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Sherrif Joe Arpaio Comes to New Hampshire

Sep 10, 2010|

Is "America's Toughest Sheriff" planning a move to the White House? Joe Arpaio, the Arizona lawman famous for his tough stance on illegal immigrants, will attend a GOP luncheon this Sunday in New Hampshire, fueling rumors he'll seek the party's 2012 presidential nomination. We will speak with the Sheriff about his visit.

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Mexico South America can go on and on. The test doesn't need to hear me -- I worry about going to New Hampshire when all those demonstrators. Are not concerned about -- -- bring bodyguards. Hey I know I know you normal moral support nuclear controlling quick plug in the 8 September of floodgate if you attend district come out and you'll vote for John Malone he won't -- down right from Asia. Thanks Scott. C Mike your next with Howie -- ensure Joe Arpaio go ahead Mike. I gap until later that dark field. Go -- stated steady work of the jury of eight federal -- Boston. Yes it's a crushing the north sent. He alloy used to what you would expect her -- will be a part restrictive security -- down -- -- what you guys in the back well. Unless I was 78 Fortis and any anyone. Yeah it probably a little bit before that -- play just like give them every gadget goalie. Army veteran of Vietnam earlier Korean army veteran. And that I wish special breed my opinion. And I know you're not gonna back down because you're there at the what you think is right and what's best be of people in their -- and party area up mr. protected people. And recommend doing we support -- -- let me say this site title I'd love Arizona and that's my home the rest of my life but you never forget where you came from sorry I never forget to Commonwealth. Of Massachusetts my first eighteen years old place. Mr. Springfield mass to. I went to -- commerce -- father mother came here from Italy legally. And open a grocery stores in the south and so he can't forget where you can't. Go to they I just barely given threatened by yes there be a family DelGiorno that would be an absolute priority and go right. There's and it's really straight Australian anyway. In the in my wife's and my two kids here in Arizona. It would be -- or that it well you many many threats. So aside -- not just illegal immigration only go to. You know I've been controversial from day one put -- -- Korean or two cent stake in -- view is that -- Tony sense I can go on now what I've done. Arnold doesn't have any doubts that's. Yeah attitude can -- anywhere which ought to be bringing in October. Hampshire. All you worry about to prop that's great. A bit and again you -- -- -- so get tickets you call was 603864. And 8247. Or go to war online Nash would GOP dot org tickets for launcher around 45. Bed dollars and for another fifty get a chance to meet darted Joe Arpaio and types whomever your picture taken with -- Gregory your next with how we -- church -- -- go ahead Gregory. I do what I aren't so automatic that -- at your regular that there were 88 guys there. And do what they can spam. Sent. It's freedom spam. And I always see me CD image yeah. Now I get a mobile all these there was at a given spam. Thanks for the thanks for the call Gregory Brenda your -- with Howie Carr. I do I do the book. -- your next go ahead with the church or pile glad. Waiting and jump ship its spell on some I don't want -- -- Colin neighbors -- one of those summer. I understand -- and they hear from you though. I am glad to be Colin -- -- the following the budget attacked you rally but it truly a great budget taxi you'd sheriff out thank -- Completely enjoy everything that you do any kind of little documentary and news site that I about you like jump -- it -- what I'm doing. -- -- true with stomach. Got great -- Yeah but yeah it got added to it. And we need to -- automatically politician because. I'm afraid it would almost Phoenix Suns and I know -- the Boston Celtics fan and I say that publicly I just said it again. So I stick with my two inch the Boston Red Sox ribeiro is taken heat from all the fans here in Arizona the only way I know. When the lakers were kind of backed up the state Arizona in the suns were -- put you down I mean who Jew -- for and that's air. That's the word is he yeah he well. -- sure wasn't happy what -- Phoenix Suns organization. You'll or -- we kept well informed to say no more do you don't need a ticket to get into tonight's playoff game just everybody come men and you know what three baritone for everybody. But they didn't know that did they sheriff. Attempts. But they didn't do too well it is still my hometown team potential boss so. They Brenda I'm gonna give thanks for rob glad your back we're gonna give you way up flag from Rockland cement block -- flag how's that sound. I like they can't get -- one more thing. You know exact jut get I keep -- judge Sharon out eat at a great thing -- that many great bank on that one of things that he did out there had to do what they think the county money what he did with the inmates with the animals could probably tell -- elected as witty yet what that that was phenomenal. Well what I did -- memorial program to talk about two county animal control I have nothing to do an -- did put all the animals have been abused. -- behind bars and an air conditioned GO kicked out all the inmates. I needed so that -- -- so we do take it scared of dogs can't you can't just go horse behind bars so I have -- to. So -- that it tent stake here -- abused tight lock people up there is no. Given -- tickets anybody did -- than -- Moscoso until he can't coast directly to jail. I don't care who they are so that's been my -- policy someone has to take care of our animals. Sheriff always a pleasure to have you -- so I hope you have a good time -- here now Boston -- -- natural on Sunday and we appreciate you joining us here and now we car show. Thanks a lot. I'm always car eighty currently own -- home or me your plan pursing new and -- no for an absolute accurate and now that Howe's been by.