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Cong. Thaddeus McCotter checks in from Michigan

Oct 28, 2010|

Republican Congressman from Michigan Thaddeus McCotter checked in with Howie on the mood of the country and the resurgence of the republican party.

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322 words good to a lot of election coverage today has always until Tuesday. First person with us today. Is steady a smoke -- he's a Republican congressman for Michigan thanks for being with us wrap. Hey thanks well you have a sudden desire for a scone and cadillacs. I've enjoyed my Cadillac by the way -- could say it's a really nice car and -- that I I've had little enjoy Cadillac. I of the school was excellent -- but I you know I was I was trying to be you know be nice to use that your for Michigan I thought I might say something nice about a Michigan product the question question and an SRX. That's my SRX four and -- a -- I -- a -- last week for awhile but. We don't like the cross over a little better make you really get used to drive in a little bit. Higher drop in a in an issue -- it's hard to go back to the regular standard sedans. Or coops. -- way to keep Brian Austria I well I well. Anyway what's the what does that look like now what is you're what what is your over projection what's the over under on Republican pickups next Wednesday night in the house. But we're -- that if you -- very. Between forty and sun goes 560 -- -- for one don't prognosticators. And Vegas on the phone with you and what we're looking yet. Clearly though as a rejection. These concepts over Spanish government Obama administration and the democratic congress looked forward. The American people know that our prosperity is not going to come from government spending some. People. Else well sure. -- -- we go forward their -- hurt -- candidate told everyone not just you probably it was Massachusetts's sent the word that the sovereign people want their consent before legislation passed. Yet the it they're -- they're very concerned here in Massachusetts the Democrats who Canberra had the -- PM for all these years. The what the state senate President Bush she called she she was really dumping heavily on Tea Party members earlier this year. She caught you basically call them idiots and called tea Bagger is at that sort of thing. And dad now she isn't she is abject plea apologized -- now what you see the poll -- does -- is that this the president of the B. Massachusetts senate could be knocked off just like the president just like their majority leader of the US senate can be knocked off. Well I think there was an adolescent of the well election was that it is to keep furtive movement of limited government move. But not simply a Republican movement because there's not enough you know. There are not enough Republicans in Massachusetts to simply elect Scott Brown as conservative Democrats as independents crosses this political spectrum. And for the individual Democrats of trying to simply assumed it was a Republican app structure this was charged. They totally miscalculated that's insult to the very people who are supposed to be walking four and now it's gonna go back to -- Yet he would be some of the stuff that's going on and you know we we we -- -- Limbaugh obviously more than we watch the other parts of the country but I know what's going on everywhere. For instance in in Rhode Island that there's the you know up Patrick Kennedy's seat is open you know. The the son of Ted Kennedy and others Davidson Cellini he's the mayor of Providence and he's gay imagery yes again in John lost what you met him Thaddeus. One. He's he's a good guy he's an army veteran he's got a wife and kids. There was a story yesterday when in a gay newspaper saying that he's engaging in homophobia you know wife. He lists his wife and kids on his campaign literature. So and it doesn't actually use a massage and. Right exactly exactly and if you're you know you're a lesbian and you have a lesbian partner and you have two kids -- somebody mentions the fact. That doesn't seem like a real family to me that your home folk do so he can't he can't win either way you keep -- nothing is. You could be attacked and edit -- at any point in an. Added the just. They're shameless I I -- I don't know how also described it you know we had you beatle John Tierney. -- have you been following that that that situation here. I'm a little bit I don't think that's felt that they gave it -- didn't broad guilty pleasure of this it's. Yeah buddy I mean it is pretty well I mean even be even by you know modern -- Democrat urban state standards. -- to have a wife that has wandered seven to eight million dollars yen -- Offshore illegal gambling proceeds for her brother who was a fugitive gang Starr. That's that's really something. And again -- -- -- saying it's it's not fair to bring up the fact that that that she's -- is that -- her brother is this gangster and that she's laundering money for. Well we've seen however the Democratic Party especially left wing about it is that virtually all of I think -- a -- -- and bottom elections anyway. It's still helped to mask the fact that they cannot abide. The American people rejected. Larger government does that is the reason they're just somewhat larger government they're supporters tend to gauge of our government participated -- -- upload diet. They continue to promote it. When you see the president talk about the Tea Party or about. Americans in general being frustrated tourists. Some public they're angrier that they receive. Visceral reaction that's about the case American people have -- the bill also -- the legislation. And they have not changed their mind the big government is not the answer there's not really repudiation of individuals. It's sad really rich repudiation. Of a party it's a repudiation of the policies that blast went to the Democratic Party is poised to help. Yeah I know and in here today agent John Kerry you know I mean just it would seem like it was just two weeks ago he was telling everybody that the American people or stupid. So now we come back to gad and basically said the same thing. He unleashed a broadside thirsty against Republican obstructionism -- the GOP in -- talk show allies that that would beam me up have created to quote a period of no nothing has some in this country. A period of no nothing has some in this country. This is from a guy who's comes from one of the oldest washed families in New England they worthy per janitors of the original no nothing. Movement I mean -- he doesn't even think -- -- -- would think the people least talking to understand the history that he's trying to go to war. To it to what compare the president so. Well as a Republican and more importantly as a Catholic I'm. -- -- Yeah I -- But it got what he was an altar boy you know you remember that from the 2004 campaign