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"Keep your chin up," Patrick says to Cahill

Oct 5, 2010|

Governor Deval called Tim Cahill and gave him a boost. Stay in the race? How about "Keep your chin up,"

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Here. I'm not doing -- -- nothing -- I knew. None of us are perfect. But none of -- can be happy with what we see all around this armed force so much EM TV or where. On your dogs I remember the mission of the one nation march there's going to. 300000 people live tomorrow and we are pretty excited. Tell you should -- throwing Paul. If you thought that this backroom deal would be the one to push me out of the race and facilitate your desire for a nation. Boston's stock -- remote area ams which he W -- carrier. Good morning and welcome back to the common -- show another beautiful day in the neighborhood on Tuesdays through. Gets a little -- little confused about forecast saw someone forecasts we're gonna have sun and clouds. And it was going to be the most sixties and I saw another -- saying -- 59. And son and I am sorry reigning -- and that's what Melissa max sets so I assume it's the truth is she's gorgeous she's gorgeous and I don't do aboard the Dylan Sam. Still an end I know that I got stock on channel four somehow. Melissa look sharp today -- and cut a deal and go the other veteran. We're maybe where the backroom -- already off her back -- Bagram -- and that's a tough tough if they may not -- Listen to this is Sharon angle. The Republican candidate for us senate fur you up against Harry Reid she's trying to get a fringe GT party candidate who's running as an independent. To give up the race he brings a tape recorder to the meeting and thus we have the latest scandal lot of Nevada. I detractors say -- we don't agree with you but you're consistent. You don't make backroom deals. You remember. And guess what. She makes well she tries to make a backroom deal. Anything I can go. Personally I'm glad to have you don't make backroom deal. That's her handlers ask you Conant you know we we he can make a deal for. You don't make -- there's a secret. She says you wanna meet Jim dement I can get them. You wanna meet. Todd Coburn you wanna meet. Mitch McConnell I can get him for yeah. All you have to do is get out of the race and then it's UN me work in to save the world that thought I. A deal and he just happened have a tape recorder there now that's how we've always assumed politics works and then there it is we get to hear. And heartwarming tell the truth come out let me ask your question. If you bothered at all by what Sharon -- sand issue what's a clear field. Charlie de -- love a clear field if you're running for office. Hey you know this is serious competitor and a bunch of other -- don't freak Jesus. It's economist just let's just be honest about this as a matter fact I think you yourself have said let's not clout of the stage and about what chill -- she's a space shot. She's taken a valuable time she doesn't have a clue she doesn't have a chance so there are all these. Angles. -- they probably reference but -- these angles are committed to our assessment of different situation Sharon and those same book. I think I think guy Harry Reid is a clear and present danger the future of the country I think I'd be a better senator. If you would clear the field why wouldn't I then. Be your friend in -- be nice front. Our good question I'm not all that bothered by this -- it. That's a little heavy handed up. And com other than that other than the fact that we're listening to a tape count which makes a little more dramatic come -- -- that the event. It's but she does I what I'm bothered by his sharper train yourself to somebody who wouldn't do this kind of thing. Well let's and then she does well let's address because I'm a little bit bothered by -- as well and she is playing too in helping create and Foster this whole notion that. Everybody else is engaged in less than noble conduct. But I Sharon angle I am the ground little ones on the great clans around the great messiah -- -- the pure one however you want to describe it which is bringing some disinfectant. To -- you -- to a that's like she's running as a virgin and it turns out she used to work as a prosperous and -- something like that I did just tell it straight every other -- chargers -- process a backroom -- and you know as I listened to the conversation it's really just her and her the whatever her campaign advisor -- hey look you know. I'll help you personally -- -- -- -- with can assist with access why would I do that you're right well did you do the same thing if you if you were the -- -- for the. We've got Chris some like Chris good morning -- NW RKO. Are generally good morning Chris -- -- the old record Deval Patrick and editors the accusations of these back room deal. Our Muqtada they've got different perspective. Is if they bring it up back -- deal. We know there's no vac who is -- was given -- they yelled now how about that George whole number of such bad game. Maybe the real deal lurch but yeah. Or are -- JL it's sat quietly chilling is people walked forward the follow up marketing -- then. I'm. That's a brilliant question and I I think you're right on it's much more realistic. Even though I don't think though that I don't think there's any grand conspiracy a lot of people think. The Tim Cahill was in the race at the behest of governor -- I had my internationally they're -- I do Joe Biden are likely they're to be some kind of cozy alliance well is that that's possible. Could there be kind of wink and a nod there were working together in some way at this point because maybe Tim's gone so mad at Charlie Baker because of what they're Republican Governors Association that's possible but I I don't even know if it's constructive should be thinking now way. Because the reality is we know what we got here. We've got them all four years of failure and lying to us. And we've got Tim Cahill who's running a campaign that can't get off the ground indeed it's gone in the other direction and you -- Charlie Baker. Who is the god. Well politics. Is that what you are so what religion and what -- -- believe you might have a little by little but not present a fair analysis. I'm trying to be as signed by -- guy and I realize you. That'd be completely. Objective objective yeah. I every minute in the end I mean the point that Chris makes about gee you know you could suggest the same thing about a K Neil Patrick deal that's why in my opinion it's best that. -- dismissal these CIA. Conspiracy notions. Look at the candidates -- -- war. In number including Jill -- And make your determination you've got -- track record with Deval Patrick he -- a different kind of track record with Tim -- and -- -- Obama to start combined dollar stuff CIA pro -- -- -- -- -- -- you have people like Deval Patrick trying to -- Q it's harder as a casual observer to follow what's -- as you know what as taking your your -- as a casual observer. You're right if you're out you know a fairly consistent I'm serious say. G devolved Q did. Cute book I mean it just smile that are right -- -- loud enough you can most voters should be dismissed about the most voters are gonna be pulled into that seductive little -- absolutely -- voters are busy trying to survive the devolved depression. All right and they don't have time -- those who do keep track of shenanigans. Not to be left out Governor Patrick and very deliberately asked -- hill in front of dozens of reporters he quote got his message last Friday hell wanna look like called -- to. Just check in just leave a message. Tell me TV's gin up now because I think okay I share -- the feeling I think most people and they listen it was a pretty tanking. Now further proof that -- is the best producer in the business he's actually gotten his hands on the message that Deval Patrick left on Tim -- voicemail while -- Oh I got. Good morning. And continually independent run for governor. Every time we have Tom -- totaled. I'm glad you are who -- -- -- salute all the -- the suddenly had an alien who's. Hot hot -- o'clock o'clock. I'm sure that was uplifting for 200. Wait for a lot of this fixed bed this whole ten day what are race this is this what this has been an unbelievable journey around with Tom and Todd good morning. I get money guy did you what's. Well probably have to disagree with you you mentioned most vocal being an honorable man yeah I think the guys that think I don't know how to put it better but they don't call limits were. And so okay where the big picture we're putting -- -- before the election. You're running mate but you know drop -- race this is like the bright it burns away from the blown away right after the wedding -- -- But all this great I'm great and I love the comparison Jimmy seriously doubt if you as you approached your wedding day. Had grave doubts and say you know. This is not this it doesn't feel right she's not the one for me off I'm not the one for a do you go through with the charade. And the same thing with telescope that's a bad analogy why because if you have doubts before the wedding day. That's when you have to whacked you do you owe it to the other person to get out in advance but after you've gotten into the race together these guys are already married. Okay this isn't right here wait wait wait a -- -- gonna challenge I can challenge -- simultaneously. Both of you would say under any other set of circumstances. We want political candidates. Cool look at the world square and tell us not. True roots we wanted to be factual that's we want them to be honest telescope looks at the world and says. Tim I can no long -- honestly say to the voters that a meeting every day. That we if he had a lesson plan and -- reasonable base stealers are. If you say to Miller I I saw the movie the town that yesterday okay alright we drills and I took off went -- we thank you Jimmy for the call. This is Ben -- it's film about Charles -- -- -- adversely yup it's -- it's good -- it's it's a grueling it's such -- -- movie had so little tiresome how ugly but it is I think we -- a great chance to bring in somebody from Charlestown -- all -- speak to a Ben -- -- -- prodding him you know I used to make -- of -- amber what about factory is but he's actually becoming a better actor because he's such a good director and I think he's feeling more confidence about his acting. Anyway there's a great scene. Where -- Catholics character gets mad at somebody who's mess and with -- girlfriend -- goes to his body he says. I need your help. And you can't ever asked me why or what it's about the we have to go hurt some people. And his friend walks out of -- and he says whose car we take it. Hot hot hot hot hot. Hot hot hot and that's a good friend that is a friend are now -- as you said. Whose car we've taken period -- -- -- you don't grow while -- break -- into the room you don't say all right you know what I changed my mind Ben I gotta run naive I forgot I have a date. You go through the and a right. And that's all I'm saying about loss cocoa he owed it to go try to Jimmy's -- are -- trying to assume that let's go go and -- -- good friends. Beyonce wants. Make a commitment to each other. Then that's a commitment CNN in in my -- -- you would never do that you you can -- I you can ice top general would never. Do what Moscow -- death. You can -- -- arguing either way you really can't this the I I made this commitment I'm going down with the ship okay and that is honorable this also honoree in saying. Very factually -- It is no are in a way at me it is -- this Terri Leo pat I cut this is not going anywhere and a vote for rushed him to him via audio apology after. I'll vote for us is a vote for devolved we were clear on one thing and I assume they were. That the worst thing that could happen in their opinion I'm not send us Tom -- their opinion the worst thing that can happen is formally as the comparable it is -- natural wells yeah I do. Agree because it's not. C. It's not an unforeseeable circumstance the most likely scenario. When you're running as an independent. Did you start out strong new fate as things go on you've said this torture and don't. You know that you're gonna be viewed as the spoiler out those things are -- as a matter of fact. Tim should remembering in the sub you know we may have tough go one at times I need you through the end I can't have any wish you wash it out ending -- should've -- a firm commitment from -- but. The firm commitment is implied when you were somebody's running mate. Right if your job is if you call may have a say -- -- need in my paper reforming today. And I say sure I'll do it I it that means I can't quit and our courthouse well I -- I don't know what's gonna be snowing fast have to cut you secure delivery closed paper is a stint I had the -- here and WRKO atomic Todd. -- -- and -- one that was. Well I don't -- -- reporter -- I mean you know politic should be run like a business we hear that time and time again. And -- the bit assist failing of the business is going on there and it's gonna cost people jobs and then. You know. You eat you gotta just cut the cord I mean the guy made the right call -- is not gonna get there and he's a spoiler per. Basically been in that all. And it -- I -- -- -- your political analysis all I'm saying is on a personal level if I ask you to do something with -- requires a fixed commitment. And you can anticipate that what the rocky road is going to be you can't -- bail on me because that the rocky road that we all knew was a possibility comes up in less she said to me at the beginning. I reserve the right to withdraw if things got a little tough. Well Todd is a difference between Iraqi wrote in a collapsed bridge okay. -- -- that front hot hot hot hot hot. Aren't deep beyond the analogy is and I have to do -- review -- -- -- toilets -- I don't want. More deals first and foremost -- Okay now you've done a suicide mission and he's gonna drive they ship all right on the rocks. Can JL did come right away if you look scope go to did not sign up for their kid you know is not going to be running for politics or any. -- have all bought this. After he's done. Committing political suicide he's good he's running a really bad campaign and -- like -- -- Wheeler scope girl might wanna do something again down the road and he's not going to go membership would Gail -- totally respect what he's done. I don't thank you for sharing back Kevin -- Interesting opinion out interesting I -- you'll be a look at some of the reporting on this both on the television in in the newspaper and again devolved attempt to. Count we've himself into the story describes the solace tacky and cynical and -- -- side -- to -- -- -- you cannot win tonight. I -- mrs. spirited fight but we cannot win in the end we need to pretty suicide the end of -- four years of Governor Patrick. And attacking move frankly my suspicion that there way to deal out of it as but I and it paid this -- better than I think yeah. Yeah that's out. These things sometimes it packet that. The brilliance of all Patrick and any other candidate in the world -- -- While he's saying yes no basis for those mud keep of the white gloves completely Pristina unbelievable. Eric you're on WR KL. Morning guys Frito-Lay Eric good morning dear Sarah velvet for Arco. I usually love that I raised the velvet fog. He did you know this -- political process reflects thought it's like making sausage. You know and everybody knows -- you know you're really really don't wanna know what goes on the back rooms of what -- and in politics and elections but you wanna -- -- down toward. You know this is this is what you get the municipal golf OK are there I mean what -- think it's gonna do certain salvage his political career after being a quarter and then -- walking away from commitment that we thought they would elect. You're all week he can never run for anything you. Now on -- let you know that if given the very you know nobody wants to see what the under the what's behind the curtain -- -- -- the end of the day this is what we get people would just striking him -- and trying to save themselves. Build toward Justin and a lot of men make about the what they got. In the public eye and not what the post terror angle but you know -- character you've -- said that not knowing that there was somebody record that MM PM at the very what are you gonna do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I think you gently jelly -- -- not. I would I would love to get automobile parts and just you know get after it would prohibit it but didn't think he's the best thing that we are going -- -- right now for a -- part of the governor. I'm just part the government first. You have four weeks to do that Eric and Debbie Campbell as you get up onto the rooftop on Wednesday as speaker and I speak aloud. Melanoma. You know I have the GO envoys are feeling just going to be in a delighted -- he's gonna be lighthearted enjoy all he got hi Jeff -- because I thought Fiat jolly. I ordered all get a while I -- Com. Well I'm mr. -- -- wired and they're great I can grow wider held the Deval Patrick leave a message can KL. About how are you sorry you can't beat it and secretary doesn't want this campaign is all part that he wanted to little. -- -- about you know we definitely want from the network Shinawatra and that's why do everything we can what. It's about female voters well I called him to. Just to check in just leave Manchester women here that ends up against chin up -- -- it would come -- -- up. Did she fell flat flat flat you will probably never admit the cool. It is OK okay. No matter who. -- -- -- I saw I want I -- instead cirrus I would love to have the -- come back in truth for continued debate with that with Tim. And within this is irrelevant and with a conversation while only. Because ye EE I think you make the the atmosphere as he must an invite or you can hot hot hot. How can you got safest place that we give -- like call Jeff jolly. So this -- -- -- wanted to come in here remember that day your way and the ball came in here or the governor of Vermont. I had to torture myself for our act like we're having an entertaining conversations -- the audience I was watching in the audience meter go down to zero white. -- the job just throw and he could get a fair hearing -- this -- why -- good morning. -- -- -- -- Say good morning at the end of the days. The most important denial of reality was -- Tim Cahill -- When I'm elected governor I'm gonna ask for Los cocos inverted -- couldn't. I couldn't believe that the -- go to talk about what a waste of money go lieutenant governor whose job it. We can get along without -- sort of secure email a lot of friends among the -- that -- M that it could go forestry and. No it's kind of funny you know what he's it was a right I mean are -- -- in dispute are coming up for -- call -- -- go and see what -- find out from him first hand. We were gonna make the call life where you really know screening process you know how we usually we line them up why aren't into a cold will listen to the rain. We'll listen to a pickup with a sleepy voice. And then we'll tell the -- -- Everyone talks we just families were really good attitude. We're Boston's talks -- and AM -- VW. Ontario. And big. Ten and I this. -- right we cannot win again do we need for you your side of the Big Ten years of governor -- And I. Yeah. -- waste my time and -- beat the jazz guards as an excuse to ask how. July the rhetorical ground ball could tourist Obama. Eric B immigration text messaging and yes it's 686 days of the there it goes seven they want Governor Patrick call well I -- To him to tell him to keep your chin up. It could just make sure that you're still in the race yes that's what was really say that to him but certainly I think you and -- -- I'm. But there's no question about it that's maybe -- can -- yesterday and articulate today when you you know we're gonna hear the commentary into the newspapers. You know I think child is a little bit on the defensive. How do you mean I think it's you know they though the having to deny. That there was a that there is a discussion IAE conspiracy. Or that there were some type of job offer us something. Something of value that might have been suggested. Is is not the place which shall we wanted to be -- weeks outsource our our -- in his difference between the the newspapers going on with the -- yeah putting them on the defensive -- him feeling defensive guy he's journal I don't think he has to feel defensive but when the globe headline in the metro section here's the top headline. Baker says no jobs deal -- cocoa. Having to deny yet -- puts it in play in people's minds Lyndon Johnson who has just timing. Mischievous SOB. Always uses just have a sense. Make DSL be denied yes whatever it was telling -- all of a sudden mile course your opponent to begin to deny -- and I mean it's like say when did you stop all my life I mean Charlie don't. Early show response I think he should narrow it down even more and only say this one thing. And that is. -- and by the way does what they all do you know they -- they'll try to do the pivot you take the incoming missile. And you try it's just like judo bright. You try to use the momentum of the opponents -- blow coming towards you against him up so he just switch this thing around and says. They just don't wanna be talking about their sorry record. And that's a really great comeback he should only say that he should even deny the thank you should only say. They're just trying to distract. From what a bad job. They've been doing managing this government. There's no deal there's no offer there was no -- there's no nothing and you -- -- a thing about this possibly coming on the hike before you got a phone call from his Jalisco come out of. -- he shouldn't even answer those questions she should just say the one thing. And then that's all they can say all I can put on the news yup but if he stands in mute with the -- and you know -- television works you don't -- their new what you say. This is just their attempt to distract you know the unemployment rate in the state of Massachusetts is eight point whatever what is it that's what he should say. He should not answer the question and then they can't cover him answering the question without having him say. There -- just trying to distract from this conversation -- let's call up pulse Coca right now you have that do you have his number. Okay Paul -- WRKO. Different Paul hi Paul. 00 we're certain. We grant you. I bet they are don't -- -- and they're really warmer -- -- got okay air okay out. -- K no sale and -- -- Arab belt republika promote good they're Democrats promote good correct yup. Okay but it pulled a democratic ticket -- I'm realizing need help from the fact that most out of stopping want to vote count while a lot global box about per trust their. What he -- under the bus. Though you can't trust him Kindle at all great now are way way way way way way let's let's with this just a sore tomorrow night because. The -- because he pulled the democratic ballot in in September and yeah you can't trust anybody whatever -- Yeah I'm a bad there -- completely against you oh yeah right let's say they are palms park takes its brokerage -- medical -- -- want. You know are people gonna go -- it might stop because they bought just stop. Well I'm well. Yeah I know about -- I think what he's what I I think I'm like I cannot speak to Tim Cahill but I think what he's saying his. Of the candidates who presented themselves he felt more interest in the democratic side if he did not. Do that he would've had completely skipped voting if you run it rolled which he is now. You -- you get a choice you can go Republican a Democrat but if he did chose neither -- would have -- budget coliseum. In a lot of involved to. -- -- -- their -- mail no government apology might be your best -- -- -- -- immediate target golf that is true you that is absolutely true that what they expect. Yeah there won't. Well you're right he should have picked a Republican ballot that would have proven that these are responsible adult and a half a -- RIA he said a pox on both of them he doesn't think either body adequately represent as Democrat any used to be it Democrat until you're gonna -- -- sure little suspicious if you ask me. -- -- -- -- Good morning guys it's just listen to that left car had a couple points -- let LS Carla stupid me I pulled the Republican ticket. There's nobody on there. Who would act -- some other guy in the boom. I -- it was going to vote for a should've pulled. No matter how it's very important what you did because. It's important for people see good did you do in the analysis including the -- -- edit pictures. To see that the do you wanna -- Republican and that -- -- are all those votes. Very important we you do. I didn't they have sorted -- Let me but anyway if this thing I'll be mailed propaganda ball. Get a little logic on this subject. -- jails -- running mate. Let it eat like try and said why didn't go kicked him and they all live when he leaves behind. And go to charity -- does. Why didn't he let him know right -- front. He should have that should have been the first. -- I totally agree with you are we're gonna pulse -- an hour and call us house. -- We'll keep you check -- Paul. Just got. This would -- sensitive to all of us there. This is the wrong idea there. GPS it's. Not lucky yeah if you really think he really -- blame -- much. Yeah. -- best of what is about attack piece. Because he's authentic -- -- doing the same sale we have to pay him this kind of like some weak link. You know back to work arrangement how do you beat that use than having to say look I don't wanna talk about that I wanna talk issues. Which will also be alive but at least it would be one in the positive direction. You could actually talk about it -- He would say look I wanna talk about -- dismantling education standards in the state of Massachusetts. To payoff the teachers games -- -- -- be proud of me for the -- -- -- number come on can't see or denial of what. -- -- All right -- enjoy your NWR snail -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because it can honestly say I strongly. Against -- governor MW of this platform -- -- any order Goddard a lot of disgruntled. Voters a message you sit. Hey just he's just towel grapes. Because she felt desperate at the -- is also I even trying to corner publicly. -- Joy got a question for you because I believe -- -- -- Quincy guy and think he ran for Rafa so there. Now we need when you voted. No no no -- I did this is did legit. Wait you know when it. The in this -- -- gonna try not to in September when you voted did you take democratic ballot Republican. We're gonna of the call sorry Joe Juneau trying to your pulse gold -- -- Too rainy day news. If we don't get an answer we'll put another hundred dollars in the jackpot. Remember. Remember I've heard on the thought that but -- five brands that we cannot we had a hero subject -- And we move on to the next hour this is how they guide you through them terrible movie -- showing channel are you notice that. You are Paul has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system -- Paul Konerko. Is not available. At the tone please record your message when you finished recording you may hang up or press one for more options. To leave a call back number pressed five. Hi Paul Thomas -- calling from WR kill live radio we were open grab -- and have you talked to us send. Enter into the conversation about the nature of the thought process that went into your decision to. Undermine Tim -- always did. So we're gonna digitize I would not I would not join -- that you -- net -- to extricate us to leave the situation though seemed untenable but this is a voicemail so we've got to probably made it less likely it is -- called back. -- -- -- They. So lot of -- he's got a text used the hotline numbers -- call and be part of the conversation. Here on the big 68 WRKO. He knows we need some of its own good brings to life -- right here on Boston talk station KM six NB. -- -- -- --