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Frank Guinta Runs for Congress in New Hampshire

Oct 8, 2010|

New Hampshire 1st Congressional District candidate, Frank Guinta laid out his platform for Howie and took calls from many supporters.

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74694322. -- I remember for years ago though the weekend before the election I knew things were going badly for a Republicans everywhere but I it's somehow I'd never thought that the that the congressman from New Hampshire the Republican congressman from New Hampshire were in danger. I was wrong I saw a story saying they were both behind in the polls we see -- -- would we call them up we tried to get among but it was too little too late they were defeated. Paul holds one. -- also woman named Carol Shea-Porter moon bat. And now holds his running for the senate and is poised to lose by double digits to Kelly they ought and I Carol Shea-Porter trying to hang on to her seat and cheese behind his well. End joining us now on the line is her road Republican challenger Franco got done. It was a former who was the former mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire and frank it's good to have you on the show. Hey it's great to be back -- -- stories. Very good very good -- I got to ask you about this a story in the just you know. Just -- just to set the record straight here the state Democratic Party is seeking federal ropes. -- deep into your bank account. What what's what the hell's going on here. Well it's not enough that they want government in your personal lives and there's as they are Al. Nationally across the country how we may have seen. The New York Times article about two weeks ago that said -- game plan their strategy. Go after Republicans across the country. Personally and based on character. So this issue is a very simple one I had a voluntarily. And here's my idea disclosure report. Errors are. Yet Charles Rangel does not all the time does it well we only have hit the ball millions of dollars going back decades. Yeah -- for for me I just I demanded a report. I did it voluntarily admitted over the summer. It was so you know nothing illegal about it. And the Democrats are trying to make an issue out of it because they wanna talk about nothing. -- -- What do you wanna talk about the unemployment rate nationally gets -- -- it it did it's only nine only nine point 6% it's called the new normal now -- bush for president was called a depression. And it's then that it's been point five or higher for fourteen consecutive much you article fact that thirty. But -- the period side when the economy's been so dismantled. In our country in this says what Howard that the Democrats want -- they wanna -- -- but the record. Anything but the last forty years about two years it's four years what are reporter blows took over. In their actions of the. It we're talking to -- the former mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire he is now running in the what it is the first congressional district correct in the first congressional district of New Hampshire -- -- it's Carol Shea-Porter. Yeah and does she is aisles or -- bats moon bat but one that you tell it tell us how loyal she is even even an eight. And house full of Democrats. Who march in lockstep. And worship the ground but does she -- -- talks walk on Amaechi yeah she is unbelievably serve while to war Nancy Pelosi is she not. She is and she and she's not afraid to help people. She claims. That she votes were made people -- 90% of the about -- And part of the Republican Party. Putting words and -- out. She is -- it repeatedly. Yeah. In interviews in. Yeah debates and forums where she believes. It in if you post boast that 90% of its art because she thinks it's post is right. But he said -- -- -- simple response that -- it's almost as Barbara percent Hampshire. Here are sure expects their member of congress who listens to them something that -- order has not done -- last. This is Nancy Pelosi use -- we have to pass the health care bill that will figure out what's in it. Well our code now that knows more people figure out what's -- -- the number of up people who are opposed to it keeps going up and not -- up and up. It does that I hope small business owners listening to the program. Realize that there are one provision that I talked about about a week ago. The 1099 requirement how it it says if you have a business and you spent more than 600 dollars a calendar year. We have. Any one vendor. You have to then go back and any night that vendor sent that information that the federal government or you could face penalties by the IRS adult. Comply with that interest in effect I ask our reporter about it she said she supported it because it. It brings seventeen billion dollars in the paper health -- essentially said she is now opposing that piece of pledges that that component that election. All edits you know late now isn't it exactly -- the horse the proverbial horse's out of the barn door and into the next county. It's either she -- read the legislation how he or she know within -- voted for either way it's bad for business it's bad for capture. Well how is now this this 98% of the time she agrees with. -- with. With a -- close he does it does that include Nancy Pelosi statement that recently that. People