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John Sununu with Avi

Nov 6, 2010|

Chairman of the Republican party in New Hampshire, John Sununu, joins Avi to discuss this past election and why the GOP didn't win in Massachusetts.

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But the folks to our nor did it right talk to online with me is John Sununu is the chairman of the Republican Party John -- afternoon. Welcome man let me begin by offering congratulations. Because you had almost a sweep up there. Was almost as -- thank you for. Let me come on this day. We did about when the governor's race but we want everything else. Yeah and and the government relations closer I think than some people expected. Yeah fifty nobody gets 52 point. Two win but. But everything else. Was really a huge huge victory for both. We -- that -- we want this to rest of the we picked up -- -- -- -- hundred point four or 845. So now have today. 28. I yield a big legislature that many in 1400. Or something yeah. We have almost 300 out of 100. And we have a very small states and -- we were. In the minority in both before now of their majority in the -- we were down 1014. And now we're up ninety defied. And the executive council. We where we only had two other side though we have all five. Including one by the -- Chris. Any relation. Answer that until an extra congratulations. Now tell us John what is the secret up there because. You're you're just a few miles away from where I am I mean sure -- generally geographically speaking. Obviously I'm in Boston and I don't mean to say look we're we're just on the edge of the border. But you're not that far away and yet the the political climate issue very different especially in this election from what happened in Massachusetts. What do to what future -- that and what message asking you convey to those of us a little bit south to view that we can do better next time. Well you know we we have to at least acknowledge that that we -- two X 2008 we were all democratic. They said. Except project -- senate seat everything in the state was cold but it -- And and frankly we just decided to do the hard work. I decided to do something on polls though other governor former governors ever I went back to be state chairman. And we just started building this grass -- We have a special election -- it one month ago in March and I was able to convince former congressman Jeb Bradley. To run for the state senate seat and then you have. Really stepped up they did it and and that kinda have a light moment of in this state. We ended up winning seven out of eight special election with nothing more than just the hard work of clear message lower taxes smaller government. Lower spending. And and frankly candidates that went out and work this distorted door of the door knocking the phone calls. And that getting out the vote and and that kind of still thought it sells policies through the process of coalition building in coalitions are really. Group of half a dozen people as a -- and -- you have to go out is that words you you can't wait for the magic bullet. Of of fantastic residence -- two weeks before the electric doesn't work that way it's. If you just joining us good afternoon this is not Nelson on the line with the John Sununu. Who is currently the chairman of the new Hampshire Republican Party where they -- great success. Formerly was governor of that state and he also was chief of staff to the president of the United States George Bush the first. John you've had some contact with -- Massachusetts for a while you were just university show. It's not like you never stray shells for fear of of -- keeps them busy. Down there we taught them there we actually lived in Concord while -- Now he is there is certainly a difference in the as the atmosphere I mean the population is different here from in New Hampshire. But -- your suggestion really that somehow the Republicans just aren't working hard enough in this state. I think over. They have allowed the the functioning pieces of party structure could just go with the disarray. It is it really requires somebody. You know you've said Republican governors elected in the past. And and I'm not sure enough time was spent over those long years. -- to go out and find that your body right or. The fact that you have that. Low numbers and you're it was in your state out you know is the houses that it. Is is. Is with the base come from and the other part of the problem I think is that. You've allowed it to become popular in Massachusetts. Not that the bulk of it. You know I put out there quite often as people who philosophy. Our Republican. Would rather register independent than Republican and and you have constituencies. That are fundamentally conservative down there. That because so what I call ethnic alliances. Have drifted away in the Irish Catholic vote is the conservative vote but they vote democratic for the Italian Catholic vote is the conservative vote. But they vote democratic you you let. The fundamental constituencies. The the eroded in terms of their commitment to party and and I think you have to go and work its that the grass roots level and explain and we. That said of coalitions that make of that. In support your argument we can -- reflect back the Ronald Reagan ran twice for the presidency. And both times carried Massachusetts. Indicating. That's right people don't realize that that that was part of Reagan majority. You have a lot of good artwork. Blue collar