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Chump Line Will Juan Win the Profiles In Courage Award?

Oct 21, 2010|

Among the messages left for Howie and Sandy was the query whether or not the formerly liberal Juan Williams will be up for the Kennedy Profiles In Courage Award.

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Okay. The -- line is the recorded voice mail message service of our car show you can call leave a message and any hour of the day or night including -- against. The troubling number if you wish to leave such a message is 617779346961777934. 69. We may or may not play your message at this time each weekday. Today's troubling is brought you buy Lumber Liquidators Lumber Liquidators has incredible selection and the best prices on hardwood flooring anywhere from 99 cents a square foot. Call 1800 hard -- today for all your home and contractor needs or log on for Lumber Liquidators dot com. Always -- for. Always good Barack. Make no mistake about it I have an ordinary people there Deval Patrick is doing okay. Aspect doll list. It won't change your life. -- have that we unemployment numbers are right where we want them. Got to two straight months of declining. Employment in Massachusetts and he's running around the states saying we've had seven straight months of increased employment. They fake the numbers in August in the make. Give about the real once today and then today's numbers were so bad they couldn't even pretend that they had an increase so they said it was they did they had to admit it was bound. But they said the unemployment rate was down. My guess because so few people were actually looking for work because they knew they weren't gonna find any thing. It's that. What they call it the use six. The real unemployment rates up around 17%. Nationwide probably around that here too as well. So good news this morning and look at this. So -- Lincoln's own imprint footprint. Okay go ahead I can remember what they work. The question is would focus shifts but do that big business. As compared with a little -- See the pink slipped about one Williams got fired and then Barney's boyfriend well you can -- a judge for yourself. Ideology -- wet that it would not ideology. -- The idea Nokia -- -- minute. Think it's kind you've done it again. Do you feel he might cupcakes. Are the best schools probably it's taken so -- the calls but the old -- they pick and then. An old fat idiot thinking it's taken a bit. And yet -- it doesn't speak well for you that it took until today with the death pool on Tuesday I believe today is Thursday. Usually you're right they're the next hour after Nancy input into the how we -- death pool. Is there. You liberals read back to call can be as bad as -- -- do you go if there was liberal -- -- -- -- -- This still planning a liberals that Fox News give -- a break but overall -- he's definitely a liberal Shep Smith. He certainly liberal in some respects you know what I mean. How -- to find out how many people from NPR got fired for talking bad about George Bush Dick Cheney -- Sarah Palin's. And true with this very long talk a lot quicker response. That's. -- and hope nobody go too fast but that's whole list of people got. Fired from NPR for bad mouth that George Bush. And yeah you wanna know how many people got fired for mud CBS reporting on the putting the the freeze frame of the president on there with the in the sniper sites for cross hairs. Yep that's how many yup you're right that somebody got fired at CBS for doing that. Saying good things did move. Along. And go and blue. Maybe it was very good and you can things and sees things no matter who you us. And expect to see you access to the moon does who early in the you don't just we these. They'll be about it. The channel two when they had a newscast they put me on that one of their -- got fired from channel seven they say was pretty good let's put them on what do us wonder too. Shots weak I could I was leaving the last that long it took me too long to do what they took a lot longer than I was used to when. Commercial TV but anyway the first couple times I was on the global organized a boycott against. They did and they -- and PBS. Yeah they said they said they don't don't send any that this guy this drunken columnist who's who sits shield over while shoveling snow -- a snowstorm. -- -- -- Said wrote a column saying don't give any more money -- was in PR until -- Iran how we -- he's a conservative. I was gone shortly thereafter. Hey how. Didn't want to William. Just acting like a typical white person according to a lot of us you know they get scared when you see a marvel oh it's no different says -- grandmothers. Walking across the street -- keep it quiet ran right. Or Jesse Jackson. Where Jesse Jackson talked about how he turns around late at night when he's walking down a dark Alley and I -- -- it's a white guy he breathes a sigh of relief. Or Al Sharpton talking about the white interloper -- 125 street. Or it -- Robert Byrd talking about the white in words. Or Joe Biden and then -- Hillary Clinton talked about how you had to be an Indian to get into war attitude to walk operated convenience store in Missouri horror Delaware respectively. This not a plane was received with a -- me more than get kind of plain old couple months from now. We have heard from Steve the last few days after this rather obnoxious performance there the other day. I don't about a call poll question -- asked. Do you think Juan Williams whoever received these profiles in courage award. Does an excellent. Poll question. -- big results would be no 100%. He he has he has not even a one in it trillion chance of getting a profile in courage awards. Still waiting to. Welcome to the black guy. This would be good for book sales slow you know. I mean these QB's gotta -- he's dead he has seen that the way they really operate -- he's gotten the he's gotten the word now this is how. If you if you step if you step off the plantation this is what happens to -- want. They can also. Now that you got one point eight million dollars from George Soros you don't need my contribution of 500 dollars in yeah. But we have never given any money this channel through since they fired me at the behest of the drunken columnist for the Boston Globe. Alliger last jumped line message thank you for calling -- tired you. -- Okay that's of the chump like that it Joe Blanton is the recorded voice mail message service about how we are sure you can call leave a message -- any hour of the day or night including weekends the -- -- number delightfully -- -- messages. 61777934696177793469. Week mayor -- up for your message at this time each week day. Today's jump -- has brought do you buy Lumber Liquidators Lumber Liquidators has an incredible selection and the best prices on hardwood flooring anyway. From 99 cents a square foot. Call 1800 hard work today for all your home and contractor needs or log on to Lumber Liquidators dot com. I got medical poll question -- -- do you think Juan Williams will -- receive these profiles in courage award. And the answer of course is now.