who. -- -- -- on just about every single issue. The last several parts of the last action on the radio. She was making statements about that the constitution and how it -- staked -- in. The fact that they're spark an -- unity means that the constitution is not a complete. And obviously it's -- how people called into things look. That and the pendant is what they sure agree and recognize that there -- right as of the wreck was also. So obviously she. Silent quiet. In New Hampshire whole base which you can all other perceived as good news is that the last two old habits and what. But we're not taking -- -- -- go out and -- your percent of votes that we get the nomination. And beat the ex congressman the first congressional. People want to want to know more about your campaign contributor or anything like that what's your web address frank -- It is team against the dotcom. -- that it's that TAM -- -- -- -- -- -- -- dot com I certainly hope that. People will come visit we have been raising money we need the necessary funds to make sure that we speakership were so whatever people in give. You know go about small -- support the cause of limited government. Restore individual freedom. Making sure we have tax cuts for every American citizens and doing what I think most people wanna do. Listen to the people and and and happy limited government effective government -- would airship or wants which is a big government. Maybe could explain something to media frank when -- was first running I seem to remember her being -- vehemently against all sorts of off foreign involvement by the US military and these these wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were terrible mistakes. And she was always going to the candlelight vigils and that trying to tar every Republican has a chicken hawk neo con war monger. And now now she takes particular pride in in announcing all these defense contracts. That she's been bitching and bring him back I mean you're you're either with the merchants of death decree against the merchants of death audit what is what this woman. You're actually she's on the armed services committee at Chase Field that the best way. -- helped capture is is body bringing it up work effectively capture. Expanding the size and scope of government. Obviously she was saying one thing to get elected in 2006. And is doing so very different now. You know people watches the -- where the positions are then how would it knows -- -- with you. But your consistent principle that you explained we're -- positions people were respecting it more that's what you're looking for. Which -- the Franca again that the Republican candidate for congress in the first congressional district. He's opposed by yet Carol Shea-Porter who is the 82 term congresswoman. Oh my god I hope she's Idaho I really hope you could retire her. You know this is not one of those races that so high on the radar screen nationally I don't think but. Boy did this and this is a -- but there's so many that need to go down but she's right near the top of my personal list. Well it's important because if the Republicans do want to retake congress. They need seats from doing what they -- -- yours. Since we've had fiscal discipline are represented in fiscal conservatism. Represented from doing what and and that's that's a shame because I think we've got a lot awkwardly when war. You know the fiscal responsibility at least we do -- air -- maybe not so much passages but. It appears we're cycle dispute what you're saying but perhaps that well so my friends and family who live and that's what. Or more people are fleeing Massachusetts governor capture. Because at least we are going of those sales -- -- -- -- yeah it's under attack not just the federal level state level that -- shorten it. People are being listened to the government is small and effective and that its constitutional. Should be nothing wrong with members of armored. Coming to the Florida out. Debating legislation -- first asking the question is it constitutional. 18774694322. What is this frank get to the Republican candidate for congress let's take a few calls for frank Gupta. -- your next with how Wii card -- get of the Republican Canada get each representative Carol Shea-Porter go ahead that he. Right Harry it's not adding it's been badly so. That's okay I love you -- banks and having some of these New Hampshire people want for both of us -- seven -- -- -- he will all the time. I just wanted to ask frank if need to do a commercial. I'll read by The Herald commercial where she specifically says I would I that. She doesn't bother to listen to while -- talk about what the people why they don't -- that -- health care and they don't want bailout for palette option specifically says. The -- specifically says that she doesn't pay attention to any of that stuff she just sticks with what she believes that. I'd like -- -- a commercial that points out that she should be listening to her constituents instead of doing match against those which she think she should do. And set up what we want a. Matty I would say she what she does show as -- -- constituents she listens to what Nancy Pelosi in the house leadership tells her to go out. Absolutely I would love frank about a commercial pointing that out everytime I get back Marshall like -- just read -- Well -- I am actually