workers that -- That are conservative is as. Anyone else that's doing it. But but for some reason they have all it is that the bad habit of voting -- quite an off that contrary to the role -- globally. Yeah that's what's interesting we thought remarkably well again if he -- joining us John Sununu on the line with playing at. For those of you wanna call 8774694322. We thought John I think a number of us thought that gosh with the Scott Brown election and all the attention at that got that -- might herald the beginning. On the change here and I must say that there were more candidates in more vigorous candidate sees this time through. It just didn't produce the the desired result -- If you're going to. Offer a prescription for Massachusetts or somehow we -- move -- the magic wand and you became chairman of the Republican Party. In Massachusetts. Who would you do what would you suggest. I would find a very notable very successful. Irish Catholic candidate to run for governor. I would do I would do so at that building. Culture of building in in in the grassroots of the political process. And and -- and establish the reality is that those coalition. Ought to vote this philosophy instead of their bad habit. To me that that is the only formula I can see in the -- Modest. Like the time to find buildup right. Of course we did have a Canon believe no questions sounds ethnic. Running for treasurer she lost Mary Connors and I don't know that. The the ethnic origin of that but she got closest running for auditor but what you -- -- you were to -- -- usually doesn't happen overnight either -- That's an open and that is -- is indeed. Frankly you need this thing -- off as well I mean and you know particular BA. We're talking with Johnson who John couple be able called in if you took -- -- like the -- called K 87 children. 4694322. Johnson -- These -- successful. Chairman of the Republican Party in New Hampshire is they swept up but the congressional level. This time through it like to talk within the -- chance -- -- first on the program good afternoon thanks for calling -- run with Johnson and. Hello every hello mr. should -- to tell you David you are great man. I wanna compare the Republicans we US tourists know -- Charlie Baker was writing this time it's the first time I haven't voted democratic to make sure he didn't get it. -- Republicans -- -- states stand for nothing they don't believe in the traditional family they don't believe that to do it in the Second Amendment all I've got right to gun. Our our Republican Party here is dead in the water. It's beat someone like you troops to regenerate it and attached to stand for something. It has to stand for something because right now the -- Republican Party stands for nothing and that's why they all deserve to lose. He is still line did -- genuinely. Growing -- but -- I'm not moving. That patent. Saudi to a great extent David. -- very important if it was well. That base of of the Republican Party even in Massachusetts. Is they serve. And and yet except for maybe the the except for the below that rate against Barney Frank. You really didn't have a strong emphasis on conservative values in in at least. The TV ads I -- up here you know we hear it they'll. Markets so the I we have to go buy -- -- -- well. So we can see everything appear I did the heavy dose. Conservative values express. That. They talk a little bit about cutting taxes but but not that heavy commitment to smaller government all the taxes low. Who gave. Let me ask you say you voted democratic this time right do you think that some of the values you hold. Are better represented by a Deval Patrick -- Barney Frank Gore whoever a year congressional representative was that you voted for. -- you have to send a message. The messages this if you don't stand for nothing don't become a Republican. And if you gonna join the Republican Party stands for what the values of the Republican Party are and there was no way that I and everybody else was notable for Charlie Baker. She voted for Deval pat -- hit him then that's how you expressed your support your values well I think message. And I wondered -- -- gave thanks thanks for -- thanks for car. 8774694322. Connie your next on the program good afternoon. I -- yelling head I -- I read every year or years that I think you're you're. Well you and I called thank you very much were you brought up. I -- I don't well I NN dot NN I did not that I -- though -- any clip art and I hear a think -- Act and let it rip curl up at -- back it up that. And the color and I helped I don't get at all yet about the color inkjet all the end I -- cat -- you aren't all I can. It EY. Re -- that I heard it correctly I would how I had bought aren't what they get it today. -- he'll library public -- -- -- great public yet. That you are out what's going on in very public advocacy and Apogee. For example. In that -- Scott Brown won. And I liked Scott Brown a lot but I don't think you realize the impact of it hurt boat. Congress. Which quiet border I think create financial -- each. And I heard all these arched an actor at bat and they said we're never gonna vote for Scott chronic cat. And I I think that would rivalries then Charlie Baker whip Eric. I agree with everything you say about the craft through I think they're Republican Party has become an eight bit. Very relieved they. I think Deval Patrick ad campaign. Well I I 95 got a lot of your percent in terms of quality. And I think Charles baker liked I liked