amazed though John I mean you know I got it I hit I didn't really like Bill Clinton to put it mildly. The United States are college he didn't exactly he was he -- -- yeah I know you know you know were Bill Clinton you know why so well. With excellent well thank you. Yeah I got another got -- another text about the -- Fort Hood. Situation the Fort Hood massacre actually know what I call the situation falling in the PC talk. But H many of us realized there was something off with Obama win after a dozen US soldiers were murdered at Fort Hood. He addressed the nation and didn't even mention the tragedy until about ten minutes of shout outs -- yet I it was three minutes of shout outs of the crowd but it was. It was appalling however long it once I mean they -- again Clinton. Clinton would know. Would have more sense I mean it's just -- even the -- even if you don't hear some -- days sometimes you have to pretend like Clinton with a Bible you know. Going to the church every week. 1877. Force of get a guy at the White House who like you know opened the Bible and made it look like you know and had -- had that. -- to turn the pages and make it look like it was used a miniature Clinton never look never looked in the Bible. Dale your next with how we cargo ahead dale. I have always thought I gotta make a couple points here and the first one -- quickly is about. I President Clinton to be Christian yes. All according tool actually a -- -- self and move. Child born to a Muslim is marble. He has the -- Norton now is. Muslim heritage and had -- -- man he would get beaten would be a target for every. But -- we have to give him that he is an American citizen we have to give him the benefit of the doubt that he you know he is a -- he claims to be a Christian so we we have to accept that right. Don't wait. I know why there is no we don't know ABC. I mean how do you how do you prove what's in a guy's head. You know I mean hey he he says he's a Christian I mean we can't you know we we can't -- do one X -- of his brain to see what he really believes. -- Look look where you are now on armistice day. And ended when a year earlier callers mentioned a number of times he's been in the Christian church. I would lead to offer that he is not to but still. We've got this. Mike -- why we all that I wondered admit that you specifically and and even national on Hannity and Rush Limbaugh you you all follow them to. The PC trap bombs even you are using the term on the Muslim extremists. Or mobile fundamental. Why I should use the word terrorist I try to use the word terrorists like heard I heard Michael Savage last night referring -- was -- fascists and I thought to myself I hadn't you're right I had used that word in a long time I think that's a really good word -- Islamic fascist. Well and here is a huge misunderstanding of Islam and and I -- -- -- mind you but. In America we have been gone down to believe. You bet. It's only the that crazy extremists that want to kill us. When in fact according to their own holy book. I don't but you know not everybody follows the holy -- army that they there there -- billion Muslims they don't they all believe that any more than you know that I think there's parts legal testament to say that you should. That you should a bomb and aid and stone Sodom writes I mean the -- how many Americans are gonna go along with that I mean that's that's the -- Alabama would but the Americans are gonna go along with that so I mean just that you you know he can quote me the Koran all day but that doesn't mean that -- the majority of up people. For Muslims in this country or anywhere else wanna kill everybody else I. I'm I can't I just can't what you just just say that I mean. Not everybody by -- beat holy book of their religion whatever their religion has -- called -- 187746943221.