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Max Robins Rick Sanchez on the Monkey Business Channel?

Oct 4, 2010|

Howie and TV Guru Max Robins talked about former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez and whether or not he is material for the Monkey Business Channel.

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Max Robbins will be -- -- and journalist he covered the broadcasts. TV industry for many many years and he is now the vice president's executive vice president of the paley center for media. In New York City. Macs are you whether us. Well hold on. Go ahead Macs are you whether us I am how can you hear me yes. Personal max I haven't announcement to make you know. I don't wanna take any crap from you or any other -- -- you know I'm a member of a minority just like Rick Sanchez -- want you to know that. And what we're and I don't minority would -- I've paid -- what what the senate minority Rick Sanchez is a member I had a guy who works here at CNN. Who's top brass. Come to me one -- and say you know want. I don't want you what she actually I think it's more subtle. And white horse folks usually don't see it but we do okay for those of us who are minorities and women just an arms and -- for men and then -- authority white folk heroes like my you don't see you know what I want to anchoring hybrids and whether you're -- -- -- NYC via. I'm not I would totally me I'm not -- -- I did not fill out my census because they did not want them to put down that I was why more votes because in his mind I can't be an anchor and anchors which you give them. High profile white. I don't like Eliot Spitzer as client number nine the show they should show was starting tonight isn't and max Eliot Spitzer is a minority. Well see a minority well he's one of a handful of governor's it's a frequent prostitutes. That said the resigned for free winning the rosneft strikes mostly that is get reelected. A what they what they what is at Edwards former governor New Orleans says the only way to get thrown out offices in New Orleans is. Is to be caught in bed with a dead girl or -- boy and rightfully so I know that's what he says that it used to them critically though you know other the other guys in other people have been caught whip hookers like well. While Edwards and Edwards wasn't -- with a hook her body was -- what they. He he knocked up somebody that I won't. It happens occasionally anti kidnapping -- my favorite Jesse Jackson might might face which you are both Jesse Jackson's where they hope they were caught with. Women but they were married to senior knocked up somebody in a -- that's a look at how -- got -- how -- just how junior campaign is a little better that's a little different think I'm about -- habit you know there there is the troubled over the course although of course you know we I think -- -- in this. Over the years here on the -- Lawrence. A very high level of discourse admit they -- it is up one of our favorite TV personalities. Jerry Springer -- former mayor of Cincinnati when he was mayor remember in his he said we got ready yet card 'cause he used a personal justice yes -- do when you -- -- check plays if if that's. I don't and the -- for the may error of the prostitute -- I actually I I think Syria deserves props because it's a commodity news city funds. How about Bob Beckel to a meeting was called with a -- you know like I did I'd forgotten that today to -- from Chelsea brought it back up again I'll thank you -- for keeping us -- by the way there's an there was shocking news today in the state of Alabama -- -- -- -- heard about the ship -- state senators were arrested for allegedly soliciting bribes. And you know what not a single one of what was -- Welker some Gucci or Mars only -- it at at at at and I was shocked how -- you know we're we're all shocked a clear why well. I believe there's a pure -- -- where does -- do it's it's 530 do you know where your state senator is Massachusetts. Howard does that how we had just they -- you habeas a couple of piano players in the head -- that -- no idea what's been going up I'm upstairs I don't knowledge has this become an -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- people work for tips. Okay Willis we're gonna take some calls here -- Macs were. Ovens he again he's of executive vice president of the paley center for me what is gonna happen to Rick Sanchez now immediately Ron Burgundy of CNN -- the Ted Baxter -- yeah. So called Hispanic community I don't I don't think you. You're gonna be seeing much money. I think that I think the guys. I mean the thing is now this yeah we we've -- play penalties that ball -- -- sound cuts from him all law all all afternoon long my favorite I think -- than this one about the you white people don't know what it's like. Is is what it talks about the the evils. Of Joe Biden. Excuse me that we haven't heard any hopes of Joe Biden instant sound cut I'm not sure what's. Joe you don't you don't joke to you we are pretty good healthcare here at the -- I don't know what's gonna cover -- -- three -- you know did well. Well here's the thing here's the irony of course -- but you don't know what those Joe Joe Biden is not the sharpest knife in the drawer you know so what have -- Mensa guy who didn't. Named Rick Sanchez make fun of his