Charlie Baker. I think it ad campaign let's -- -- governor ad campaign I had seen in the country. Okay I. Worry. John can't thank you and John good. You then go out get. I think the last two callers are beginning to be able let. The issue that I tried to raise. There's no there's no. Message. Around which. Republicans can rally -- -- they don't give a little bit of cutting spending but but but it's not. That doesn't seem to be energy in that message. And cutting taxes -- -- doesn't seem to be -- is that message -- you know you have a fairly affluent society Massachusetts we all who would do it was. And so those issues only resonate. If if if you can somehow related to wait significant change. -- visit to change rather than just that incremental change at the other thing is is that. Really truly you have that would give out the vote operation that make them that and and what I'd -- that the results of Massachusetts. It -- you know you may have gone through the motions but it didn't look like anybody. Brought out the same kind of vote that occurred what what had a real. Aggressive get out the vote campaign with the upper house. String of Scott Brown he's up and a couple of years not Connie when she caught on and the last call. Criticized Scott Brown for the vote I -- -- that they were Jewish referring to was the financial regulation bill. And people calling up and saying I'm never gonna support Scott Brown again he's coming up in two years do you think he's in trouble here. Well you know. I I'd like that very very much but I never understood the vote right. And and it it's really. It really. Across the country people itself. Bewildered by it and I do note that in Massachusetts. What you talked that the that the Republicans that was so elated that his victory. -- oh my god what what what is that. Because if I remember correctly and and I'm trying to do you know run. The tape to my head. What they get to be my age. Well still you know look you -- -- only -- that broke cloture right. At the Tokyo route but I think they get voted out so it literally didn't vote was Make or Break. At that people did not understand. Why he'd -- that way. John let me ask a question that there's what I call the true -- syndrome and I agree with you about this bill the Dodd-Frank bill financial regulation bill. I would have voted against it I had a chance to talk with Scott Brown briefly in and challenge him on. But we have a question here's Scott Brown will get it right more often than say a Martha Coakley and what's his opponent. With reports got Scott Brown -- misunderstand I think I think Republicans. And and and like independence and conservative Democrats ought to keep voting for Skype out to me that. That kind of a vote is they'd be will -- we vote but that it disqualify. John idol I called you earlier invited you to be on the program you can only content that's at 1015 minutes we got a bunch we will called optional. If we can prevail on you'll do more like -- released another -- up okay great. Thank you John Sununu on the line with me he is the chairman of the new Hampshire Republican Party. They were very successful on both congressional seat retain the senate she got close in the gubernatorial. Got a 124. Additional seats in the legislature so they now. Controls and my three and close to 300 out of the 400 into. In the house. Joe figure may we should ask from someone who's done it right but what we can do improve things in Massachusetts he's on the line with -- beginning of the program. If you'd like to join a phone numbers 8774694322. Let's go next you shall get afternoon show earlier on -- Johnson and. -- -- -- I like -- -- -- you know pin high. I can't hear what you thought about the -- party having any influence of an actual vote because I can tell you I didn't really on the Republican in New Hampshire. And I can tell you right up until the day before election night didn't receive one phone call from anybody within the -- From the Republican Party can get out while. I cut it there are marionette like that -- I think the -- -- of Willis had a lot to do the Republicans doing well in New Hampshire this year they didn't do what message does I think for their very rich and I was border -- in masters and I can tell you it'll out of strung around it goes on down in Massachusetts I lived there all my life and my father is right they -- came out toward democratic person they would vote for him that's how they had they are. I think the Tea Party movement had moved into Massachusetts a little bit stronger they may have gotten a little bit more support through public about a got a little bit more support. Like they got here you can't you. General election Charles -- understand you did vote anyway right. Now not so maybe the Tea Party people who don't have to call -- she's gonna vote anyway. Does not apply the plane hit. Why do you need to get the public health and moving and if you don't call the average Republican I'm excited about what -- -- can't help solve this donate button about the average person goes out to vote if you don't get some honest I'll get them out -- -- Don't want and the day before the election. Then you know if you're only yourself to blame I think that's what happens are a couple years ago we did well -- I'm but I think the Tea Party movement mode and and they supported a lot of the Republican -- -- -- the -- didn't need to do that and. Okay thank you showed John good. Trip two things one we we embrace the Tea Party