he he claims easily easily Catholic even though he's. His he's from -- -- -- 1877469432. To work with representative Thaddeus -- but Connor. He's a Republican congressman from mob Michigan he's been on the show before -- Howard alliance going this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a good political answer your roster your next with how we guard had a representative Thaddeus -- go ahead in Russia. Afternoon -- congressman I've loved this country and I am really concerned with the direction it's going. And trying to look at this a political climate across the country and get some Bellwether on where we're going. Now I'm watching the governor's race in California. And if the people of California elected. Browned over this woman that's you know about a business leader proven business later. Then I think there's no hope for California air and I feel the fact that there's just too many at the truck on the top and on the bottom. That that it will never reverse itself and my concern is is that as California goes there goes the other states. Tell me what you think of that congressman. Well I don't know I think we have a federal system. We have stage we have districts in Michigan are Republican gubernatorial candidate is running well ahead. So there may be circumstances in California or within the Republican gubernatorial. Candidates campaign that are causing that and California that might also lead people to split their objective to collect more people to there. State legislature. That are Republicans -- fact the cover to cover. Democrats which sit across the country though is this for partners these. The American people are not happy with the way things are going out some cases that may go somewhere there's more familiar California and maybe governor brown. In some cases like Michigan. We know that we actually have they had in the direction of their and they're going towards -- public verdict given the chance to do that in terms of Washington I think. The message is clear the public wants to stop. The agenda that's going right now. But I think in the long run not just California for the rest of the country -- -- from Michigan -- -- a lot of our companies in the age of globalization. Families and companies are having to go through restructuring very difficult decisions. Because the economy of the industrialized society is now becoming one of the globalized. And that's going to have political social and economic -- And I would caution everybody whether California Michigan or anywhere in the country that America's going to recover from the center. One party or the other is not going to drag it in either direction of one prizes Republicans that they will be projected -- tries the Democrats. Thought they do. Yeah we're presume Cotter is there is there any chance that -- rush was just talking about this on his show that if the if the Democrats take a real. Good pump -- as Stewart Busch would put it next Tuesday. They might come back and try to pass some of the really odious. Parts of their legislative agenda like cap and trade like the amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Is that is that early possibility would they really wanna do that after a repudiation of the polls. Well it's always difficult to understand dysfunctional people so I don't I don't know quite what they're expecting to -- but I think that maybe a reason why Senator Kerry was talking about Republican obstructionism you know on the house there's no such thing. The rules of the house a lot of -- will prevail. What he used was -- -- -- -- be concerned about is the inability. Of the senate to do that in the lame duck because sixty vote requirement. And I think that that made -- of at least the left wing of the party is hard to try to view this as a very narrow window to finish off. The bad policies have been stopped so far and that they understand that the cited as a place that's going to have to stop. It's also in the and so than some of the people who've been what the Republicans like Blanche Lincoln are a bit would be better. And I might switch back to the democratic side to try to get that sixty vote. Number that they need to Rambus this terrible. These terrible bill stroke. Right but also have Republicans who may have made that in the past have brought about. You know working on some of those should now understand that the public doesn't want it to certain both -- Right so yes so or so the other main right now twins might be might be off the democratic. Ship. -- I'm sure you do I'm sure you do how many how many seats or other Republicans gonna pick up the Michigan. They estimate between one and three between. Again be united Russia one day at a time I don't you gotta go to the finish line because if you let up something bad very well liked the senate. Now doors -- no -- up around here and I you know our -- gubernatorial candidate is behind still not not by much but he still behind so when the and the other constitutional offices statewide offices are brought up in the air and it's. And that the it's it's amazing how much money -- -- have are throwing into these these seats where they believe they could still win. Now I I think they've they've just a poetry August with most of the most of the contested seats but the ones like that the tenth district here in Massachusetts on Cape Cod where they think they got a shot get the port deported almost a million dollars all eight cut over 800000 dollars to -- what drag a or rather flawed Democrat over the finish line. And seeing a lot of that triage doesn't I heard the clip about that you offer much appreciated -- -- a lot of that. Triage is -- current above the mason Dixon line a lot of the rural. Democrats in the south -- have to plug pulled lecture that or some other supplies and they're gonna make their standard here that the vote my neck of the woods and across or. Right right try to they out -- he will you know as you know knowing what has and how they -- Republican congressman and the in the last two years so I believe it may be may be four years by the gets at least two years. I don't know I don't know -- senator isn't as good as the house but he did give Scott Brown. With. I know we did we did so listen we we appreciate should be whether to send do you have any of particular people in New England you'd like to walk promote. Like direct effect pick one American -- yelled at by the -- that in addition to urge people to vote camera. Per child principled conservatives that they believe gonna help change the direction of the country. Thanks that he is we really appreciate your -- -- this year -- for Michigan and a good luck to you weren't sure he'll be bill like the will be talking to you next year. And good luck with the alliance. I'm sure they'll do better on Thanksgiving playing the patriots. 18774694322. How Lloyd -- Immediate access -- your favorite -- --