misstatements. Right. Makes perfect sense to me. Here we go oh look we got it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 18774694322. Do we have any others that -- for max's amusement that are that we can retrieve. Other than they would battle we played the white man that got the guys that sure. I mean it doesn't matter Brian I don't care what he has he's you know I heard the -- you know what I Klein said the last thing you said before it was fired. Rick Sanchez the white man's burden that -- -- that. -- but -- -- -- But I know don't you couldn't help I don't know I just a lot of good -- Coming up at all these years well you know I know I come I'd try to help yeah holy. -- -- -- -- -- Wanna tell you amounts are just not -- I just have the one more thing emirates and just you know there's just too but I am I -- the -- it was wind. You know I thought he was warrant. Go figure. Yeah we got an urgent we get another Rick Sanchez -- I. 18774694322. You do you have a question about TV any other news we need to know how tag. Although we don't we know what were what -- one more Sanchez cotton wool and we'll look for the other one about the annals of Joe Biden is being -- all that is good okay here we stand by max. -- -- God does Saturday the vice president gave us another gem and for a Beatles love by moments. All right. Another gem yeah I did give us another -- 413 says Rick Sanchez -- to be the new post from Dolores -- Anderson's show. Hogan will solicit sue messenger and Sanchez let's -- -- soon after the monkey business. Only bigger than that -- know 72 delay. Starred in hit you dumb and dumber every. About situation room today as I'm sure you will -- it. Thank you up next ad lib a tease of what it says right here now I'm supposed to go about something that is. That I should know about right but I don't know about it so I'm just gonna win my instructions and pretend that I ever really cool. Broadcast industry TV industry professional hi I'm Rick Sanchez here for the representing the Helen Thomas schools journalists. In that's okay the trees by the way I just said that I got free parking last night at belly parking and happens Patrice is how -- you more room valet parking at casinos is always free. I don't get down to the casinos are very much up Patrice. I give out to restaurants. Thought Cano and Iceland isn't tuned into it when you think when you're gonna okay don't know why you're wrong words like that little bit of Iceland there too cold. Apple won't -- there but. Max which call Hawaii along word. I know it has more than once that. Not that difficult to pronounce. Well I hope that the paley center for media world was soon reopening our Rick Sanchez a room or at least the -- -- him in what's real or Arafat. Rick Sanchez is greatest hits what you wanna -- -- Don't you know that -- 18774694322. For max how his book on doing on AMC would be back just OK I don't think we know yet it's. Am I like it but I sometimes it's sometimes I gotta admit it's like watching paint right. Well that's. When you say something on TV is like watching paint -- means I mean a lot of TV is like watching paint dry it's it's it's real and it's got a real kind of BBC. Spy mystery feel to it -- It is kind of interesting but he's just 1 morning happened what's more action. A distinguished English translations. -- -- -- Hey you know it -- it's not doing that well but I think resources of this show should watch as the show on FX called terriers Yahoo!. It's really excellent it's it's it's it's about these two kind of stumble bomb detectives carriers maybe they should change in the pogs. I mean I don't think it was a great name but it's a wonderful show it's guys -- real kind of the dialogues got a real canal now Leonard Ross MacDonald -- -- It's terrific it really is and it's funny I was just talking to somebody from FX. Before I came on the show and they were saying that they thought it was a great so too with the numbers weren't strong. It really really is five chart the people who like that -- justified. Yeah they did renew with another great show which has that kinda. Elmore Leonard fuel to has -- -- created the character terriers. -- highly recommend -- Wednesday nights and -- okay is what is rescue me coming back there to get candidly just regular mid season hiatus and it's it's a season -- is I think it's coming back for its final season but we're gonna double check that for. Okay how was persons unknown would be coming back. We're gonna check that out for. Okay this one for 978 predicts Rick Sanchez will soon be back to go on Opel and cry in and say he's sorry. I MSNBC will then pick him up on whether the guys radioactive nobody wants them I mean you know he claims that he is a good relationship with Roger -- I don't I don't that you have a home at fox I don't think you'd have a home and MSNBC. And why -- get fired -- when after Jon Stewart I mean these guys just -- not go ahead. -- he is a mean but that's the bigger problem I mean he's he's not discriminated against by anything other than the fact that he's a -- well I'm surprised the entrusted him with that how word primetime to begin with even the you know a temporary basis bad decisions bad decision. It's really funny they see for example on fox. Also pretty strong personalities that might not be everybody's face them