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Obama loves jihad, Olbermann loves himself

Nov 10, 2010|

Web gems featuring Obama and Olbermann

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Bob good morning and welcome back to the Thomas sideshow and AM Wednesday then -- WR Julio. -- could -- specific instruction yes -- I wanna make sure -- Even before we get into. That I let people know we usually do this but this made history back. Fifth birthday 235 years ago today the marine United States Marine Corps Sempra try. Was established -- was -- of climate super slimy to always -- -- always always -- -- -- and up one other thing -- -- a couple people this is not about this is not a -- he request but we will come back to this one what an article in today's globe sports section about Harry re. Wilson the founder of the the Boston red -- I see -- destruction are rated as one of the most inspiring stories I would like to get him and he I don't know how is hell yeah golf. No more posts that the idea that -- stuff serious while you're -- to why you are wrong here what it's also what you talked about a church unless. Well what I do that part of our market church -- -- I can tell us I don't know what was the sermon -- I was telling I was -- Riley and Fiona to trees please try to behave that you. What -- you know I don't know and to take Dennis church now we -- all exciting -- and news otherwise yeah -- that you guys are actually actually more on the all right thank you -- I wanna make sure we listen the whole audience most you know say how old -- they read the story about Harry -- -- clean -- disrespect or no they don't -- and that's why you're a moron. -- are more arrived Clark's one more time and coming RIR goofy face Cy Young. The more I why you wanna go -- and -- thought -- take all the -- solve our god given live cable I don't yeah I'll keep my -- your holidays season they're so mature the two of them aren't -- What a wonderful example hit. Not a better than I thought well how fast. But but expensive equipment and cut up. Because Jason Terry Kessler sees all worried about is equivalent. The very -- functions. Come -- it yet it doesn't take him argue few even though once you get on the us out of our you know it's tough guy just you know it is obviously he -- he's an old guy how. Hot hot hot hot hot spot in LA and we'll let you know they get a behind the -- we are broadcasting by the way from the new balanced world headquarters building. No doubt -- ready for the first Jim corks are you ready to -- here we -- question is does president thought oh how Barack Obama. Love -- G hall he'd done what is your. Dave Clark -- -- showed Jihad. The phrase Jihad has a lot of meanings within Islam. And is subject to a lot of different interpretations. I think all of us recognize that. This. Great religion. In the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violent the sounds like a -- -- -- those people that. Is never justified. He doesn't answer the question goes off on a -- thick of it we don't know what he thinks of him. Now and I used to do this when I didn't tea I would have classes and call Torre didn't go to one of the classes show and then there'd be a test question and so you say well these social political ramifications of Jihad will have far reach professor many generations ago. According gotta -- you don't have an answer got to -- you get this he couldn't proxy that wasn't that long we have time you can play that again right. You guys are dissecting this he gives a notice -- -- reasonable Nancy how he does not answer that's a reasonable answer what -- what are you and you can't in the hands of some -- Crazy lesser evil barbaric people. They've taken so a Jihad which is it's almost like mission -- well have the girl last it's okay what is your tech of hot hot on Jihad. -- you -- -- -- what is your -- caught a clean in about Jihad. Answer. Well Jihad was invented in 163 and her hands of somebody who wants to extend that. Beyond its legitimate meaning you -- becomes an excuse for violence. And isn't and it's dad that is never excused in general Elliot -- any religion -- he's doing better. What that was I was not a man has never given an immigrant -- Roger didn't say anything all he do was give. Very he's just an -- yeah it was kind of a definition of double upstairs and I -- Jihad has a lot of meetings within Islam. Just like -- subject to a lot of different interpretations of thank I think all of us recognize that. This. Great religion. In the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violence they commit to resort just so people are exempt status of this number doesn't it that's it -- -- don't. Tomorrow. This is like you -- visibility -- -- beyond. -- -- let's say you're not what your opinion of broccoli well. Broccoli is a vegetable we -- visible generally agreed to cut its best 1 -- for shorter times rather than longer times. Went over cooked he gets soggy and hazard to grow smelled it makes you wanna vomit but. Okay but what do you think it has taken -- a -- a minority it's a graceful as a buyer and hot hot hot. -- more I -- here what's up rob. I'd give lauding this is up plug it it's funny it's got its pathetic how -- president represented the people of this great nation. On the world stage but you know the difference between Barack and President Bush -- -- usually -- -- at desert territory to keep -- did -- Paris but we have the last night. How little knowledge is to avoid blood right bed and read got its drought 32 at this tightening can -- -- a lot of Scott. Well -- well how -- protecting. Well thank you let's not underestimate the abilities of President Obama two years ago when he left office I believe that new George Bush is a favorable rating was about 19%. The numbers out today indicate Barack's favorable and 46%. And George W Bush's at 44%. Know why he's still running behind Obama is hard to fathom. But given an ulterior won't be long -- -- -- -- -- we talked about how do we change the constitution. So we bring back George W Keith Olbermann. Used to have a big ego but he was suspended for a few days and he comes back even more proud of himself. I'd like to close tonight by discussing something that I'm sure it's happened to you dozens of times in your own life. You know when there's a petition supporting -- when winds -- being signed by 300000 people and you get 21000 tweets and so you -- such a man who invited be on television because you aren't on television. Because they want to be the lead story all Good Morning America just so and Larry King. And