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Williams fired, Deval attacks, Polito's new ad

Oct 21, 2010|

Web Gems...Juan Williams fired from NPR for saying he gets worried when he sees.....

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Don't want news coverage of decision 2000 term fears -- do you buy it mass citizens for life. Repeal Obama peer -- citizens for life dot org. I got this job -- -- He did know hello good morning and welcome back to the top -- show and -- -- -- -- didn't like okay we are broadcasting from. You balance -- headquarters building it is time to win Janice and Todd as the first play flesh and blood sorry client Juan Williams. And we are first says your fired and then he says take this job and shove it -- why Juan Williams. Got fired by NPR because. He now that they know is an honest man and they know that he cannot report accurately for them anymore. Political correctness can lead to some kind of paralysis were you don't address reality. I mean look bill I'm not a bigot you know the kind of books are written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on a plane I gotta think if I think people who are Muslim garb. And I think you know they're identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims I get worried I get nervous. Yet another racist working for NPR he -- Juan Williams he made further reference I don't know -- if you have ready made for the reference to the Times Square bomber. Who moved very very recently. Now I get the cut go ahead fire and now I remember also that when that times where bomber. Was it court look I think this is just last week he said the war with Muslims. America's war with what is just beginning the first drop of blood. I don't think there's any way to get away from these back I'll I think -- people. Who wanted to somehow remind us all as President Bush did after 9/11 it's not a war against Islam he -- President Bush went lower body of theology. Can you believe -- can imagine Juan Williams breaks another major tenant of liberalism there is no war going on against our. And he had he acted like all our our. Did this guy not go through the NPR indoctrination before he got his job there are a lot of things I like about -- be out but this this is not one of them. This is unbelievable and by the way. I mean if you wanna have. Robust. Opinion there's a big difference in the army you're liberal is a big difference between -- Opinion and -- robust opinion Juan Williams could not be. I mean have to beat the you know therapy there are people of equal lumps -- But he's -- he's survived. He's balanced he's all the things -- -- -- -- that's why they hit on the hot hot hot hot hot I'm he had I don't know why it's the bite him -- did go below the next web jabbed the Democrats say tickets CDC easy Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee or something like that. They've launched a new attack ad against Jeff Barry. Your teenage daughter and illegally strip searched by police when it happened repeatedly. Jim Carrey was the supervising officer at the scene during one of -- another -- just trying to explain away. Several months later -- suddenly resigned from the force now he's. Imagine you're Democrat running for office every position you have his anti American. And -- designed to dismantle the constitution United States how do you get reelected. You find anything and if he can't find do you make it up about your opponent and you powder relentless the interest -- -- Jeff we talked about this last -- don't have to go back and relive -- all of them in in and -- auto anymore. But the interesting thing is that virtually all of these things were raised repeatedly by Jo Malone -- launched. Fairly skillful experienced political candidate ever narrowly beat him by thirty and I mean in and that was a trouncing and I suspect that what's going on -- perhaps what has Jones innocuous goat. In her column today -- I suspect that's what's going on is that people are so. Angry and frightened about the economy about the direction of Washington the direction of the country. That they just hate. Really -- I'm going for a guy who has a particular. Viewpoint on a hole on a series of issues that have really angered me and frighten me I think that's probably what is. So going on him Jim McGovern is the Castro Democrat from. That for more star. Wooed just called a Communist. He's the guy take -- Castro say Castro Democrat yeah. I -- -- -- he's a big fan of Castro I'm they are now this is not a generic Castro references to specific when he loves Castro used to vacationing Cuba. Before you realized somebody told MM IP a political liability someday anyway here is Jim McGovern. A year ago talking about what he thought were the most vital national security issues. Only leave my national security is okay. Then when I didn't. We're. Maybe they're all. Okay that is Fidel McGovern. A year ago. Talking about how in order to keep us safe from bombs and may be. Maybe some kind of anthrax attack by terrorists. What he thought was dumb thing that we keep us to save us from those vicious attacks that could kill our children. -- -- -- -- Now all but yet he's in a reelection fight so maybe being honest about your true socialist beliefs in your whacko left ism. Isn't such a good idea -- -- clearly the most pressing national security -- -- face terrorism. And we must continue to aggressively hunt down al-Qaeda and their affiliated groups. We should go after them wherever they are in the world Pakistan Somalia and Yemen Indonesia and every single corner of the world. Does he think al-Qaeda is a form of medical doctor stopped what exactly it happened over the does windows don't statements don't come any we in the media to contradicting. They -- themselves and -- consider. -- A broader definition. -- and ample definition of national security that goes onto address because that's a concern in and he