in August linebacker something. It's kind of -- in his own way a wild man he breaks out so they think oh. We get this knucklehead -- will say outrageous things people watched doesn't work that way QB. -- max's outrageous political things this guy says outrageous Ted Baxter things have now. This is until the last time this is Ted Baxter built into the ULU I couldn't put a better Ron Burgundy rod virgin this is Ron Burgundy I mean. You can you couldn't do a send up this guy who wouldn't be as funny as the original. -- save some of the stuff you could broad said they would that they would write that they wanna cut it for Mary Tyler -- they see you're over the top this time not even Ted Baxter is -- stupid that's right oh by the way persons unknown was canceled sorry. Okay let's see maxis Christina Hendricks the hottest actress on TV right now bubble bubble -- she is a woman with a lot of tail hook this up please promise they will never attempt another bachelor pad system and they won. I can't make those kind of problems it's a a never say never never say never I -- -- of building a man cave in my backyard and Oakland. 50 -- did how did how we inspired brotherhood on showtime member have a conclusion wasn't just plain cancel there was playing cancel that I didn't think it should be an excellent show okay one more and we'll go to Hawaii and so when this Coleman come back on what is the ratings for Dexter. -- for -- real strong one of the big hits on showtime excellent show we're gonna get the exact date for -- -- in -- soon around the corner. Lender you're next with how we -- max robins. I act I was the one thing I read that though. Our I've got ample. Dead Dubai lone star is gone start so is you know we want this well what did you say it only lasted two episodes yet. Two episodes for them to episodes for my generation and a two episodes to with a hat to that hit it. -- The usual reason. So much money not enough people watch you. Usually I'm sorry it's one of those days however is this sector radio modem we've -- in a row here in New York it's that if club really great period -- BB it's -- The usual suspects the people who were watching the other channels called do both of these has its first likely society now that I'm gonna blame you a and Rick Sanchez. Who I blame white people who dot. You white people don't know what it's like to produces a quality series and they get canceled after two episodes. Dog your next with Howie -- go ahead Don. -- -- should care what reducing Nightline goes well aggravate it also -- We actually got a question for you. RH BO -- of the certificate let them they're released on dvd exceptional you know. Yes yes that should be efforts. Thanks for the call -- -- -- with how we guard max ride Richard comes out November in time for Christmas on the Pacific. We call -- the holiday season. The go ahead but yeah glad. I you know eight. It's funny guy bacteria Ron Paul all the -- that shows FX channel are right disappeared from DISH Network this week Jack is that permanent. I don't think it's forward I think there's some kind of contract dispute gonna pay you don't have to -- US that -- it -- really just. I was PO I'm watching mad men and blisters of the segment now one of my favorite shows terrific show and the second way to say it. You live in New York. You're from Brooklyn. And Sunday night and you were watching the New York football giants I was not. I draw your own conclusions out there was yes they Q anything you I don't bring it -- a million. I believe they actually won a game do you know I know -- a total transparency. Number it. -- ten minutes before the thing and that you'll love this and and AM see the sound just drops out. I was like -- a -- you know this this idea insurer satellite now it -- cable Time Warner man I was. Seriously. Pissed off. Is dish every upright and having some problems max. I think art in -- some dispute there have been some dispute army in this argue this in the first bill. You -- each channel they dropped -- it. No it's not Dave they like to -- -- -- there is this is it goes on with the cable network of the cable carriers is that. Cable systems as well cable operators state. There's a constant push pull between the carriers -- satellite whether it's cable. With the cable networks it you know they want more money. Yup and I don't wanna give it I -- -- was make him money though aren't they yeah I think this makes money I think I think there are making money via -- -- wanna make more money that's. That was a good as the networks as you would may I go come out of we've. Why does -- why doesn't somebody bias so why doesn't somebody a bias out the monkey because I know I don't let the chips out right now. I there's enough foreign. Coded for Beers November 8 at 11 PM on TV and -- TBS. Well what you Macs but I don't need that anymore crap from Rick Sanchez you know why it's too short let's give out of the business. One day I just have been I'm thinking how you know it's getting colder earlier in the Europe here in you noticed I hear you know let's listen. What is telling me before I get a kick one. Why don't we just wanna which is why don't we just had doubts outed to Jupiter. For Reynolds leader the dinner theater it's a dollar theater to dinner there c'mon you mean the odd couple. -- Beckham in 18774694322. Mike you're next with Howie -- gore had Mike. I know you know back. Just had a question about. Show I think it's on the History Channel called American -- Yeah -- that don't. Still pretty well. Yeah they're really doesn't mean you go out he had filled these days up there are certainly you have every American junior picker and their brother out -- gratified that. Think it's worth money. Well this is this all started with the antique roadshow and it really it between. Between antique roadshow and its imitators bureau permutations I actually like that show Mac I shouldn't be re admitting that I like the show on public TV but that was kind of entertaining sometime this. Well as it -- yeah I mean you know it's like it though the whole look like a mystery a little mystery how much is that going to be award that's right trash in the cash -- And what it's totally appended the whole life in -- can flee business between that the day it's. That's your business you got a much tougher -- ago. Yeah facial look thanks for the call Mike and other stuff is the oppressed experiences how we will tell items or less ever come back it was on TBS. I don't think so I think that's going. A bit of a certain age that's coming back. With Ray Romano. The tree says someday I have to go somewhere along the Florida media casino I. It's the trees have been the the casinos a month Obama really that much into the but I was have we go there last night. Assembly to -- one river. For Macs is just smeared it true blood suck this season no pun intended for them. The number I was blonde was intended it's okay but this is not upon the freeze though we're not. Was it with the numbers -- bad -- that is stronger than ever that show is a real bright spot for. HBO so do you -- with -- -- not as good. No I don't the episodes you know fans and that's -- I think it's every bit as good interest I -- choice really -- it gets better each week is. -- empower the out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So my other friends have problems with the but I like it. But those are -- best friends -- yours have a lot of movies. We often honored should go live it's -- -- -- -- they would always on the block two was watch and madmen while I'm -- that's right I told the you know this is c'mon I always I always -- that the last what ten years I'm the token move bet on this show when he twenty who are 24 movie. That we keep Darrent about it but I don't I don't hear anybody be in a pre production I I do think that the creators of the show Kiefer Sutherland if you can stay out of jail -- all -- -- to do 617 asked max white Time Warner gives -- why wanna my seasonal place of water borrow Maine it's interesting the kitchen YC news in Maine but obviously out of market. Yeah that does seem bizarre I can't figure that -- that maybe have 500 channels the field and withdraw immediately got. Yeah it's I guess may be cheaper than FX -- your next with how we cargo ahead -- I have of course are what you broadcast executives was yes of course what is cool is the Angel that -- Steve Buscemi -- -- -- -- -- The way she displays your current assets is amazing. And it -- max's -- she really does epitomized the full value or you billion dollar bridge. I would agree with everything this young man is -- so what's her name I think it's Gretchen mall the place or they think so. Would you know she's an immensely to our -- you do is fumbling with a name all the I -- right now as well. I am a little distracted but it's okay Dick what's your questions her maybe the. And now they don't have to -- a blanket pocketed held as a god how. Well because the spelling -- broadcast career been reduced to doing -- commercial. That's a tough break thanks for the call back. 18774694322. For X -- just get himself convicted almost always beat the rap on that other. Rick Sanchez may may be on or he may be mediating may have a future at the Boston station that's. Did the values. You don't that you don't think well we got -- Foreman monkey business he has been logged in the past you know that's that's a qualification number one and most important very quick Jeff very quack. -- diplomats -- -- worship you what you know are good girl in the first one to have the guts to pull off the evening news -- here replacing something that actually credible. And this year they are good news broadcasters keeps going down and down and down like shake up bush was great finally break the patient and just do away with -- group. I'll tell -- I can answer that question -- the first one that loses money but they're still all in the black right so why would they take it off the -- no matter how much it in the matter how much -- Sox -- their news divisions to make money in the other Fiat does is it gives them a platform that helps -- -- Washington with a lot of legislation involved you don't know where to Australia and any of the Big Three. Even though -- net well no one I mean. There's yeah there's still millions of people who watch it -- night but they have nowhere near the club -- once I know and there and there are no and there are they're out of the most of run of the prime demo group based Macs we appreciate your -- whether -- give my best Rick Sanchez the I -- we -- Told there are some good white people out there including ourselves. 18774694322. -- our car.