Letterman and you break the traffic records on the Huffington Post here on the front page of the New York Times without being dead or in jail or churlish yeah. Well maybe you're used to it but for me it was kind of a surprise yeah. You don't say his audience is about as many people as are stuck out on that boat off the coast to California -- NATO so you know loyalty -- okay is not double the rate cut and you know I -- spam. -- -- -- span all lie that was and I I had not hear that -- but that is tutoring doesn't classic that is a class I'm glad all 84 his viewers don't humility and modesty and also from MSNBC should remind if yeah Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC says it's time to -- up weapons hang on sex UN security John first hi John okay. I guys traffic is a buildup of cars on the roadway is when there wet in the all -- of people against the war and how do you feel about -- -- they eloped I did well traffic get a bunch of cars on the road where that fills up and -- they're going all going to work in the funnel down and. That we are here with a very disconcerting questions -- are things in our country so bad that it might actually be time for revolution. The answer obviously is yes the only question is how to do it. From the wrong full wars to the corrupt economy to the special interest in the six industries they control every politician in this country. The political system itself. Gerrymandering 75% of all districts in the most competitive election ever. Weren't even up for grabs last week. You call at a competitive market. That is a host on MSNBC the radical. Television network and isn't it ironic that Fox News. Gets accused of being outside the mainstream black go right it is to channel dangerous. Tea Party people are threat to the security of the nation. But when the mainstream. Media has its own little channel where it gets to say what are really wants to say and they call for revolution it cost is not a blip in the landscape. It's -- If it is it seems to me to be desperate desperate effort people just flailing flailing around to say something that they think this memorable catchy. Or worthwhile it's about what but there's such a double standard if they ever imagine if Sean Hannity said. That obviously the time for revolution is now. It's a matter of fact was there -- Tea Party candidate who was taken to the woodshed repeatedly for making reference the Second Amendment right to be their. Arms and all that was Sharon angle might have been had she says it's time for Second Amendment solutions according to some people she wasn't saying it for herself up. And and they took -- to the -- yes. But there's Dylan Ratigan is a host on MSNBC you know -- -- -- ever heard of a museum -- more obscure than Keith Olbermann is -- used to mean sports business that's true that's true. Gary do you you got something corks are sure we are -- the next -- OK Richard Trumka is ahead of the AFL CIO the president a -- of the call and he is very. Very impressed with how the unions he's actually taking credit for this unions have become one of the most destructive forces in the country -- because of their partnership with the. Begins again right now. We've got an economy to rebuild the millions of people don't put back to work. We've got crumbling infrastructure and struggling states and communities that need us I know you're disappointed by many of the election results. I am too. But let's look at the facts. Who worked that we did help the senate and made the difference in many house races. We were the far wall and places like Nevada and West Virginia and California. President Obama called me this morning to thank us for everything that we did. For everything that you did. We were up against voters real economic anguish and their absolute disgust. At the obstructionism. In Washington DNC. What do you think about that Richard Trumka head of the AF LC jail is admitting. That. His partnership with the -- with the Democrats made it possible for the Democrats to survive in the senate. Why would he commit such a thing and ironically. Mike Murphy who's a political operative he ran meg Whitman's campaign out -- California Republican big Republican strategy so Mike Murphy was on TV this weekend explaining. He mentioned how. One of the reasons they lost -- -- California's been destroyed. Because it's it's run by the public employee unions and that the EC he said it's a really any summer Republicans running it's a long shot. Because the state is so under the control of the unions. And immediately liberals come out of the woodwork to chastise him for saying some things are rages centric trying to make excuses for why you ran a losing campaign. And denying that the -- the unions have that kind of control and there's trumka. Claiming in the control. I find it our and that's only for Obama called me this morning to thank us. He called ahead of the union the most destructive organizations country the president calls a -- to say thank you. How how they destructive when they actually stand up and fight for collective bargaining can talk volatile the market is destroying the country if you that you the knowledge that human nature has not changed will not change just -- -- some protection. For worker but that's not a problem right now. What MIT and the problem back when this all started when call Terrelle lotion on the you need help because apple had because the problem we have right now. Is protection from the unions is what we need. We don't need protection for the workers now we need protection from the unions. Doesn't doesn't say times have change doesn't seem to me that you need protection from the unions what you need to control the state of California what do you need Mike Murphy says leadership and let you like her recent and you put on all I know how it's gone down the total became Obama losing campaign -- a losing candidate and what do they do they usually make excuses that consultants and our excellent and -- trump. Who's been Michael parade for the Democrats or I'll argue this either way democratic side -- Republicans -- Bob Shrum always come up with some kind of convenient lay EM excuse as to why John Kerry like emailed or alien or claim it's easier maybe there isn't crappy democratic campaign could also be good reasons they're they're could be right. One of the really -- I US all the talk and he's -- -- he's been the leader of the governor of exactly what I'm -- -- he pretended to Vietnam are -- he pretended to be a Democrat -- made deals with the unions that's what you have to do -- I