was asked just a zone that president on national security and he says healthcare reform. Alistair -- anybody was safe heed and realize there was a Republican way of coming designed specifically to eliminate. Vermin like yeah from the national political Zain good -- good Jordan good trial now but -- to try you know sale. -- -- -- No I was worried about Osama bin Laden dirt terrorism and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is history he's been all I'm saying is the federal persistent talk a year ago is what you expect from Jim McGovern. What you hear in the more recent that's what you expect from a responsible card and forgot why do these are lucky admittedly luck I'm not iCAD in I'm not gonna I can't change the stripes of the tiger he's a very liberal guy no question about it. New one of the things that I admire about Jim McGovern -- he talks about these these wars that were involved and in how we're really -- country with taking. And we are thanking -- we we we reliable I don't bode well 110. Of 1%. Of the nation to find out what's first and the rest of us could go to the ball in go to the movies and hanging out I just wanted charitable traffic you -- reject one helpful thought yeah. And that is this. When when the leftists. Know there are in political trouble. They talk like Republicans now that seems to me to be a confession -- on on all across the country right now they're Republicans actually represented voters. And the leftists. Represent their own wacky base -- it does do Castro good. Cubans and everybody else is off the deep -- that's all I wanna say cup point wells put well ticket. -- next -- Fox News reporting on the latest NAACP. Accusations about Tea Party members. And into this conference call and there were leaders from the NAACP La Raza and also the CWA union. It's got other grievances with certain factions of the Tea Party they said there are people -- and the overall Tea Party movement who are big gets hate mongers even white supremacists. Here's some more of their allegations. So what they're glorifying slavery are glorifying. God managerial system where workers have no voice but it party had to throw back. It's not a path to the future. We have to have -- particular concern. About how are supremacy attitude of Arabs I -- language particularly when is rooted. In the social restoring not taking back -- redeeming the country. While. Proving once again. That they are the party of hate the Democrats out there. Now doing research. So prove beyond pro ball. And that is that the Tea Party is a racist movement what a bunch of big is all destroyer and they are I love it when they look at factions within these movements you how to -- -- factions and the N double digit Irish stick it DA is stole my -- I was just gonna say how about factions within. Any of these groups actress was sanitation workers of -- -- I don't whoever else was they are sold -- by the way you raised a great point a moment ago. Anybody who is in involved engaged in their commute you context anymore but he can take a quick look to the east what a beautiful sunrise to you know I still get your -- people -- driving I don't know how they doing that and. Violating a law that somehow I know what I've started doing it's not that I actually pull over now. Yeah you do Seattle until I drive running while this very -- -- -- assurances 450 bucks a month. Enough transgressions. You -- them all eyes UN who -- o'clock o'clock speaking of the -- is in new attack yet against Charlie Baker because. He is a compassionate guy. He once you don't hire him for his management skills are. But his statement to achieve -- -- to massive failures cost just do. Eight financial -- piling up generally hundred million tall. -- baker helped deregulate the health insurance industry. His profits soared and so that our premiums Duvall Patrick is fighting to lift our middle class. Protecting education and health care leading the nation in job for. -- -- -- -- That piano player is that the he's making a kill on this -- There he is absolutely -- the -- -- -- it so it's it's a void of any character that music I like that I could I could be that could take a -- and then that explains a lot of hot hot hot -- all I -- -- -- -- hadn't bothered by nationalize these guys are unbelievable the -- teachers association Iran also launching some ads concerning mr. -- let's listen. The math teachers association approves and paid for this message. Ever wonder what health insurance CEO Charlie Baker talks about a dispensing meetings maybe -- cut hundreds of jobs and raise health insurance premiums while quadrupling his own salary to one point seven million dollars or how he now plans to make education -- -- -- -- our schools and families whatever Charlie -- talks about it probably. Isn't do you -- Yeah and he's eating the biggest lobster. DCL -- go by and yes it -- lobster don't bark and they have an act -- who has lived is a resemblance soleil guy real heroes he's a younger brother issue Hartley looks like Shalit a gigantic flops goes by the silver platter to submit it's absolutely -- -- -- are so blogger the Democrats. I and the teachers or worse the teachers are scared of Charlie because he would undo. The damage that Deval Patrick is -- education on behalf of the teachers. They -- born there are there. Talk about haters you know we had -- and here yesterday and we're getting about Charlie -- going to be with us again. Puts us yesterday he talked about the 32. Hundred teaches at 3200 -- -- three to 200 fewer teachers yes today. Then that's out of all improves education if he takes the best in the nation standards gives them off to Washington in favor of some yet to be developed standards and he lays off a thousand teachers a year and boy it's great because you know what he's increased spending on education which is -- required by law. Barney Frank. Has a partner. They partner in abusing. His