and I think any of -- significantly in the flooding we'll tell you that this. Sat down we talked to the a couple of Kurt that what it's doing. Even at the state convention. Both of our state conventions we had. I went out of my way to tell the Republican Party is that that the Tea Party folks where where are friends. That that we -- it was a lose lose. Public Democrat who defended. As well -- voted for the most conservative candidate. On the ticket we were very very comfortable that they believe that small government low taxes what was that we did so we had a great. Great relationship with people it in terms of phone calls we've made over half a million phone call. Contacting voters to get out -- this step but over five. And. And that's a pretty small state. Relatively speaking. What we only have a billion in order people it and if you -- it to people who -- statistically speaking. We is virtually every -- -- But but there -- a lot of those were followup calls so -- slightly distorted. Statistic but the fact is is that the reason we did away with our get out the vote -- it was great you get out of this. And this secretary they predicted about 430000. Votes would be asked. I think the Democrats didn't come out as well so that if we had that put -- quote it out the vote effort. I estimate it would have been 4101000. And with the effort we put it we actually ended up with 455. We feel we grow. Another 400. Another 45000. People. And -- may have made the difference is Charlie battles swinging one of the congressional siege won by about a percentage point I think. Politicize the land it one by about 35 but picked -- this. But. We it that would visit to visit good examples live the last. Two -- three days we concentrated. -- get out the vote effort is that in does that congressional district but that very reason. John we gotta tell text message why were those who want to act mesh is 686 and eighty. -- says ask John New Hampshire needs the money why can't we get legal gambling past. Well -- the worst reason in the world has gambling is. The is the Republicans in this state I think I have a feeling that what we ought to do is solve our budget crisis is. And we have a huge crisis under the current democratic governor lynch. There's about it 800 million dollar hole about budget which for us is you. And so the depth of the Republicans have said basically we're gonna take our budget by cutting spending. And then if if we have a completely healed but it will open up the debate. But but that. That is not at least state that that takes the cocaine. Gambling in order to the local budget problem is. One last question John speculating if you would -- to what we now she on the national scene. -- broad suite for Republicans at the congressional level and number of gubernatorial change a chair should change to Republican and a number of state legislatures. Had gains. Are similar to and -- New Hampshire perhaps none as dramatic. And Nancy Pelosi wants to stay on as minority leader. What sure fraud going forward as to what the Republicans should do it where the country's going. Well I have to you've got -- credit. He is he is saying the right things now I hope we -- the Civil Rights Act. Let me just jump pin he's from Ohio and use the presumptive new speaker that -- when the votes coming. Had and he actually said that the first vote in congress sort of be that cut crystals. I think that at least the right philosophy of what -- like to hear happen. I think the important things that of the election and it's one of the things that happened in New Hampshire. We have veto proof majority of the house that it now. So we will control redistricting. Redistricting is in that -- -- -- issue is we only have to -- But it allowed the fines to those -- But the legislature as you talked about across the country. And then all of a new governors that are Republicans are going to control legislate legislative policy it. And the redistricting in these -- of those states so that's -- this week. The redistricting. So that it will make it a little bit easier for Republicans vocal majority. And furthermore I really is that. That John Boehner and and this that it. Minority leader. Both understand that Republicans have to act. Like Republicans this time that a light version of Democrat and they're going because that I really do believe. But -- is that it does is it is that it. To reduce the size of government and putting apple. Obama. Two Republican president that support -- Show believe this slogan that we've come to take our government back now were there and we're gonna take it back. I think this kind you're going to see it I think they understand. That they kind of blew it. Over the past decade what they had a chance to do things. They just didn't have the the backbone to do and I think the country is actually more supportive. Of doing the right thing. John I want thank you I know we've overstayed our welcome a little and I thank you for your threat parents. But thanks for joining us and congratulations. On the job well done only hope that your momentum will continuing carriers into the next election 2012. With. We look forward to dog we -- again. Thanks Mike Johnson -- A former governor of New Hampshire former chief of staff to the president of the United States is George Bush the first. And now chairman of the Republican Party in New Hampshire very successful as successful up there as we were not successful down here in Massachusetts. Okay we're gonna go.