know you don't have to do that has -- -- don't have -- inside and pharmacists tips so -- you talk all the time about what these idiots they are California doubt they -- Jews are stupid things -- they do such stupid things because it's in the in the hands of big business -- the unions. It's -- to say. You might think it might be -- to you the problem in California have said repeatedly as. Ready access to the ballot and people can just go in and it's like it's like the -- Terry it's like you bring this he says so one ball in a couple solstice and I'd -- Alice lamb what ballot question Christmas well -- ballot questions that did their passing California the drove it into the city. The past hundreds of up. That don't add up. Because it's a wish list of his like you bring anything new five year old grandson of any says the Santa well I want debut CD the -- because he's -- his old problem every channel and our grandchild is about half the population is illegal immigrants outside and because you know the problem euros -- effects there. They celebrate them rather than face up to the problem. All right do the next web gem here making me sick now let's let's try to get this one on track okay governor Rick Perry down here in Texas on Greta V and such and he talks about immigration and the Obama administration. I don't -- before we get to book come. But happy Mexico over the weekend not -- not extreme not a surprise but dead twenty more at least twenty more murder. You know five Texans lost their lives last week and and and including paid Texas National Guard troops and Morris who was killed. And my question to this administration how many Americans have to die. On that border before you really understand we need boots on the ground a law enforcement president's National Guard troops. Predator drones flying in the air that. Technology. That those pieces equipment have to give real time information to our law enforcement to the local police chiefs. We know how to secure the border but this administration and frankly this congress. Have been abject failures and have been for so many years now but. We're seeing. Our citizens being killed and and and this is this is unacceptable. It's about time comedy down Porter stood up has called on it that's a and a printer describe what's gone on to appalling in the United States of America. Supposedly the most powerful nation on earth we don't even bother providing security for the people living near the -- this issue's gonna explode on a bomber in the coming term. I really do I think it's gonna explode pretty deep Republicans probably see some political advantage to began to. But beyond the political advantage DA is a serious serious problems to be addressed and hey. Good policy -- in can be and should be good politics. Go far we've got one more web gem to ago but before he gets of the jams. We've got to get a little Mike buck gone all right all right so jam of there's all sorts. -- -- -- He's he's sure arrears and you know I was just -- a new the other just a moment ago about the holidays are coming right -- elect have a horrible phrase is an I got to ask you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- know you're right I mean it was before Halloween. On Christmas trees are up all the big box stores are ready for heaven's -- You're right here it comes and you know you take your major -- every day you get every single one of the elements you need all 22 will be essential. The good nutrition you just help your mind and body. -- energy better sleep improved concentration Bigelow who's -- it -- that the you talk about the -- golden chapel they contain all the vitamins amino minerals and antioxidants. Your body needs they have all those festivities coming up the midst of. Hey Mike it is natural it is. Q is fabulous and it works that's the impressive thing to me you've got my attention and obviously thousands of people audio already on the routine of the B it's so simple tell others how -- the rest or listen to how they get about the there will supply the B. Yeah follow me please see here's the deal six months' supply -- -- I 95 plus delivery -- -- -- for years not change to that but we're gonna give me three more months for free. Delivered right -- -- broke the money back guarantee make the toll free call 18668348355. EU bailout 866. 8348355. Or all right now actually got major deep -- major BEE dot com. Hey Mike as always you come through the great idea Iran -- great value for the wallet in the money back Gary. 1866. 834 raid 355. That's 1866834. Raid 35. Or just go online today belief I god our reason I have -- -- and gap -- I have this our big guys because of the odd nature beat. I. It make -- guy -- makes one quite vigorous. I'm excited about the excellent young girls coming up -- final -- couple kids act like punks right up and guess who takes the blame for the bad. I don't before we get to book. -- Get out there with -- life all to get out of there with the I had so much they got -- -- and vague I would share with our little while you have kids getting bullied in its. All freshman Nathan walker says he never thought he'd get threatened by a teacher I don't need -- she's far and I GG. I think teachers should know as soon as far -- to walk her all his friends -- by art in Austin green were held afterschool Friday by their White House Terry did science teacher Andrew Larson. Come in here is that. Again. Over what happened in the press. Larson was apparently upset with the boys for lacking during class already. And okay. This -- can he use them. Really bad language and all of that I would you -- anybody didn't say Larsson had a reputation for being tough and one of the boys involved -- actually been in trouble with him before which is why he says. He whipped out a cell phone and hit record. Parents Angela walker and Nicole -- met with Robertson county school district officials on Monday the pure rage that he had behind those words is what we're really concerned about how. -- What crap it may the moderates and raise the kids are we such punks crap. You gonna be kidney that he did teacher raised his voice and -- you next assignment will be thrown in the trash -- and I don't give you bring your mama you breed breed data are good for the teach the kids should be suspended for use in this self funder and school or. That's all -- on that's what I think double crossed a little punks ha ha ha ha ha. I have to admire the teacher and a great deal -- mega ha -- but. Great news -- real world observes the greatest outlook for open discussion we off. -- -- -- -- --