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Mary Ellen Manning

Sep 13, 2010|

Candidate for Governor's Council, Mary Ellen Manning checks in.

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-- -- pretty good that's pretty good thank you Michael I appreciate it good -- that's Michael Walsh she's running for the senate up for Marian Walsh's -- but he's no relation. Joining us now is Mary Ellen Manning she is the governor's councilor Mary Ellen how are you going. I'm doing great how -- how real. Good you go -- -- yeah. Now why should people vote for I know why they should vote for you Mary Ellen but then I've tried we try to tell you keep an eye on these. On. These are ripple -- there are in the at the state house you try to make sure that the judges -- would jets that they're not lying on their questionnaires. We had a Republican Canada call in earlier and he said he could figured he could he -- love to work with you in the future why should people vote for you would set your opponent. Well they should vote for me because some practicing attorney who who's been in the trenches every day and I know what that means it has. Just to comment and decency and integrity. Exhibited itself on the bench and I know what it means when windows. Those values and not shared by whatever governor is in place. Right now that the beating friend beyond four. Filling in these positions with people or insiders. Contributors. In other people who may or may not be qualified but -- -- to make sure that. I think noted the insiders. I think noticed selfish personal agendas. I think -- greedy pension -- because don't forget that's one of the things that the governor's council that and I don't say yet -- good and fair judges. Yeah -- the judges can be quote unquote involuntarily retired by the governor and that way they don't have the best for pensions. You -- units on the bench for two days in get a pension theoretically and and they pushed through people who don't who of that. Less than a year's experience they get a full pension and it's just outrageous especially in this economy said that Mary Alamo a you know while bomb making a plug for you but -- you -- you stand up to these to these insiders. Right -- end because of that because kind of from the same party as the current sitting governor. I'm being targeted for defeat is the administration by the math. Democratic state party because. I have been the most vocal and most lethal. Opponent. Dissident nominees then does resulting in in them being. You know forced to withdraw. There -- there point. It's an amazing thing they wanna celebrate diversity so they get us some diversity in their party you may wanna get rid of it. And diversity of opinion is not what they had in mind. Now what they had in -- I. I've seen I've seen it and -- you know you gotta who worked so what's your district and I am I. Good glad to seven orchard district this. And I did you just saw that the county except the -- deal plus the deep down the middle -- straight get Wilmington North Reading. Took -- and -- -- think sixth and seventh in Melrose. And I need independents. To pull a democratic ballot. And vote in tomorrow's election and I'm asking do you vote. To vote for me Mary Ellen banding nearly all of the voice of reason and you -- line of defense. On the evidence count. She's not kidding folks that's we pray or heard a lot of rhetoric today but that's not rhetoric that's the -- Mary -- now we appreciate it and -- good luck tomorrow I think you're gonna pull this thing out and you know. IBook by I I really hope you I really hope you do Chris we do need somebody there to to keep an eye on that. We it keep it didn't do a lot of Fox's. And visited the head of the hands don't have too many too many people to keep an eye on them on the Fox's. It then he added that. I double wanted to boxes so. I did come of the hand and yeah. If you'd been what not you're just you're you're you're guardian you've got the shotgun and other thing is -- you -- you what do had a lot easier time if you become a fox when you went up there you made it tough. Mary Ellen I'm sure that you made it tough on yourself by tried to be truthful and honest than valued your -- You'll pay a price you know that's it's true what they say no good deed goes unpunished. Well I'm doing my best do that many did good -- as possible before -- rest -- bleary weary head. Okay Mary Allen good good luck tomorrow and best thing and though we wish the best that. We certainly hope you win Mary -- Manning she's. Nursing you don't first Alex. Thanks and she's the governor's councilor for ma Essex county and part of Middlesex county and she does need independent votes because we the organization is out. You runaround Essex County tonight and see -- CEO her opponents signs. And they are all with the the other machine candidates in the democratic side she's. She's a Democrat she's been singled out for a defeat because she is a mind around that that's where it boils down to 18774694322. -- Howie -- In September 14. Districts --