starting by the FDA. And it talks about I I introduce today. An employee and it employee or I talk about the sense that one side the back the paycheck outside the front. And we're off fed up with Washington and I do say in that commercial that parachute order -- -- that's because she believes it's. And votes with it to -- in 98% of the time I species forgotten about the rest of the rest of which -- the what makes this country great. So that commercial -- today you're gonna see more natural process sort of -- well. -- for -- Limbaugh was saying today you know it's it's one thing it's it's bad enough that none of the people in the Obama administration have ever run a small business but. Most of them the vast majority of the -- every -- worked for small business. -- -- -- I I I got it says the mayor of the city in -- or State's largest city. You know how is that the charter says that the mayor has to do this offer in the state budget by date certain. The state budget has to be adopted by -- Regardless of what that budget that our responsibility to administer it we have a federal government right now that the adopting that budget. For the fiscal isn't just began this week we have record deficit now what what -- trillion this year but last year. Protect the same thing for the next two years out and. Carol Shea-Porter was very concerned that's another thing in addition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wasn't she terribly concerned. About the bush deficits. She was then and she took that deficit. You know -- that it was about a trillion up to thirteen trillion. You know look it's if you wanna be deficit -- -- -- you know Republicans yours past. We're always doing the right things I hope Republicans especially -- work from a and will go whip and reduced -- -- reduced the deficit particular -- worse at one thing. And Al spent us into oblivion but yes thirteen trillion dollars in -- this is the first part is that. He'll let the country we give to our children. He's not going to be the same country that our parents gave to us in terms of opportunity in terms of having an entrepreneurial experience. You know by -- 75. Is this country is worth fighting or why are -- with that restore that fiscal responsibility yet it's going to be tough. But those -- decisions on what Americans are expecting estimate. 603 a text -- says tell Frankie made a genius move the other night pulling the constitution out of his pocket during the debates. I carry. -- thanks for the call Matty Bob -- next with how we car and -- get to the former mayor of Manchester who's now running for congress in New Hampshire against Carol Shea-Porter go ahead Bob. I -- I don't remember it up back up immediately did an interview with -- -- executive dagger being. Oh sure. I'm -- release said that apple you constituents they I like to Welker out. Stay here and I'm so happy not -- erotica governor elect at that at -- happy where the congress we gotta get rid of that moon bat. Well outrage. Projection is for cap and trade genius for the bush is should. And and adjusted. That we had about a week and a half ago. Where it pull up that and she was I advocating for larger government or government. In order to get out of me on the right track so -- -- or yours. Policy initiatives that failed the country. Are -- which that the city where for the next two I think most people hourly even. Are moderate Democrat friend Reid. These policies are not working so we're gonna turn this ship we're on this November and the Republicans are going to work. And -- solution that I used to that cable and get things accomplished that are gonna work country a better position economically financially. -- you mentioned to a -- really odious initiatives that didn't go anywhere thank goodness. Cap and trade just what New England needs higher right energy costs right. We have Reggie you know there's several that the liquid stage which is saying. Cap and trade operate what happened here capture world -- -- -- on the government and accept money. And turn it gives it back to companies we're all being green. Well -- other's company and capture. Where executives are making millions of dollars and they're getting my taxpayer might make -- pulpits and their buildings. Yeah I've got a state let me keep my money. I trusted but we. In individuals. To do with that money what they so choose rather than the government intervention. And then of course there's a cap the card check witches which does away with for secret ballot elections and unions and I love the fact that. All these a lot of these moon bats Barney Frank my congressman is one of mob that Carol Shea-Porter is too. The you know these these people want democracy in Central America they wanna go to the Australian system mighty secret ballot but here here in the United States they wanna do away with the same thing so that so workers. Can be intimidated by union thugs. Well negotiate -- cosponsor of -- that devastating. That is this but there at the point that I may I think -- is she a secret ballot which voted war. It's close. Now why she can have the right foot American. Worker here after right. It's just it's it's simple politics -- union. Representation is telling her what to do she's playing follow. Thanks for the call Bob mark your next with Howie Carr and frank got that the Republican candidate for congress in the -- seacoast district in more of New Hampshire go ahead to mark. A captain -- captain and a break it marked a NATO but. Acre area though exactly that they I think what we're but I like people to understand a couple things -- the ball was quick break day. He ever grass on basically every issue front of people it can very easily articulated position and why he's there. This is something that is that lacking in New Hampshire the last years under under it helped shape order at its -- -- Starting thing -- needed people look at her and say change the personal. Well it's just that goes along with field bomber. The work ball yet here's the guy who was very articulate but he says. And outcome or the product if stood up a break instead you know what the crime but this guy right now. It to make sure it I think that they admit that that I like the most it would let you know after the -- able to -- -- was this the guy like trust. Was gonna go up there and do what he says he's going. Okay let me let the -- respond their mark thank you. -- -- -- Mark thanks very much but those -- the -- are great. Yeah how what I learned out of state legislators big merger spot. And if if you make a mistake you gotta -- it's up to it which always -- to be centered and which are positions are switcher philosophical approaches. And not worry about the people to really if you. But be respectful of those individuals but let people know or. -- -- be rock. Or the world that you believe and then the principles I believe -- that worked when I was mayor. I cut borrowing at a packet the first tax cut in a decade the people in the city. That we prioritize government if it were effective and efficient. And we did make tough decisions. But not everybody. Agree with those decisions but expect quite principles. And I are real but that as a result of the same thing as a member of congress is so critically important. That we stick to make fundamental principle of spend less they take it. That's the number one. Rule right now is spent books that you take and then secondly whatever you legislate is it constitutional. -- if we can live by those two rules. I think we're gonna. What's -- worst vote Carol Shea-Porter -- and -- four years one I've given you one vote to pick out how much you've got -- got the answer. I've shot several but I have to say the -- -- -- about constitutional. Secondly does nothing to reduce cost. And better back up here small business owners right here -- capture -- telling other it still from the carrier with a 3% surcharge. Of two wrecked. Cost. As a result of the legislation be passed. I keep getting LCI get for protect you get all these emails saying that -- there's going to be a three point 8% sales tax on the sale of real estate where metro is that true is that Herbert Matt. No it's true you only you have to have a certain code required I think it's over 200000. Yeah that if you know you're all. -- do you go over the -- in 500. Yeah there's going to be three point 8% tax are not your you know. Hundred so the other serious that it doesn't affect everybody but the fact of the matter -- State you know you buy your house. Yeah which -- -- -- -- -- tiger or thirty years and appreciates. Forward above that are out. You're saying that that -- realistic that's. And they are gonna have to pay three point 8%. Tax went so that the property which is law and it's gonna hurt -- audit and its the despite all of. We'll all get special and we can imagine it in the -- they'll be a stampede in 2012 but then unless it's repealed it does the hot the market world totally dried up in in 2013. And that's except that the problem has been in and I believe it's what he's well. Our business owners are very upset it. Yeah and Eddie in the other thing so where is that you have the Fed you know your -- think you're gonna have you don't you don't have any appreciation on your home's value because the market's been tank for a few years. But now the Fed has announced that they're going to use inflation as a as a tool to get the economy going to -- -- you know. I don't get that either the whole thing are they gonna encourage inflation -- they have been forgotten the lessons of the late seventies in the early eighties when when is inflating the currency -- worked. It is it ever has elicited -- Carter get a regular. You know Barack Obama is our -- harder we're gonna get a Reagan as a result. -- so well I hope so. -- get -- its good to why have you on the show and I go like you're running against Carol Shea-Porter what your web address again in case people wanted to learn more -- you. It's seen get the dot com you know please I urge everybody to go to the -- help us -- got a great grassroots campaign going. We're in the lead by that point but we're not taking it for bread with got to bring this all. And restore. You know fiscal responsibility our country yet and we thank you very much for having -- greatly appreciate it. Thank you frank get the former mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire and now he's running for the a seat that has been held. By the extremely in this -- distinguished congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter and I'm being generous in that description on how we car. It's me how we are I wanna know where you stand on the biggest.