opponent. Serious talking. About his -- partner I don't think -- settle -- I think your unwillingness to focus on this series includes his one and he's like people get disappointed as we don't think apologize. I don't know like management and yeah I think that focusing on an argument into and out of this yet here we are talking about in major economic development and it didn't. Political and made of it because -- -- -- awful lot of over the years I think that somebody out of your campus. Do -- -- like that's when it's an opponent is surprised. A lot have been made it out to you and you're younger you. There is Barney trying to fight off the attempt to talk about why he has boyfriend running around harassing people. What do wherever he's going now it's kind of autism approached. -- Unseemly. Might be the word I'd use the just I just wonder why. Why bodies partner would be down. View what what what guys cut I would even be involved in this you know that it's taking film of a debate a dark. I campaign presentations and appearances try to do indeed no problem at all I don't think there's anything wrong with that although probably even that should probably be delegated to some campaign volunteer. In of the the the -- -- this too much about our our our relationship -- just too much of -- Intimacy via the IN NM that's and that like a wise that is just too much emotion I think just probably the better wear it to you. Know obviously it's a problem. Our course what you want us change up the order the -- here yeah I just added a new one here again. Tides Obama in the White House talking about all they've done for women during the recession but -- this real or is -- a comedic thing. Fortunately Israel okay. Today are -- and a new report. But the economy is growing again the White House denies publicly that today's focus on women in the economy is political. But with the democratic senators Patty Murray of Washington and Barbara Boxer of California in tough battles that it's not hard to make the connection and according to the latest NBC news Wall Street Journal poll women are supporting Democrats in greater numbers than men but women are not as enthusiastic. They like to shop all the time. Americans -- -- -- slice and dice and then handrail slice and -- the electorate into a different segments different demographic -- would Everett might be that might also added Blanche Lincoln by the way to the number of thought democratic women that they have to be concerned about although I think. Chris her situation is beyond -- she's the number one biggest loss for demo guy and I think a lot yeah I seminars and -- -- 182 -- 8225. Points and a got a thing is virtually all over most Republicans actually I think they're all I don't think Democrats are gonna win a single race. Then their challenge are you gonna hold on of the senate I think they'll hold on to the size they're gonna get swept it's ridiculous now you look at their assault going everybody is so mad. That you know that the I don't know if Democrats are gonna show off it's just an. And if there's any democratic plans on voting authority sent out at APV humans caught a yeah 'cause I don't like Derek I hate to at a height depth of my itself exactly. I. All right well up next here the October we're gonna do I'm gonna do the Georgia city power doses -- -- you finish up. Hi -- he knew he a little City Council debate down in Georgia. -- he was a skillful enough to find this -- -- England heated exchange between Sioux City councilors -- sparking outrage in the Warner Robins, Georgia. I'm doing okay. It's. More. I don't know if you heard that he's said I'm not in the -- feeling said. You should be was the response. Counselor -- only says he has been a victim of racial remarks and meetings before. He claims he was referred to as quote boy after a few weeks ago. He makes it. You smile new -- in an expiration tomorrow okay mom I'm pretty much juice through my ally and it lasts can last thousands. And again another race remark was an orientation on the council called Griffin's. Season. The only thing I have a question about is if a black guy says you I'm not in the cotton fields anymore. Isn't that kinda putting it on the table for discussion. Why would he go there. Because of the way he may have been addressed to the early may have been treated if it's very condescending condescending hierarchical. How many disguised condescending everybody it's I mean it's it's possible I don't think the remark back the response back. And sometimes you just get caught up beyond what I call the street. The street chatter and somebody says hey this and you say something back quickly I don't think that's particularly why. All I just want to make this point ribs of a candidate school -- say I'm walking down the street and I bump in the congressman John Tierney from the North Shore bank and I -- a conversation -- -- -- I walk away and I say boy. What an arrogant bastard. But. -- a black guy and I walk up by Bob Bennett John Tierney. And I have a conversation and I walk away and I say boy what a racist. Right so I interpret the same. Stimuli. Are different to the whole time based on my perspective they have -- perhaps that's on senate. Good to good tries to take the second guy but -- Democrat is talking I. Parent -- our next what's the office she's running for treasure here in the state of Massachusetts. Has a new ad out. I'm Karen Toledo running for state treasurer it's not the official job description. One of the most important duties of the treasurer is to be -- wise guy needs someone at the Statehouse willing to speak out against higher taxes. Wasteful spending and Russian. I'm not part of the political machine then meantime redesign my mind -- that's right I'm Karen who. Leo and I'm running for treasurer because you deserve to have someone looking out for you. The right place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --