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Rick Sanchez vs. Jon Stewart

Oct 4, 2010|

Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez says he was discriminated against because he is cuban and Jon Stewart is a bigot. Howie says Sanchez's biggest stumbling block is he is stupid not a minority.

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94322. And it's Monday and I think all weekend about. You -- white people out there. Because you don't I'm not a white person you are just wanna make that. Clear right here at the very beginning of the show no more so than -- in which I'm a whiter than Rick Sanchez Rick Sanchez is no wider than me elite northeast establishment liberals that may not use this as a business -- yeah deep down when they look at a guy like media camera pasty guy automatically who belongs in the second tier. And now the Tulsa area and I. How are you -- to me an example 'cause your manager Cuban American I had a guy my books here at CNN. Who's volume has come to me one day and say you know want. I don't want you watched this dish I don't once you know one hole it was she actually I think it's more subtle. And white folks usually don't see it but we do okay those of us and other minorities tendency sometimes to hear from men in your industry and he's. System here I'll give you my example it's this. You know what I don't want to anchoring anymore I really don't see was an anchor. Your show as a reporter -- see more -- John King Jonas you know the guy on ABC. Actually told me yeah he told police army is unleashes -- -- obvious Mike -- if you don't realize that he was telling me see you John -- always goes Hispanic reporters. Because in his mind I can't be an anchor and anchors which give the high profile white. Guys know that and Rick I guess you're not I'll white guy. It's funny. He's auto white guy. 1877469432218774694322. Toll free number about what car show. If you like to listen on the Internet you can always do so go to our website. Which is how we cart dot com how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming. Also how we car. You think part of daily Internet poll question these Dalian a poll question is brought you by Olson Cadillac of -- all well as CN OLSE and Cadillac of warmer that's where I got my SRX. Four. I I drove it down last night to war. To what -- river in -- Lincoln Rhode Island and I had better at. Fred and Steve's steakhouse was very gutsy and very good and I had. -- want me to have the the the cowboy who revise. But now I stuck with Foley -- final nine you mr. something in my bypass and that we're buying. Yeah I I got a call from on Saturday night I was I was. Somewhere and I -- the phone turned off wanna go back obviously I just spoke with the I just spoke with the maitre. I guess I'm gonna have that -- by no matter whether I want to or not but he Leahy the idea I talked Leo me -- out of but I hope it doesn't cost mr. jobs but thanks to a Fred and Steve's -- thus Burleson Steve Deossie. For a for the nice a dinner for me and my wife Linda thanks also capital for giving us the great right down there. Yeah Mario also Cadillac of Warburg won 8774694322. You could knock me over with a -- yesterday when I picked up my copy of the Boston Sunday herald. And I saw the I saw the story about the that the suspect that they picked up in the in in the format a -- murders. He's being extradited today from New Hampshire you know name has -- mommy. Washington. And U I it's just it I mean it's too much you know we make jokes about aspiring rappers and there are ones in the lead. -- money you Washington was an aspiring rap. But you know somebody pointed out early in the you know on the message board. -- second how can you say a guy is an aspiring rapper. Without saying he's an aspiring rapper who's turning his life I mean. Beat two cliches go together there -- there demo identical twins are siamese twins they've got to be put in the same sentence. But for some reason the espy did we used the aspiring rapper alive but not the he's turning his life around line. So city what is today's poll question brought few vials and Cadillac Quebec and a what are the results thus far. Which would you rather be described as an aspiring rap. Turning your life around would rather be an aspiring -- only 17%. 83% really well I -- I wonder what's gonna. I want -- one it would go the other way -- -- order to carry around the we have an aspiring rapper though say it's hide. It's Richard it's like. It's like clinging played these journalistic cliches go it's like clinging to life. Or. Limped into port. You know or or shallow grave where the shallow graves found in a wooded area. Never in the woods a wooded area. Okay 1877469432218774694322. Or go back to want to talk about this Rick Sanchez thing this is really hilarious. This guy Rick Sanchez has got a. He's he's he's a -- I mean he is he's he's -- phone. Anyway he was promoting a new block anyone on satellite radio. Excuse me magic radio. -- -- -- rush was making fun of it today saying nobody listens adolescent. Well analysts that that channel where it was on but I listen so. He goes on any starts talking about how he's being he's been discriminated against because he's not white. And I. This one a -- pet peeves that if you have a certain kind of last name you can claim your not white. Don't let. So you know I I remember one time go bottom -- was probably this long -- -- now. And I saw there in the front row the -- over the in the front of the bookstore there was this book I was called how the Irish became white. I became extremely angry at that point how the Irish became white because I don't accept being white you see because. Why would I accept being white why I wanna -- Y eight what I can be nonwhite. As far as getting the Big -- go you know I mean let's face it you get described herself -- -- a sudden you put the target on your back. So here's -- blue -- Sanchez EC you know he's got a dvd he actually kill somebody in a drunk driving accident in Florida and he beat some mob beat the rap. He sets so many stupid things were will will have warm as we go along today. He onetime -- said the justice and a volcano has erupted in near ice plant. Priestley and you think that would be too cool pro came out. They EC he he's. You know this is what kind of crappy though there -- says he sits on the like up. And now the latest in the have also by Joe Biden only said angels of Joe Biden be -- Joe Biden. Mean the guy he's a -- And so he comes out of your -- so we comes out on this radio show and here's here's where they were say it. I think to a certain extent Jon Stewart and cold -- are are are the same way I think Jon Stewart's a bigot I think he looks -- may hold. Now -- now -- in an -- on my iPod I think Randy I think he's about -- -- data I think he looks at the world through dog. Who was a school teacher. And his dad who was a since resisters -- to Mike got great I'm so happy that he grew up in a suburban middle class New Jersey home with everything that you gourmet -- bigoted towards. Everybody else is not like him look show me what it's -- around inside. Who she surround himself with I didn't even know it was George and told -- story came out on Friday night and somebody sent -- attacks about it. 18774694322. I just think it's important. That people who -- not minorities. Understand that those of us who are -- very fuel -- say that things that I just said. Are actually more complex than they think we weren't doing a minority as much as you are he's he's come on how it's usually. -- -- neither -- minority columnist and why are we talking about this anyway. Such a minority I mean you know I would please what are you kidding he's if he's. You're telling me that I'm telling you that everybody runs CNN there's a lot like Stewart and lot of people who run column on other networks like Stewart and -- -- that somehow they. Other people in this country your -- which are oppressed minority. Yeah they had a history of oppression and no question about that. The rush Politico out of him today we -- talking about the you know that the win when they were rough there were they they formed a lynch mob I won't call upon she was a lynch mob when -- one of the bio. -- St. Louis Rams. And the football team the worst football team completely. It and if they they won't let you know be. Now Rush Limbaugh. He is now setting us straight on. Remarked that's been wildly publicized. About what he has said in the past one of the quotes it's been attributed to Rush Limbaugh is the one about him saying -- labor -- the sound. And I'm not saying that we should bring it back on to say that it had its merits for one thing was -- we're safer after dark. Among the -- new. Organizations that reported that -- there was -- show at 3 o'clock. -- -- response to this news and -- we wanna be fair to from what you've you've obviously got back we look at everything else. And there is not even an inkling that any of the words in that quotes are accurate it is outrageous so I'll Rush Limbaugh is denying that that quote. Has come from him. -- obviously that does not take away. The fact that there are other quotes other quotes. I've been attributed to Rush Limbaugh which many people in the African American community and many other minority communities do find. Offensive. Fake but accurate as the New York Times what's at stake but back kiryat. -- -- These call these -- don't why don't you say corrections good correction CNN regrets the error. That mitigates perhaps I mean and I'm not the rush could so because he's a public person but. I mean you always put you regret the error because -- bad that mitigate said the punitive damages part of a lawsuit. Whether -- whether there's going to be a lawsuit or not. Then you do it just because it's a decent thing to do. But this is what a fool I mean how was this guy he's clay claiming he's a minority -- Man I can't I can't deal -- -- it's just CH it's sold sir I mean it's funny I mean image. Whenever I I should check I can thank you definitely deal whether. Let's see. Do you think Rex Ryan told Marc Sanchez he's not white enough that's -- Rex Ryan is a coach of the New York Jets and Mark Sanchez is is is his quarterback. 1877469432218774694322. Who have just before -- will take some calls on this Rick Sanchez from mess here. Some people do wanna talk about the aspiring rapper he was an aspiring rapper and he was turning his life around and he was planning on marrying his child's mother. Childs mother -- -- plural he has twice 35 years old -- -- have a house doesn't have a car but he has five kids. Five kids. Yeah he was turning his life around -- How we being an aspiring rapper is an evolving paradigm all very funny 978 don't let this. When your faith in the aspiring rapper turning his life around community. 1877469432218774694322. 617 says Sanchez screwed up by not following Jerry rivers in changing his name to card -- sound show us. 18774694322. You know. And number one it's really of obnoxious what he said they'd just study the the anti semitism -- -- why they why why did that only that was the only part that he said that he said that. Store was a bigot that's a better if you if you only read the story the the wire story in the newspaper are on on the Internet you're relieving get the full flavor of the story. I mean this guy is he is somebody. He's as white as me he wrote I mean seriously -- become bought. How are held as you get claiming the BA. Aside as someone who should get affirmative action and I say that if somebody who's against affirmative action for everybody I think I. I don't think they should be a category. On the on the job application of the SAT or Harvard Law School forms just to name an example that a beat you we came in my mind for summaries and I don't think they should be any category from race that you know where we're getting beyond that. And so you have these people. Like Rick Sanchez claiming to be. Members of some oppressed minority. Opinion how come how -- -- of those guys -- talk about these guys every six months or so these firefighters name went. The Boston a few years ago this when they were -- the you know they were like hiring no one white person further and further one not so called -- white person. It's of these guys wanna get on the fire department. So they they put down that that they got a picture and old us happy attempted a picture of some old Mexican woman from the turn of the century Lisa that was their grandmother and they were one quarter 18 Mexican. And they got on his minorities in the may then they start gladly laughed about it and someone behind the mount. Mean but how Howard they. But why didn't somebody -- Rick Sanchez the unit what are you Europe what are you claiming what minority are you claiming to be a member of 18. Bill Richardson. Other than being a fraud and claiming that he was drafted by the Oakland days. In order what -- bill Richardson's mother is Mexican so that makes him a member of a minority or you won't be a member of a minority group today if you were around. I had never thought I'd never thought about the story until a couple of years ago Ted Williams. Ted williams' mother was like half for a 14 Mexican Americans so today. Today he would be could the you don't today and you'd be affirmative action. 1877469432218774694322. The general Richard Sanchez was a member of a minority group. 18774694322. Jeff you're next with how we cargo ahead -- Hey how relevant shelf. And it is so amazing to me that evolved Rick Sanchez totally completely neurotic network com. -- he prose that it's. It's not. These stupid that he has a problem is that he's moved Hispanic instill good. What right will he say he claims he got -- or you get about -- the outlook and thwarted another way -- I wonder Sanchez's problem is not that he's Hispanic it's that he still put. That's why he's wondering about being an anchorman may be only have to ad lib and a big story breaks only one day out of the year but on that day. You better be on your game in have you ever seen Rick Sanchez able lab lab he had a 9000 volts. I'm electricity. -- Are you welcome. And painful but. No one's death. Actually only that was that bad I think he's actually making a point there he allowed himself to get taste right yeah. That's a bad that's -- that's on an example of his -- this idiocy. Where it will find some other ones as we go along here 18774694322. I get back tomorrow one of my all my favorite Shakespeare quotes. Sometimes dear Brutus default. Does not in the stars but in ourselves that we are not anchorman. 1877469. Up 4322 Steve your next with Howie -- go ahead Steve. Pay hourly. That it's not about I think it just chased people in the media don't you think. I don't think he handled that went pretty well -- was ready without Illini begin did did follow that line the night before. Exactly so we'll let them I used to watch my lot. And there are accountable musings sort of the same way -- find Ted Baxter from the Mary Tyler Moore Show he's. That's a good comparison. Except of course Ted Baxter was a white person. Bryant put this I was likable -- who says you can't have final news people that made mistakes I mean. Look if if you can if you can support. I senate candidate who thinks my -- fully fund. -- what are you anyone know I've explain that to your million times now I don't think you would have knowledge that it that. She just left out a single -- anyone can only about a single word that Steve the problem with that have a guy -- inches on the anchor desk is like I said what if there was an emergency. Why -- you can handle a bit what they have one of the things I felt really fighting a bottom was. The one time when. He was reading off the cue card or -- tell problem -- said Blake GAAP. I hardly ever stretch. Any idea I actually read that you know. You -- read the news and many goes. And stretched. -- -- I mean didn't go I was fighting you know like -- I don't have to have every news -- Completely serious once -- awhile. You get out somebody who's who is not -- Walter Cronkite you know. It's see this this is another this is another example -- how stupid the guy was host Lieber is. He didn't he didn't realize that he was Ted Baxter he thought he he thought he was Walter Cronkite. Yeah -- he must been -- because every all the comedian is to make fun of the. I -- I mean -- You know again Walter Cronkite -- people may follow I mean I humane and he might not like it but he would -- he would know that you elephant if some gets on the use -- you never let anybody shell you'd ever show it to do we -- -- -- -- -- more of a target the morning complain about Jon Stewart the more crap he was gonna get. No but how -- you let let's be honest okay. You know I love listing -- even though I don't agree with you right. Well one of your charms is people get can make fun of you wouldn't -- he's. Like outrageous or silly things right that's what -- your picks in the same thing with him. What not you you mean having a thin skin was -- -- No church just. -- being any of them but joked I mean your famous flying is. I think come here to be made sport of yes it was kind of the same thing with hand you know. Yeah but see he means that I didn't seek to inform you like you say it's a it's a punch line for maybe. He apparently thinks that he. I mean you don't think about this every -- he runs over somebody at the orange ball then NBC any -- makes it to the network I mean. Yeah he be pleased -- -- -- Hubert Humphrey would say right I mean I think. Really feel I mean I I am amazed he made it all the way to the anchor desk at CNN every month has just been because. It would Hispanic and relatively. Pleasing to look at maybe for the women or something you know. Well as that's minority group to use Steve okay by the way and your bigot to buy you understand that right did you -- know Joe -- orange you I don't digital Jon Stewart was Jewish. Oh I didn't know that I guess I haven't really -- -- -- confession to make I haven't paid that much attention to -- to John -- burglar -- by the -- I did not know that I don't think you're right about that when the ones I've heard that but -- -- that in lake on a red down left wing blogs. -- Well one way or another I liked working for my help to work form against -- if -- -- Bob by one. 877469432218774694322. -- mentioned warrior boring would it mean. This is exit immediacy he stood Sanchez -- is crazy I mean he's it's beyond. Having not too much gray matter he's crazy for thinking about stuff like this. And then first corn out on the radio means you can get any you can get any thing on the on their on the radio now any anything that. That is set on the radio somebody's recording. Peter you're next with how we cargo ahead Peter. Yeah -- I don't have I have children to do it completely different comment on this first of all. I -- oil liberal gets in trouble for violating their own politically correct. Speed you know right to speech codes and yeah there you go. Read that led to lead into the -- to social beat OK but I actually know -- -- take the other side of the -- say this. If she had just it was certainly -- African American. And he said well you know white Christians are running this network that he would you can get in trouble for that it's only that he had because we're Jewish -- -- I don't think so I thought I'd think now that I think you know that there again it's league you don't. There's so many groups like. Like news busters dot org and a bright parts group you know while big journalism and I -- and the Drudge Report I mean they're they're they're a lot more more and media and Brent -- group -- more people are gonna call out a liberal for saying something like this than there were ten or fifteen years ago Peter you -- -- -- maybe that's -- like fifteen years ago but I don't think -- more. Because it's it's like -- you know. It was like -- lead with a today I mean you've -- -- that because you don't he's been the victim so it's you know it's kind of like. -- for him to be able to attempt. Too you know another nail in the skies -- but. What are these pictures are currently sharing review this houses just. I couldn't get a volcano in Iceland isn't it to do it when -- a lot of OK I don't know why you have wrong words like that -- -- -- words -- cold. Battle volcano there but you know. Narratives get that what you what is this -- is don't just released picture that is a plume of ash coming out of the top of all volcano blowing straight up. For his stuff and so I just -- OK yeah wanted to talk -- -- going confidence is regular weather happening underneath that this -- going tens of thousands of deep in the sky and is going right into the flight -- on an awful lot of airplanes literally let's go to -- a couple of sources I wanna take you to. Our flight delays first of all because -- not okay. I think. That would be marginal -- for Ted Baxter to say that just because it might they might I said that's going too far you know I mean -- the -- we he'd -- -- is going to be something that somebody might have actually said but. Nobody would ever say something magical week for that long because there's of the got a big at the beat the plug in their -- somebody would say shut up. But again we know this guy when peace comes to the word stretch an ad -- meaning he's got like twenty or thirty seconds the film before they go to the break -- of a -- shot he says stretched -- lab. 18774694322. All they all -- future callers I don't want to try to trip me up with some of those long words like Hawaii when we come back okay. -- -- -- I'm gonna convince everyone. And he's not gonna spend a lot of time and energy on something that's not going to change there's certainly an American public is gonna believe. How has the I'm just I'm just sitting here you're shaking my head. Who is the cotton picking president of the United States this -- the president of the United States doesn't have enough we'll bully pulpit to convince people. Alive. That a lie is alive I should say -- you know what where will we book contract that we limit on what the hell was going on here. I think we asked the same question about Rick Sanchez getting an anchor slot even on a network that nobody watches when he calls the black the first like -- United States are cotton pick and -- I mean again it's not the end of the world thirty thing but. He you know we shouldn't be making mistakes like that on live television or are -- -- radio or. Probably just in general conversation 18774. But he he's he claims he's a victim of a big victory. He he he was he's one of the good old boys. Even know you know if the goal boys are whites. Q looks like one of the -- boys IA he is named Sanchez so he's not Jewish week blaming ease ease again he. Its core it's just insane it's just -- he can see what a fool what a -- 187746943221877469432. -- People who EEQ you kill somebody in a car excellent driver and Welker or the police claim you were a male -- plea bargain -- -- Yeah most people won't do that. Do at least a little jail time this -- -- to be a national anchor what can -- do we eat this don't again I understand it's a national anchor -- an asterisk. You know considered at CNN and I know it's it's over he you've been replaced. Another great irony you know is replacing him tonight they gave him when Campbell Brown one way they put -- -- you don't know less and I don't know the stellar credit today. Because we don't watch CNN and nobody else does either. But keep it when Campbell Brown's contract finally expired she's wanted to flee into the night they put CN -- on until they could put together their new show. They're big news show premieres tonight. Kathleen parker. She's like some rhino columnist and client number nine yes. Eliot Spitzer. Eliot Spitzer has -- got his own talk show. There's a from the daily news. -- are plagued former governor Eliot Spitzer a host of new CNN talk show should not be advising America. All how judgmental of you Kenneth Lovett daily news Albany bureau chief. These worn out the golden years cut short by personal failing said assemblyman Jack make it make any. And Albany Democrat and historian I found it to be a very tense time. This meeting lead the Spitzer years. 18774694322. He was not a good governor he didn't get anything accomplished -- -- created chaos otherwise he was fine said veteran democratic political consultant Hank shine cough. The fact that this guy is now gonna tell America how to function after what he did to New York is a disgrace. Are you surprised I think. I didn't think so Bob your next with how we cargo ahead Bob. They KLA great to be out. Armed -- couple funny towards about it just rather when there was that earthquake. In the south Pacific gas and there was a threat of mr. nominee that was another great call because all of what it was a woman on the little weather. Person not or something like that. And they basically describe that there could be. The text leaders X amount of -- dropped. In the ocean yeah he asked you ask a leading to translate that in English. And I was as a matter of years as opposed to -- she didn't understand what actually talk about another brutal that was the breaks are actually exposed a lot of his folk -- Yeah all right go to embrace it CD that's. -- where I have like a greatest hits collection. Yet it probably would -- if you if you search the archives or keep Google it it'll. -- don't try to pronouncing some names when he was talking about the tsunami too wasn't -- yeah. Yeah I did you know again and again I AM but I am the pot calling the kettle black on this. I industry but -- -- up -- -- and run around blaming other people from down -- loops. And you're not what you know walk around ourselves I'll like or him out but clearly he's either but the other thing is too -- are exposed there was an argument that conscientious as it was happening. We is that it was a Rush Limbaugh I would either Limbaugh are back. And Sanchez was trying to take down Limbaugh it was like we -- you can't you're not in the same belief that. And these guys if you just above sort and I just on the white balance. You know he's from South Florida obviously in social Russia and that they met in the run into each other and I guess rush rush rush was saying you know we don't -- a network news standards. Even might take an IE Ted Baxter standards. This guy is a little. A little bit shy. But it's some you know -- things to point out though is ever since Obama took office. I think a lot of the left has just sort of figure out a way to attempt to. Bully their way through the media and it's catching up put -- now they got -- we waited for awhile but not catch and I'll put them because they realized this administration is crumbling and it can't get away with -- It's just it's the Internet to mean you don't remember what I remember when Dan rather win -- under with a sixty minutes on an end somebody the star rating on the Internet about this Vietnam -- special limited Don yeah back in the 1980 you know about this. He they just they put the put ads in papers across the country and they said they said if you -- if you if you're Vietnam vet a new book committed and you committed an atrocity please contact us so of course every night in America. The you know every nut and Cameron America calls and they don't bother to check anything out if they fossils like three out of the five guys born every minute Vietnam let alone committed atrocities I mean did that. But I would say if that happened today that would Indian rather's career you don't before he had the chance to do the Texas Air National Guard stopped but nobody nobody knows that -- -- yeah and I'll listen you know all I've read all the journalistic blogs in the magazine's -- some you don't some of the best. But whatever here IC these people waxing nostalgic about the old days. I think to myself yeah you there -- there there -- they love -- because they can get away with anything yeah. You know there was nobody to. To you know you can't do not know -- and it's a good bit. In this sort of at easiest way to get back to demonize the people expose that like that's what brick part being expo and I demonized. As soon as you mentioned is name is like all he can't prosecute you could have had particulates. Yeah I don't they thanks thanks Bob -- -- -- 187746943221877. 4694322. Yet to be. The gold -- as in most cases weren't all that good when you look at him closely I mean these this is abyss of better -- -- -- -- there's a lot fewer reporters that's the bad side of the equation because the paper's overall life healing because they -- classified ads. They don't have the they don't have you know employment -- they don't have the real estate ads. It's it's a problem and there's lot for our sport and I over the weekend mean a candidate for a for a local office in and a you released ended the area where he lives in the civil wasted little papers dailies and we cleese and now we can give anybody whose interest in the east campaign because it it's not. Because they are. Politically biased one way or the other they might be but that's up from the prime minister -- reporters laughed. That's the bad news the good news is you could -- these bastards now there on the national level. Right band. Merger earlier next with Howie Carr going -- -- Good to. It's funny subject debt you know at this say just reminded -- -- -- -- media. Execute period -- be kind to Bob -- -- body I know he guy I know he's in the can -- he's going to the camp. But Bob good mirror. Was a lot so I know. I know Bob premier Rex did jazz is no Bob give me here from her or don't why don't tell -- of Bob Damir had a problem. What the substance of this guy ASEAN -- is just plain dot. Yeah buggy -- and they -- in the mirror that's not. Yet now he. He was light show we would never get -- -- and else. -- does -- -- the only -- -- as a national because she's -- -- -- whoever -- 'cause he because he claims do you do the way to put it is he claims to be a member of a minority group I think that's what I think how is she a memorable minority group. You know he. -- well it's it's stress like. Tiger whoops. Who's half -- and I understand of what I mean how Asian. Quarrel white. 88 Indiana -- black but he's considered black because that's the most advantage. -- take years minority -- Do you do you blame anyone who I've -- mean again I if I can claim to be black guy and get away with a I would absolutely claim to be black. I'm sure about that wouldn't show. Now all absolutely down the brutal. Hockey got to like the governor of new York and I he and and -- he he won the first thing she did and then one of them. Best things that one of the funniest things he ever did was he said. What got my mother's Irish I'm by policy and I'm Gary bow my mother is Irish so you know what we're talking about how the various ethnic groups are mistreated I wanna have like I wanna have at least a section of not a chapter in the textbooks. About the Irish famine. And I said this is beautiful at the tacky itself an oddity self about the boy goes you know he said and he said mouse up to be the next the next affirmative action group. Right never -- out but I I appreciated his efforts. Right we're down on the Cape Fear is that is very similar though Albie. Like -- Europeans. Should they weren't black bag in the fifties but now they won't change their mind and it thinks this class. Thanks to a call Virgil won 8774694322. A total store before got a -- taxi cab in New York want to go back to the airport I usually the Democratic Convention. They apply this there was an Egyptian. There was any sort of popular recent IQ I can't believe I can't be black -- so I wanna be black egg -- he -- why you're more Small Business Administration launched. We should look at the look at my skill IC said I'm a lot darker than well than the a lot of a lot of the so called blacks in this country but I can't get me think. Because -- an Egyptian that makes me white. And from you know we've all got our crosses to bear pal. 18774694322. Somehow we car investing in bonds -- risk including the possible loss of principal and.